Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma pours itself into three of our lifetimes.  It manifests itself in our current life as a sense of injustice.  Now is the right time to heal your Karma before it is too late.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma
Doreen Virtue
Healing with the Angels Past Life Issue



“We are all simply reacting,

played by events that occurred centuries before.”

(Marti Melville, Midnight Omen Déjà vu)

Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma presents itself as injustice Issues throughout our current life.  If you suffer from one injustice after another in this lifetime, it is most likely due to Karma you have accumulated while you were still in your past life.  Fortunately, past life karma can be healed.

Karma that was not repaired during your past life gets carried with you into your current lifetime.  Karma stays with you during three lifetimes.   It was with you in your earlier life, it is now with you in your present life, and it will be in there with you in your future life.  However, know that you can heal your Past Life Karma!

Carried over Karma from centuries ago, alter your today.  This article is not about your personal religious beliefs.  But rather, it is about the quality of your today life.  You are a person of value destined to know great joys.  However, if you keep going through a series of injustices throughout this lifetime, your personal value might become diminished in your own eyes.  It’s no fun suffering from injustices!

The Karma Ledger

The Karma Ledger is an accounting book in which your own personal Karma is jotted down into two columns.  In one column, is listed the qualities you are credited for.  In the other column, are your Karma debts.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma


You are a person of value!  You are appreciated for your much excellent qualities.  Those go to your Karma credit.

However, to your discredit, you are less appreciated for your shortcomings in the spiritual.  These are added up in your debt column.  You need to balance your books so that your debt does not get carried over into your next life.

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma is no fun at all.  Some people tend to think of their Past Life Karma as the old ball and chain that they carry around all the time.  They go on to say, that it feels like they are carrying a heavy load on their shoulders.  The longer they carry their Past Life Karma around with them, the more massive it seems to them.

Some people refuse to pay off their Past Life Karma debt.  The longer they stay in debt, the more Karma becomes harsh.  If this is your case, know that you can become Past Life Karma free!

There are different ways to become Past Life Karma Free.  Some people try to clear their Karma with fast food methods.  Those fast food methods are but temporary methods that cause extra Karma to come to you in your current life.  You then can become into deeper Karmic Debt that risks getting carried over into your next life.  In other words, these rapid methods do not permanently Heal you from Past Life Karma; they may even come back to bite you.

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces is the best way to heal from Past Life Karma – on a permanent basis.  This involves you bringing yourself into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces, and you working with them.  With some adjustment, you will be debt free! (To read deeper about that, click on Magically Changing Karma Around).

When Karma throws contradictions at you, you become aware of the natural forces within your inner-self.  Accept your inner forces.  They are part of the natural material forces that afflicts us all.

Life’s spiritual lessons are needed for our spiritual growth.  In each one of these types of experiences, there is a spiritual significance that we can meditate upon.  One of those are, “when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade out of it!”  Turn your shortcomings into qualities people will appreciate you for.  When this happens, your Karmic burden is lifted!

The longer you live, the more you gain in wisdom.  Wisdom shows us that history tends to repeat itself. The Karmic lessons get repeated again until we have learned in wisdom!

Some people lack in understanding.  They do the same thing over and over only to end up getting the same results each time.  For example, if you fall in love each time with a “wrong man”, you are getting the same results each time you go for that same type of guy.  You still have not learned the Karmic lesson that comes along with doing that.

However, when you can manage to fall in love with a different kind of guy who is the right kind of guy for you, you will finally be happy! This means you are then working with your inner Cosmic Forces.  Your Karmic burden will be lifted.

When the same kind of trouble happens to you over and over, chances are it has happened to you in your past life, and it will happen to you again in your future life.  This happens when you refuse to learn your Karmic lesson about that event.  Your Karmic burden has not been lifted.  You are going in the wrong direction, and you will continue that way until you change your life around.

How to affect change in your life

How to affect change in your life, so that you can start going in the right direction?  In practice, a good place to start is to become aware that you are “drowning from an invisible force”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.  It has become a prominent factor with you.

Become aware of your character.  Change it!  Do not force yourself toward change that will not work for you efficiently.  Beginning to build thought forms that will deliberately destroy undesirable Karma in your life.

Now is the right time to heal your Past Life Karma.  Life injustices are Karmic lessons for you to grow in wisdom. Always keep at the front of your mind, that if Past Life Karma is not healed in this current lifetime, it will follow you into your future life too.

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