Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around starts with becoming aware of your own nature.  There are significant Forces within yourself and the Cosmos that cause both good and bad Karma.  You shall find the real meaning of happiness by understanding these Forces.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, the Change Card


I’m a true believer in karma.

 You get what you give,

 Whether it’s bad or good.
(Sandra Bullock)


Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around is successfully done by embracing your own nature.  I honestly believe that you can discover yourself anew.  Begin to align your inner-self with the Cosmic Great Forces.

On Facebook, we read Karma Memes telling people not to seek revenge.   Instead, they say just not to react to offenses.  If you are like me, then you are still a work in progress; most especially if you tend to respond anyways!  We need to align ourselves with the Cosmic energies within ourselves.

It’s not that Facebook Karmic Memes are wrong per say.  In a way, they are true.   But they do not teach enough about Karma.

Facebook Karma Memes

Facebook Karma Memes are great teachers of valuable lessons.  Nearly each day, they are there before our very eyes reminding us of the Karma Fruits.

Our intentions are good.  We do not want to live in the “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” morals.  The main reason we do not necessarily want to adhere to that type of moral principle is because we believe it will attract bad Karma to us.  No matter, somehow, we still end up with bad Karma anyway; and we wonder how is that possible?  It is because of the Karma Fruits!

Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around


Our own actions and the words that we speak are energy that we put out there in the world around us.  After all is said and done, no matter our good intentions, we reap what we sow.  In other words, we end up with Karma Fruits in our hands.

Karma Fruits

Karma Fruits are comparable to a series of storm clouds in the sky.  We can see the storms coming our way. No matter how well we prepare for those, we can not prevent them.  We are aware of their potential to create havoc in our lives, but we do not have control over them.

When the storms hit, all we can really do is to accept them.  They do their thing for the time they last and then move on; until the next storm hits.  Once they have passed, all we can do is to assess the damages left in the wake of the storms and move from that point forward.

There are consequences to everything thing about our life.  Some are good outcomes.  Some not so good.  Before saying or doing something we might regret, we need to think!  Think!  Think!

We use that time wisely!  By doing our own personal inventory in the matter. we work on “bringing ourselves into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces present in our inner-self; we work with those instead of against them”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.

These Great Cosmic forces within us, are what compose the natural laws of the unseen.  By harmonizing these Forces, you make life easier on yourself; instead of suffering the consequences of going against them.  And such is life on the Karma Tree!

Karma Tree of Life

Karma Tree of Life is but one Tree; ‘as above, as below’.   The Tree above ground is the Tree.  The Tree below ground is but the mirror of the Tree seen above ground.  You can see two trees in the picture, but there is but one.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around
The Karma Tree


The image of the Tree above ground represents working with Light; our own inner-self and the Cosmos we are in.  The one below ground represents our shadow self; the mirror image of our inner-self – our dark side.

No matter if we work with the Light or the Dark, it all boils down to the same.  Because the Light is our own positive energy and the Dark is our own negative energy.   Even working with our positive energy, we get the bad Karma fruits just as much as the good Karma fruits.

We need to understand clearly, that we do not have two natural separate and distinct people living within our person; a human is indivisible.  There is but your own ‘in-di-vi-sible’ inner-self within your envelope you call your body.  And that people can notice both your good side and your bad side.  To coin a phrase, it all depends on if they get on your good side or not.  This, even if you try to keep your ugly side in check.

There are both bad and good consequences to working from your good side (your Positive inner- Natural-Forces).  Because there is just ‘one you’.  The Dark and the Light energy you are made of, are like two sides of one same coin.  On the face part of the coin, you are positive energy.  On the flip side, you are negative energy.  However, you are still you!

Our very own nature is precisely like that in the example of the coin with two sides to it. Your own natural energy has a good and a bad side.  When you do Magick, no matter your intent, you will get some Karma back.  Both your good and your bad side are present at that the very same moment in time.  The two sides aspects of yourself are both present; you are naturally indivisible!  Your shortcomings and your qualities are both there!

Your need to become aware of your nature.  You need to change yourself first, before ever thinking of changing another person.  If not, you will find yourself in a similar situation, with similar people; over and over again…  This no matter where you go to…

Karma accounting

Karma accounting is another way to say ‘doing your own personal inventory’.  On one side, are your Karmic debts (your own shortcomings).  On the other, are your qualities you get credit for.  We all need to keep our books balanced to find balance in your life!  Once your Karma books are balanced, you owe nothing to no one.

You need to become aware of the significant Forces within yourself.  By understanding these Forces within yourself, you can then magically change your Karma.  Magically Changing Karma Around takes time and wisdom.

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