Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors
Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering

Adult Incest Survivors



Essence of who we are

We Tarot Readers do not just divine.  Some of us are also Spiritual Counsellors and Life Coaches.  Many of us can sense interdimensional realities, we can become aware of things the average person cannot.  We can get a deep sense of knowing.  We can channel Love and Light to an Adult Victim of Sexual Abuse by giving them enlightenment and guidance.

It is a sad state within the Tarot Community, that we Tarot Readers are too often told to – either turn away or refer the Adult Survivor of Incest to someone who is better qualified to counsel him or her.  Even on Facebook we can read posts and comments recommending and advising us not to read for this type of client.  These posts and comments often describe this client as if they were “mentally ill”, or “mentally disturbed”, or “needing psychiatric help because an innocent man may go to jail because of a false accusation”.

In other words, these advisers are quick to disbelieve and brush off a victim of incest.  They even go as far as strongly recommending “to not believe them”.  They impute the adult survivor of this crime as “inventors of stories”.  Which in itself is to downright call the victims – liars.

Adjustment Justice
Adjustment Justice

Be careful of such bad advice givers.  Did you know that abusers often work in the helping professions because:  in the helping professions, predators  gain easy access to people who have no other recourse than to trust professional helpers.  If you are a member of a helping profession and are aware of an abuser amongst your rank, I invite you to be a whistleblower!  Years ago, I got an entire social agency shut down, its psychiatrists, psychologists, and its social workers professionally discredited.  This so to protect young boys from several nests of sexual predators that worked and volunteered there.  So can you do what I did for the sake of the children!

For suppressing the truth within an adult victim of incest, is to doubt his or her own sense of ‘the knowing’.  Suppressing the ‘knowing’ drives them to despair; because by doing so, we erase them.  The more we suppress who they are – tires their spirit, the spirit to live, and the flame of life itself.  They become anxious, tired, depressed, and they slowly begin to lose the will to live.  Their will to think and to reason-out for themselves – is crushed!

Suppressing the Spiritual Counsellor’s, the Life coach’s, or the Tarot Reader’s intuition and sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our spiritual death.  We die – without using that part of ourselves that uses all our senses; our senses are essential to us in both the visible and nonvisible worlds.  When we are told not to do such readings, to not help these victims, we are being told to suppress our own inner-child who just wants to reach-out and help another inner-child asking for help!

An adult victim of sexual abuse is by default an adult victim of spiritual abuse.  In order to suppress their sensitivity/intuition, their families and their society and their religious leaders forced them to abandon their will to them.  They succeeded in doing so because the inner-child of the victim was – trusting.

An adult victim of incest
An adult victim of incest
  1. Listen
  2. Believe
  3. Respect their trust
  4. Understand the pressure they face as an adult
  5. Then – encourage them to get access to support

The need to tell the ‘truth’ is part of a person’s sensitive and intuitive energy within them.  It is a ‘positive energy’.  It needs to be released into the world in a positive way.

This positive energy contributes to our world and to the universe.  But, when we are told by our parents, family, early school teachers, religious teachers, and our community of Tarot Readers not to even listen to an adult victim of abuse, it means that we are being told “to suppress” that positive sensitivity and intuition, and to submit our will to theirs.  We are then creating ‘negative energy’.  Click on The Essence of who we are  so to read further about why it is essential to be related to, not suppressed.

Identifying Incest or Pedophilia

A pedophile is a person that damages a child.

In our society of adults, we trust and expect that any other adult will ensure a safe and healthy environment in which a minor child can grow and mature in all of its human developmental stages – into adulthood.   Not only do we as the adults in this society, trust and expect this of other adults, we have made it a rule of law!   This rule of law states that the child has been given this as a right – by the reasonable thinking adults in the society it lives in.  Incest or Pedophilia is a serious crime in our society.

“Any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual damages the child; whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture, needs to be dealt with assertively. These contacts scar almost all facets of the victims’ lives – since we are left with little or no self-esteem”.

“At least one out of five boys and one out of three girls will be abused before they reach the age of eighteen. The child’s emotional growth will be arrested at the age of the first attack, and we have found the surviving victim won’t begin to work on recovery until adulthood, if then”.

“Boys, as well as girls, are victims of child sexual abuse. Abusers come in all shapes and sizes. Many perpetrators were perceived by the child to be an authority, including: father, grandfather, mother, brother, uncle, friend of the family, aunt, teacher — unfortunately the list is endless”.

Temporary dulling memory:

We are not talking about ‘a suppressed memory’ here.  We are talking about ‘a temporary dulling, or putting aside of memories’.  Nothing is forgotten, it is all just conveniently set aside for use at a later time, when it is safe to use the memory again.  In the case of incest or pedophilia, the young victim is not safe to stand up for herself/himself.  So the ‘temporary dulling of the memory’ is a mode of self-defense.

Deadening painful memories of the abuse will only temporarily obscure reality.  It is a misguided yet totally understandable attempt to defend ourselves from further sexual assault. It is more like a child’s ‘make believe, pretending that it is not what it is – so to stay alive’!!!  To live to fight another day!  It is a survival mechanism, because we were forced to become an expert in making believe we disbelieved our own senses – so to stay alive.

The sexual predator has not the vested interest in letting its child victim learn the true meaning of his actions upon the child.  The sexual predator has no vested interest in teaching the truth of what is actually happening to the child.  The sexual predator plays god over the child, telling it that that is how god wills it.

By playing god over the child, the sexual predator confuses the child’s mind with lies and deceits.  The child receives half-truths, and mental games confusing the mind; it receives but the crumbs…  Once the victim grows up and learns differently, the victim then begins to truly understand the predator had no vested interest in telling the truth; and that is why he played god over she/him.

“It is extremely painful to give up the fantasy family we needed but never got. Children see themselves either in reflected glory or disgraced shadows”.  The predator tells the its victim, that the victim is but a disgraced shadow.  Which leads to spiritual and mental confusion of the truth; the truth being clouded over by the predator.

“Therefore, we sometimes make excuses for the abuser.  The very excuses : “He was drunk at the time. She had it rough as a child.” We take responsibility for the assaults: “I was too attractive, too sexy.” The abuser probably reinforced our own nagging guilt and questions we had about our own innocence. Essentially, we defend the perpetrator by minimizing, rationalizing and taking on the blame”.

Truth Facilitators

Tarot Readers are Truth Facilitators.  People come to ask questions of the Tarot.  They pay us good money so to know their truth.  It is our responsibility to tell them their truth as we read it in the cards.

We can read it in the cards, a person’s truth.  A person’s truth is the essence of who they are and the condition they are in.  For some people, we can see their happy times, while for others – we can see their heart-breaks.

Many Tarot Readers feel an awesome responsibility when reading another person’s truth in the Cards.  Often, we do Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors.  Doing a Tarot Reading for them is an awesome responsibility.  It can overwhelm both the Reader and their Querent.

You are not aloneWhen your Sitter tells you they are a victim of sexual abuse, and that they want you to help them with that, it is an enormous responsibility.  As a Reader, you have the right to agree or to refuse to do such a reading.  However, always keep at the front of your mind what help you can bring to the life of the person asking for a reading.

Please repost this blog to help better tell other Tarot Readers, Spiritual Counsellors, and Life Coaches on the subject of incest and pedophilia.