The Sniper Chicken-shit Story

The Sniper Chicken-shit Story is an old soldier’s story that my Dad had told me back at my mother’s kitchen table.  Dad and mom had just parked the family car in the drive-way, when the three boys who had been talking with me on the front steps had spotted my parents car, and just took-off in all directions before my Dad could get out of his car.  So, right after he had come in from running after the boys, Dad told me the sniper chicken-shit story.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Years and years later, my husband took me out to eat lunch with him at a local restaurant.  It was Memorial Day, and he felt like celebrating.  The restaurant was packed with people, it was standing room only.

Out of respect for our age, a nice young lady who was sitting all alone shared her table with us.  During lunch, the young lady talked to the people next to our table.  She was telling one of the young ladies there that she would meet her and their other friends at the local bar that evening.  She added, yes, because she felt that she needed some fun and meet a young man her own age that would satisfy her woman needs – as she referred to it.  Then she turned around and asked me not to think badly of her because she was young, lonely, and sexless since her husband had gone overseas.

This was when I told her “the sniper chicken-shit story.”

When a woman’s husband is off to war leaving her alone and sexless until his return, she meets up with some other women of her village to gather at the farmer’s market of their town because they know “the sniper will see them there”.  You see, the sniper is a soldier who perches himself at the top of a hill that overlooks the town farmers market.  He perches himself up there because he wants to shoot one of his bullets at one of the women down there at the outside market.  Up there, on top of the hill, he thinks himself very brave.  He carefully selects which one of the women down there that he will shoot his bullet at.

However, in reality, he is too much of a chicken-shit.  If he knew the women down at the farmers market knew he was going to go up there so to shoot his bullet at one of them, then he would run and hide instead of going up to the top of the hill in the first place.  So, up there on top of the hill where he is perched, he carefully picks out one of the women to shoot his single bullet at her.  That makes him a ‘single bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  However, once he shoots his bullet into the crowd of women, he does not care to check see if the bullet reached her or not.  What he does instead is, he takes his gun, and his other bullets and runs and hides before the older men of the village can catch him…

There is another kind of sniper chicken-shit.  He is a ‘multi-bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  Just like the single bullet sniper, he will go up on top of the hill.  However, once up there, he will not just shoot one of his bullets at “a” woman down there at the farmers market.  No, he will fire many of his bullets into the group of gathered women.  He will indiscriminately shoot all of his bullets down at them; not even bothering to first find one in his gage.  He does not care whom his bullets reaches, as long as many of his bullets hit the women.

Once he is done shooting all of his bullets, he quickly picks up his gun and quickly runs and hide.  He runs and hides before the old men of the village can catch him.  Why does he run from the old men of the village?  Because he is a sniper chicken-shit?  Why is he a chicken-shit?  Because if he knew that the women of the village had known all along that he would shoot his bullets at them, he would not have climbed the hill in the first place – he would be too much of a chicken-shit.

The moral of this story:

This is the story of the Sniper Chicken-shit story as told to me by my Dad back when I was a young girl of 14; my dad was by then in his mid 50’s.  My father was a WW2 US RANGER, Paratrooper, Ambulance Corps.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Dad told me that the moral of the story is, that a sniper chicken-shit is a man who is too much of a chicken to face that girl’s  father – so to let him know that he wants to go out on a date with his teenage daughter.  Why won’t that man face the girl’s father?  Because he is too much of a chicken-shit to get told: “NO he can not shoot his bullet at his daughter.”  After all, dad always said, “a father knows what a man wants with his daughter.  To shoot his bullets at her!, exclaimed Dad.”

If you think that was bad enough for those three boys having ran off like that, and letting me all alone to face my father, you ain’t heard nothing yet!  Then my Dad went on to say:  “thing is, its the woman who decides if she will let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her.  If the sniper chicken-shit knew that its actually the woman who decides if she will let him shoot his bullets at her, then he would be too scared to climb that hill in the first place.  Instead, he would run and hide even faster!  And if she decides to go to the market and to let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her, then she is going to cry (all alone) on her pillow at night.  Because, the sniper chicken-shit does not care if his bullets hit her or not.”  Is when I realized that my father knew me better than I thought!

The reason I told my dad’s chicken-shit story to the young woman sitting across the table from me at that restaurant, was because she expected to meet a man at a bar that night.  A man too chicken-shit to ask her husband (who was off to war) for a date with his wife!  Moreover, he was too chicken-shit to ask her father-in-law or her own father for a date with her.  I knew what that man wanted to do with that young married woman.  He wanted to shoot his bullets at her but was too chicken-shit to treat her with respect, and to honor her husband for his service and sacrifice.

Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma pours itself into three of our lifetimes.  It manifests itself in our current life as a sense of injustice.  Now is the right time to heal your Karma before it is too late.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma
Doreen Virtue
Healing with the Angels Past Life Issue



“We are all simply reacting,

played by events that occurred centuries before.”

(Marti Melville, Midnight Omen Déjà vu)

Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma presents itself as injustice Issues throughout our current life.  If you suffer from one injustice after another in this lifetime, it is most likely due to Karma you have accumulated while you were still in your past life.  Fortunately, past life karma can be healed.

Karma that was not repaired during your past life gets carried with you into your current lifetime.  Karma stays with you during three lifetimes.   It was with you in your earlier life, it is now with you in your present life, and it will be in there with you in your future life.  However, know that you can heal your Past Life Karma!

Carried over Karma from centuries ago, alter your today.  This article is not about your personal religious beliefs.  But rather, it is about the quality of your today life.  You are a person of value destined to know great joys.  However, if you keep going through a series of injustices throughout this lifetime, your personal value might become diminished in your own eyes.  It’s no fun suffering from injustices!

The Karma Ledger

The Karma Ledger is an accounting book in which your own personal Karma is jotted down into two columns.  In one column, is listed the qualities you are credited for.  In the other column, are your Karma debts.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma


You are a person of value!  You are appreciated for your much excellent qualities.  Those go to your Karma credit.

However, to your discredit, you are less appreciated for your shortcomings in the spiritual.  These are added up in your debt column.  You need to balance your books so that your debt does not get carried over into your next life.

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma is no fun at all.  Some people tend to think of their Past Life Karma as the old ball and chain that they carry around all the time.  They go on to say, that it feels like they are carrying a heavy load on their shoulders.  The longer they carry their Past Life Karma around with them, the more massive it seems to them.

Some people refuse to pay off their Past Life Karma debt.  The longer they stay in debt, the more Karma becomes harsh.  If this is your case, know that you can become Past Life Karma free!

There are different ways to become Past Life Karma Free.  Some people try to clear their Karma with fast food methods.  Those fast food methods are but temporary methods that cause extra Karma to come to you in your current life.  You then can become into deeper Karmic Debt that risks getting carried over into your next life.  In other words, these rapid methods do not permanently Heal you from Past Life Karma; they may even come back to bite you.

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces is the best way to heal from Past Life Karma – on a permanent basis.  This involves you bringing yourself into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces, and you working with them.  With some adjustment, you will be debt free! (To read deeper about that, click on Magically Changing Karma Around).

When Karma throws contradictions at you, you become aware of the natural forces within your inner-self.  Accept your inner forces.  They are part of the natural material forces that afflicts us all.

Life’s spiritual lessons are needed for our spiritual growth.  In each one of these types of experiences, there is a spiritual significance that we can meditate upon.  One of those are, “when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade out of it!”  Turn your shortcomings into qualities people will appreciate you for.  When this happens, your Karmic burden is lifted!

The longer you live, the more you gain in wisdom.  Wisdom shows us that history tends to repeat itself. The Karmic lessons get repeated again until we have learned in wisdom!

Some people lack in understanding.  They do the same thing over and over only to end up getting the same results each time.  For example, if you fall in love each time with a “wrong man”, you are getting the same results each time you go for that same type of guy.  You still have not learned the Karmic lesson that comes along with doing that.

However, when you can manage to fall in love with a different kind of guy who is the right kind of guy for you, you will finally be happy! This means you are then working with your inner Cosmic Forces.  Your Karmic burden will be lifted.

When the same kind of trouble happens to you over and over, chances are it has happened to you in your past life, and it will happen to you again in your future life.  This happens when you refuse to learn your Karmic lesson about that event.  Your Karmic burden has not been lifted.  You are going in the wrong direction, and you will continue that way until you change your life around.

How to affect change in your life

How to affect change in your life, so that you can start going in the right direction?  In practice, a good place to start is to become aware that you are “drowning from an invisible force”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.  It has become a prominent factor with you.

Become aware of your character.  Change it!  Do not force yourself toward change that will not work for you efficiently.  Beginning to build thought forms that will deliberately destroy undesirable Karma in your life.

Now is the right time to heal your Past Life Karma.  Life injustices are Karmic lessons for you to grow in wisdom. Always keep at the front of your mind, that if Past Life Karma is not healed in this current lifetime, it will follow you into your future life too.

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Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around starts with becoming aware of your own nature.  There are significant Forces within yourself and the Cosmos that cause both good and bad Karma.  You shall find the real meaning of happiness by understanding these Forces.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, the Change Card


I’m a true believer in karma.

 You get what you give,

 Whether it’s bad or good.
(Sandra Bullock)


Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around is successfully done by embracing your own nature.  I honestly believe that you can discover yourself anew.  Begin to align your inner-self with the Cosmic Great Forces.

On Facebook, we read Karma Memes telling people not to seek revenge.   Instead, they say just not to react to offenses.  If you are like me, then you are still a work in progress; most especially if you tend to respond anyways!  We need to align ourselves with the Cosmic energies within ourselves.

It’s not that Facebook Karmic Memes are wrong per say.  In a way, they are true.   But they do not teach enough about Karma.

Facebook Karma Memes

Facebook Karma Memes are great teachers of valuable lessons.  Nearly each day, they are there before our very eyes reminding us of the Karma Fruits.

Our intentions are good.  We do not want to live in the “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” morals.  The main reason we do not necessarily want to adhere to that type of moral principle is because we believe it will attract bad Karma to us.  No matter, somehow, we still end up with bad Karma anyway; and we wonder how is that possible?  It is because of the Karma Fruits!

Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around


Our own actions and the words that we speak are energy that we put out there in the world around us.  After all is said and done, no matter our good intentions, we reap what we sow.  In other words, we end up with Karma Fruits in our hands.

Karma Fruits

Karma Fruits are comparable to a series of storm clouds in the sky.  We can see the storms coming our way. No matter how well we prepare for those, we can not prevent them.  We are aware of their potential to create havoc in our lives, but we do not have control over them.

When the storms hit, all we can really do is to accept them.  They do their thing for the time they last and then move on; until the next storm hits.  Once they have passed, all we can do is to assess the damages left in the wake of the storms and move from that point forward.

There are consequences to everything thing about our life.  Some are good outcomes.  Some not so good.  Before saying or doing something we might regret, we need to think!  Think!  Think!

We use that time wisely!  By doing our own personal inventory in the matter. we work on “bringing ourselves into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces present in our inner-self; we work with those instead of against them”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.

These Great Cosmic forces within us, are what compose the natural laws of the unseen.  By harmonizing these Forces, you make life easier on yourself; instead of suffering the consequences of going against them.  And such is life on the Karma Tree!

Karma Tree of Life

Karma Tree of Life is but one Tree; ‘as above, as below’.   The Tree above ground is the Tree.  The Tree below ground is but the mirror of the Tree seen above ground.  You can see two trees in the picture, but there is but one.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around
The Karma Tree


The image of the Tree above ground represents working with Light; our own inner-self and the Cosmos we are in.  The one below ground represents our shadow self; the mirror image of our inner-self – our dark side.

No matter if we work with the Light or the Dark, it all boils down to the same.  Because the Light is our own positive energy and the Dark is our own negative energy.   Even working with our positive energy, we get the bad Karma fruits just as much as the good Karma fruits.

We need to understand clearly, that we do not have two natural separate and distinct people living within our person; a human is indivisible.  There is but your own ‘in-di-vi-sible’ inner-self within your envelope you call your body.  And that people can notice both your good side and your bad side.  To coin a phrase, it all depends on if they get on your good side or not.  This, even if you try to keep your ugly side in check.

There are both bad and good consequences to working from your good side (your Positive inner- Natural-Forces).  Because there is just ‘one you’.  The Dark and the Light energy you are made of, are like two sides of one same coin.  On the face part of the coin, you are positive energy.  On the flip side, you are negative energy.  However, you are still you!

Our very own nature is precisely like that in the example of the coin with two sides to it. Your own natural energy has a good and a bad side.  When you do Magick, no matter your intent, you will get some Karma back.  Both your good and your bad side are present at that the very same moment in time.  The two sides aspects of yourself are both present; you are naturally indivisible!  Your shortcomings and your qualities are both there!

Your need to become aware of your nature.  You need to change yourself first, before ever thinking of changing another person.  If not, you will find yourself in a similar situation, with similar people; over and over again…  This no matter where you go to…

Karma accounting

Karma accounting is another way to say ‘doing your own personal inventory’.  On one side, are your Karmic debts (your own shortcomings).  On the other, are your qualities you get credit for.  We all need to keep our books balanced to find balance in your life!  Once your Karma books are balanced, you owe nothing to no one.

You need to become aware of the significant Forces within yourself.  By understanding these Forces within yourself, you can then magically change your Karma.  Magically Changing Karma Around takes time and wisdom.

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Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis is a highly controversial blog topic, both politically and religiously.  Nevertheless, faith, religion, and even politics often come up in Tarot Spiritual Counselling.  People have very strong feelings about Trump and the Pop going at it, because it impacts their personal and family life.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis


Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis recently dominated the news.  What happened was, a journalist asked Pope Francis to comment about Donald Trump wanting to build a wall on the American-Mexican border.  Right or wrong, Pope Francis seized the opportunity to place judgement upon the State of the soul of Donald who is seeking to be the GOP nominee.  Click on The Trump Card to learn more about Trump.

As the Holy See reaches into both the United States of America and Mexico, the Pope’s opinion on ‘the wall’ is very important to many.  This said, the Pope having publicly commented on the State of Trump’s soul seriously affected American Christians.  In other words, Pope Francis took a jab at Trump.  And as Trump is Trump, Americans did not have to wait long at all to hear Trump’s comeback.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Donald J. Trump Senior


Trump readily took up the Pope’s challenge with a reply of his own.  In a nutshell, and to paraphrase both men:  Pope Francis said Trump was not a Christian for wanting to build a wall.  And Trump told the Pope that he, the Pope, will then need him to defend him and Vatican city once Isis invades it.  And then, all those who have ears to hear with, took sides; some took Trumps sides, others took the Pope’s side.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Pope Francis


Some stood with the Pope, because they do not want a wall built between the two borders.  Some stood with Trump, because they wanted a wall there.  Meanwhile, others took jabs at both men because of their own personal beliefs and politics.

Since both Pope Francis and Trump are not of the same Christian faith, the age-old question of ‘what is a Christian’ came up.   Another question that came up, was ‘do Christians build walls?  No matter the answer, Pope Francis was asked to offer an olive branch to Trump… Because after all was said and done, it was the State of Trump’s soul that was being judged by a very popular Pope.

What is being Christian

What is being Christian, is an age-old question asked since back when the Biblical Apostles taught the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.  Ever since those Biblical days, Popes have been known to be highly opinionated on the layman’s politics and its spirituality.  Several of the Churches have split away from Rome because of that very question.

They formed denominations, and cults.  The Popes themselves waged wars against each other, and they had to divide up between them the ecclesiastical Bishoprics.  Each bringing along with them the souls of Saints and their believers; and their lands and their money, and their religious and political powers.  It all took place under the banner of – what is being a Christian or not.

As Pope Francis is the present day, duly elected representative of Christ on earth, his opinion counts for much throughout the Holy See.  This means that according to the Roman Catholic faith, the Pope is infallible because Christ speaks directly to and through him about everything under the sun; which renders Pop Francis infallible.  In other words, Roman Catholics believe that Pope Francis does not make any mistakes, because his mind is personally instructed with God’s will about everything and anything having to do with life on earth, and how to get to go be with God in Heaven.

So for Roman Catholics, when the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian, it is deemed coming as if from God himself. When Pope Francis said to that Journalist, that, he the Pope thinks that Trump is not a Christian, it meant that Trump is not a ‘saved soul’.  Such a serious statement shook the Christian world!!!  Because it was “the Pope Himself” saying it!

Pope Francis went on to give us a solid example of what caused him to say that about Trump. The example given was that Trump wants to build a wall between the United States of America and Mexico.  So the question begs to be asked.  Was the Pope actually saying that Jesus thinks that to build a wall on the U.S. border between Mexico – is not what Christians do?  That Christians do not build walls?

By using ‘Trump’s wall’ as an example of sitting in the seat of the scornful, did the Pope set himself up for a fall…

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not, is a real controversial matter among both Americans Christians and American non-Christians alike.  The answer to such a question lies hidden way back in the days that Christians first set foot upon this continent.

The first Christians to come to the new world, came here so to escape religious persecution at the hand of other Christians.  They came here with the hope of being able to stay alive, and to find the freedom to practice their faith.  No, the Christians that first came here were not perfect.  Nor were the Christians that came after them.  Nor are those that are here now perfect in any way.

Thinking further, no one religion, denomination, sect, or faith is ever found to be perfect.  No one man from any given faith, race, or spoken tongue is even found without blame.  In fact, and to paraphrase the Christian Bible, “the body is saved, but not the mind”.  And it is that very teaching from the Apostle James that is at the core of the Trump versus Pope Francis controversy.

What Pope Francis said about Trump not being a Christian, caused both the American Roman Catholics and the American Protestants to flex their spiritual muscles.  Some big name Protestant leaders had very little choice but to stand in defense of Donald Trump in his faith as a Christian man.  Indeed, it is that very teaching from James, that “the body is saved, but not the mind”, that caused certain Christian denominations to come hide here in the New World – in the first place!

Pope Francis resurrected the age-old debate on: is the mind saved or not.  There are basically three kinds of Christians.  The legalistic Christians claim that the proof of a man being saved is in the pudding.  The legalistic interpretation of Salvation makes them eternally looking for Biblical legal proof of a man’s salvation.  Proof as in, if they find any fault what so ever in you, then that would mean that you are not saved in the first place.  So they go around telling the other two types of Christians that they are not saved.

The “forever saved” Christians are the second type of Christians.  They believe the body, the heart, and the mind all together form the soul; and that the soul is saved with all of its three parts included.  These types of Christians forever forgive themselves of any sin whatsoever; because they think that after Salvation, they are incapable of sin.  Thus, whatever they say and do, they think it is right with God.

Then there are the ‘middle of the road’ Christians.  The Middle of the Road Christians, believe that their bodies are saved, but not their minds.  That the mind does sin; they just have to call upon the power of the blood of Jesus on the Cross so to wash their new sins with His redeeming blood.  This is the group with which Pope Francis stands firmly with.

The three different groups forever argue and debate with each other on the matter of being saved or not.  They forever accuse one another of not being saved.  And they keep calling each other to Salvation.  Notwithstanding the letters the Apostle Paul wrote to each Church back in his days.

These days, they are still going it.  They still are calling each other to repentance.  To the point that now, the following question begs to be asked.  “Do Christian’s build walls?”

Do Christians build walls

Do Christians build walls?  In other words, is it Christian like to build a wall between two countries?  Being that Trump is Trump, the Trumpster informed the Pope that, he the Pope will come to Trump so to protect the Vatican from Isis.  Meaning that if the Pope pulls-down his own wall separating Vatican City with the rest of Italy and the world, that would expose the Vatican to an invasion by ISIS.

Consider the Vatican City

Consider the Vatican City.  It is surrounded by a wall build a very long time ago.  If a wall is good for the goose, a wall is good enough for the gander too!  All according to the Trump mind.  Especially when it comes down to the Pope declaring his opinion on the State of Trump’s soul.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis
Vatican Walls


The Vatican is walled-up.  Pope Francis rules a State within the country of Italy, inside the city of Rome.  The State ruled by Pope Francis is called “The Vatican State”.  This State ruled by Pope Francis is a “walled enclave”.  It is about 110 acres, and its population is around 843 souls.

This walled-up Vatican State is an ecclesial or “sacerdotal-monarchical State with a Nuclear Bomb Shelter.  In other words, it is like a walled-up country within another country.  The Vatican is a walled-up Apostolic Palace.  It is an independent and Sovereign authority and jurisdiction.  The Holy See has full, exclusive dominion, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction over this City State.

Vatican City has a unique economy called Economy of Vatican City.  It has its own banking system; its own health and welfare system.  It has its own army which recruits from all over the world.  It’s got its own police force and fire department.  It’s got its own security in charge of public order, border control, traffic control, and criminal investigations.

Vatican City holds diplomatic relations with foreign countries; it enters into international agreements with foreign countries.  It also has a global reach into other countries such as the United States of America and Mexico, for example.

When the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it does indeed have a very seriously strong reach upon us all!  For example, does it mean that the Pope does not recognize U.S. Sovereignty?  This would be the most obvious reason there is a Trump versus Pope Francis discussion in America.


Self-Sacrifice is important to the betterment of civilization as a whole.  It is in our nature to sacrifice ourselves for a good cause, even though some people do not adhere to this notion.  We Self-Sacrifice so we may get even greater blessings in our lives.




Self-Sacrifice is often necessary for the better good of our families and friends, for our communities and countries we live in.  “President Obama was brought to tears during his speech –  when discussing the loss of life in a mass shooting at an elementary school”, posted on January 5, 2016 by Universal Life Church Monastery.  His sadness over the innocent Elementary School children who lost their lives in the pernicious slaughter there, was actually about gun control as a Self-Sacrifice that he thinks we must all necessarily make – for the betterment of the country.

This form of Self-Sacrifice is Spock-ish in nature “The good of the one outweighing the good of the lives of the many”.

The ‘good of the one outweighs the good of the many’ doctrine is about saving – “if only one life”; the rest of the lives must be sacrificed if they will not Self-Sacrifice themselves for the good of the one.  If Mr. Spock was a real alien hearing President Obama’s words, he would have rationally raised one eyebrow so to show his total agreement with the President.  Of course, it would have  flabbergasted both Captain Kirk and Bones to the core of their humanity.

Humans are constituted as such.  Humans, by their very nature, hold sacred each and everyone’s lives during a traumatic event such as a mass shooting at an Elementary School; not just one life.  Just like depicted in Star Trek T.V.  shows and movies, humans hold dear to the notion that “the good of the many outweigh the good of the one”.  This because, it is in man’s nature to be the best he can be, and that no man be left behind (man as in human).

During a violent attack situation, our human self-preservation instincts automatically kick into gear to defend, protect, and save as many as humanly possible, and to leave no one behind.  Courageous and brave men with honor, will go back into combat – even to this means to self-sacrifice their own lives if they have to .  They will go back into Hell so to get the wounded, the weak, the sick, or even the one captured.  This, so no man, woman, or child is left behind.

For a man/woman of honor, it is the ‘honorable’ thing to do.  Brave men and women hold dear, and this to all cost to themselves, to the following spiritual principle: “the good of the many outweighs the good of the one”.  Human life is extremely precious; when push comes to shove and battle ensues, good people leave no one behind…  Not even children in a classroom, nor people celebrating a religious event that is not our own; not even a wife alone at home, nor a sick husband who has no self-defense to speak of anymore.

Gun Control

Gun Control has become a controversial issue dividing us into – two camps.  In one camp, are those in favor of taking guns away from the average person; while in the other camp, are those who want to keep their guns.  Both camps have this in common; both want to Self-Sacrifice themselves so to save lives!  They differ in ‘the what’ the Self-Sacrifice should be, and in ‘the how’ to make it so.


In the camp of those in favor to take away guns from the average person, they believe that the Self-Sacrifice should be ‘to take away guns from the idiots that may or may not cause an accidental shooting’.  In the camp of those who do not want their guns taken away from them, they believe that the Self-Sacrifice should be ‘to keep their guns – so they can immediately defend and protect the victims before a bad person can take them all down’.  Both camps have this in common:  both camps want to Self-Sacrifice themselves so to save lives.

In which camp do we find ourselves?

Self-Sacrifice in our daily lives

Self-Sacrifice in our daily lives is also often necessary.  Actually, the average person performs many acts of Self-Sacrifice – every day.  We do a Self-Sacrifice each morning by getting-up and going to work so to provide for those who depend on us, rather than sleeping-in each morning.  Tired or not, we cook for our family so they may be fed.


We care for a sick or an elderly loved-one, so to encourage them to get better soon.  We drive our children to school or to soccer practice, or to dance lessons – so to be of support to them along the way to their future.  We take out a loan so to send our children to College – so they can go out into the world and make their own luck in life.

Self-Sacrifice for the good of our community

Self-Sacrifice for the good of our community is also necessary.  Perhaps you can volunteer in a Soup Kitchen to feed the poor and the homeless.  You can bring a bowl of soup to someone you know who is elderly or sick.  You can give to a community organization who helps the widow and the orphan.  You can buy a Christmas and a Birthday gift for a child in a wheelchair.  You can volunteer to serve coffee at a cancer clinic.



We cannot solve all the woes in the world, but we can support and encourage those in need in our own communities and churches.


Self-Sacrifice as a Tarot Reader

Self-sacrifice as a Tarot Reader is a good thing too.  Many Readers do free Readings from time to time, to give back to their clients – in secret and in a non-promotional way.




When we read on Facebook someone posting about a heart-wrenching situation in their life, we can privately offer to do a Reading about the situation they find themselves in.  This would give them enlightenment and guidance through it all.  Or even reduce our fee down to the amount that would be feasible for a College student.

Blessings of Self-Sacrifice

Blessings of Self-Sacrifice are uncountable; not only for the other people we help in this way, but also for ourselves.




A Self-Sacrifice is like a flower we plant in our garden; each flower representing another human being than ourselves.  We plant the flower in the sunlight.  We water and nourish it so it will grow in the sunlight.  Then we pick our flowers, and they make us happy by their beauty.

Human beings are like as if flowers.  They warm our hearts with their smiles.  They love us back, making our Self-Sacrifice for their happiness well worth it all in the end!

Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage is about a spiritual journey we make during December and January.  It is a journey full of wonder and amazement!  A journey to meet your very own Magickal-self – your Wonderchild!


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage Oracle Card
Magical Times Empowerment Cards


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage

Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, is “a journey to meet your own greatness.  During the months of December and January, is when all humankind (man and women alike), search for spiritual significance.   We all have this in common with one another.  If you meet me along the way, say hello.  You don’t know, you may even save my life that way 🙂

Typically, a spiritual pilgrimage is a journey people make to a shrine or a religious place.  You remember the old story of the Three Magi making a pilgrimage to find the birthplace of the infant Emanuel…

Your spiritual journey does not have to be as historical as the one the Three Magi embarked upon.  Actually, the Yule Spiritual Journey is about “your own soul longing to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life”, Jody Bergsma, Magical Times Empowerment Cards.  The journey to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life, is to tame your ‘Ego” so to let your Higher-self live!

Tame your Ego

Tame Your Ego so to let your Higher-Self live.  Taming your Ego is to die to yourself, so your Higher-self may live!  Your Higher spiritual self whispers to you great wisdom.  It whispers to you great magickal prowesses.

Thing is though, your Ego likes to take all the place, and lays upon your path all sorts of temptations so to prevent you from doing what your Higher-self tells you to do.  If only you would listen to your Higher-self instead of to your Ego, you would save yourself a lot of years of heart breaks and misery.  You would have far less tears on your pillow at night.

Meet your Higher-self

Meet your Higher-self!  Your Higher-self is your inner-self.  Your inner-self is your spiritual-self.  Your spiritual-self is your Wonder-child!

Your Wonder-child is that part of yourself that is in awe at everything that it sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches.  Both here in the physical realm and in the astral realm.  It is that little 3 or 4 year old child you once were, who marvelled at the magic of seeing a butterfly.  Who believed in Santa Claus bringing it presents under the Christmas Tree come Yuletide.  It is that child you once were , who wanted to remain cleansed and in good spiritual health while conversing in the presence of God or the gods as you interpreted them to be as a toddler.

That very same Wonder-child (spiritual self) still lives within you, in your soul.  It has never died, it is still part of who you are to this day!  It is that part of you who secretly wants to go on the Yule Spiritual Journey in this Yuletide Season!  The journey to find your own Greatness.

Choose your Spiritual Path

Choose your Spiritual Path well.  Take your time, but hurry!  Because it is easier said than done.

Not everyone can easily find their Spiritual Path to go on the Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.  It is a path filled with pros and cons.  Right ways of doing thing, and wrong ways of doings things.

The right ways of doing things is the smooth path.  The wrong way of doing things is the rougher, more hazardous way’ – and it is full of obstacles.  You make both good and bad decisions for your life.  To err is human!  Shit happens in life.  The good news is, you will have great moments of glory along the way there.  And that know you will not be alone on your pilgrimage.

Your spiritual helpers

Your spiritual helpers are volunteers that go with you on your pilgrimage to find your greatness.  Theses are animal helpers from the spirit world.  Their spirits walk amongst us.

Be aware of their presence.  When needed, they will share with you their spiritual gifts; they will go with you, guide and protect you.  Know that you are helped!  There will be no mountain high enough that you cannot surmount; not with the help of your animal helpers it won’t.

Your destiny

Your destiny is your true self!  By following your true Spiritual Path while on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, you will reach and become your true self!  Your true self lives in freedom.

This is your authentic self.  Your authentic self lives in real love of yourself and of others.  It cherishes what it loves.  And it prospers.

Your true self prospers, because it shares its good fortune with those who depend on it, with its community, and with its country.  With those who are widowed or orphaned.  Sharing your true authentic self with others around you, brings good cheer to them.  It makes merry with them at Yuletide…  You know what they say!  They say, what goes around comes around!

At Yuletide, honor your higher self.  Acknowledge its presence within you.  Share it with others by inviting other people over for a drink and some food.  Do this as an offering you make on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.

Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors
Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering

Adult Incest Survivors



Essence of who we are

We Tarot Readers do not just divine.  Some of us are also Spiritual Counsellors and Life Coaches.  Many of us can sense interdimensional realities, we can become aware of things the average person cannot.  We can get a deep sense of knowing.  We can channel Love and Light to an Adult Victim of Sexual Abuse by giving them enlightenment and guidance.

It is a sad state within the Tarot Community, that we Tarot Readers are too often told to – either turn away or refer the Adult Survivor of Incest to someone who is better qualified to counsel him or her.  Even on Facebook we can read posts and comments recommending and advising us not to read for this type of client.  These posts and comments often describe this client as if they were “mentally ill”, or “mentally disturbed”, or “needing psychiatric help because an innocent man may go to jail because of a false accusation”.

In other words, these advisers are quick to disbelieve and brush off a victim of incest.  They even go as far as strongly recommending “to not believe them”.  They impute the adult survivor of this crime as “inventors of stories”.  Which in itself is to downright call the victims – liars.

Adjustment Justice
Adjustment Justice

Be careful of such bad advice givers.  Did you know that abusers often work in the helping professions because:  in the helping professions, predators  gain easy access to people who have no other recourse than to trust professional helpers.  If you are a member of a helping profession and are aware of an abuser amongst your rank, I invite you to be a whistleblower!  Years ago, I got an entire social agency shut down, its psychiatrists, psychologists, and its social workers professionally discredited.  This so to protect young boys from several nests of sexual predators that worked and volunteered there.  So can you do what I did for the sake of the children!

For suppressing the truth within an adult victim of incest, is to doubt his or her own sense of ‘the knowing’.  Suppressing the ‘knowing’ drives them to despair; because by doing so, we erase them.  The more we suppress who they are – tires their spirit, the spirit to live, and the flame of life itself.  They become anxious, tired, depressed, and they slowly begin to lose the will to live.  Their will to think and to reason-out for themselves – is crushed!

Suppressing the Spiritual Counsellor’s, the Life coach’s, or the Tarot Reader’s intuition and sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our spiritual death.  We die – without using that part of ourselves that uses all our senses; our senses are essential to us in both the visible and nonvisible worlds.  When we are told not to do such readings, to not help these victims, we are being told to suppress our own inner-child who just wants to reach-out and help another inner-child asking for help!

An adult victim of sexual abuse is by default an adult victim of spiritual abuse.  In order to suppress their sensitivity/intuition, their families and their society and their religious leaders forced them to abandon their will to them.  They succeeded in doing so because the inner-child of the victim was – trusting.

An adult victim of incest
An adult victim of incest
  1. Listen
  2. Believe
  3. Respect their trust
  4. Understand the pressure they face as an adult
  5. Then – encourage them to get access to support

The need to tell the ‘truth’ is part of a person’s sensitive and intuitive energy within them.  It is a ‘positive energy’.  It needs to be released into the world in a positive way.

This positive energy contributes to our world and to the universe.  But, when we are told by our parents, family, early school teachers, religious teachers, and our community of Tarot Readers not to even listen to an adult victim of abuse, it means that we are being told “to suppress” that positive sensitivity and intuition, and to submit our will to theirs.  We are then creating ‘negative energy’.  Click on The Essence of who we are  so to read further about why it is essential to be related to, not suppressed.

Identifying Incest or Pedophilia

A pedophile is a person that damages a child.

In our society of adults, we trust and expect that any other adult will ensure a safe and healthy environment in which a minor child can grow and mature in all of its human developmental stages – into adulthood.   Not only do we as the adults in this society, trust and expect this of other adults, we have made it a rule of law!   This rule of law states that the child has been given this as a right – by the reasonable thinking adults in the society it lives in.  Incest or Pedophilia is a serious crime in our society.

“Any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual damages the child; whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture, needs to be dealt with assertively. These contacts scar almost all facets of the victims’ lives – since we are left with little or no self-esteem”.

“At least one out of five boys and one out of three girls will be abused before they reach the age of eighteen. The child’s emotional growth will be arrested at the age of the first attack, and we have found the surviving victim won’t begin to work on recovery until adulthood, if then”.

“Boys, as well as girls, are victims of child sexual abuse. Abusers come in all shapes and sizes. Many perpetrators were perceived by the child to be an authority, including: father, grandfather, mother, brother, uncle, friend of the family, aunt, teacher — unfortunately the list is endless”.

Temporary dulling memory:

We are not talking about ‘a suppressed memory’ here.  We are talking about ‘a temporary dulling, or putting aside of memories’.  Nothing is forgotten, it is all just conveniently set aside for use at a later time, when it is safe to use the memory again.  In the case of incest or pedophilia, the young victim is not safe to stand up for herself/himself.  So the ‘temporary dulling of the memory’ is a mode of self-defense.

Deadening painful memories of the abuse will only temporarily obscure reality.  It is a misguided yet totally understandable attempt to defend ourselves from further sexual assault. It is more like a child’s ‘make believe, pretending that it is not what it is – so to stay alive’!!!  To live to fight another day!  It is a survival mechanism, because we were forced to become an expert in making believe we disbelieved our own senses – so to stay alive.

The sexual predator has not the vested interest in letting its child victim learn the true meaning of his actions upon the child.  The sexual predator has no vested interest in teaching the truth of what is actually happening to the child.  The sexual predator plays god over the child, telling it that that is how god wills it.

By playing god over the child, the sexual predator confuses the child’s mind with lies and deceits.  The child receives half-truths, and mental games confusing the mind; it receives but the crumbs…  Once the victim grows up and learns differently, the victim then begins to truly understand the predator had no vested interest in telling the truth; and that is why he played god over she/him.

“It is extremely painful to give up the fantasy family we needed but never got. Children see themselves either in reflected glory or disgraced shadows”.  The predator tells the its victim, that the victim is but a disgraced shadow.  Which leads to spiritual and mental confusion of the truth; the truth being clouded over by the predator.

“Therefore, we sometimes make excuses for the abuser.  The very excuses : “He was drunk at the time. She had it rough as a child.” We take responsibility for the assaults: “I was too attractive, too sexy.” The abuser probably reinforced our own nagging guilt and questions we had about our own innocence. Essentially, we defend the perpetrator by minimizing, rationalizing and taking on the blame”.

Truth Facilitators

Tarot Readers are Truth Facilitators.  People come to ask questions of the Tarot.  They pay us good money so to know their truth.  It is our responsibility to tell them their truth as we read it in the cards.

We can read it in the cards, a person’s truth.  A person’s truth is the essence of who they are and the condition they are in.  For some people, we can see their happy times, while for others – we can see their heart-breaks.

Many Tarot Readers feel an awesome responsibility when reading another person’s truth in the Cards.  Often, we do Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors.  Doing a Tarot Reading for them is an awesome responsibility.  It can overwhelm both the Reader and their Querent.

You are not aloneWhen your Sitter tells you they are a victim of sexual abuse, and that they want you to help them with that, it is an enormous responsibility.  As a Reader, you have the right to agree or to refuse to do such a reading.  However, always keep at the front of your mind what help you can bring to the life of the person asking for a reading.

Please repost this blog to help better tell other Tarot Readers, Spiritual Counsellors, and Life Coaches on the subject of incest and pedophilia.

Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

Spiritual Counselling:  Psychic Protection


Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook many posts and comments about Psychic Protection.  Since many people come to me asking how to protect themselves from psychic attacks, I thought I would write a blog post article about this.

Psychic attacks are frequent against Tarot Readers.  Tarot Readers read with the knowledge of the cards, yes.  However, many of us Readers who are Intuitive and/or Psychic supplement our knowledge with our gifts, so the client can better benefit from them.  When we do this, we open ourselves up psychically.  These types of readings are called ‘Tarot Intuitive Readings’, or ‘Tarot Psychic Readings’.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

When we ‘open ourselves up’, we send out into the Universe our Intuitive/Psychic vibrations; and we receive Intuitive/Psychic vibrations back from the Universe.  Our intent and the question piggyback on an outgoing wave of vibrations that goes out into the Universe.  The answer comes back to us on incoming waves of vibrations heading our way.  Thing is, not only do we get an answer, we can get other things too.  Things such as psychic attacks.

A psychic attack is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a spiritual act of aggression towards you – in the astral plane.  The aggression is upon your astral body.  Just as we have a physical body, we have an astral body.  Just as we have emotions, feelings, and thoughts here in the physical world, we have those too in the astral world.

We often read on Facebook, posts and comments from people who relate to us how a person is sucking their energy through negative comments and negative energy.  They can do that by just being in the same room, and having a negative atmosphere around them.  Another form of psychic attack is the psychic vampire attack.  This happens when a Psychic Vampire spiritually attacks your astral body even from faraway.  He will project his astral body to bite you on the neck to suck your astral blood.  In both cases, you will feel a drain of energy.

Here are some common symptoms experienced by a victim of a psychic attack:

.  Dreaming very frightening nightmares.

.  Seeing your attacker in a devilish way, either in your dreams, your meditation or in your thoughts.

.  Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no reason.

.  Having pains in the same place at the same time on a regular basis.

.  Experiencing illness or pains in areas of weakness that your attacker is already aware of.

.  Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness when it comes to completing daily tasks.

.  Having unusually painful, even severe cases, headaches accompanied with vomiting or dizziness.

.  Questioning or doubting your direction in life, even after having been aware of your direction beforehand.

.  Depression

.  Having thoughts and images of your attacker creeping into your mind constantly.

.  Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows around you from the corner of your eye, even when you are alone.

.  The worst kind of psychic attack can inflict feelings of having a heart attack, and feelings of the desire to commit suicide.

If you are feeling nearly all of these symptoms, you need to consult a medical professional.  It is a good idea to start by ruling out any physical or psychological conditions first.  If your doctor says there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with you, you may want to ask yourself the following question.

How long have you suffered from all of these symptoms?  If you were fine before, and that these symptoms appeared as if overnight and that you suspect it is a Psychic Vampire attack, then you may want to get rid of the negative people in your life, or of the psychic vampire himself.

The method of getting rid of a psychic attacker varies from victim to victim.  It also depends on your own morals and principles.  It also depends on who the attacker is, and what form the attack manifests itself.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

When a person drains your energy out of emotional neediness, there are different ways of dealing with this.  One of those ways is by first maintaining a good spiritual health.  You can also cleanse your body and your spirit.  You can do this in both your physical and your astral environment.

There is always a certain degree of negativity around us.  We do not get to choose our parents, siblings, and in-laws.  However, we can be highly selective of our friends.  We cannot always choose our work colleagues, but we can choose who we hang out with.

We do not always know ahead of time – the person we are about to read for.  However, we can decide not to read for them again.  We may not always know the tarot reader we just asked to read for us.  However, we can always just walk away in the middle of a session; and never go back to her again.

It is by maintaining a good spiritual life, that your intuitive/psychic defenses remain naturally strong and healthy.  You can make the difference between helping to empower someone and helping someone at all cost to yourself and your family.

When you keep up a good spiritual health, you have the wisdom necessary to be able to help others – so they too can keep theirs.  You also know how to help them become spiritually healthy.  Always keep at the front of your mind that you cannot give what you do not have…

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

You can keep what you have spiritual health wise, by assuring a good psychic defense when performing a Tarot Reading.  There are different levels of psychic defenses.  The basic tools for psychic defense are crystals, candles, incense, and your Athame.

Before starting your reading, light a white candle for clarity, and a black candle to absorb any negativity.  I also like to envelop myself in a white and red column.  Form a psychic protective circle with your crystals.  Keep some healing crystals and stones, and your Athame.  Some clairvoyants like to balance their crystals.  They keep a bowl full of crystals nearby.  They fill it half-and-half with smoky quartz and black obsidians.  The Athame is for cutting your attacker’s astral umbilical cord that he attached to you.

Incense is great for psychic defense.  It clears negativity away from your Reading Altar.  One basic and not too expensive defense spice, is Patchouli.  You can easily find it at your local grocery store or in a cone form – at your local dollar store.  I order my patchouli incense directly from china.  It is a tad more expensive, but it is more powerful than the common ones found in my neighborhood.  All depending on how much you can afford, you can get defenses that are even more powerful.

We can go on and on listing the different ways to protect ourselves from psychic attacks and draining.  However, do not forget to cleanse and protect the room or the area in which you do your readings.

When you go out to do face-to-face readings, you are a tad confined to very basic, simple defense measures.  However, at home, you can more efficiently protect yourself and your reading room from a psychic attack.  As I mentioned above, we do not always get to choose our family.  I have family coming over for a visit soon.  I need to protect my home, my husband, and myself from psychic attacks.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

How I know I need to do this, is a long story.  I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, I got myself some Rail Road Spikes to nail down my house.  RR
Spikes are nearly unbreakable.  If you are a conjurer, RR Spikes will pin-down your house and your land against very powerful forces such as psychic vampires.

If you would like a Spiritual Tarot Reading, book your reading with me by clicking on my Website or on my Facebook Page.