Soul Mate Manifesting

Soul Mate Manifesting is both magickal and spiritual – all at the same time! Some people call this Calling in Your Soul Mate, or drawing your Soul Mate to you.  No matter how you call it, “your prayers, affirmations, and visualizations help bring you together!”


Soul Mate Manifesting
Soul Mate Manifesting
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Soul Mate Manifesting

Soul Mate Manifesting is to draw your Soul Mate to you.  We all have a Soul Mate.  You are no exception; you too have a Soul Mate.  Your Soul Mate is “someone you spent a lot of time with before you were born” into your current life, and even in your previous life times before this one.

Calling Your Soul Mate

Calling Your Soul Mate to you, is to draw your Soul Mate to you so you can be together once again.  If you feel as if there is part of you that is missing, it is because you are missing your true better-half.  Perhaps this person is missing from your life because your better-half has not heard you calling yet.

Your Soul Mate is who is essential to your spiritual growth (your spiritual progression).  This is someone you need in your life, so to grow spiritually together and to accomplish your mission in life together.  Religious people and philosophers agree to say, that if the two of you Soul Mates do not find each other in your current life time, you will both have missed reaching your destinies.  You will both have to be reborn again in yet another life.

There are all sorts of theories and beliefs pertaining to Soul Mates.  It is said that Soul Mates are two people who “have agreed to being born into this current lifetime”, so to have a family together; to bring other souls into physical life here on Earth by making babies together.  If you have not established a family together with your Soul Mate, you are most likely not in a fulfilling relationship.  If you do not have children with your Soul Mate, the children you do have with someone else – are most likely not an absolute pure joy for you to raise.

Most divorces are due to being married to someone else than their Soul Mates.  Many people would rather settle down with someone else, rather than wait for their Soul Mate to find them.  Life is hard enough, without having to be with the wrong person.  Being with your Soul Mate will make life all that much more well worth it all.

People fall in and out of love.  Shit happens.  Some cowardly people will leave you behind, or put you under the bus, and stab you in the back.  However, Soul Mates do not abandon each other – come what may.  Come Hell or high waters, your Soul Mate’s love will remain constant through it all!

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are exactly what they sound like.  These are people who form Groups of Souls.  These Groups of Souls are people who have agreed to be born during the same lifetime; they agree to be born together, so to progress spiritually together.

You also are part of a Soul Group.  Your Soul Group and yourself, are people who have reached an agreement together.  As a group, you have agreed to support and teach each other how to become better people in this lifetime.

You all count on each other for mutual acceptance; for mutual love; for mutual encouragement; and for mutual help in spiritual growth.

The people in your Soul Group are easy to identify.  They are your parents and the children they had together.  They are both of your parents respective families too.

They are also your closest friends.  Your closest classmates and work colleagues, and employers.  They can even be those total strangers on Social Media that you befriend and become true friends with notwithstanding the distance separating you all.

However, a “Soul Mate” is that one person you befriend in real life, or take it to real life with.  It is that one person you spend a lot of time with, and enter into a long-term real life committed relationship together; with the clear purpose of growing spiritually together with.  Notice that I say here “spiritually”, rather than saying ‘religiously’.  Forming a religious community together, is an entirely different thing than forming a spiritual, personal and intimate relationship with a Romantic Soul Mate.

Anti-Soul Group

Anti-Soul Group, is a group of people who are not in agreement with you.  They have not agreed to love you, nor to support you, nor to encourage you, nor to help you in this current life of yours.  You have not reached an agreement to grow spiritually together with them.

You are morally free to leave such a group at any given time; and so are they.  There is no commitment to each other – especially if they are antagonistic towards you.  People who find themselves in the wrong Soul Group, are people who have agreed to be born of them, but have not reached an agreement to grow spiritually together with them.  These are the very kinds of families and friends that we hear say of:  “such or such a person are as if poison to them”.

If you are still looking for your ‘Romantic Soul Mate”, it is never too late for the two of you to find each other in this current life time.  Some Romantic Soul Mates find each other early in life.  Some find each other late in life.  Sadly, some will never find each other at all in this current lifetime.

Having Free Will

Having free will is an inalienable right.  Each and every one of us are endowed with the right and the liberty to choose.  We are born with the free will to choose or not; to continue or not; to agree or even to disagree to follow up on the commitment we have made to our Romantic Soul Mate.  It may even happen that, having fallen in love with someone else, that we reject our own Romantic Soul Mate into your love life.  And your Romantic Soul Mate has the same rights and privileges of doing that just as much as you do.  To read more about exactly that, click on Is He The One.

And it may very well be that you will have to draw your Romantic Soul mate to you.

How to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you

How to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you, is easy; it really is.  Some desperate souls think they need to do a song and dance act so to do this.  While others think that a little bit of magick will do the trick.  In some cases, it very well may be that you need a song and dance act and a little bit of magick so to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you!  Click on Hopelessly Devoted To You, to get what I mean by that.

Prayer to a Higher Power than yourself, is highly recommended.  Along with working on yourself.  Develop those very qualities in yourself that you feel your Romantic Soul Mate should possess.  It may very well be that opposites attack, but the both of you already know what you like in each other.  So make apparent those very spiritual qualities above everything else!

To view a video about how it’s like to find your Romantic Soul Mate, click on the Your The One That I want song.

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