Give Love a Chance

Give Love a Chance before you end it.  Be committed to turning it into a success.  Heal it by helping it go in the right direction.


Give Love a Chance
Give Love a Chance Oracle Card
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Doreen Virtue


We have all day, together stay,

Give me your hand, for one small grace!

We here can be, be and pray,

It’s our time, you see it in my face?

(Yoseph Lupu)


Give Love a Chance

Give Love a Chance before calling it quits.  Ask yourself if you indeed want to end it.  Ask yourself, if you do not love your partner, or if you do?

Hello, fellow people in a long-term love relationship.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  For the past seven months, I have had the honor and the privilege to Read for someone who wanted to keep their marriage together.  At first, it all seemed like the relationship was over.  Today however, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  So I thought I would write a blog article on how to find hope and healing in a love relationship.

When there are irreconcilable differences in a long-term love relationship, going forward together can seem hopeless.  Issues can become overwhelming for both of the lovers.  It can become all very painful for everyone involved.

If your relationship with your lover is on its last leg (but that there is no physical danger involved), you may want to ask yourself some paramount questions before walking away from it.  After all is said and done, so far, you have invested much time and effort, money and feelings in that person.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?  Can the issues between the two of you be worked out?  Do you still love that person?  Is that person worth the effort of trying to reconcile?  Do you think there is hope for your love?  Do you want for the two of you to remain together?

Then, if you answered “yes” to all of these questions, your love is worth it!  It is worth making the effort for the two of you to stay together.  It may be possible for your issues to be worked out.  Where there is a Will, there is a way!

Go back to the very beginning of your relationship together.  Go back to when you first met your love.  Remember how it first happened, and how it used to be when it was right for you.

Why did you get together with that particular person?  What made you become attracted to that person.  Why that person in particular?  Why not somebody else instead?

Why did you like that person?  Why did you fall for that person?  What did that person do to make you fall in love with them?

Why did you move in with that person?  At the time, what did you gain from it?  Are your feelings, for that person, still there within you?

Ensure a successful love relationship

Ensure a successful love relationship by first committing yourself to making it work out.  It all begins with you.  It will take much maturity and introspection on your part.

You know what they say!  They say that Rome was not built in a day.  Meaning that, making-up will not happen overnight.  It will take time, patience,  and devotion to your new cause.

You cannot change another person; you can only change yourself.  Do not do the other person’s personal inventory, do your own.  It is by making your list of your own qualities and shortcomings that you will ensure success in your relationship with that person.

Take a piece of paper and a pen.  Draw a vertical line down the middle of the sheet of paper.  On the left-hand side, write down the word “shortcomings.”  On the right-hand side, write down the word “Qualities.”  Be realistic and honest with yourself.

Do not judge yourself too severely. Ask yourself if you could live with someone who had the same shortcomings as yourself?  Chances are, your partner has the same faults as you.

This is not about details such as:  “who said what, and who did what”.  It is about changing only – yourself.  It may very well be that the other person did or said something unacceptable.  However, this is not about doing their personal inventory, but your own.

Once you have completed your list of shortcomings and qualities and that you are satisfied with it, look at it.  Try to see the big picture.  Try to understand the role you played in the relationship.

Ask yourself if your relationship is worth the time and effort of changing yourself before calling it quits.  You may want to develop the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support this relationship.  Be committed by first working on yourself before working on someone else.  Always keep at the front of your mind that it takes two to tango!

In this way, if ever the two of you should breakup, you will have gained the understanding of the role you, yourself played.  Through this enlightenment, you will avoid that history may repeat itself.  In this way, you avoid going into a new relationship with the same kind of person, and in the same painful situation.  However, I digress, you are thinking about injecting hope in this current relationship.

Inject hope into your relationship

Inject hope into your relationship by first finding hope itself!  It is not by accident that you have clicked on this blog article of mine.  It is not by accident that you have fallen upon this particular Romance Angel Card .  This Card represents “hope”!

This card says that there is still love in your relationship.  All is not dead; there is hope for the two of you.  Start with restoring the peace between the two of you.  Go to a marriage counselor to get help with your marital dysfunctions.  Moreover, be commented to doing your part in turning this into a functional marriage or long-term love relationship.

Give Love A Chance before you end it by going in the right direction!

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