Tarot Duel Contending Forces

Tarot Duel Contending Forces resist each other.  In a Tarot Reading, it means that there is too much of good thing going on.  The Querent then needs to find Equilibrium.


Tarot Duel Contending Forces
Tarot Duel Contending Forces


Tarot Duel Contending Forces

Tarot Duel Contending Forces are comparable to a boxer boxing against his own shadow.  At first glance, it may look like two opponents are fighting against one another.   However, there is but one fighter dueling; not two.  He is fighting against himself.

You are an in-di-vi-dual (in-di-vi-si-ble).  It may be that someone may get on your bad side, but you are still just one person.  A person with both qualities and shortcomings.

In other words, there are not two people within you.  Your Being has both bad and good Core Forces that contend against each other.  Just as much as people can observe this duality within you, your Tarot Cards reflect that.

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I often read posts and comments on Facebook by people stating they are losing sleep over worries and concerns.  So I thought I would blog about that.

I am one of those who have been there, done that, and have bought the T-shirt!  So I know what it is like to scroll up and down a Timeline looking for a way to not think about problems.  When I start doing that, that is when I know I am on Tilt due to Duel Contending Forces within me.  (Click on Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries to read more about the Forces in Tarot.)

When the Duel Contending Forces resists each other, they stifle your spiritual progression.  You are not in equilibrium.  This causes you to feel as if you are stuck in a rut.  Your situation will not get any better until you can find your balance again.  Until you get yourself off Tilt, your sleeping pattern will not get any better.

Being on Tilt

Being on Tilt is not a good thing.  I do not know if you are a poker player or not.  However, when a poker player is on Tilt, he/she loses much money.  We poker players must put on our best poker face at the tables so that the other poker players cannot read our Tells.  We must find our balance very quickly, or else we will lose sleep over the money we lost.

Playing No Limit Holdem Poker, both online and in real life has taught me a great deal about myself.  Out of necessity, I had to learn my lessons early when at the tables.  I had to become aware pretty quickly of the Duel Contending Forces within myself.

At the poker tables, I love to go ALL IN once I spot my fish.  In poker lingo, a “fish” is a poker player who is on Tilt while at the tables.  Sadly, I am that fish at times. I have been known to lose the shirt off my back too lol.

Going ALL IN can happen away from the tables too.  This occurs when you go off the deep end under certain situations.  When this happens to you, you risk spending sleepless nights worrying about the consequences for having done exactly that.  So you need to find balance.

How to find balance

How to find balance is by changing how you deal with any given situation.  Even away from the tables, people can read your Tells.  When dealing with people, do not put all your cards all at once on the table.  Instead, hold back a little more.  Take a time out, and go and rest up for a bit.

Aspects of yourself are called Core Forces.  When one of those become ill-suited for the situation you are in, it is resisting the other Core Force that would be more suitable.  This is what is called being on Tilt.

When we are on Tilt, we become ambivalent.  On one hand, we know better than to give too much info to the other person.  On the contrary, we just go ahead and reveal too much.

Neutralizing Core Forces

Neutralizing Core Forces is often easier said than done.  For example, I remember this bus driver who seemed to have a permanent smile from side to side, and which revealed huge white teeth.  Everyone, including me, appreciated his smile.  We felt welcomed onto his bus.

However, to coin a phrase, his permanent smile ‘from side to side’ became “too much of a good thing” in the eyes of some people in his personal life.  Especially in so far has his best friend’s widow was concerned!

The night of the viewing at the funeral parlor, the smiling bus driver went to pay his respects to the widow sitting by her husband’s casket.  The bus driver walked up to the grieving widow with that permanent smile from side to side.  Needless to say, the widow never did speak again to her husband’s best friend.  Smiling too happily can manifest the contrary quality of empathy and sympathy.

Same goes with anger.  Anger is a normal human emotion.  However, some people go off the deep end with that.  Losing control of one’s anger is never a good thing.  When a person refuses to come down from the high of being angry, he is then resisting finding equilibrium in his emotional state.  When negativity swamps a person, that individual is digging himself a pit from which he may find it difficult to get out.

Anger is a fiery passion which needs to be put out.  It can lead to cruelty; destruction; and to the grave.  It is the contrary quality of being vigorous and energetic.  Again, equilibrium is needed because there is a resistance to being alive and happy.

How to manage Duel Contending Forces

How to manage Duel Contending Forces?  They can not be cut out. Duel contending Forces need to be neutralized, absorbed, and transformed.

We are human beings, with all that may imply.  We have both qualities and shortcomings.  Humans are of good intention, but sometimes we can go on Tilt!

Accept the person for who and what he is.  Help him become aware of both his qualities and his shortcomings.  He will integrate (absorb) both the good and the bad side of himself.  Moreover, then he will transform that aspect of his character that is “too much of a good thing” and then turn it around by finding a balance between the two Core Contending Forces that are at odds with each other.

Tarot Duel Contending Forces are either qualities or shortcomings  that resist being neutral.  A quality that resist being neutral can become too much of a good thing.  Same goes for shortcomings, they can resist being good.  They fight each other for dominance.  Neither will stay in the gray zone.  In a Tarot Reading, it means that there is too much of a good or a bad thing going on.  The Querent then needs to find Equilibrium.

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