Little Bottle Worth Millions

Little Bottle Worth Millions!  What if I told you that I have a small bottle that could be worth a lot of money to you!  How much would you be willing to pay me for it?


Little Bottle Worth Millions peaks curiosity
Little Bottle Worth Millions peaks curiosity


I have this burning desire all in a bottle,

And it’s all going to come out

When I do the best I’m capable of doing

(By Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Brainyquote)


Little Bottle Worth Millions

Little Bottle Worth Millions, I have it.  Do you?  Would you pay me for it?  Would you pay me $1,000.00 for it?  How about $100.00?  What would you say, if I asked you just $10.00 for it?  Going, going, gone.  Too late!

Good thing you did not pay me anything for this little bottle of mine.  What made you hesitate?  How did you know not to purchase it from me?  Are you psychic or what!!!  Well, I do not exactly have one that is worth a lot of money anyways!

However, what I really do have is a burning desire to share with you something that could be worth a great deal to you as a Tarot Reader; at least in the long term!  If you are like me, you have a burning desire to do the best you are capable of doing.  If this is your case, then I have a Tarot Secret to tell you for free!

Tarot Psychic Readers

Tarot Psychic Readers are associated with the Tarot.   Indeed, many of us Readers are psychic (not all, but many are)!  We are gifted in that way.  For some of we Readers, Psychic Powers occur naturally.  For others, well they must work at it more.  Whether you are a natural or that you must work at it more than others, all Tarot Psychics could improve upon this supernatural gift of ours.  Don’t quote me on that, but go and read Dion Fortune’s book “The Mystical Qabalah”.

This book by Ms. Fortune is considered the classic Occult teachings of the Qabalah.   But if I could put all that priceless knowledge contained in that book, and put it all into a little bottle and sell it – I would become a millionaire!  If not, it would, at least, be a Little Bottle Worth Millions to me.  And that peaks curiosity!

Enhancing psychic powers

Enhancing psychic powers is a good idea.  And that is what Dion Fortune places emphasis on in that book of hers.   She goes on to teach us Tarot Readers how to do that by raising our level of consciousness and its character.  This can be successfully achieved by looking for the Psychic Principles represented in the glyph of the Tree of Life.  When we do so, we are actually living the “as above, as below”.

The glyph of the Tree of Life shows us many things about we humans.  For example, it shows us how to enhance our psychic powers by astral traveling along the Pillar of Mildness.  Aligned on this central Pillar, are the Spheres of Malkuth, Yesod, Thiphareth, and Kether.  There on this Middle Pillar, we learn the metaphysical principle which they represent.

We already know that “Tarot is a system of divination, with its comprehensive interpretations”, Dion Fortune, the Mystical Qabalah.  We also already know, that Tarot shows us the “keys to the Tree of Life as applied to human life”.  We already know that the Pip Cards speak of how we react to people and situations that control us in our lives.

More precisely, the Pips can also show us the consequences to how we respond to people and situations that control us in our lives.  However, rarely do we stop to think about the Rising of the Planes.

The Rising of the Planes

The Rising of the Planes is a Western Magical Operation.  This Magical Operation takes place on the Central Pillar of the Tree of Life.  We use the Central Pillar so to ‘induce’ its extension of consciousness.  ‘To induce’, means “to cause something to happen; or to cause something to exist”.

For example, we can make our consciousness perceive.  We can induce the seeing of people and situations otherwise unknown to them and to us.  As our consciousness rises upon onto the Planes of the Central Pillar, we begin to astral travel to there – so to “induce” our psychic abilities.  In other words, the Central Pillar is “a symbolism employed to induce the extension of consciousness”.

When our consciousness travels up and down the Pillar of Mildness, we do not necessarily have to follow their numerical attributions.  However, it is always good to know that this Pillar enhances our psychic powers.

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