Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards

Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards is an attempt at linking this political candidate to the Tarot.  As Tarot is a passion of mine, I thought I would look at Mr. Trump through the eyes of a Tarot Reader.  For the purpose of this article, I used the Thoth Tarot Deck.


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards

Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards permits us to get to know him from the perspective of the Cards.  Donald Trump Sr. was born on June 14th.  His astrological sign is Cancer 3.  In Tarot Correspondences, he is a Ten of Swords – the Air Element.  The planet that pulls at his core, is the Sun. His Zodiacal Signs are Gemini; Libra; and Aquarius.

It is precisely because we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, that Donald Trump is so popular with the American voters.  The American voters are mad as Hell at not being represented by their elected representatives; Mr. Trump successfully mirrors that back to them.

Political analysts say of him that, he, Donald Trump is successfully creating his own new era within the Conservative party.  That he is neither a true conservative, nor a true Liberal; that he is somewhere in the middle of that.  That it will be said of him one day, that he invented Trump Conservatism.  And that is exactly what the Tarot Cards also say of him.

Donald Trump’s Tarot Significator Card

Donald Trump’s Tarot Significator Card is the Ten of Swords.  This means that in a Tarot Spread, the card that would best represent him, is the Ten of Swords.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Ten of Swords is Sol in Gemini.  20° to 30°.  June 11 to June 20.  The original title of this Tarot Card, is The Lord of Ruin (in the Thoth Tarot System).


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Ten of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck


Donald Trump is a true Ten of Swords kind of guy.  He loves to split hairs.  He has demonstrated, time and time again, that he can at times be undisciplined, insolent, and even impertinent when doing so.  This is the kind of man with whom you need to be precise and accurate, when speaking to him.  It may very well be that he is a jovial fellow who loves to laugh wholeheartedly, but do not forget that he is also clever.  He is eloquent, all according to the situation at hand and the mood he is in.

Donald Trump is breathing new life into both the American and the International political scene.  Which is due, in the first place, to him being a Ten of Swords!  After all, the principal trait of the Suit of Swords is “Air”.

In tarot, the family trait of the Swords Suit, is ‘Air’ – mentality.  This means that Donald tends to react to people and situations from a thinking man’s perspective.  He first needs to understand both the person he is interacting with and the situation that presents itself before him.

The Trump approach to life is “think smart”.  In other words, his mentality works great for him.  Given that he comes from a life-long line of work in which he had to know what he was getting himself into, and what kind of people he was dealing with – so not to get set up for a fall, he had to be smart.  And that is exactly what he brings to the political scene now – being smarter than the average bear!

People that apply street smarts are a breath of fresh air in today’s war-time political scene.  Street smarts involve making a reputation for yourself as someone who is not above defending himself and his family.  The country does not feel safe, and Trump is demonstrating he will not back away from a fight.  As a Ten of Swords, he is also demonstrating that to fight, is not necessarily pretty – nor nice.  But that it has to be done anyways – so the country can feel safe once more.

Donald Trump vibrates at a number ’10’ (the number 10 in the Ten of Swords).  If there is something that Trump is known for, it is that when he sets his mind to do something – he is persistent; he is not a quitter.  He is bound and determined; he wills himself to succeed.  He vibrates in perfect harmony with the Sun which exercises a core influence upon him.

The Sun rules Mr. Trump at the core of his very being.  This is where his wish to achieve in life comes from.  Donald takes pride in the fact that he has great expectations of life itself; his ambitions drive him forward.  He aspires to greatness, and he does this in a smart way; and he is not a shamed to say so.

Donald admits that he knows that he needs other people – so that he can become great!  No matter what you may think about Donald Trump, when push comes to shove, he knows what he is doing.   The Element of Air loves him and he loves it back.  It reinforces his mind and intellect.  ‘Air’, the element, enhances his already strong communication and visualization skills.

When Mr. Trump sings a song, both his natural gift for telepathy and his psychic powers are then enhanced.  He is inspired by his dreams and wishes.  He is blessed with an abundance of imagination, ideas, and the knowledge to make them work altogether, and to his advantage.

The Donald manifests his will into his environment through his sense of hearing and smell.  If Mr. Trump would be a magician, he would surely have a sensor, a wand, and a sword to help enhance his manifesting his will power into his environment.  He would be great at divination, concentration, at prophecies, and karma

If Trump would use animal guides, they would be the Eagle, the Raven, and the Spider so to weave the webs of his intent.  Oh what am I talking about here!  Silly me!  Of course!  If elected President of the United States, the Eagle would guide him well!  And you know what they say!  They say, “fly like an Eagle”.  When the eagle spreads its wings to fly, the wind (Air) lifts it up…

On Facebook, I have read many women’s comments about Trump.  He is even quoted has having made disparaging remarks about women.  So some women ask why is he still popular with women voters?  The answer to this question is that Donald Trump projects a masculine energy.

A masculine energy, with money and a certain degree of influential power in the U.S. at least.  He is in the cycle of life called ‘infancy’; many spiritual lessons are before him along his path.  Hopefully for him and for us all, he will not have to go through too many future lifetimes so to learn the life lessons he is here on Earth to learn.  The reason I say this, is because it is starting to look like that he may very well be selected to run as President of the United States in the general election.

The Queen of Cups dominates Donald Trump

The Queen of Cups dominates Donald Trump (the Ten of Swords).  This is why Mr. Trump is very successful at reflecting back to the American people, that they are mad at their elected representatives.  And now, that is why Donald is successfully bringing people out to vote for him.  Because, he is the mirror image of their being mad and scared of being terrorized!


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Queen of Cups
Thoth Tarot Deck


All considering, Mr. Trump is a very patient man.  He can receive and send what he sees, hears, and senses from people.  And he is not affected by that at all.

If there is one thing that Donald is newly known at – it is this.  Donald loves to lead.  He loves to attract people to his way of thinking.  And it should go without saying that, he is indeed “extremely popular” by doing exactly that!

When you see Donald Trump ill-dignified, it is because he leaves himself wide open to picking up on other people’s auras.  When people are mad, this influences his mood.  When people are dangerous, he becomes dangerous right back at them.  When people are kind, he is kind too.  And that is why people see themselves in Mr. Trump.

The Lord of Ruin

The Lord of Ruin, is Donald Trump personified (the Ten of Swords).  Here I must be careful of what I am about to say on that subject; because, I don’t want to be a Mlle Lenormand when she advised Mrs. Bonaparte.  Some say that Mrs. Bonaparte was ill-advised by Mlle Lenormand; which led to her husband’s Waterloo.  However some do say that Mrs. Bonaparte was well advised, and that when she told her husband of Mlle Lenormand’s warning to him, that Mr. Bonaparte just went and ignored it.


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
The Sun Card
Thoth Tarot Deck


Anyways, I shall thread lightly with my own advice to Mr. Trump; if ever he becomes one of my Tarot clients – that is to say.  The Sun Card trickles down to the Queen of Cups.  The Queen of Cups, in turn, then flows all the way down to the Ten of Swords.  This means that Mr. Trump has an uncertain foot-hold! Click on The Trump Card Played, to learn more about Mr. Trump.

People of Mr. Trump’s caliber generally display qualities of success, and leadership.  They are energized and stimulated by the Sun.  This affects the power of the Higher-self when it self actualizes.  And Mr. Trump is well at the ‘actualizing age’.  If I were Mr. Trump, which I am obviously not, I would use the Sun as a personal talisman!

Sometimes, men with such personal power and success (men such as Donald Trump), think themselves of another spiritual law than the average person.  More often than not, this leads these type of men to their own downfall; especially during war-time.  Unconsciously, people are picking up on that just as I am.

However, the Sun’s control over Mr. Trump is that of enlightenment, the love of life, and the pursuit of liberty!  When you think ‘Sun’, you think unity in liberty.  And after everything has been said and done, that is what Donald Trump’s presidency will be remembered for: for the unity and liberty of the American people.  Click on The Thoth Sun Card, so to learn more about the Sun Card.

Of course, this means that Mr. Trump, as a President of the United States of America, will be leading his country into one major war.  Possibly with Russia…  Russia it may be, or China.  One thing is for sure though, it will be mainly against terrorism that he will be protecting his people from.  Its going to be good, yet bad, for sure ugly…  Let us all hope that I am wrong…

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