Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players


Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players is about discerning The Joker Persona at the poker tables.  The Joker Card in a plain deck of Playing Cards is yet another Core Force, another Major Arcana Card.  Your remove the Joker Cards before playing a card game.  In a Tarot Reading, you keep them to a reading.

To do a reading, you place both Joker Cards in the deck, and shuffle them along with the rest of the cards.  Then you deal out the cards as you would normally in the spread of your choice.  Obviously, the Jokers are removed before dealing cards to the players in a poker game.  However, you still need to keep them in mind even if they are not dealt…

Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook people asking about the Joker Card when using a plain deck of playing cards.  The Joker card is the subject of argument and debate.  I thought I would tell you my professional opinion on this card.

Up until two years ago, I did paid Tarot Readings for people with a plain deck of playing cards.  All and all, I read with a plain deck for a total of 48 years.  I always included the two Joker Cards when shuffling the deck, because it is a Major Arcana.

Now I use a fancier Tarot Deck to do Readings.  However, I feel that I am more than experienced enough to throw in my five cents worth into any discussion about doing Tarot Readings with a plain deck of playing cards.  My slant on the Joker may differ with that of another Reader, but I believe my knowledge of the Joker holds up against any contrary opinion on it.

Of course, you do remove the Jokers when playing a card game, unless it’s a game in which the Jokers are used.  When playing a card game in which the Jokers are not used, you would still read the cards dealt to you and to the other players – just like you would during an ordinary Tarot Reading.  No matter the card game you are playing, consider it a Spread too.  For a Tarot Reader, all card games are Spreads.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players states the obvious. A plain deck of playing cards does not have a Major Arcana per say.  It does have a Pair of Jokers, Court Cards, and Pip Cards.  The Joker Cards are the only Major Arcana Cards in this kind of deck.

Many Tarot Readers who read with a plain deck of playing cards do not include the two Joker Cards.  They remove it from the deck before shuffling the cards.  However, some Readers, such as myself for example, do keep them in the deck.  You then shuffle it along with the rest of the cards.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players says the Jokers do not represent the Fool.  Depending on the Tarot Reader, and on which System he/she adheres to, the Joker Cards do not represent the Fool Card of the Major Arcana found in a traditional Tarot Deck and System.  However to interpret the Jokers as one would a Fool Card, is in my opinion a very big mistake.  If you must remember one thing from this article, remember that the Jokers are not the Fool by no means.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

Historically, the Fool in Tarot stands for a young man on a spiritual Quest.  He leaves home to forge a place for himself amongst the other men out there in the World.  His quest is a spiritual one.  He wants to be successfully independent from the rest of the crowed.  He can only do this by dying to his ego, so to let his Higher Divine-self live.  This he can only truly achieve if he plays his cards right.  Only once accepted as a husband by the World Card, will he truly achieve his Divine Potential.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

We need to make the difference between the Fool on his Quest to progress spiritually, and the Joker who is an evil Hierophant.  It is normal for our Fool, to be a rebel at times.  Sometimes, it is not good for our Fool to let himself get boxed in by traditional conventions.  We all have had to wake-up and smell the coffee. We all have needed to stop to smell the roses, and to get real.

Our Fool sometimes needs to be a little trickster – a cunning fox such has the Two of Pentacles.  We need to smarten up so to overcome obstacles placed before us on our path.  This happens when we need to undergo a major transition – towards the better.  We do not remain forever a Two of Pentacles.  It is temporary.  Once the obstacle is out of our way, we then resume our quest towards our spiritual progression guided by our Higher Divine-self.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

However, not the Joker.  The Joker is a Fool that has reached the Hierophant (teacher) level of the Human Developmental Stage – for a permanent worse.  He is the reversed Hierophant, to be precise – permanently.  The Joker is our own Core Force gone astray, or the Querent’s, or somebody in the environment. It is that ego that one can not master; instead of undergoing a positive transformation, it is a negative one.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players are boxed in to their roles.  Whomever it is you discern the Joker to be in your reading, he has boxed himself into that socio-spirituo role of being a god-like figurehead over us.  At first, he will present himself as a savior like personage only to eventually reveal himself as a god himself, even at his own detriment.  The Joker Card may not necessarily be a Pontiff-life figure of the religious class.  He can also be a plumber, a mayor, a police officer, or even a poker player.

When the Joker pops-out of his box to appear on the scene, it is a bad omen indeed.  He will play with our mind until it is too late for the common of the mortals to do much about it.  It is not in his vested interest to tell us he is going to lead us to our own downfall, and destruction.  When at first we love him, in the end we will hate his guts.

Indeed!  It is his vested interest to place many obstacles before us.  His stake in this is for us to prove ourselves worthy of his benevolent help.  He will teach us that only he – is the answer to all our woes.  That without him there would be no salvation from our own shadow.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players says that when the Joker Card appears in a spread, it means he is controlling and influencing us, or our Querent – in a very negative way.  From him, pours down a Core Force downwards to the Courts.  The Courts in turn influence the Pips.  The Pips represent our reactions to the control the Joker has over us.  However, before the Joker is stopped, it is often too late to do much about it.  Good news is, what goes around comes around; Karma will get him for us.

In the Poker World, you can use this knowledge to read the other players.  Spotting the Joker character at the poker table, is not about reading tells.  It is about trusting in your understanding of the player against you.

Phil Hellmuth is a very good example of a good Fool whose Trickster is tamed by his Higher-Self.  Phil is a 14 times World Series of Poker Champion.  He very rarely let’s himself be put on tilt by other players’ Trickster Spirits.  Win or lose, Phil has the respect of the other Sharks at his table.  He is a good friend to many.

Two other Trickster Spirits in the world of Poker, is Danny Negreanu and Mike Matusow.  Danny Negreanu has won six World Series of Poker Championships, and two World Poker Tour Championship Titles.  Mike Matusow is a five times World Series Bracelet Winner, and the winner of the 2005 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions.  Both these players’ egos are far from tamed.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players explains the difference between these Jokers.  Mr. Hellmuth is also known as “The Brat”.  Danny Negreanu is known as “Kid Poker”.  They call Mike Matusow, “The Mouth, Blowup, and Meltdown”.  Not only do all three play poker in life, they also play poker online.  At times, they would go as honored guests to one another’s pokers sites.

Before we all lost our money, back at Ultimate Bet when it was shut down, I had the misfortune of playing against each one of these three Sharks/Tricksters.  Thank god, it was not all at the same time!  “I guess they must have slummed it at the lower table tournaments”, said both Hubby and I to each other.  They were there to promote a specific tournament on that site.  I also have played against Danny on the Full Tilt Poker Site; he also plays tournaments there for promotional reasons.

In any case, each took my chip stack away from me.  They did not even leave me with Taxi Fair.  Nevertheless, I got the chance to get to learn more about them – for the next time!  If ever there is a next time, that is…  I hope that is very doubtful.

The Brat does not play with his emotions.  His Trickster is not malicious.  However, just not when he thinks he’s got your ass.  For Phil, Poker is not personal; it is just a game played by great minds.  Little minds, such as mine, should not call him.  However, once the playing is done, he will teach you the mistakes you made so not to make them again.  His ego will then be put aside to let his Higher Divine-self regain his composure.  He will then go back to leading a normal, everyday life.  His Fool seeks happiness through normalcy.

Danny Negreanu’s Trickster Spirit, is a Joker.  Danny is at the extreme opposite of Mr. Hellmuth.  Danny wants you to think he is the Fool Card, when he is the Joker Card.  He will talk you into a mathematical mind game you have no chance to keep up with.  He will maliciously place you on tilt, while being your best friend.  He will act and talk like a little boy being amusing.  All the while, you are playing against the man.  He will give your mind no space to count the odds against his hand.  He will make himself the center of your world, your best friend while removing you from knowing what your gut feeling is telling you.

That is exactly what a “Joker” does.  He kids and jokes around, while looking down upon you as a total idiot for letting him do that to you.  Once the game is over with, you will ask yourself what the fuck just happened to you…  When Danny walks away from the table, he remains the Joker…

Mike is right dab in the middle of those two extremes, unbelievably.  Mike’s Trickster Spirit is also a Joker.  He is considered ridiculous.  He plays solely from the center of his emotions; he does not care about yours.  He is not reachable; he does not want to reach you.  He is not reachable by you either.

The Mouth wants you to love him and care about him anyways.  He cannot shut up for a minute, because he is totally in reaction to his own ego.  He goes on tilt big time!  He plays tricks on you, making you think you can read his tells.  His roller-coaster emotional outbursts, puts you on tilt too.  After the playing is done, no difference.  He is still looking for his Higher Divine-self on a permanent basis.  This, no matter how Phil tries to help him.

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