Ouija Board Divining – Evergreen Readings

Ouija Board Divining - Evergreen Readings
Ouija Board Divining – Evergreen Readings

Ouija Board Divining – Evergreen Readings


Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  You must be wondering why this article about the Ouija Board when I am a Tarot Reader?  I was commenting on Evvie Maeve’s blog article (Why I don’t with a Ouija Board – Interrobang Tarot), when she invited me to write about the Ouija Board.  Since there is a shortage of info from people who use the Ouija Board, I thought I would share some of my knowledge about it with you.

The Ouija Board is used by Mediums.  You can do Mediumship Readings not only with Tarot Cards, but with the Ouija Board also.  However, many use it for Spirit Work (speaking to all sorts of spirits).  I prefer using Tarot Cards to get messages from deceased loved ones.  I have also been known to use the Ouija Board from time to time.

I first used the Ouija Board back when I was 28 years old or so.  This was over 36 years ago now (at the time of writing this article).  Therefore, I guess it is safe to assume that I know what I am talking about when I speak of doing Mediumship Work with the Ouija Board.  Moreover, I do!

I have never had a bad experience neither with Runes, nor with Tarot Cards, nor with Tea Leafs,  nor with the Ouija Board.  That is mainly because I learned how to use each one of those – properly and safely – by the members of my adoption mother’s Coven (the close ones).

Learning the good and proper way to use any divining tool is primordial.  Each one requires that you maintain yourself in good spiritual health.  The energy in the building and in the room you use them in, must be clear.  Finally yet importantly, you must be a Medium to do Mediumship Readings.  If you cannot naturally hear or see into the Astral Plane – beyond the Veil, then using a divining tool will be of no good to you for Mediumship Work.


Ouija Board Divining - Evergreen Readings
Ouija Board Divining – Evergreen Readings


Just as it is with Tarot Cards, the Ouija Board does not have ‘the power’.  The power is – within you.  The divining tool only serves to enhance your energy; it takes energy to hear and see into  the other side of the Veil.  If you do not have the ‘energy” (the gift) to do Mediumship Work with, then the messages you will receive from the other side risks being misunderstood or confused.  You also need to be smart enough.  If you can’t grasp the meaning of what is being said, then you won’t understand.  You also need to ‘discern the spirits’, if you can’t make out who and what kind of spirit you are talking to, then you will be easily fooled.

Divining with the Ouija Board is a highly controversial subject to write about.  Some people I know have had bone-chilling events happen to them when, or after using the Palette.  Of course, they blamed it for the frights they got.  They remained closed-ear to my insisting that it was really due to the condition of their spiritual health.  But oh well, I tried warning them about it…

If nothing bad happens to you when using Tarot Cards, then there is no reason something bad would happen to you when using the Ouija board.  Just as much as the Tarot Card is just stock paper, the Ouija board is after all – just a piece of wood.  It is the intent that counts!

To read further about how to safely use the Ouija Board, go to my Blog Post on The Ouija Board.   In that particular article of mine, you will learn about why some people get in trouble with the Spirit World; what exactly the Ouija Board is; and what it can be used for.

Presently, I do not have nor use the Ouija Board per say.  There is a good reason for that.  It is because my husband is a very sick man, I must stay at home to care for him, and I do not have enough money to get myself a good Ouija Board.

I really do not want to get a toy Ouija Board.  Among the types of Tarot Readings I do, I do Tarot Mediumship Readings.  I help people get a message from a deceased loved-one.  I do so with respect, and safely.  Your Ouija Board will represent you.  If it looks like a toy, then you will represent yourself like an amateur…

Evvie Maeve also told me she was interested in my telling a story about my experience with the Ouija Board.  Therefore, I thought to tell you about the very first time I used it to communicate with a spirit.  It was not my own, it belonged to one of my mother’s Close Ones.

It was right after my divorce with my first husband.  I was 28, and had gone back to live with parents until I got my life in order again.  One evening, after dinner, the telephone rang, and my mother answered it.  After a few minutes talking with her Close One, my mother agreed to send me over to her house so to help get rid of her Close One’s mother!

Mom’s Close One was 65 years old at the time.  She lived in her mother’s house with her daughter and the grandchildren.  The grandchildren cried and yelled out of fear – every single night – when their mother put them to bed at night.  My mother’s Close One’s mother (the children’s great-grandmother who was deceased).  She went into their room each night – only to say goodnight to them too; after all, she did love them.  However, when the children saw her ghost, they would start screaming and refused to be consoled.

When I entered the house, all became quiet.  You could hear a pin drop (so to speak).  The Close One told me what had just taken place.  Needless to say, she really wanted me to please ask her mother “to understand that she is frightening the children – because they could see her!”

The Close One had no money to pay me, she offered to exchange teaching me how to use her Ouija Board for my solving the issue with her deceased mother (who had been one of our Close Ones too).  Besides, she says, her mother refused to talk to any of them.  And she used to always talk with me each time I visited there with my mother as a girl.

I touched the Planchette with the tip of my fingers, and suddenly it jetted to the letters on the Board.  It started spelling-out (real fast) the letters to the words the Close One’s mother wanted to say.  She asked, W H Y  D O  Y O U  N E E D  T O  S P E A K  T O  M E.  So I told her with my voice, “that she was frightening the grand-children.  That she is dead, and the children can see her ghost.  That Seeing her ghost frightened them both…”  Her reply:  “O K  I  W I L L  S T O P  I  U N D E R S T A N D  NOW  B Y.”

You see, sometimes, it is easier for a spirit to communicate by spelling out words!  As she had been in life, she was a woman of very little words – in death…

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on the Ouija Board.  Do not forget to go read my other article on the Ouija Board, scroll-up to find the underlined link.

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