Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool

Oracle Cards meaning - Stress Fool
Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool


The Stress Fool:  Breath!

Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool.  The Stress Fool is like an important visitor that you welcome into your home, but that you hope will not stay for long.  He has something very important to say to you, and you need to listen to what he has to say.  But you need to get rid of him as soon as you can.

Stress is part of your life.  Stress is comparable to Aunt Rose coming for a visit.  We women know Aunt Rose very well.  We love her dearly, but…

When Aunt Rose comes to visit, she enters the front door without knocking first.  She insists upon carrying her own luggage into the house.  This is when you suddenly realize she plans to stay for some time.

Next thing you know, Aunt Rose is re-arranging the furniture.  Changing your curtains.  Cooking great meals for your husband and kids.  She throws out your shampoo and replaces it with another brand.  She goes through your drawers, and throws out your sexy lingerie, telling you why you will not need them anymore.

Aunt Rose puts you on her fast track weight reduction plan.  She insists upon bringing you to Bingo Night – every night.  She wants to change your husband for a new and improved version of himself.  She wrecks YOUR CAR!  And the next thing you know, you start suffering panic attacks from holding yourself back from kicking her out on her ass onto the pavement, and yelling:  get out of here you – you – you!

When you suddenly realize, Aunt Rose only stays for a week anyways.  She does her thing, and then leaves at the end of the week anyways.

In other words, the Stress Fool is like Aunt Rose.  He has a message for you.  His message is that something is not right in your life.  You need to find your own power, before someone starts organizing you.  You would do well to do something about it yourself – before it makes you suffer from a burnout.

Ask yourself, what is stressing you in your life.  There may be more than one stressor in your life.  Some of those can get overwhelming.

Put all your stress into one basket, and give that basket a name.  I give my Stress Basket the name:  Aunt Rose.  Once your Stress Basket has a name, start sorting through it.

Take out all the pressing, emergency, ‘can’t put off till later’ factors – all to side.  That leaves all the non-emergency factors.  Take those out of your Stress Factor Basket, and put them to another side.  Call that second pile “till another day” pile.

Learning to make the difference between what you cannot put off until another day, helps to reduce today’s stress level.  There is an old saying that goes like this, do not put off what needs to be done now.  Another old saying is:  Each day is worth its own burdens.

Fool’s Wisdom:  Breath!


Oracle Cards meaning - Stress Fool
Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool

Reversed Fool:  Cut out the drama and relax

Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool Reversed.  When the Stress Fool is reversed, it means that you have too much drama in your life.  Things are about to blow up in your face.  So you need to cut it out!

Tell yourself, this too shall pass.  Dramatic situations can be deflated into ordinary life issues.  You are easily bored with life and with people who act responsibly.  You like events and people to be a bit more rock-and-roll.  You are the source of the drama in your life.

When situations and people are boring to us, we invest higher emotional reactions to them.  We want to spice things up.  We open wide our energy currents to get a rise out of people.

When we feel the need to spice things up, is when we need to be silent.  By practicing active listening skills, we are more respectful of people; and they in turn, pay the same respect back to us.  This helps to bring down our stress level.

Reversed Fool’s Warning:  Cut out the drama and relax.

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