Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books

Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose - Books.
Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books.


Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books.  “There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book”, Marcel Proust.  You connect to your life’s purpose through your involvement with books.

Opening a book lets you travel to a world you have never visited before.  Book in hand; you can travel to the African Continent.  There you will see lions, giraffes, gorillas.  You can experience colors, sounds, and smells you could only imagine before.

When reading a book, you can experience romance!  Your dreamboat lives within the pages of a romance novel.  In there, you can fancy yourself in his strong arms.  On those wonderful pages, he will gently carry you to your bed; lay you down upon satin sheets, to deposit a sweet kiss upon your red lips.

My all time, most favorite book was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  Through the eyes of an orphan across the pond, I dared hope to one-day better myself too.  Like him, I would grow-up, get an education, move to a big city, and discover my life purpose.

Carl Sagan and his book “Cosmos” took me on a personal voyage throughout the Universe.  I could imagine myself exploring planets and stars far away in another galaxy.  Going where no women has never gone before!

If you are like me, you can curl-up with just about any book – and find it fascinating and thought-provoking.  You ‘connect’ to books.  When there are books near you – you feel safe and secure.

You feel drawn to writing, you can easily share your innermost ideas and opinions on paper, or electronically.  Deep down inside, you know your life purpose has to do with books.  You can go work in a library, a bookstore, a publishing house, a magazine.  You can sell books (of course, today books are electronic too).

Your Divine Life Purpose is directly related to books.  Start reading books directly related to your past or present job or career.  Let books modernize your ideas and skills!

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