Happily Waiting

Happily Waiting!  It does not matter how long it has taken, nor for how much longer I must wait for you.  I am here, and will be here waiting for you to come to me when your time comes.  Because I love you.

Happily Waiting
Happily Waiting
Doreen Virtue
Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

Happily Waiting

Happily Waiting ‘here for you’, I should add.  When a loved one goes on before us through the Veil, amazingly – they are happy there.  They are happy to wait for us there until it is our time to go be with them.  They are happy to be there, because they were greeted there with open, loving arms.

Hello there fellow Mediumship Card Readers.  These days, I could feel the spirit of the man I was to wed – years ago.  His death had been a tragic one, I had buried my heart along with him in his casket as they lowered him into the ground.  The way he died traumatized me to the core of my Being, to say the least; I was only sixteen years old then when he died in a house fire.

As the years went by, I came to realise that I had continued living without him.  But that I could only love again – but with a small ‘l’.  No wonder the relationships entered into – all failed.  It takes Love with a big ‘L’, for a marriage to work and to be successful.

Good news is, I did eventually take my heart from Roger in his casket.  I did eventually fall in Love again with a big ‘L’.  I was able to do so, when in my fifties, with my current husband Jim.  And that is good!

Even in Love again and married, Roger’s spirits is still with me to this day.  He is my spirit guide now, and of great help to me…  We have great little chats together.

These past years, I have felt sad about what had happened to him.  And I have expressed that to him.  These days, I felt he wanted to say something to me, but I did not want to hear this. I just could not accept his death.

So this morning, I got the idea of pulling out the Talking To Heaven Oracle Cards Deck  I courageously pulled three Cards out, so to be able to finally listen to this.  I was ready now…  And then took a picture of my cards.  You can clearly see them in the picture above.

I feel healthy and happy

I feel healthy and happy!  This means that he has a physical body.  And I am soooo glad that Roger is healthy and happy where he is.

He does not suffer physically, nor emotionally from dying in a house fire.  I am real glad about that.  This comes as a comfort to me.

I was met by so many loving people

I was met by so many loving people!  Roger was met with loving arms as he walked through the Veil to the other side.  He was reunited with his family and friends who had gone there before him. 🙂  I am glad he is not alone there; that he is with people that he loves and that love him back 🙂

It was my time to go

It was my time to go!  Roger had been born, he lived his life, and at the moment of his death – it was his time… “It is all good”, adds Roger.

“It may be that you think my death a terrible tragedy”.  “You were highly traumatized by the way I left you”.  “I am sorry to have left you, especially in the way that I did”.

“I am sorry to have put you through such pain, sorrow, and the feeling of abandonment you felt”.  “I am sorry to have made you my widow, before we even got married together”.

“Although this will come as no comfort to you, know that it was all part of a cosmic plan.  I did love you, and still do even more so now that I have gone.  It is true, the heart does so grow fonder when we are apart!”

The three cards read together as one

The three cards together as one – mean “I am waiting here – in love for you”.

“I am healthy and happy here, and so will you when you go through the veil to be with me – when your time comes too!  I will be there to greet you in Love, with open arms.  No one ever dies truly alone, nor will you”.

“There, beyond the Veil, we will be together again, and for a very long time!”