Weaving Yuletide Friendships

Weaving Yuletide Friendships is done by interlacing long, lasting magickal threads of mutual understanding and support.   With these magickal Yuletide threads of authentic friendships, you bring out the best in your friends.  This makes you lovable, capable, and incomparable; and most of all, valuable!


Weaving Yuletide Friendships
Weaving Yuletide Friendships
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Weaving Yuletide Friendships

Weaving Yuletide Friendships is about you being a valuable friend to one another.  Friends who are valuable to one another, are worthy of mutual trust.  Trust is gained, so be opened to having such friends.

Valued Friends

Valued Friends make each other whole!  They make each other shine!  They love and care about each other.  They bring out the best in each other.

True Friends

True Friends “weave magic into your days and bring out the best in you”, Jody Bergsma, Magical Times Empowerment Cards.  In turn, you do the same for them.  Because you are both worthy of this type of friendship!

Friendship Worthy

Friendship Worthy, is one of the most crucial crafting one will ever do; this in your own life as well as in the life of your friend!  This does not happen overnight.  Such friendships takes a lot of work.

During the Yuletide Season, we get busy.  We may have a lot of parties to attend; a lot of shopping to do.  We may even have marathon cooking to do for our own respective families.  This is only natural and quite understandable.

However, Yuletide is also about your friendships.  It is also about Making room and time for our friends, most especially for our close friends.  This is part and parcel of what Yuletide/Christmastide is all about.

This is a Winter Season of making merry and being of good cheer.  After all is said and done, including our family and “friends” in our celebrations is worth the money we spend on it all.  Most especially at this wonderful time of the year, weaving Yuletide Friendships is indeed a fine art!  It is the season of kindness!  So be a kind friend, and remember your friends too.

This is the season to show and tell your friends that they are valuable to you.  That you appreciate their value, by sending them a Christmas/Yuletide Card.  By actually telephoning them (not a text, nor an email), but by actually phoning them to hear their voice.  Or by dropping by at their place, for a drink, or to bring them a small gift as a token of your appreciation for what they have done for your this year.  A little cheer goes along way!

When a friend is closer than the others, invite he or she over for the ‘Reveillon’.  The Reveillon, is a midnight meal on Yuletide Eve that is served at midnight; with the full trimmings.  During the daytime, at Yuletide, stay home with your family, but be sure to have enough booze in the house for when family and friends come over to remind you that you are part of their close circle of friends and family.  And be sure to not forget to invite them to drop by that day 🙂

If you have a friend who prefers to isolate themselves that day, be sure to take an hour out of your busy celebrating to go and be with them for a little while.  You never know, you may save their life that day…

When you have too many friends at Yuletide

When you have too many friends at Yuletide, it gets problematic.  The Yuletide Season stirs-up a lot of emotions.  We are often reminded, at Yuletide, of both the bad and the good in people we may call ‘friends’.

Yuletide makes us want to take a personal inventory of ourselves; of how we have led our life throughout this past year, and with who we hanged-out with.  It is that time of the year, when we revise some of our friendships.  This is most likely, that time of the year when you come to realise you have made some false friends.

False Friends need to go

False Friends need to go because they are as a poison to us.  They do not weave magic in our lives.  They do not make us shine by caring about us that much at all, when you think of it.

Yuletide is the perfect time to see your false friends just as they are.  False friends are those who backstab you; who put you under the bus.  They use you, and want to be used by you.

These are the types of people who place no value upon a true friendship with you.  They do not think you lovable, capable, and incomparable.  As far as you are concerned, they do not think you worthy of being that close a friend to them.

Drop, and let go of such bad friends.  This will permit you to focus on your true friends come Yuletide.  You will then find you have more time for true friends.

When you are with a true friend, you share a mutual understanding of each other.  You are one of a pair.  You know that you will never walk alone!  A true friend gets you!  You can let your hair down around them; you can make mistakes around them.

False friends weave dark, negative threads full of discouragement, and put-downs.  They are those who are too busy to hang with you.  They are those friends who don’t even think, or are too busy to personally send you a picture of their engagement ring, or wedding pictures.  They don’t even introduce you to the people in their personal lives.  i.e. boyfriends, children, mothers, etc…  Hell, you probably don’t even know their home address…

You know what they say!  Keep your friends close, and your enemies at a distance…  False friends are those people who keep you at a distance from their life.

Let go, and drop such friends from your personal, private life, most especially at Yuletide/Christmastide Celebrations.  Instead, invite your true friends over for a drink or to share with you – your festive meal!

At Yuletide, “be with the ones who make you shine.  Who love you and really care.  Keep those and let others go”, Magical Times Empowerment Cards, the Friendship Card.

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