Manifesting Dreams

Manifesting Dreams is an art in itself.  Become aware of your wants and desires.  No matter what they may be, they become real.


Manifesting Dreams
Manifesting Dreams
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Jody Bergsma


Manifesting Dreams

Manifesting Dreams is quite simple to do really.  “Your dreams have untold energy.  Open the door and let them live.  Desires and beliefs are your power”, Jody Bergsma.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction means to draw to you what you think.  Most especially in our dreams, we become aware of what we truly desire!  What we truly desire, is what we really want manifested in our awake life.  And what we want is what we get in awake life…

When we dream, we draw to ourselves vibrationally.  Anything we focus on during our dreams is what we focus on; period!  This whether we want to or not.  This is why so many people come to me to have their dreams interpreted.  They dream of something, and they want to know what it means; because, they know it will happen to them at one point or another during their awake state.

During your dream, you most usually are a person looking at a scene.  You are never truly emotionally detached from what you see or what is happening to you in your dream.  You experience reactions, feelings, and thoughts.  Either you desire things, or you do not want them in your dream.  But you want to know what it means anyways, because deep down inside – you somehow know that ‘like attracts like’.  That what you stayed focused on, is what you will get in your life.

It is in the ‘manifestation’ itself, that your dream becomes real.  This is the magical key to entering that place and time when your dream becomes real.  In the magical world as well as in the world of dream interpretations, we call this phenomena ‘conscience creating’.  When Conscience Creating, you have the power to manifest your will – as it relates to your dream, into your awake reality.  That is to say, for as long as you ‘understand and know’ how to do this properly.

How to use Magical Power

How to use Magical Power in regards to what you dream about, is quite easy – really.  If you have the necessary knowledge about what you dream, then you have power!

During the dream interpretation of your dream, you are told what your dream means.  You receive direct enlightenment and guidance concerning your dream.  You are told what it means.  This, so to know and better understand your dream.  Because, once you know what your dreams means, you become empowered in such a way that you can affect change in your awake life.

With the correct knowledge and understanding about your dream, you can better manifest what you want and desire.  This in the way that your unconscious tried to tell you to do in the first place.

To have knowledge, is to have power!  Once you ‘awaken from your not knowing what the vision you saw in your dream really means’, you awaken to the knowledge of your true power!

“Cherish your visions, cherish your ideals.

Cherish the music that stirs in your heart,

the beauty that drapes your purest thoughts.

For out of them will grow all delightful conditions,

all heavenly environment – of these, if you remain true to them,

your world will at last be built”.

(By James Allen)

How to manifest your dreams

How to manifest your dreams into your awake reality, now.  You already do this all the time.  You dream at night, and during the day, or at another point in time, you realize that you had actually dreamed about it.  When this happens, you have have been successful at manifesting your dream!

Your dream is the visual manifestation of your uncensored thoughts and beliefs.  It is by your thoughts and beliefs that you create and shape your awake world.  You let your Divine Self take your thoughts and beliefs, to make them happen!

Your Divine Self

Your Divine Self is that spark of life you were made out of while still in your mother’s fallopian tube.  That is the Spark of the Divine you were born with!  It is God made manifest!  Become aware of your Divine Spark, it is truly magical!

Become aware yourself, of who you truly are.

Of how you truly feel, of what you truly think.

Become aware of how you truly react,

of what you truly decide you want.

(By Evergreen)


Energize your thought; believe in your own being and its own thoughts.  Believe that it is already manifested before you even get it.  Then let it go!  And let it materialize into its physical manifestation.

Then be grateful that it is already there, awaiting for you to enjoy it!  And don’t forget to be grateful for what you have already received; its manifestation into your real world.

 About Intention

About Intention explains what it really means when people tell you that “it is all in the intent”.  Down through the years, on Facebook, I have read many posts and comments saying that Magical Manifestation “is all in the intent”  Magical People are of good intention themselves when saying that.  But rarely do they ever actually, truly say what a Magical intent means exactly.  Some Witches and Magi can be cunning that way.

Your “intent” is that Divine Energy mentioned above.  It is that very Divine Manifestation of God in you.  It is that very Divine Spark of the Divine that got manifested within you – at the time of your creation within your mother’s fallopian tube.  In other words, your ‘intent’ is already within you!

‘Your Intent’ is your Divine Self.  Your Divine Energy and power (your intent), is what forms your thought, your intention.  The thought that lays at the back of your mind, come from within your subconscious mind.  Your brain takes it from there, to place it at the back of your mind, within your uncensored unconscious thoughts and dreams.  Those very thoughts are your energy and power!  They form your Chi!

Your energy and power (your Chi), is your intent.  What your intent is, is what you manifest into reality as a physical manifestation of your free will.  In other words, it is pure “Karma”.

Whatever it is  you ‘truly intend’, you truly manifest in your environment as Karma.  This, whether you did this consciously or not; positively or not.  To everything there is a cause and effect, they are always consequences to both your thoughts and actions.  “So as you sow, so shall you reap”.

Most especially at Yule/Christmas, when some Witches come in the shadow of the night to cast a spirit of depression (sadness and gloom and misery) upon you and your household.  Cast out negative intent just as much during the day as during your dreams at night.  Place a lit a candle by the window during the day and evening.

Then bring the lit candle into your bedroom when going to bed at night.  Place the lit candle upon your bedside table right before going asleep (so to ward off negative thoughts and beliefs in the scenes you dream.  In your dreams, avoid focussing upon negative scenes that evoke sadness and misery in your thinking.  Because if you do not do this, your brain will process them, sort them, and then file them away in your unconscious mind for later use.

Instead, focus on dreams of good health, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.  In your Yule/Christmas dreams, stay focused on the positive scenes, so to prosper beyond your wildest dreams.  And then when you wake up in the morning, start your day off by praising and being grateful for the blessings you are about to receive.  For they are already on their way!

They have already been manifested in the spiritual world.  All you need do, is wait for them to be manifested into the material, physical world.  Believe it, it is done!

The Mystic Dream (Avalon – Loreena McKennitt