Magickal Flexibility

Magickal Flexibility is to go with the currents of life. You can bend and not break all at the same time.  You have the wisdom to know the difference between going with the flow and surrendering.


Magickal Flexibility
Magickal Flexibility
Flexibility Card
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I stand in line,

I can conform,

It is a must.

That’s okay because I can conform but not forget myself.

(By Cassandra Allen, Dec 10, 2015, (Opinion Flexibility)


Magickal Flexibility

Magickal Flexibility is not about surrendering your Will during stormy situations.  It is instead about yielding to those influences that require you accept what you cannot change.  You may bend, but you will not break.

Sometimes life throws us a curve. Things do not always go the way we would like them to go.  We do not always have control over everything.

If you are like me, you are a free spirit!  You do not like the word ‘must’.  You hate it when someone tells you that you “must” do this,  you “must” do that; that you “must” conform…

However, in our lives, the severity in other people brings us to yield to their influences.  To not comply, can sometimes cause serious consequences to ourselves as well as to those who rely upon us.  We have the responsibility of changing ourselves for the good of all concerned.

Making yourself capable of change

Making yourself capable of change is to find the courage to adapt to people and situations.  Sometimes we must ‘adapt’ to the changing tides of circumstances.  You are capable of change.

You must be willing to change.  This takes backbone, but you can manage to do so.  If not you will break under certain circumstances.

In certain situations, quickly change yourself.  Substitute the way you usually react, for an easier way to respond.  Bring yourself to try a different way!  Gently flow through sticky issues.

More Powerful people than you

More Powerful people than you, control you.  You need to realize that these people exist in your immediate environment.  Moreover, you need to identify them.

These influential people control you.  You can not control them.  What you can control is how you react to them.

People with more influence than you, control you.  There are always such people in your family and your neighborhood; they are in your school or your workplace.  They are in your city; your State; your country; and around the world.

Such people, make decisions about you and your life.  You can not control what decisions they make concerning you.  However, you can choose how you react to them.  They can make or break you.

When someone or a group can make or break you, bend instead.  By being able to change, you keep your inner power.  This makes you become an Agent of Balance!

Restoring equilibrium

Restoring Equilibrium is to balance the scales of Lady Justice.  An Agent of Balance is someone who maintains stability in their environment, or in their extended environment. It is someone who has the wisdom to know the difference between good and bad consequences.

You can be an Agent of Balance or Equilibrium when someone is controlling.   You can choose to be levelheaded.  You can decide to stay calm in the eye of the storm.  Do not give in to the temptations severe people place before you on a silver platter; be wiser than Job.

Other people may advise us to walk simply away from sticky situations.  They even go as far as to tell us to cut such kinds of individuals from our lives.  Sadly, it is not always wise to do so.  You are not always the captain of your boat.

Instead, and as this Flexible Oracle Card tells us, “gently flow through the turbulence.”   Go with the flow by yielding to their influence.  Be at the same time, both durable and flexible!

Magickal Flexibility is to be both lasting and flexible.  Influential people can bend you, but they can not break you.  Flexibility is a potent agent of Equilibrium.

Repeat the following Affirmation:

“I have the serenity to accept what I cannot change.  I have the courage to change what I can.  Moreover, I have the wisdom to know the difference”.

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