Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment

Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment is about the ability to make the difference between the truth and the non-truth of your situation.  It is an empowerment card.  It comes from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards Deck by Jody Bergsma.  This Oracle Card, Discernment, is about manifesting reality when the truth may not be that apparent at first glance!


Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment
Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment


Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment


Discernment is seeing life as it truly is; it is the ability to know the truth even when truth is not that apparent.  Deep down, we know what is real and what is not.  No matter the situation we are in, making the difference magically opens the windows and the doors of our reality; it lets in the fresh air of the wonderful new possibilities!


Ability to know the truth

Ability to know the truth, is wonderful magic in itself!  This ability is innate within the average person.  It makes the mind of the average person a wonderful place indeed!

Within our mind, we have the faculty to perceive our reality.  In other words, we have the ability to reason things out and to judge well what is going on around us.

We can always choose to not use our mind for discerning a person’s character and spirit.  Some people would rather keep their eyes closed to their truth.  Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment is to help empower you out there in the world.  The world is a cruel place at times, we can decide to ignore that part of it.  However, putting on blinders has consequences.

Deep sense of knowing

Deep sense of knowing!  A person’s mind can be fooled into misunderstanding the world around them.  We can trust in the fact that some people do not have a stake in telling us the truth.  This is when our deep sense of knowing (discernment) kicks in.

Lets say that we need to know the correct time of day.  We ask someone what time it is.  We ask this because we expect him or her to tell us the truth about the correct time.  Knowing the correct time could make or break the plans we have made for today.

Fortunately, deep down inside of our brain, we have a fair idea of what time it is anyways.  Within the mind, we have a sense of deep knowing about time…We only ask in the first place, for preciseness sake.  We are not that easily fooled.

When we ask someone for help, we are placing ourselves at his or her mercy – so to speak.  We would expect that person to be fair and honest with us.  We would not expect the person to hand us a snake instead of their good help.

It may be that somebody can fool us about the correct time of day.  However, thinking back on it, we usually realize that we had known all along that they would fool us about it.  We had intuitively known all along, deep inside, that they could not be trusted.

Guided by our sense of knowing

Guided by our sense of knowing?  Yes!  We feel empowered when we let ourselves be guided by our sense  knowing!

Since we were just seven years old (ish), our faculty of discernment was already fully developed.  By then, we had already started to depend on our own ‘inner sense of deep knowing’.  We could already reason things out, and judge people by their character.  We made the difference between right from wrong; between truth from a lie; between trusting certain people but not some others.

Today, at our age, the only difference is that we have more experience with judging people by their stripes.  We understand that they do exist, and so do the situations they bring to our lives.  We can reason things out well enough!  After all, what quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, is a duck!

Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment, is also about using this card while saying the following Discernment Affirmation.

Discernment Affirmation

“Today I acknowledge my ability to know the truth even when it is hidden.  I will listen to my heart and let my deeper knowing guide me.  I will let go of the pointless dramas that drain me and embrace the things that make me truly happy.  I will not be fooled.  I will be real, I will be right, and I will be glad”.


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