Banishing Confusion

Banishing Confusion is to remember who you are.  Honor your true self by knowing your truth.  Be of clear mind.


Banishing Confusion
Banishing Confusion
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Banishing Confusion

Banishing Confusion takes great courage.  It requires you to know the difference between living in a lie or telling yourself the truth.  It is to remember who your true self really is.

We are social creatures.  It is expected of us to play the games people play.  This at all cost to ourselves.  This takes an enormous toll on us.

Far too many of us wake up in the morning having to face who we truly are as individuals.  You look in the mirror and see your true self.  When you turn and walk away from the mirror, you forget who you are.

Forgetting who you are

Forgetting who you truly are, is likened to walking into a fog.  It is a mist of illusions.  In this fog, you do not recognize yourself anymore.  By wanting to fit in with others, you become but the shadow of your inner self…

Some days, you feel confused.  You telephone yourself and tell yourself a story.  Listening to your own stories you tell yourself, you begin to believe your own lies.  After awhile, you get a sense of having lost control of your own life, of your own destiny.


Banishing Confusion
Banishing Confusion Five of Swords Gilded Tarot


In the confusion, you begin to no longer make the difference between your own bells and whistles, fog and mirrors, and those of other people.  Other people appreciate you for living up to their standards.  For winning at the games they play.

People flatter you for not contradicting them when you ketch them in the lies they tell.  After a while, even you begin to believe in those…


Remember who you are

Remember who you are!  You really do not need a banishing spell.  Simply walk away from the confusion. Find a quiet, secluded place of peace.  Rediscover your true self by spending time with yourself alone.

By walking away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you leave the confusion behind.  You begin to peel away the different layers of illusions.  You remember your truth.  You remember who you were when you looked at yourself in the mirror in the morning.

You begin to become aware of your truth.  You start to tell yourself your truth.  You start to believe again in your truth.

Discover your strength

Discover your strength!  Within yourself is the ability to remain in control of your own truth.  You have the power!  You control them!


Banishing Confusion
Banishing Confusion
Strength Card
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When you discover your inner strength, you are powerful and you are in control.  You banish the fog from your eyes.  You are no long homeless and lonely.  You can again live with yourself, and are comfortable when in your own company.  And people will say of you:  he/she is a miracle!


Tarot Affirmation

Each morning when you wake up, know that the power is in your thoughts.  Repeat to yourself the following affirmation so to banish the confusion over your life:


“I honor my true self.  I am a miracle!”


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