Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading

Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading is about getting a Reading so you can have the Tarot confirm if he/she is “the one’ for you.  A good Tarot Reading can do this for you!


Love Relationship Tarot Card ReadingEvergreen
Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading


Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading

Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading confirms what you already know intuitively.  Intuitively, you already know if that person is your soulmate or not.  But you love that person, notwithstanding if you have picked-up on little clues here and there about that person that makes you hesitate about taking the relationship further or not.  Love relationships can get somewhat confusing at times.  That’s when a good Tarot Reading can help you see more clearly and soberly through it all.

Most Asked Love Relationship Question

Most Asked Love Relationship Question is, is he/she “the one’ for me.  People in love want to know if the one they love is their soulmate or not.  They are in love, but they just don’t want to get burned again.  They truly believe, if the one they love is truly their soul mate, then the outcome of their love relationship will be a positive one.

Hello there, my name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  I am the owner of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I have been reading the Tarot for over fifty years now.  In the course of my Tarot Practice, I have done many Love Relationship Readings for people who want to know the nature of their relationship.

Times they are a changing

Times they are a changing!  Used to be, couples met and fell in love, got married, and founded a family together.  Back then, this was expected of each other.

Use to be, a good love relationship involved a lifelong commitment to one another.  You could lean upon your  spouse in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, for poorer for richer.  People used to hold on dearly to what they had together, they could count on each other come Hell or high waters.  They could lean on each other, and grow old together till death do us part.  A love relationship like that, is becoming more and more difficult to find.

Today however, the numbers of married couples have begun to dwindle; this group of couple’s relationship is barely holding on to its majority representation.  If one of the couple becomes disenchanted and unhappy with the other, that person feels free to just up and leave the other instead of working things through.

Couples who reject accountability before their family and friends, and their community – are growing.  A growing number of couples much prefer to keep the freedom to walk away from a love relationship with no strings attached.  This makes for a lot of broken hearts, financial devastation, and loneliness.

Rushing into a relationship

Rushing into a relationship can make thing worse.  Some people go to fast when they find someone they love.  After a few great dates or so, they skip the courtship part of the romance, and dive right into ‘the living together’ part.  All they care about is that they love the person in bed; they don’t take the necessary time to get to actually know the person enough – while standing up.

Within a few weeks or a few month, the next thing you know is that their finances, their home, the car payments are tied together.  There is a new man in the house, living with her and her children.  After all is said and done, she loved him.

Only the lonely

Only the lonely rush into a relationship.  I sure do remember what it’s like to be lonely, and needing to be loved and to love back.  To rush into a relationship only to get my heart broken in several places.  I would stick band aids on the wounds of my heart, trying to put it back together again.

Too many band aids holding your heart together, is not good.  A broken heart is like a pillar of marble.  If the marble pillar suffers too many cracks, and that you stick a bunch of band aids here and there and everywhere on it, the marble pillar is not that solid anymore.  If somebody should come along and blown on it, the marble pillar will shatter once and for all, fall and break into millions of pieces.  Once a pillar falls to the floor, the ceiling it was support risks falling too. It would seem I just never met Mr. Right.

While looking for Mr. or Mrs Right, is not necessarily an easy process to go through.  Wanting someone so badly, you cry yourself asleep at night…  I know, been there done that!


Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading
Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading


Falling upon “the one” is often a trial and error process.  If you think you have found Mr. or Mrs. Right, take your time to get to know him or her – first.  You don’t want to end-up signing your life away to just anybody.

After all, you know what they say!  They say that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars.  And the Tarot reflects this.

Even though times have changed, people have not.  Each one of us men or women still basically want the same thing out of our relationships with each other.  We want to love and to be loved back, and to not have our hearts broken and our credit scores lowered because of it.


Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading
Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading Le Grand Tableau Lenormand Love Relationship Reading


It is worth your investing in a good quality Tarot, or Oracle Card  Relationship Reading.  An experienced, professional Tarot Reader such as myself, can accurately divine if you will meet ‘the one’ who is your soulmate, and the nature of your relationship.  It can also tell you if he is married to someone else right now; or if he will leave his wife for you or not; and if it is a good match for a long lasting relationship or not.

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