Long Distance Cyber lovers Readings

Long Distance Cyber Lovers Readings are a relatively new phenomenon in Tarot.  Cyber Lovers fall in love with an image.  Some compare this type of love as just temporarily sailing away with someone.


Long Distance Cyber Lovers Readings
Long Distance Cyber Lovers Readings
Tarot de Marseille


“No more will you cry

Baby I will hurt you never

We start and end as one

In love forever

We can ride it together

Making love with each other”

(Bee Gees, Islands in the Stream)

Long Distance Cyber Lovers Readings

Long Distance Cyber Lovers Readings are about two good intention person’s who just want to be able to love each other.  They do not intentionally mean to hurt no one.  Something inexplicable draws them to each other.  Something very powerful, that they cannot explain, nor resist.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I posted on my timeline a sad, but true story that happened some years ago to an online friend of mine.  This post of mine got great comments.  So I thought I would turn it into a blog article on Long Distance Cyber Lovers Tarot Readings.

To make a long story short, this online friend of mine met a guy online who managed to get her to leave her husband and children, so to go be with him in real life.  He spoke of a future together.

After four days of waiting for him at the motel where they were to meet, she went back home empty-handed.  Her husband refused to take her back.  With time, she found herself an apartment and did get custody of her children.  She did get alimony and child support.

Fortunately, what happened to my online friend does not happen to everyone.  Not everyone gets caught at it, not everyone leaves a cyber relationship brokenhearted.  Not all cyber lovers are attached or married to someone else.  Not all of them destroy their lives over it.

However, some do get hurt by cyber relationships.  Some do end up hurting their husbands/wives, and families.  Some are victimized by online people.  And some do meet up with very nasty people.  Thankfully, she was never in no real danger…

So let us get into what a cyber relationship really is.  What causes a cyber relationship to sour.  And how we Tarot Readers can be of help to those clients of ours who come to us with a question about the cyber relationship they got into.

What is a cyber relationship

What is a cyber relationship, some may wonder even today?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a cyber relationship between two online lovers, as “a romantic or sexual friendship between two people”.

Some of these Cyber Relationships occur on a casual basis, “like two ships meeting in the night”.  Usually, between two consenting adults presumed old enough to know what they are getting into.  Eventually, it all ends.


Long Distance Cyber lovers Readings
Long Distance Cyber lovers Readings

Other types of cyber lovers are exactly what this term implies.  They meet online and become “online partners”.  They take the time to develop a long-term friendship with one another.  With time,  they eventually become quite seriously smitten with each other.  These are “like islands in the stream.”  They have a thing going on!

It is exactly like the song says.  They are like islands in the stream.  They cyberly make love to each other…

It does happen from time to time, in such cases, that they will leave their real-life spouses and children to take their online long distance relationship to real life.  However, this rarely happens.  And when it does, these types of relationships do not last long once they take it to real life.  (If my real life husband ever reads this, he will beg to differ.  As we met online, took it to real life, and have been married to each other for seven years now.  Goes to show, not all online men are scoundrels, he would add).

Many younger, less experienced Tarot Readers might ask, how could someone leave a real life marriage for a cyber lover knowing full well he/she is but a fantasy?  And how can a Tarot Reader be of help to such people?  This is a very pertinent question

To quote Pearl Annie, “personally I do not judge other people’s mistakes.  I prefer to help them learn from them perhaps by offering a Tarot Reading and showing some compassion.”  Pearl Annie works at the Tarot Readers Development and Study Group; a place to grow in tarot.  She mentors the course for students at the International Tarot Foundation. “I love helping the tarot newbies learn to read traditional tarot….”

Indeed!  Judging someone who is in a cyber relationship, or is in love with their cyber lover, is not the way of the Tarot.  The Tarot teaches us that there are Core Forces who control us.  And that we are in ‘reaction’ to these forces.  Sometimes, these Core Forces are difficult to resist!

We often forget that our online Tarot client is a real person too.  Our online Querent is a real life human being who can become attracted to another online person.  Who can fall in love with a person who is nice to them.  Just like in real life, the online person hopes for a future with someone they meet; even if it is just online.

What about the guy who jilted her

What about the guy who jilted her?  We tend to think bad of a woman who leaves her husband and children to go be with her online guy.  Not many people have sympathies for this kind of mother.  But they often forget about the man who dumped her.  What about him?

Long Distance Cyber lovers Readings
Long Distance Cyber lovers Readings

After all is said and done, the fact remains that my friend’s cyber lover had lured her to a motel room, in a foreign country, only to capriciously and unfeelingly drop her as his lover.  This was when my friend’s world came crashing down.  She came to an abrupt realization that he had lied to her about who he was; where he worked; and about his single status.  He was a married man who had not kept his own marital difficulties within the confines of his own marriage.

My online friend had become confused.  She had lost sight of the fact that she had fallen in love with an online persona.  According to Wikipedia, an “Internet identity (also called IID), is an internet persona or an online social identity that an Internet user establishes in online communities and websites. It can also be considered as an actively constructed presentation of oneself. Although some people choose to use their real names online, some Internet users prefer to be anonymous, identifying themselves by means of pseudonyms, which reveal varying amounts of personally identifiable information. An online identity may even be determined by a user’s relationship to a social group they are a part of online. Some can even be deceptive about their identity.”  To read more about online personas, click on INTERNET IDENTITY.

In other words, my friend’s online guy had bullshitted her about himself.  It was after he was a no-show at “their motel”, that she found out is true identity.  But why would he do that to her who loved him so?

The answer to that question lies in the relatively new, recent sociological event of Internet Cyber Lovers.  The real world was not prepared for this.  Women of my generation were not warned by our mothers to beware of the online persona who seeks sexual gratification with an online image that we women put on our Facebook timelines.

What is sexual gratification with an online image

What is sexual gratification with an online image, is a question that might sound retarded to the younger online person of today.  However, it remains a very pertinent question that goes directly to the subject of Long Distance Cyber Lovers.  If you think about it more closely, long distance lovers who find each other online – are attracted by the pictures on their timelines.

The real world first heard about Cyber Lovers in the late 1990’s.  It was only between the early 1990’s – 1995 that online people began sending out emails to each other!  And since the advent of the email,  Man discovered a new approach to flirting with the ladies.

However, it was not until Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s popularized version of the song “Islands in the Stream” did America first hear about the Internet term “cyber lovers” .  Islands in the Stream was written by The Bee Gees for Kenny and Dolly after a journalist had hacked into Dolly’s email account and had published the email correspondence between these two Cyber Lovers.

Since Kenny was very much in love with Dolly as his cyber lover, he proudly told his country music fans that Dolly and he were indeed cyber lovers.  Which caused Dolly’s husband to divorce her, and her fans to shun her.

In order to smooth things over with their country music fans, both Kenny and Dolly decided to appear together on a t.v. show.  Click on Highlands in the Stream to listen to Kenny and Dolly singing it together as they met for the first time in real life.

Is cybersex pornography

Is cybersex pornography, some might ask.  And that is why so many will not admit to being someone’s Cyber Lover. This fact sociological is indeed called porn.

The advent of a man falling in love with the ‘image’ dates way back to the Old Testament times of the Bible (since at least the Bronze Age).  Fast forwarding to today, Man transferred his love of the carved imaged to that of the online image.

Since the advent of the online image, the webcam got invented.  On a webcam, cyber lovers can see each other’s images.  The image of the person seen through the webcam is a relatively new phenomenon that is also used by individuals who want cyber sex together (which involves having sex with an image…)

The image is an impersonal object of desire (it brings no drama) to the one admiring it in a lustful fashion.  Once a Cyber Lover goes to real life, the other cyber lover reacts negatively to the image being there; because the object of his desire reacts with real life emotions and has real-life wants and needs.  The Cyber Lover gets dumped because he/she has then entered into personal life.

In summary, this is what happened to my online friend who had left her husband and children for her online guy.  Just like Kenny and Dolly, she had fallen for the online image of an online persona.  She was not the object of his desire, her image was…  I did not judge my online friend.  Instead, I felt compassion for her and her husband, and for her children.  And for her online guy too!

Long Distance Cyber Lovers Tarot Readings require doing the Reading with compassion.  It may be that Cyber Lovers fall in love with an image, but they can get hurt too just like any other couple can.   Temporarily sailing away with each other in a cyberly fashion is a truth that can come up during a Tarot Reading…

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