Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card

Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card
Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card






Health, longevity, putting down roots to secure one’s future.

Hope to settle down:

The image of the Tree brings hope to your heart!

Consider the Tree.  Where you see a Tree, you see an oxygen maker.  You see an echo system.  It is as a womb nourishing life!

There will be water, earth, and sunlight for the tree itself to survive there.  Insects, birds, and other animals go to it for life-giving sustenance.  This means there is life-giving energy there for you too!

Where you see a Tree, you will see people settling there.  You will see a tribe, a community, a city…  The tree feeds us; it keeps us warm and dry; and light.  It gives us protection from our predators; and a place to call home.  When it bends, it warns us of an impending storm.  Its sap flowing through it, sweetens our food and drink.  Its branches are bed material to lay upon.  Its leafs to make teas and herbal remedies with.  Entire industries grow from the Tree.


Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card
Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card

Relate to the Tree!

When a man sees a Tree, he relates to it in a different way than a woman does.  A woman walks towards the Tree, but before getting to close to it, she sits down to contemplate its grander.

When a man walks towards the Tree, he only sees the forest before the Tree, and what use he can put it to.  He enters the forest to cultivate his harvest.  When he walks out of the forest, he sees the woman sitting a little further away, and he wonders why she sits there looking at the Tree?

He does not understand why the woman just sits there looking at the Tree, so he just continues on his way – leaving her behind and alone to meditate upon the meaning of the Tree.

Meanwhile, women still sits there looking at the Tree for a very long time.  She ignores the forest, because for her – the Tree must come first…

In her meditation before the Tree, she considers the Tree for what it represents to her.  Woman thinks the Tree is very much like herself – a giver of life…

In the greater religious books of the world, we read about how men think women ‘impure’.  In those kinds of books, they say that a woman is impure because of her bleeding each month.  Man fears woman’s blood, he believes it will make him sick or remove him from his god.

In Man’s Holy Books, it says to man that he should not even touch a woman when she is ‘impure’.  And that is exactly what a woman thinks about when sitting before a Tree, and when meditating before it.  That is what a Tree represents to woman:  that man thinks she will make him sick or cause him to die with her blood…

The issue of man discriminating against women weighs heavily upon a woman’s mind.  Many times on Facebook, you will read posts and comments by women about the discriminations against her, that she faces .

You see, a woman thinks that the Tree is very much like her.  The Tree has sap flowing through it, that goes up and flows through each branch to feed the leaves with.  In time, its acorns drop to the ground, and new trees will grow.  Comes wintertime, the sap within the Tree stops flowing for several months and the leaves fall to the ground.  In the spring, the sap starts to flow again, and new leaves grow on the tree branches again.

Within the woman, there is also a life-giving sap that flows through her.   Every month, she produces an ovum that waits to be fertilized by man.  If it is not, it will be cleared away when the woman’s monthly menstrual products flows out of her.

If man fertilizes the ovum, it will go and implant itself into the nest woman’s womb has prepared for it.  There, in the womb, the woman keeps her new baby boy warm and safe; her life-giving sap feeds him with love.  She literally shares her own food with man while he grows in her womb.

Once man has sufficiently developed enough to live outside of woman’s womb, she pushes man out so he may live; because if she does not, man will die.  Once outside of her womb, woman continues to love man by feeding him and keeping him safe and warm.  She still shares her food with him.

However, man eventually grows up and leaves woman to go live his life (the Fool Card in Tarot).  He forgets the love woman had for him during all the moons she kept him warm and safe.  He does not remember, nor does he understand what a Tree represents to both him and to woman.  He walks away, shaking his head at her, leaving her alone sitting there looking at the Tree.

Even when man makes his fire, he tries to understand woman; but his memory fails him.  Some men remember woman, and honor her; but the majority of them do not.

Man discriminates against her, and refers to her as impure in his Holy Books.  And that is why woman lets man see her while she meditates on the sap flowing through her beautiful tree!  That very sap that did not make man sick and impure, and that did not remove him from his god – while he lived inside of her womb…  She lets man see her while sitting there silently, to help him try to remember her (as a crone, I speak for her now).

THE Tree of Life, the Rainbow, and the Seven of Hearts:

In the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Tree Card, by Ciro Marchetti, you will find a picture of the Tree of Life, of the Rainbow, and of the Seven of Hearts (Pip).  Some might find that strange, as it is so very occultist of him to place them there within his Tree Card.  I do not speak for him, I speak for myself as a woman.  So for me, myself, (me – Evergreen – as in the Evergreen Tree), it felt they belonged there all of this time!  And that it’s about time a Lenormand card designer thinks of including them in his Tree Card!

How right of Mr. Marchetti to do so!  The Tree of Life represents the different developmental stages of man.  Man going through his developmental states  – before birth, during his life here on earth, and into his after-life. Man is infinitely kept safe and warm by woman.

The Rainbow represents the current condition of man before his god.  For as long as man sees a rainbow up in the sky, he is reminded of the promise his god made to him after the Flood.  The promise man’s god made to him, not to ever again seek to destroy man for having tried to kill his God.  Man’s god will never again seek to destroy man, his women, his children, his cattle, nor his crops.

As a side note, for Christians:

That is why the GLBT Community is represented by a Rainbow.  So to remind Christians who hate them, that God has made a promise to them – to never destroy them!  (At least I think that should be the reason they should use the Rainbow when speaking with you lol…  It is after all, Biblically correct lol)  And this, no matter what man says or does, man will continue to live long and prosper before god.  Man can truly develop a sense of being settled (having layed down roots); both in his physical and in his spiritual life.

Cough! Back to my blog, cough!

A Rainbow represents all the different aspects of man’s spirituality – in all of its colors; and in all domains of his life.  No matter his choices…

The Seven of Hearts, represents man has to take the good and the bad that comes with his life.  The positive, with the negative.  The joys, with the tears.  Just like woman does, when man walks away not understanding women, and forgetting what she has done for him…

There will be times when he harvests blessings, and other times when he will mess up.  He has a Free Will to choose to do good, or to do bad.  There are always consequences to our actions.  We are the masters of our own base-instinct.  It is not all a woman’s fault after all!

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