Trump Card Played

Trump Card Played is an article about Mr. Donald Trump and his having showed his card.   In a day in which we hear the sounds of war and rumblings of racism and of religious malcontentment, we cannot help but wonder why Mr. Trump is so popular in the polls and why he draws large crowds when he speaks.  Beyond being entertaining and his charisma, The Donald hits home with a great deal of people.


Trump Card Played
Trump Card Played


Trump Card Played

Trump Card Played – means exactly what it means.  Mr. Trump has played his card.  Like it or not, the world has seen it, and now all are talking about it.  Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims alike are both shocked as well as amazed that he has spoken about them in the first place.  Some fear him, some respect him, some just do not know what to make of him.  Some want him as the next President of the United States, while others are horrified at the mere idea of that happening.

Whether Trump should be elected as the next President of the United states or not, is within the realm of politics and the American voters.  As a minister of The Universal Life Church, I must say – he is rather thought-provoking.  You may agree with him, or you may completely disagree with him.  You may feel he represents your thoughts and feelings; or you may say that he does not speak for you at all.  What is important, is that you respect yourself and your brothers and sisters in the Church.

What is important to our brothers and sisters

What is important to our brothers and sisters, is that we stay informed as far as what is going on in this election process.  Many of our brothers and sisters do not have a platform on which they can be heard just as much as Mr. Trump is.  However, there is a need to stay informed so to make ‘an informed decision’ come voting day.  “…, we do think it is important to stay informed on the issues and to make sure that, as The Matters of State are carried out, our brothers and sisters are given the respect, care, and attention they deserve as fellow humans”, taken from an article posted in The Monastery.

Divisive words

Divisive words are not the answer to the issues concerning our brothers and sisters.  We all need to be united as one; those of us who are in the immigration process need to be integrated into the American way of life.  After all is said and done, we are all children of the Universe.  This said, we did not come to America so to change it.  We came here because we wanted to be part of it; to live among Americans.

No matter our religion, the form of spirituality we practice, our race, the language we speak at home, we are here in America.  What Americans are blessed with; we are blessed with.  What Americans suffer, we suffer along with them.  No matter our personal political views, American politics affects us too!

When a hurricane hits Americans, that same hurricane falls upon us too.  When a flood hits Americans, we suffer from the flood condition too.  Along with Americans, we assess the damages we suffer and we pick up the pieces along with them too.  When Trump says words that are divisive, it divides us too.  We have feelings that can be hurt too; we have tears on our pillows at night – too.

Uniting words

Uniting words need to be heard too, not just the divisive ones!   At first, “The Trump Card” The Donald played, was his plan to send back illegal Mexicans back to Mexico.  So they can come back through the legal immigration process.  Later, The Donald said he would also stop Muslims from entering the United States, until he could figure out what is going on with that too.  Many understand the words of Mr. Trump as discrimination and racism.  While others take him meaning that he is simply trying to figure out how to respect the sovereignty of the United States.

The Trump card is not to be taken solely as divisive.  On one hand, yes it is divisive.  Yet on the other hand, it unites us all.  It unites our brothers and sisters from all walks of life, religions, spirituality, races, languages, countries of origins, and who are here in the United States of America – to become as one with Americans.  It motivates us immigrants – to gather our thoughts and feelings, and to look out for one another and Americans too.

It is by remembering who we live along side with, and to include them also in our caring about people.  We live along-side Americans who are our hosts here in this country.   What threatens them, threatens us too.  What kills the American Jew and the American Christian, kills us too.  What kills the black and the white, kills us too.  Who says that our religion is not a religion, says just as much – that yours is not either.

Think things through

Think things through so to formulate an informed decision.  Listening to the words and thoughts of politicians, helps to make a decision as to who to vote for come voting day.  No matter who is the most charismatic and no matter who puts out the best of philosophies, this election will prove itself as one of the most crucial ones in American History.  So take the time to think, think, think before casting your vote.

We are all children of the Universe, yes.  Within this Universe of ours, there are planets.  We live on a beautiful planet called Earth.  Earth is our reality; it is our world!

Here on Earth, we are one.  However, we also have the reality of the politics of this world; this is unavoidable as man is what man is.  Man (man as the human race), is a social being.  He is unhappy when the society in which he lives is unhappy.  For man’s society to be a happy one, man decided to create sovereign domains (countries).  No matter what we may think about each one of man’s domains, man’s intent was to cast lots (to divide land up).  Land needed to be divided up, so that man’s brethren may have a chance to prosper too.

Our brothers and sisters are part of those lands too.  They created borders because some people wanted it all for themselves, and did not want to share it or let other people live there along with them.  While it may be that we want to share what we have with others, this does not go to say that others want to share it with us.

This is why man realized that he had to defend and protect his borders, no matter where in the world he found himself.  In the reality of things, as things go, we live within boarders and these borders need to be respected in the reality of our lives.  And the people living within such borders need to prosper within them.

People living within borders, need to be happy and safe living their lives through within those.  They need to be born, to develop, to go to school, to go to work, to get married, and to have children within those borders.  They need for their children to be born, to develop, to go to school, to go to work, to get married, and to have children of their own too – when inside the borders man created for the society he lives in.  Our brothers and sisters within the Church happen to live within such borders too.

So before going to vote come voting day, ask yourself the following question.  How will your vote respect, and assure that your brothers and sisters within the Church are respected too.  Will your vote keep them safe?  Will your vote assure that they and their families will get to live a happy life too?

Be counted on voting day

Be counted on voting day! This, no matter if you are voting for Trump or for someone else.  This, no matter your personal political views.  If you are allowed to vote in this election, make sure that you are on the registered voters list.

Be sure to be an informed voter casting an informed decision as to whom you want as the next President of the United States.  Keep at the front of your mind, that any given candidate running for President will say and do things that you may like and that you may not like; your vote will balance the scale so that ‘justice’ may prevail…

Once all the votes are tallied-up, the total of votes for each candidate will be what the people take as a fair decision; a fair decision by which we all live by.  In other words, your vote will be included in the grand scale of things as part of the fair, just and right decision for yourself and your brothers and sisters in the Church – that live here in the United States of America.  The people will have spoken!