Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam?  I’ve read on Facebook many conversations in which people ask if “we are at war with Islam”.  Muslims as well as people of different faiths, fear that Muslims will be treated unfairly with racism and religious bigotry.  There seem to be a lot of religious confusion about that possibility.  As a minister of the Universal Life Church, I thought I would write a blog article about exactly that, and how it relates to Tarot.


Are we at war against Islam
Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam?  Both the Paris attacks and the shootings in San Bernardino, California by extremist radical Islāmic groups, have augmented the level of fear in the hearts and minds of both the French and the American people.  Politicians in both of these countries have been very outspoken about the need to protect and defend their citizens.  People of good conscience and of reasonable thinking in both countries and throughout the world, are asking if they are safe or not from radical Islam.

In his latest address to the American people, U.S. President Barack Obama attempted to make clear that he was not seeking to wage a war against Islam, and that the leaders of Daesh were not representatives of the Islāmic faith – but “thugs”.  Taken from a post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.  Many persons had already heard of Daesh, while others had not.  So I thought I would explain what Daesh is through the means of this blog article of mine.

What is Daesh

What is Daesh?  This is a fair question to ask and to answer.  “Daesh, no matter what you call it, is a loosely affiliated collection of extremist groups whose stated mission is to set up a worldwide caliphate, a Sunni Islāmic empire dominated by a “Caliph”.  The group is infamous for the violence it employs toward its ends.”

“It advocates extreme conservatism and applauds the use of violence as a global Jihad for good. Wahhabi Islam considers all those who do not adhere to their thinking, including moderate Muslims, as apostates (a crime punishable by execution).  Many military analysts throughout the Free World agree that until that second, more ideological war is won, the Daesh will continue to be a deadly threat to the world.” Taken from the very same post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.

The question on people’s lips, on Facebook, begs to be asked and answerd.  Is Islam responsible?

Is Islam responsible

Is Islam responsible, is the question of this century.  People of good conscience, and who are reasonable thinkers, do not want to be accused of racism, nor of religious bigotry.  They are simply afraid for their own safety, and of the safety of their families.  It is absolutely normal for them to have this question answered honestly, and without fear of attacks against them.  Most especially since that on Monday, Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump called for the travel of all Muslims into the United States to be completely halted “until we can figure out what is going on”.

There seems to be conflicting answers about is Islam responsible or not.  Those of us who have Muslim friends are told that Islam is a peaceful religion, while we keep seeing in the media violent acts of hatred done by extremist activists professing to be Islāmic.  Those violent acts cause religious confusion in the minds of those who seek to know if Islam itself is responsible or not.

“Which is the more accurate assessment? Certainly, the violence actualized by Daesh is derived from their interpretation of Islam – but is Islam truly to blame? Is their religion the source of their war? Or merely a weapon exploited toward world domination? The distinction is a crucial one, and not one that it will be easy to make for anyone”.  Taken from the very same post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.

I ask of my readers the very same question. What do my readers think?  Are we at war with Islam?

How does the Tarot answer such a question

How does the Tarot answer such a question?  Let us look at the Hierophant Card itself.  Keep at the front of your mind, that the Hierophant Card in Tarot represents a religious teacher holding a book.  The religious teacher seeks knowledge and wisdom from the book he holds.


Are we at war against Islam
Are we at war against Islam


The teacher in the Hierophant card is obviously not all-knowing.  He depends on what has been written down by earlier Hierophants before him.  And justifiably so.

You see, an Hierophant was not made overnight.  He, like us, was born from a set of parents.  His parents were also born from a set of parents just like we and this Hierophant did.  Just like our parents, this Hierophant learned what he already knows from his parents, and from their parents family.

Then, when he was old enough, he also learned from his teachers at school, and from his fellow students.  His parents also brought him to their religious community, who accepted him amongst them.  There also he learned.  Once all grown-up, he eventually went to work.  In the workplace, he learned news ways of thinking that are different from what he had learned from his parents, academic teachers, and religious teachers.

When the Hierophant himself became a religious teacher in his own right, his mind was already filled with what he had learned in his family, his community, the people in his work place, and from his religious teachers.  As an Hierophant himself, he began teaching his own religious students – all the knowledge contained within his own memory.  And sometimes, he even looks up the teachings of those Hierophants that have long since passed on through the veil before him.

Sometimes, there are two separate and distinct Hierophants who are at odds against each other.  This causes denominations and sects to flinter away from the main group.  This has happened in all the great religions of the world.

One Hierophant saying he possesses the correct interpretation of a doctrine, while the other makes the same claim.  Which of the two is right goes beyond my little mind.  All I know is, that this is why the average Muslim has difficulty answering us – which side is right amongst them.  Remember that all the great religions of the world are known to have split-off into splinter groups at one time or another.  And each time this has happened, fear spreads throughout the world.

To learn more about the Hierophant, click on the Hierophant Card meaning.

The Universal Life Church believes

The Universal Life Church believes that “we truly are all children of the same universe.  If we hope to progress as a society, it is necessary that at some level we are able to coexist with one another”.

This does not go to say that we must not hold different beliefs in our hearts, nor must we not think differently from one another.  Instead, this goes to say that we all share and hold a common thread.  We look for what unites us.  However, the later does not go to say that we are to let violent acts kill us.

Those who know me, know that I can be passionately, highly opinionated.  Sometimes too much.  However, I do love everyone…  Even when I stand up and express myself.

“Where they choose to divide and terrorize, we choose to unite and empower. Where they choose to fear-monger and harass, we choose to inspire and liberate. Where they choose death, we choose life”.