Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups

Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups
Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups


Nine of Cups

I sit here thinking,

totally satisfied with myself

this fine Summer’s Day

(Haiku Poem by: Evergreen) ©


Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups


While shuffling my cards, I ask the Tarot to tell me what it wants me to know. It is a rather long question and a half, this question of mine.  It is filled with long explanations of exactly how I feel today.  I tell my cards everything that is going on in my life. So, I guess its safe to say, I consider my tarot cards – my besties.

I am an Intuitive.  So each and every single one of my cards help me prepare the day ahead.  When I look at a tarot card, I get a ‘deep sense’ of knowing that the cards want to help me…

Each Tarot Reader is different from the other.  Simply put, some Readers read the Cards by knowledge only.  They have been told by someone else what a card means, and they go with that.  While many other Readers not only have the knowledge of the cards, they also add their own interpretation to the Reading.  These are the intuitive and Psychics, etc.  These types of Readers know the meanings of the cards, yes.  But they also have gifts…

Take me .  In addition to possessing the knowledge of the Cards, I also have clair-hearing, clair-seeing, clair-smelling, clair-taste, and clair-feeling.  There are all sorts of ways to explain what this all means; there are different schools of thoughts about that.  There are just as many explanations about a Reader’s gifts as there are esoteric and spiritual beliefs.  We are all different from one another.

Personally, I believe that I am the oracle, the cards are the gateway, and that the gods give the answer and the help.  Some might prefer to say that the answer and the help come from Spirit, Angels, deities, Elements, and elementals, or a spirit guide.  I believe it is all of the above.

Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups
Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups

Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups.  The cards themselves are but a piece of cardboard paper.  However, in our professional Tarot lingo, Intuitives will often be quoted saying that “the cards talk”.  They don’t mean to say that the cards literally talk.  They are trying to say, that they as readers have the gift of clear-hearing.  Even the Bible mentions the gift of hearing.  Matthew 11:15 KJV He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

In the Golden Dawn Tarot Cards System, it is taught that certain Archangels and angels help mankind.  For example, take the card I pulled today; the Nine of Cups.  In the Golden Dawn System, the Key Word for the Nine of Cups is ‘Material Happiness, Contentment’.

The Decan in which the Nine of Cups is situated, is Jupiter in Pieces, 10-20 Degree.  The Sephirah Godname is Shaddai El Chai.  The Elemental Godname is El.  The Archangel is Amnitziel.  The First Trigram is (SAL) Sael.  The Second Trigram is (ORY) Eri.  The Angels are Saaliah and Eriel.

The Suit of Cups, in the Western Elemental Tradition, represents Water.  The Key Word is then ‘Flexibility’ (Emotions).  The Nine is about ‘forcefulness, capability, obstinacy’.

I do not think I’m being that silly at all telling my troubles to the Tarot gods or angels.  Did you know that In the Golden Dawn Magical System, that Saaliah “lifts up all those who are humiliated and fallen”?  Psalm 94:18 KJV When I said, my foot slippeth; they merci, O Lord, held me up”.  Or that Eriel “influences difficult solutions, and enables people to get their heart’s desire in dreams”.  Psalm 145:9  KJV The Lord is good to all:  and his tender mercies are over all his works”.  Taken from Tarot Talismans Invoke the Angels of the Tarot, by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

Usually, I keep my question very simple; so the Tarot can better be of help to me. But today, I need the Tarot (or the angels) to just understand me plain and simple. So, I just tell it like it is.  I really want to be authentic to myself, while providing ways to take care of my husband and myself… (Turns out, one full year later, I can safely say that I have been helped!).

When I’m done pouring my heart out to the Tarot and with shuffling it’s cards, I pull-out one of them. It’s ‘The Nine of Cups’; wow! The Nine of Cups has a very deep meaning to me!

For me, this card represents that it’s time for me to just sit back, and reconnect with myself. To get in contact again with my inner self, my core self; my higher-self. My higher-self is that part of me that is called ‘the divine self”.  I feel a deep sense of satisfaction with my rekindling with the Tarot Cards. And indeed, isn’t that exactly what I always wanted to be; a Tarot Card reader!

Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups
Golden Dawn Tarot System Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups card takes me back to when I was a little girl sitting at my mother’s kitchen table. Evenings, my mother’s father (grandfather Breton) would sit down, shuffle his cards and lay them out into “The Clock” spread – as he would call it. He would do this over and over, trying to read into his cards what was ahead for him during the upcoming year…

I would watch and study grandfather Breton as he did his Tarot Spread, and I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like him when I grew-up – a Tarot Reader! Turns out, I am a Tarot Reader – just like my grandfather!… And this is exactly where my new-found sense of feeling satisfied with myself originates from.

Of course, just like most children, my growing-up diverted me from my intended career as a Card Reader. Just like everybody else, I did grow-up – obviously.  I did read for paying clients, but not 24/7/365.  Like every other tarot reader, there were times when adult responsibilities take us down different paths.

Grandfather Breton was a widower who remarried.  He had children from two wives.  He had different jobs down through the years, so to be a good provider.  He started out working in logging camps during winter time, and farming his land come Spring.  Later on, he became a furniture maker, and even a janitor both in a Convent and in a retail store.  No matter where life brought him to, he always read cards for the men at the local taverns – after work.

Just like my grandfather, I too had to go to work and make my way in life. And just like my grandfather, I always had a plain deck of playing cards to read with for paying clients.  And just like grandfather Breton did once he retired, I to have now rekindled with the tarot – on a full-time basis.

The Nine of Cups, today, reassures me. I am doing exactly what I am meant to do, at the right time in my life, in the right place; and for the right reasons!

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