Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self dreams can seem scary.  There is a divergence of opinions as to what the Shadow Self is.  Let us look together at what it means to have Shadow Self Dreams.



Shadow Self Dreams
Shadow Self Dreams
Devil Card
Tarot of Dreams
by Ciro Marchetti


Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self Dreams are dreams in which you see the Devil, or an image of the Devil.  This Devil in your dream, is not necessarily the Christian Devil.  Rather, it is your Shadow Self.

Your Shadow Self is that dark side of yourself you would rather not look at during your awake life.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you something that you would rather not admit to  yourself.  It is something you need to be aware of, for your own benefit and that of the people you care about.  Your unconscious is trying to show you that you have an uncontrollable anger towards yourself.

You are so angry at yourself, that you have been retreating from the world and the people you love.  You have been letting go of responsibilities.  You are afraid of yourself and of life in general.  You have become but the shadow of your prior self.  Your life is a train wreck.

Train Wreck

Train Wreck, is your awake life these days.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you have become so angry at yourself, that you have become your own worst enemy in all the domains of your life.  In your anger, you have crossed the line.

Take a serious inventory of yourself.  Have you crossed the line with an addiction?  Because, that is usually what dreaming about, or seeing an image of the Devil in your dream really means.  It means, that in your awake life, you have gone off the deep end.

Look are your life as it is now.  Be honest with yourself.  Because an addiction, or even several of your addictions have become your master.  You no long control them.

What is your master

What is your master?  It is highly important, at this time in your life, to become aware of what is your master.  What addiction of yours has made you sick and has made the people around you just as sick as you?

Have you become distressed about an addiction to alcohol, drugs, of food?  Is there someone in your awake life that has become distressed by your addiction?  Are people telling you you are a wreck?

Is there someone you see in your soup?  Do you have a voracious hunger for sexual gratification in your real life or online?  Whatever your addiction might be, it has taken over your life, and it controls you; not you, it.

An addiction to something occurs when you have crossed the line.  When you first started partaking in it, you liked it.  Then you tried it again because you wanted to get the same pleasure you got from it the first time.  But it was not quite as pleasurable for you as the first time.  So you kept doing that over and over again, trying to find that exact same sensation.

But you have just not quite ever found that exact same buzz; not ever again.  And now, that very same buzz controls you!  You promise yourself to not ever do that again, but you don’t really stop.  You may be able to take a short time-out from doing it; but you eventually come back to it.

That, in a nutshell, is what being addicted to something really is.  You keep promising yourself to not ever do that again, but something takes control of you and brings you right back to doing it.  It’s like your willpower is not strong enough to say no to it.  In the words of the famous comedian Flip Wilson: “The Devil made me do it!”  It’s like as if the Devil himself has power over you.  You can’t truly resist temptation.

When you dream of the Devil, your unconscious is trying to tell you that you need to get help for your addiction.  In your awake life, there is the hand of help reaching out to you.  It is up to you to either grab the helping hand someone is giving you, or say no to it.

Getting help for your addiction

Getting help for your addiction is entirely up to you.  It is your choice to make.  If you do decide to get help, you stand a good chance to recover your old self.

For you to get help, you need to want help in the first place.  If you don’t want to be helped, then no one can do anything for you.  You just can’t fix stupid.

Your unconscious is trying to tell you that your life is a train wreck.  Smart people get help when their lives have become unmanageable.  Crazy people just don’t.

The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Each and every time you go back to doing the thing you are addicted to, you expect a different result.  You hope to get back that very first buzz you got from it the first time.

Know that you are not alone.  Many other people have been there, done that.  However, they have stopped going there, and they have stopped doing that.  They decided to get help for the very same addiction as yours.

You are not alone!  Those same people are willing and able to help you.  But you need to want their help.

For them to be able to help you in turn, you need to be reachable.  So make yourself reachable.  Know that the nightmare that your life is now – shall too pass.  Start seeing the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

“To become reachable” might seem frightening to you right now.  But with the help of others who have walked in your shoes, your will become happy again.

Self-Help Programs

Self-Help Programs are a great place for you to start your recovery.  They are free, and they will give you free coffee.  They are anonymous, you don’t even have to pay nothing at all.

Perhaps you live in shame about your addiction.  Tell yourself that everyone else there is just like you.  They really have been there and done that.  But now, they are proud to feel better again!

Perhaps you don’t want no one there to recognize who you are.  You don’t want them to tell your boss that they have seen your there. Don’t worry about that, they don’t want you to tell their bosses that you saw them their either.  What you see and hear they – must stay there!

Perhaps you are not quite decided to stop doing what you do yet.  Don’t worry about that.  At the Self-Help group, no one there ever promises to stop.  You don’t make any commitments to no one there.

If you must remember one thing about the Self-Help group, remember this.  The minute you put your hand on the handle to the door to go in, tell yourself that someone in there can show how to get rid of your problem.  No one there will judge you, you are not at confession.

The minute you sit in a chair there, tell yourself you are in the right place.  That you have paid for your chair by going through the hell you are going through right now.  There is nothing for you to do when you are there, except to sit down and listen.

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil, is about taming your inner-devil.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you will not always be afraid .  There will come a time, when you will be all better.  You will be made whole again.

Soon, you find the courage to do what it takes to be in control of you awake life again.  You will find serenity.  You will have the wisdom to know the difference between a life of nightmares and of train wrecks, and changing the things in your life that you can.

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