Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs is to make honorable amends.  Perhaps have you hurt someone’s feelings, or that someone is mudslinging insults your way, or that someone is spreading gossip about you to your friends.  No matter, it is troublesome to you.  You are looking for an acceptable resolution to your situation with someone, and you have dreamed of a winged woman brandishing a sword.


Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs


Righting Wrongs Poem


“When we look up in the sky

you can hear the battle cry

Her wings fly above

the purple majesty of our land

The voice of freedom calls again

history make a few good men

to right the wrongs of mortal men

bring sweet liberty and justice to us all

Freedom swings her mighty sword”

(Poem by Gregory Golden)


Righting wrongs of mortal men

Righting wrongs of mortal men is to bring justice to your world.  In a dream, a winged woman with a sword is a very powerful symbol.  This symbol shows you the need for an honorable amend.  A problem needs to be solved between two people.  Freedom from an oppressive situation is sought.

The winged women represents ‘freedom’.  She brings her mighty Sword of Justice against something that is a source of trouble and worry.  Your unconscious mind is trying to help you find freedom from the shackles of injustice.  It doesn’t matter if you are the victim or the oppressor in this case.  Both parties will find justice.

Sword of Justice

Sword of Justice!  The Sword of Justice is brought into your dream by a winged Minerva.  She is trying to tell you something.  She is trying to show you that there is an issue in your awake life that requires you to do some problem solving.

In our awake life,  we usually think long and hard about how to resolve a problem that seemingly has no solution.  Our awake mind sends a query to the back of our mind, into our unconscious thinking – for further consideration.

The query may be about something that weighs heavy upon our conscious.  We do some soul searching during our awake life, but to no avail.  Or it may very well be that our conscious is light in regards to the matter at hand – but that we need a fight against us to stop.

During dream state

During dream state, our mind keeps on trying to find a solution to the problem we experienced during our awake state.  When we dream of a winged Minerva brandishing her Sword of sweet Justice and Liberty, she brings clear-sightedness and fairness to a ‘dearly needed something that needs to be done’.

During dream state
During dream state

More precisely, it is a something that you need to do, so to ‘right a wrong’.  Even if it is a wrong done to you or perhaps a slight you did to someone, your unconscious is trying to tell you how to resolve it.  You are trying to find a way to freedom from it

Perhaps the image of the Ace of Swords in the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti – comes to you during dreaming because you want to figure-out something.  Something like how to follow the written instructions in a crocheting book; so to make your home look nicer or to make money for the sale of you art.  It may be that someone is pressuring you at work to be more productive; your job is at stake.  On the other hand, you may need to know how to get along with Mother-in-law who loves her son too much.

No matter what the problem is, the image of a winged Minerva bringing you her Sword of Justice – is about your needing a problem resolved.  The solution is now at hand.  An honorable amend is required by one of the parties involved.

Making honorable amends

Making honorable amends brings peace to both parties involved.  The solution exists in your awake like.  You will know how to apply a just fight to finding peace in this matter.  During your awake state, look around in your environment to see what exactly needs your immediate attention.

You will need to fight to get a fair and just solution to what worries you.  Weird isn’t it, my saying that “you need to make honorable amends along with your “need to fight” so to get a fair and just solution!  Weird indeed!  But it does works!

Standing up for justice sake, is to fight against injustice.  When someone gossips or does someone wrong, an olive branch often brings a peaceful resolution.  If there is no peaceful resolution possible, then alliances are made on both sides and the animosity between the two will be never-ending.

Whereas making honorable amends restores peace.  What is an honorable amend that makes peace possible?  And what if the other party does not accept our peaceful words and actions?

As stated earlier, righting wrongs is making honorable amends.  Righting wrongs can be as simple as acknowledging our own shortcomings in the matter.  And admitting that our own faults have caused the other party involved to respond with shortcomings of their own.

In other words, we acknowledge that our own words and actions were provocations escalating bad feelings towards one another.  Then we promise to at least try to not hurt someone like that again in the future.  This is an acknowledgement that you are an imperfect perfectionist – in words and actions.  No more, no less needs tending to.

Oh well if the other party won’t try to change.  At least now, other people know that you took the higher road out of the bad feelings between the two of you.  The other party will now look mean towards you.  An honorable amends, is another way of saying that the Sword of Justice brought freedom to you!

Tarot Dream Interpretations

Tarot Dream Interpretations can be of great help when dreaming of a winged women with a sword.  Not only can the dream interpretation tell you as to the meaning of the symbolisms of your dream, it can also help you know what they mean to you in your awake life.  With a good Tarot Dream Interpretation Reading, you can find enlightenment and guidance so to resolve your problem.


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Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs