Piece Restored Dream

Piece Restored Dream speaks of being intellectually tormented by a temporary truce.  You have mixed opinions concerning this state of peace.  You are going to maintain it.


Piece Restored Dream
Piece Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Tarot of Dreams


Would you scale the highest heaven,

Would you pierce the lowest hell,—

Live in dreams of constant beauty,

Or in basest thinkings dwell.

(Would you scale the highest heaven)



Piece Restored Dream

Piece Restored Dream is a dream about a particular situation you are in during your awake life.  More specifically, you are in an argument with someone.  You have both agreed to a temporary truce on this matter.  However, you are thinking about being the first to break it.

Your unconscious is trying to tell you something about this temporary truce.  You may want to examine closer what your dream means.  With the imagery in your dream, you can become aware of your true thoughts concerning this truce.  You can make a better decision concerning that.

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers and dreamers alike.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Some people ask me about what dreaming of two swords means.  So I thought I would write about the Two of Swords in the Tarot of Dreams Deck by Ciro Marchetti.

This particular Two of Swords Card is somewhat different from other Two of Swords Cards found in some Tarot Decks.  For example, in Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck (my to go to deck), the Two of Swords Card has a blindfolded woman standing in the night.  She is brandishing a sword in each hand.  Behind her, are rolling waves of water.

Peace Restored Dream
Peace Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck


Lew’s Two of Swords Card speaks of a “forced peace” that the woman does not expect to keep.  Because of what she intuitively perceived, she felt obliged to maintain this.  However, the rolling waves suggest that she has mixed feelings that motivate her to break the order of peace.





In the Tarot of Dreams Deck, Ciro Marchetti’s Two of Swords differs from Lew’s in this way.  Grayish clouds of thoughts surround the blindfolded woman.  Her head is obviously in the clouds.  It may very well be that her intuition is sharp, but in this particular Card, she can not make her mind up about what to do next.

Piece Restored Dream
Piece Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Tarot of Dreams

There are rays of sunlight grabbing her through the clouds.  Her unconscious is trying to tell her that her old fashion way of thinking no longer works for her now.  She needs to modernize her way of thinking because this peace will not last much longer.




Old fashion way of thinking

Old fashion way of thinking!  Back when she lived at her parent’s house, there she learned their old fashion way of thinking.  Learning that old mentality used to work fine for her.  However, today in this specific truce – they do not work well for her anymore.

You have since gone out into the world to test out your parent’s truth you had learned when still under your mother’s apron.  Your parents first introduced you to their spiritual community.  There, you got to compare  your parent’s truth with those of the religious leaders.

When you were old enough, your parents sent you to school.  At school, you tested out your parent’s truth with that of your teacher’s.  You had to decide if your teacher’s new ideas worked better for you or not.

When you went to high school and college, you continued to prove your parent’s truth .  There, you discovered a new way of thinking.  Moreover, you adapted it to suit yourself.

Eventually, you went to work to earn your living.  There, you explicitly got told how to think in a new way.  However, when in your own home, you discovered that your parent’s teachings worked better for you there.

Nevertheless, when in your home, you could not always make decisions for yourself.  Moreover, there is a conflict going on at your home – that you can no longer ignore.  You need to take action!

Living with your head in the clouds

Living with your head in the clouds reinforces your mentality.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you that you are of two minds about an issue in your awake life.  On one hand, you hold one opinion on it.  On the other hand, you think entirely in the opposite  direction.  Your dream is trying to tell you that you need to make up your mind as to what direction to take; you can not go in two different directions at the same time.   Your dream is about “restoring peace in your own mind.”

The Two of Swords represents Peace Restored

The Two of Swords represents Peace Restored because you are on the cutting edge of finally making a decision about a peace unknown.  However, you are your worse enemy during your awake time.  You keep holding on to conflicting thoughts concerning a situation.

You have Two Swords (two conflicting ideas) that keep you off balance.  You need to pick just one of the ideas and go with it.  However, you want to know which one of these is the best one for you – in your situation.  One thought is a new way of thinking.  Let go of the outdated one that no longer serves you well.

Your unconscious is trying to show you, by way of the Two of Swords image, that you are over analyzing your situation.  You criticize and judge yourself to strictly.  Your unconscious wants you to find your Equilibrium in that.

You need to cut through the bullshit, so to make up your mind on the matter.  You will be able to let go of the excuses you make for yourself in regards to this particular situation.  Remember that you are typically reasonable thinking, you usually do not remain ambivalent for this long.

Finding your balance

Finding your balance in your awake situation would greatly help you to make up your mind.  This is why your unconscious is trying to help you put an end to your inner-conflict.  You are torturing yourself with indecision.  The image of the Two Swords leads you to take action now.

Instead of thinking and talking more about the situation you are in during your awake time, listen to your thoughts.  Judge yourself less severely.  Be kind to yourself by reaching a final decision.

Forgive yourself for deciding on breaking the peace between you and the other person.  You are not their carpet for them to walk all over you.  Take your rightful and proper place when it comes down to making decisions over your life.

Piece Restored Dream speaks of your being in an inner-conflict mainly with yourself.  You are trying to decide to confront someone; meanwhile, you entered into a truce.  A truce that will not last for long; you will stand up for yourself.

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