Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings

Lottery Dream Meaning - Evergreen Readings
Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings


Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings gives the meaning of dreaming about the Lottery.  Included in this article, you will find a Dream Lottery Poem, and a Lottery Mantra.   To dream of the lottery is a good omen indeed!


Dreaming of the Lottery Poem:


“Some days, she got lucky;

but most days ended

with a sense of loss and defeat.

Helplessness, leaving traces

of dejection from the forces

and energies of the universe.

Yet, each morning she awoke restored,

brimming with the hope that today

she’d hit it big.

(Source:  Lottery Poem by © Emmy14)


How exciting indeed, to dream of the Lottery!  Dreaming about the Lottery makes us feel lucky indeed!  Indeed, you are coming into a good fortune, profits, abundance, love, happiness, joy, health, prosperity, and success.

Dreaming of the lottery is your unconscious trying to tell you something.  It is telling you that the seed you planted to your material happiness is finally paying off for you.  Both in your awake life, as well as in your dream life, you have planted, nourished, and watered your seed, and it has developed.  It has flourished into a healthy plant of abundance.  It has grown in the light of day, and now it is time for you to harvest its fruit.

Typically, dreaming of the lottery, involves receiving a large amount of money in your awake life.  On the other hand, it can also mean you are now going to have good fortune.  Moreover, that it is a godsend for you, it is your wish come true!

People who are happy – draw happiness to them.  People who are rich, draw even more money to themselves.  You also can become fortunate by starting to wish, in your awake life, for good fortune to come your way.

Wish, wish, and wish for it!  Plant within both your lives, your awake and you dream life, the seed to your windfall!  You can make this by visualizing an image that represents the clear and exact type of good fortune your heart desires.  You can also repeat a ‘mantra’ to draw good fortune to you.

A mantra is a word, or a sound, or a statement, or a slogan, or a catch phrase you repeat often.  Incorporate your mantra into your meditation, and your dream.  You do this, so to create a map to your happy success.

Lottery Mantra:

The life of my lottery dream is now being realized in my awake life!

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