Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones
Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

“You are loved more than you will ever know”!



You Will See Them Someday:

“The Years may pass, memories fade to grey

But you’re getting no younger, you’ll see them someday.

Unconditional love is never forgotten,

Look deep in your heart; it is there at the bottom,

Alone in the dark, sometimes in fear,

Voices from loved ones you’re hoping to hear.

More years pass, they soon fly by,

But you’re always looked upon from those in the sky.

Surrounded by clouds and pure white doves,

They listen and watch sending you love.

Just remember one thing as you sit and you pray,

They will be there to greet you, you will see them someday.

(Poem:  You Will See Them Someday, by Stephan Banks)


Hello there fellow Dreamers!  There are moments when we feel alone.  It is most especially at night when we feel left behind by those who have gone through the Veil before us.  Yet, they truly do not abandon us.

More than you will ever know, we are not alone.  Most especially at Samhain, when the Veil is at its thinnest.  They still walk amongst us; they are still here with us.  They walk in another plane of existence, on the other side of the Veil…

Our Departed Loved Ones go through the Veil before us, and they become as if personal angels to us.  They hear our cries in the night; in the night, they see our tears on our pillow.  They care about us, and they offer their help to us.  They send their energy and guidance to us.

Are you ‘aware’ of the presence of your Departed Loved Ones?  Some of us feel their presence in our lives, some do not.  It may be that you do not feel ‘The Departed’, but they are there with us nevertheless!

Perhaps you have dreamed about someone you know and care about who is now dead.  The Dead appear in our dreams.  They can be silent; at times, they speak to us.  They carry with them a message for us.

In our dreams, our Deceased Loved One can communicate with us so help us.  The Departed is trying to tell us something about what is going on around us in our awake life.  They want us to understand that they use their energy to enlighten and guide us.  After all, it is not just because they are dead that they stopped loving us, nor us them!

Oracle Card – Dream Affirmation:

I commune, communicate, and commemorate with my Departed Loved Ones when I dream at night!


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