Piece Restored Dream

Piece Restored Dream speaks of being intellectually tormented by a temporary truce.  You have mixed opinions concerning this state of peace.  You are going to maintain it.


Piece Restored Dream
Piece Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Tarot of Dreams


Would you scale the highest heaven,

Would you pierce the lowest hell,—

Live in dreams of constant beauty,

Or in basest thinkings dwell.

(Would you scale the highest heaven)



Piece Restored Dream

Piece Restored Dream is a dream about a particular situation you are in during your awake life.  More specifically, you are in an argument with someone.  You have both agreed to a temporary truce on this matter.  However, you are thinking about being the first to break it.

Your unconscious is trying to tell you something about this temporary truce.  You may want to examine closer what your dream means.  With the imagery in your dream, you can become aware of your true thoughts concerning this truce.  You can make a better decision concerning that.

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers and dreamers alike.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Some people ask me about what dreaming of two swords means.  So I thought I would write about the Two of Swords in the Tarot of Dreams Deck by Ciro Marchetti.

This particular Two of Swords Card is somewhat different from other Two of Swords Cards found in some Tarot Decks.  For example, in Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck (my to go to deck), the Two of Swords Card has a blindfolded woman standing in the night.  She is brandishing a sword in each hand.  Behind her, are rolling waves of water.

Peace Restored Dream
Peace Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck


Lew’s Two of Swords Card speaks of a “forced peace” that the woman does not expect to keep.  Because of what she intuitively perceived, she felt obliged to maintain this.  However, the rolling waves suggest that she has mixed feelings that motivate her to break the order of peace.





In the Tarot of Dreams Deck, Ciro Marchetti’s Two of Swords differs from Lew’s in this way.  Grayish clouds of thoughts surround the blindfolded woman.  Her head is obviously in the clouds.  It may very well be that her intuition is sharp, but in this particular Card, she can not make her mind up about what to do next.

Piece Restored Dream
Piece Restored Dream
Two of Swords
Tarot of Dreams

There are rays of sunlight grabbing her through the clouds.  Her unconscious is trying to tell her that her old fashion way of thinking no longer works for her now.  She needs to modernize her way of thinking because this peace will not last much longer.




Old fashion way of thinking

Old fashion way of thinking!  Back when she lived at her parent’s house, there she learned their old fashion way of thinking.  Learning that old mentality used to work fine for her.  However, today in this specific truce – they do not work well for her anymore.

You have since gone out into the world to test out your parent’s truth you had learned when still under your mother’s apron.  Your parents first introduced you to their spiritual community.  There, you got to compare  your parent’s truth with those of the religious leaders.

When you were old enough, your parents sent you to school.  At school, you tested out your parent’s truth with that of your teacher’s.  You had to decide if your teacher’s new ideas worked better for you or not.

When you went to high school and college, you continued to prove your parent’s truth .  There, you discovered a new way of thinking.  Moreover, you adapted it to suit yourself.

Eventually, you went to work to earn your living.  There, you explicitly got told how to think in a new way.  However, when in your own home, you discovered that your parent’s teachings worked better for you there.

Nevertheless, when in your home, you could not always make decisions for yourself.  Moreover, there is a conflict going on at your home – that you can no longer ignore.  You need to take action!

Living with your head in the clouds

Living with your head in the clouds reinforces your mentality.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you that you are of two minds about an issue in your awake life.  On one hand, you hold one opinion on it.  On the other hand, you think entirely in the opposite  direction.  Your dream is trying to tell you that you need to make up your mind as to what direction to take; you can not go in two different directions at the same time.   Your dream is about “restoring peace in your own mind.”

The Two of Swords represents Peace Restored

The Two of Swords represents Peace Restored because you are on the cutting edge of finally making a decision about a peace unknown.  However, you are your worse enemy during your awake time.  You keep holding on to conflicting thoughts concerning a situation.

You have Two Swords (two conflicting ideas) that keep you off balance.  You need to pick just one of the ideas and go with it.  However, you want to know which one of these is the best one for you – in your situation.  One thought is a new way of thinking.  Let go of the outdated one that no longer serves you well.

Your unconscious is trying to show you, by way of the Two of Swords image, that you are over analyzing your situation.  You criticize and judge yourself to strictly.  Your unconscious wants you to find your Equilibrium in that.

You need to cut through the bullshit, so to make up your mind on the matter.  You will be able to let go of the excuses you make for yourself in regards to this particular situation.  Remember that you are typically reasonable thinking, you usually do not remain ambivalent for this long.

Finding your balance

Finding your balance in your awake situation would greatly help you to make up your mind.  This is why your unconscious is trying to help you put an end to your inner-conflict.  You are torturing yourself with indecision.  The image of the Two Swords leads you to take action now.

Instead of thinking and talking more about the situation you are in during your awake time, listen to your thoughts.  Judge yourself less severely.  Be kind to yourself by reaching a final decision.

Forgive yourself for deciding on breaking the peace between you and the other person.  You are not their carpet for them to walk all over you.  Take your rightful and proper place when it comes down to making decisions over your life.

Piece Restored Dream speaks of your being in an inner-conflict mainly with yourself.  You are trying to decide to confront someone; meanwhile, you entered into a truce.  A truce that will not last for long; you will stand up for yourself.

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Overwhelming Despair

Overwhelming Despair in a dream has just got to be the worse torment one can endure.  They occur on those nights when you go to bed without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  When your awake situation only brings you strenuous effort, you are going in the wrong direction.


Overwhelming Despair
Overwhelming Despair
Ten of Wands
Tarot of Dreams


“Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King


Overwhelming Despair

Overwhelming Despair during your dream time is an alarm signal from your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you that you are in trouble during your awake life.  It is time for you to swallow your pride, call it quits, and move on from there.

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers and dreamers alike.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Among the different kinds of Tarot Readings that I perform, is Tarot Dream Interpretations.   So I thought I would share with you what overwhelming despair means in a dream.

Overwhelming despair in Tarot Correspondence is The Ten of Wands.   Above is the Ten of Wands Card found in the Tarot of Dreams Deck designed by Ciro Marchetti.  In this Card, a person is bent and broken by the Ten lit Wands.

Wands as a tool

Wands as a tool come in pretty handy – generally speaking of course.  Wands represent the Element of Fire.  Moreover, a Wand is an energy enhancer that permits you to direct your energy, so to manifest your will upon your environment.  In other words, a Wand is used to transform something or a situation into something else.

However, ten Wands are too much of a good thing.  This amount of Wands used together, spells bad news for yourself.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you in your dream, that you are going off the deep end trying to do something during your awake life.

The Universe does not tolerate such an overwhelming change to the order of things.  When we modify ‘the proper course of events’, the Universe steps in to bring things back to the way they were meant to be.  In your dream, your unconscious is telling you that this is now happening in your life; things are going back to how they initially were supposed to.

Your world is falling apart

Your world is falling apart right before your eyes.  You wanted to do something, but it is not working out.  Moreover, now, your pride is in the way of finding true independence and success in your awake life.

It all began back when you needed to go out in the world so to make your luck in life.  You became passionate about making it happen for you.  It became your goal in life.  However, it soon became all too encompassing.

Now, you are forcing yourself to continue with it.  This, even if it is over your head.  This, even though you have reached your maximum potential in that.  You now have begun to feel it tumbling down!

Some issues are far too complicated, and they provoke much doubt within you.  You have already put in much energy, effort, and time.  Your apprehension of letting goe is warranted.  You can see yourself starting to let go of your dream in life and vision for yourself.

Forcing is never good

Forcing is never good for no one.  The more you force yourself to do something, the more it spells failure.  You would be happier doing something that is second nature to you.

Do not force yourself.   You expect way too much of yourself.  Your pride is in the way.  If you are not happy doing something, don’t make other people unhappy because of it.

Anybody in the same shoes as you would bend and break.  When you become overwhelmed by the task at hand, it means that you have taken it as far as you can.  It is time now for you to cut your losses.

Getting back on your feet

Getting back on your feet is what is required of you now.  It is hard to get back up and stand on your own two feet again.  Even though things seem utterly hopeless right now, it is when we think that we have lost everything that we can look up to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It may seem as if you are forever permanently knocked out of commission, but you are not.  Let the Element of Fire transform this bleak situation into one of hope!  Accept that you are powerless over this loss; absorb the damages, and turn it into the best thing that ever happened to you.  You now know the difference between actually being able to and not being able.  You were going in the wrong direction, now start going in the right one.

Going in the right direction will change your world!  Instead of being enslaved and tormented by your goals in life, you will be free to start anew.  You will be free to start again by doing something that will make you happy.

You know what they say!  They say do not conjure something you can not send back.  You feel crushed!  So send back your doubts to once they first belonged.  Find your sense of Equilibrium by finding something new that would “spark” a brand new reason for living.  Something to which you would not become its slave.

Overwhelming Despair enslaves and torments the soul.  When the night has come, hope for a better tomorrow.  Moreover, make it so.

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True Boat Captain

True Boat Captain reminds you that you are not the Captain of your boat.  The Six of Swords Tarot Card in the Tarot of Dreams represents our unconscious trying to tell us something.  It is telling you to let the Boat Captain steer you to safe harbor.


True Boat Captain
True Boat Captain
Six of Swords Card
Tarot of Dreams


“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing

that assures the prosperous voyage.”

George William Curtis, Writer


True Boat Captain

True Boat Captain, in this Dream, speaks to you.  He is the mind behind the Six of Swords Tarot Card.  He shows you wisdom!

Your unconscious is trying to tell you to be mindful of the situation you are in during your awake time.  Stop to smell the roses.  Moreover, let the Captain of your boat bring you to a safe shore.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers and dreamers alike.  My name is Evergreen, of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Dream Interpretations with Tarot Cards are in high demand.  So I thought I would talk about the Six of Swords Tarot Card in this blog article.

The Six of Swords represents ‘science’.  More precisely, the “power of analysis and discrimination upon the mysteries of being”, Lon Milo Duquette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  In other words, your unconscious is telling you not to act on impulse.  Find your equilibrium in the situation.

Your awake situation

Your awake situation is not what it might seem like at first glance.  At best, you feel insecure; you are scared about something.  There is no reason for you to run away from a situation.  In the end, it will all be for the best.

To be more precise, there is an ongoing situation your find yourself in that you are not thrilled about at all.   It has been going on for some time now.   It weighs heavily on your mind.

At first, things did not look good for you.  However, things have been moving along slowly but surely.  Moreover, you have made some headway.

What you have learned from your situation

What you have learned from your situation is to use your power of discernment.  You are now in the position to act on what you already now know about the other people involved.  You now know better than to trust them.

Now you know how to take care of yourself in regards to the matter at hand.  You have begun to watch your back.  Because of them, you have become aware of your cleverness.

Things are not as bad at they seem.  You are not as powerless in this as you might think.  You are intellectually their equal.

The truth of your position

The truth of your position is that it does not affect you half as much as it used to.  You have succeeded to protect yourself well from these people.  You now know better than to show all your cards as you once did.

Instead, you now play the game much better than you ever did before.  You get where they are coming from when they speak to you, you can better analyze them. You now look at things from both sides now.

You no longer show your true colors.  Your patience with them has become second nature to you now.   You are taking the high way out when communicating back to them.

What you can do from now on

What you can do from now on is to be cunning.  You are in a war of words.  It is wise of you to use the language of diplomacy and tact.  Moreover, to not put all your cards on the table at the same time.

Avoid verbally attacking them.  Do not declare what you think and what you plan on doing about it all.  Avoid going on Tilt, stay emotionally balanced.  In other words, do not be impulsive.

Always keep at the front of your mind, that you can go further with honey than you can with a bat in hand.  You have worked hard on this for a long time now.  Concentrate on you goal, rather than on your journey there.  In this way, you will come to successfully dominate both your opponents and the situation.

The guidance you can get

The guidance you can get comes from your Inner Self.  You have been searching for the best solution to your situation.  However, the answer you seek is already within yourself.

Welcome to the Six of Swords Card!  This Card is a clear omen announcing that the time is now at hand for you to start listening to your Higher Spiritual Self.  It has been trying to guide you all this time!

It has been trying to tell you what to do, and to guide you through it all.  However, your stormy emotions prevented you from listening more carefully.   Now that you have well protected yourself, you can afford to be aware of yourself and to take your own advice.

You are going through a storm of high emotions.  Accept your feelings at their face value.  They are what they are!

Dream Interpretation – Six of Swords reminds us all that we are not the Captain of our boat.  Surrender your control to the real Captain of your boat - your Higher Divine Self.  Your Captain is trying to steer you to safe harbor.

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Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self dreams can seem scary.  There is a divergence of opinions as to what the Shadow Self is.  Let us look together at what it means to have Shadow Self Dreams.



Shadow Self Dreams
Shadow Self Dreams
Devil Card
Tarot of Dreams
by Ciro Marchetti


Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self Dreams are dreams in which you see the Devil, or an image of the Devil.  This Devil in your dream, is not necessarily the Christian Devil.  Rather, it is your Shadow Self.

Your Shadow Self is that dark side of yourself you would rather not look at during your awake life.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you something that you would rather not admit to  yourself.  It is something you need to be aware of, for your own benefit and that of the people you care about.  Your unconscious is trying to show you that you have an uncontrollable anger towards yourself.

You are so angry at yourself, that you have been retreating from the world and the people you love.  You have been letting go of responsibilities.  You are afraid of yourself and of life in general.  You have become but the shadow of your prior self.  Your life is a train wreck.

Train Wreck

Train Wreck, is your awake life these days.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you have become so angry at yourself, that you have become your own worst enemy in all the domains of your life.  In your anger, you have crossed the line.

Take a serious inventory of yourself.  Have you crossed the line with an addiction?  Because, that is usually what dreaming about, or seeing an image of the Devil in your dream really means.  It means, that in your awake life, you have gone off the deep end.

Look are your life as it is now.  Be honest with yourself.  Because an addiction, or even several of your addictions have become your master.  You no long control them.

What is your master

What is your master?  It is highly important, at this time in your life, to become aware of what is your master.  What addiction of yours has made you sick and has made the people around you just as sick as you?

Have you become distressed about an addiction to alcohol, drugs, of food?  Is there someone in your awake life that has become distressed by your addiction?  Are people telling you you are a wreck?

Is there someone you see in your soup?  Do you have a voracious hunger for sexual gratification in your real life or online?  Whatever your addiction might be, it has taken over your life, and it controls you; not you, it.

An addiction to something occurs when you have crossed the line.  When you first started partaking in it, you liked it.  Then you tried it again because you wanted to get the same pleasure you got from it the first time.  But it was not quite as pleasurable for you as the first time.  So you kept doing that over and over again, trying to find that exact same sensation.

But you have just not quite ever found that exact same buzz; not ever again.  And now, that very same buzz controls you!  You promise yourself to not ever do that again, but you don’t really stop.  You may be able to take a short time-out from doing it; but you eventually come back to it.

That, in a nutshell, is what being addicted to something really is.  You keep promising yourself to not ever do that again, but something takes control of you and brings you right back to doing it.  It’s like your willpower is not strong enough to say no to it.  In the words of the famous comedian Flip Wilson: “The Devil made me do it!”  It’s like as if the Devil himself has power over you.  You can’t truly resist temptation.

When you dream of the Devil, your unconscious is trying to tell you that you need to get help for your addiction.  In your awake life, there is the hand of help reaching out to you.  It is up to you to either grab the helping hand someone is giving you, or say no to it.

Getting help for your addiction

Getting help for your addiction is entirely up to you.  It is your choice to make.  If you do decide to get help, you stand a good chance to recover your old self.

For you to get help, you need to want help in the first place.  If you don’t want to be helped, then no one can do anything for you.  You just can’t fix stupid.

Your unconscious is trying to tell you that your life is a train wreck.  Smart people get help when their lives have become unmanageable.  Crazy people just don’t.

The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Each and every time you go back to doing the thing you are addicted to, you expect a different result.  You hope to get back that very first buzz you got from it the first time.

Know that you are not alone.  Many other people have been there, done that.  However, they have stopped going there, and they have stopped doing that.  They decided to get help for the very same addiction as yours.

You are not alone!  Those same people are willing and able to help you.  But you need to want their help.

For them to be able to help you in turn, you need to be reachable.  So make yourself reachable.  Know that the nightmare that your life is now – shall too pass.  Start seeing the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

“To become reachable” might seem frightening to you right now.  But with the help of others who have walked in your shoes, your will become happy again.

Self-Help Programs

Self-Help Programs are a great place for you to start your recovery.  They are free, and they will give you free coffee.  They are anonymous, you don’t even have to pay nothing at all.

Perhaps you live in shame about your addiction.  Tell yourself that everyone else there is just like you.  They really have been there and done that.  But now, they are proud to feel better again!

Perhaps you don’t want no one there to recognize who you are.  You don’t want them to tell your boss that they have seen your there. Don’t worry about that, they don’t want you to tell their bosses that you saw them their either.  What you see and hear they – must stay there!

Perhaps you are not quite decided to stop doing what you do yet.  Don’t worry about that.  At the Self-Help group, no one there ever promises to stop.  You don’t make any commitments to no one there.

If you must remember one thing about the Self-Help group, remember this.  The minute you put your hand on the handle to the door to go in, tell yourself that someone in there can show how to get rid of your problem.  No one there will judge you, you are not at confession.

The minute you sit in a chair there, tell yourself you are in the right place.  That you have paid for your chair by going through the hell you are going through right now.  There is nothing for you to do when you are there, except to sit down and listen.

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil, is about taming your inner-devil.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you will not always be afraid .  There will come a time, when you will be all better.  You will be made whole again.

Soon, you find the courage to do what it takes to be in control of you awake life again.  You will find serenity.  You will have the wisdom to know the difference between a life of nightmares and of train wrecks, and changing the things in your life that you can.

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Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs is to make honorable amends.  Perhaps have you hurt someone’s feelings, or that someone is mudslinging insults your way, or that someone is spreading gossip about you to your friends.  No matter, it is troublesome to you.  You are looking for an acceptable resolution to your situation with someone, and you have dreamed of a winged woman brandishing a sword.


Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs


Righting Wrongs Poem


“When we look up in the sky

you can hear the battle cry

Her wings fly above

the purple majesty of our land

The voice of freedom calls again

history make a few good men

to right the wrongs of mortal men

bring sweet liberty and justice to us all

Freedom swings her mighty sword”

(Poem by Gregory Golden)


Righting wrongs of mortal men

Righting wrongs of mortal men is to bring justice to your world.  In a dream, a winged woman with a sword is a very powerful symbol.  This symbol shows you the need for an honorable amend.  A problem needs to be solved between two people.  Freedom from an oppressive situation is sought.

The winged women represents ‘freedom’.  She brings her mighty Sword of Justice against something that is a source of trouble and worry.  Your unconscious mind is trying to help you find freedom from the shackles of injustice.  It doesn’t matter if you are the victim or the oppressor in this case.  Both parties will find justice.

Sword of Justice

Sword of Justice!  The Sword of Justice is brought into your dream by a winged Minerva.  She is trying to tell you something.  She is trying to show you that there is an issue in your awake life that requires you to do some problem solving.

In our awake life,  we usually think long and hard about how to resolve a problem that seemingly has no solution.  Our awake mind sends a query to the back of our mind, into our unconscious thinking – for further consideration.

The query may be about something that weighs heavy upon our conscious.  We do some soul searching during our awake life, but to no avail.  Or it may very well be that our conscious is light in regards to the matter at hand – but that we need a fight against us to stop.

During dream state

During dream state, our mind keeps on trying to find a solution to the problem we experienced during our awake state.  When we dream of a winged Minerva brandishing her Sword of sweet Justice and Liberty, she brings clear-sightedness and fairness to a ‘dearly needed something that needs to be done’.

During dream state
During dream state

More precisely, it is a something that you need to do, so to ‘right a wrong’.  Even if it is a wrong done to you or perhaps a slight you did to someone, your unconscious is trying to tell you how to resolve it.  You are trying to find a way to freedom from it

Perhaps the image of the Ace of Swords in the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti – comes to you during dreaming because you want to figure-out something.  Something like how to follow the written instructions in a crocheting book; so to make your home look nicer or to make money for the sale of you art.  It may be that someone is pressuring you at work to be more productive; your job is at stake.  On the other hand, you may need to know how to get along with Mother-in-law who loves her son too much.

No matter what the problem is, the image of a winged Minerva bringing you her Sword of Justice – is about your needing a problem resolved.  The solution is now at hand.  An honorable amend is required by one of the parties involved.

Making honorable amends

Making honorable amends brings peace to both parties involved.  The solution exists in your awake like.  You will know how to apply a just fight to finding peace in this matter.  During your awake state, look around in your environment to see what exactly needs your immediate attention.

You will need to fight to get a fair and just solution to what worries you.  Weird isn’t it, my saying that “you need to make honorable amends along with your “need to fight” so to get a fair and just solution!  Weird indeed!  But it does works!

Standing up for justice sake, is to fight against injustice.  When someone gossips or does someone wrong, an olive branch often brings a peaceful resolution.  If there is no peaceful resolution possible, then alliances are made on both sides and the animosity between the two will be never-ending.

Whereas making honorable amends restores peace.  What is an honorable amend that makes peace possible?  And what if the other party does not accept our peaceful words and actions?

As stated earlier, righting wrongs is making honorable amends.  Righting wrongs can be as simple as acknowledging our own shortcomings in the matter.  And admitting that our own faults have caused the other party involved to respond with shortcomings of their own.

In other words, we acknowledge that our own words and actions were provocations escalating bad feelings towards one another.  Then we promise to at least try to not hurt someone like that again in the future.  This is an acknowledgement that you are an imperfect perfectionist – in words and actions.  No more, no less needs tending to.

Oh well if the other party won’t try to change.  At least now, other people know that you took the higher road out of the bad feelings between the two of you.  The other party will now look mean towards you.  An honorable amends, is another way of saying that the Sword of Justice brought freedom to you!

Tarot Dream Interpretations

Tarot Dream Interpretations can be of great help when dreaming of a winged women with a sword.  Not only can the dream interpretation tell you as to the meaning of the symbolisms of your dream, it can also help you know what they mean to you in your awake life.  With a good Tarot Dream Interpretation Reading, you can find enlightenment and guidance so to resolve your problem.


I am looking forward to reading and responding to your comments concerning this article of mine – on righting wrongs.  To read more about dream interpretations, click on Previous and on next.




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Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs


Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones
Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

Dream Interpretation Departed Loved Ones

“You are loved more than you will ever know”!



You Will See Them Someday:

“The Years may pass, memories fade to grey

But you’re getting no younger, you’ll see them someday.

Unconditional love is never forgotten,

Look deep in your heart; it is there at the bottom,

Alone in the dark, sometimes in fear,

Voices from loved ones you’re hoping to hear.

More years pass, they soon fly by,

But you’re always looked upon from those in the sky.

Surrounded by clouds and pure white doves,

They listen and watch sending you love.

Just remember one thing as you sit and you pray,

They will be there to greet you, you will see them someday.

(Poem:  You Will See Them Someday, by Stephan Banks)


Hello there fellow Dreamers!  There are moments when we feel alone.  It is most especially at night when we feel left behind by those who have gone through the Veil before us.  Yet, they truly do not abandon us.

More than you will ever know, we are not alone.  Most especially at Samhain, when the Veil is at its thinnest.  They still walk amongst us; they are still here with us.  They walk in another plane of existence, on the other side of the Veil…

Our Departed Loved Ones go through the Veil before us, and they become as if personal angels to us.  They hear our cries in the night; in the night, they see our tears on our pillow.  They care about us, and they offer their help to us.  They send their energy and guidance to us.

Are you ‘aware’ of the presence of your Departed Loved Ones?  Some of us feel their presence in our lives, some do not.  It may be that you do not feel ‘The Departed’, but they are there with us nevertheless!

Perhaps you have dreamed about someone you know and care about who is now dead.  The Dead appear in our dreams.  They can be silent; at times, they speak to us.  They carry with them a message for us.

In our dreams, our Deceased Loved One can communicate with us so help us.  The Departed is trying to tell us something about what is going on around us in our awake life.  They want us to understand that they use their energy to enlighten and guide us.  After all, it is not just because they are dead that they stopped loving us, nor us them!

Oracle Card – Dream Affirmation:

I commune, communicate, and commemorate with my Departed Loved Ones when I dream at night!


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Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings

Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings
Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings


Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings gives the meaning of dreaming about money.  Included in this article are a Money Dream poem, and a Money Mantra.  To dream about money is a good omen indeed!

Dreaming about money poem:

I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand-

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep- while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

A Dream Within A Dream

(Source:  Edgar Allan Poe)


The other night, I dreamed about money.  I could see my money.  I remember asking my Spirit guide, in my dream, what I must do with it.  I have so little of it, you see!

Oh, I went on and on telling my Spirit Guide all the wonderful things I could do with that money of mine.  Oh, I could do with so much more of it, said I.  When suddenly, a feeling of dread overtook me.

My Spirit guide told me not to buy all those wonderful things I so dearly wanted.  Instead, he told me that I must pay off bills with it.  He went to show my bills, and to show me how my husband so dearly needed I lessen his load.  He needed my help with paying-off the bills.

When I awoke, I knew I had a decision to make about money.  I seriously needed to take some of the pressure off my husband, this month.  I knew exactly which bill to help with.

Down here on the Coast, power bills get very expensive in the summer time.  It feels like 109F, Humidex Factor.  It is now the Summer Season here; we are now using the A/C around the clock.  The dreaded power company had sent my husband an email indicating that power was going up by forty dollars starting next bill…

My dreaming of money meant I needed to change my way of thinking when it came down to how I would spend my money this summer.  I know how to make some money.  I do make some money.  I needed to match my outer circumstances with my inner circumstance.

Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings, we human beings know how to create wealth.  It is our birthright to create wealth, and to live abundantly.  Obviously, not all of us can be multi-billionaires.  However, we tend to go about taking care of ourselves materially, this even if not always in a rich way.

Dreaming of money means “Security”.  Money in a dream symbolizes energy, power, survival, security, and resourcefulness.  “It is how the money is used in the dream that tells you:  what you value, and the specific financial/power that are being worked out”, explain Kelly Sullivan Walden.

Money Mantra:

“I share my abundance with others”.

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Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings

Lottery Dream Meaning - Evergreen Readings
Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings


Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings gives the meaning of dreaming about the Lottery.  Included in this article, you will find a Dream Lottery Poem, and a Lottery Mantra.   To dream of the lottery is a good omen indeed!


Dreaming of the Lottery Poem:


“Some days, she got lucky;

but most days ended

with a sense of loss and defeat.

Helplessness, leaving traces

of dejection from the forces

and energies of the universe.

Yet, each morning she awoke restored,

brimming with the hope that today

she’d hit it big.

(Source:  Lottery Poem by © Emmy14)


How exciting indeed, to dream of the Lottery!  Dreaming about the Lottery makes us feel lucky indeed!  Indeed, you are coming into a good fortune, profits, abundance, love, happiness, joy, health, prosperity, and success.

Dreaming of the lottery is your unconscious trying to tell you something.  It is telling you that the seed you planted to your material happiness is finally paying off for you.  Both in your awake life, as well as in your dream life, you have planted, nourished, and watered your seed, and it has developed.  It has flourished into a healthy plant of abundance.  It has grown in the light of day, and now it is time for you to harvest its fruit.

Typically, dreaming of the lottery, involves receiving a large amount of money in your awake life.  On the other hand, it can also mean you are now going to have good fortune.  Moreover, that it is a godsend for you, it is your wish come true!

People who are happy – draw happiness to them.  People who are rich, draw even more money to themselves.  You also can become fortunate by starting to wish, in your awake life, for good fortune to come your way.

Wish, wish, and wish for it!  Plant within both your lives, your awake and you dream life, the seed to your windfall!  You can make this by visualizing an image that represents the clear and exact type of good fortune your heart desires.  You can also repeat a ‘mantra’ to draw good fortune to you.

A mantra is a word, or a sound, or a statement, or a slogan, or a catch phrase you repeat often.  Incorporate your mantra into your meditation, and your dream.  You do this, so to create a map to your happy success.

Lottery Mantra:

The life of my lottery dream is now being realized in my awake life!

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