Spirit of Samhain

Spirit of Samhain is familiar to many a good Witch.  It is better known as ‘All Souls Day or all Saints Day’.  It is the Highest Sabbath on the Wheel of the Year.  To read more deeply on the subject of Samhain, click on commune, communicate, commemorate our deceased loved ones.



Spirit of Samhain Destiny Portal Oracle Deck
Spirit of Samhain
Destiny Portal Oracle Deck


Spirit of Samhain

Spirit of Samhain!  Three words that touch the Heart of Pagans all over the earth.  It is the night of rituals, of honoring our loved ones who have passed through the Veil before us, and of sharing with the children!  It is a night of High Magick, a night of transformation!  It is a night of performing Tarot and/or Oracle Readings!

Invite deceased loved ones

Invite deceased loved ones for their power and wisdom this New Year!  You don’t have to make a big fancy meal.  You can simply honor them by preparing and serving them a little offering.

When the dearly departed attend the meal you have prepared for them, they are happy to be the guest of honor.  Simply leave it there on the kitchen table, leave an empty chair there for them.  It maybe that they will not actually eat the offering in this physical realm; they will eat it in the spirit realm.

Acquire Wisdom

Acquire Wisdom from your ancestors.  If there is something that the Old Ones love the most, is to pass-on to us their experience, know-how, and power.  They love, love, love, to be useful to us!

Ask for their help.  They will love to help us out in knowledge, and wisdom.  Above all else, ask for their “wisdom”!

Our good old Ancestor Spirits love to impart Wisdom to us!  Sit down in a quiet place.  Light a candle.  Meditate on what you need to learn.  Don’t worry, the wisdom will come to you!


Transformation is a magickal experience!  It comes through the wisdom of the years of our Ancestors.  A little change here, a little change there; and the next thing you know. you are transformed into a new and happier person!

For some people, a transformation is easy peazy, and seemingly overnight.  For others, it takes time.  Time to learn to develop a more proper way to get wath you want from your life.  Take the time you need so to learn news ways of handling situations with hard to convince people.  Take the time you need so to learn to replace your shortcomings with new qualities.

Sharing abundance

Sharing abundance with our own children and grandchildren creates joy in our hearts.  Good memories pop-up in our hearts.  And smiles and laughter break the lonely days of this Fall Season, and carry us through the Winter Season.

We have worked hard all year.  Now is the season of sharing our good fortune.  Perhaps do you know a single mother going through hard times.  Bring her a bag of groceries each week, so to encourage her and contribute to her children’s good health.

Perhaps do you know an elderly gentleman with an aging wife.  Bring them some homemade vegetable soup and cornbread; and some jams and jellies to sweeten their bread with.  A little bit goes a long way at their age!

Divining Truth

Divining Truth with Oracle or Tarot Cards, or with other divining tools gives you your truth so to better become wise for your years! I rather like using oracle or Tarot Cards myself.  The truth never fails to be revealed with divining tools.

One great way of divining your own truth, is by doing a tarot spread for the year ahead.  Ask your ancestors to tell you what you need to know for each one of the coming 12 months.  Ask your ancestors to tell you ‘the secrets’ they have for you.  Those are the secrets you need to know to do – in the months to come.


I am looking forward to read and to respond to your comments!