Eating Rubble

Eating Rubble is a term used in Alcoholic Anonymous Self Help Groups.  It is used to describe what happens to the Addict when he(1) hits rock bottom.  When that happens to him, he only has two choices.  Either he will continue to walk down on his rough road, or he will take the smoother, softer road from now on.


Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
Tarot of Dreams
by Ciro Marchetti

Eating Rubble

Eating rubble is not what most of us would like to eat; nor would the Addict/Alcoholic.  Sadly, he does.  When a man comes out of a bar after drinking all afternoon into the late evening, he is too drunk to walk very far.  He stumbles and falls because his road is rough.  When he falls, his mouth is right on the rubble that is spread out upon his route.  Many a drunken man gets back up onto his two feet, his face and mouth covered with rubble.

This is the analogy used in many AA meetings throughout the world, when handing-out a twenty-four-hour sobriety medal.  The person gets up so to take this 24-hour medal, but does not make the promise to never, ever drink again.  But rather, it represents to him and to other Alcoholics that he is asking for help – so to ‘try’ to stay sober during the next 24-hour time period.  It is but a reminder to him and to other Alcoholics that this man needs help to not drink for today, and for today only; he is ‘Eating Rubble’!

Eating Rubble is also another way of saying that your mouth is pasty and dry.  You need a drink to quiet your nerves and your thinking.  Your body may go into shock if you do not have a drink.

If he meets another AA Member along his way to the bar, all he needs to do is to show his 24-hour Sobriety Medal, and his fellow Alcoholic will know what to do and what to say to him – so to help him out, and help keep him sober for today only.

For Today Only

For Today Only, you have two choices given to you.  To go get up and take your 24-hour Sobriety Medal.  It is not a promise to never drink again.  It is simply a reminder to you about what your life is like.  If you need help to stay sober – for today only, all you need to do is show your 24-hour Sobriety Medal to another Member of AA.  He will know what to say and do to help you ‘not drink during this 24-Hour’.

Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
A gravel road

On one side of the Medal, it is rough.  This rough side reminds you that if you take your first drink today, you will continue having a rough life…

On the other side, the medal is smooth.  The smooth side represents what your life could be like if you stay in AA.  Your life will be smoother from now on.  At least you will not eat rubble ‘for today only’.  Take it ‘One Day at a Time’.

One Day At A Time

One Day at a time, is all we ask you to do.  Stay sober One Day at a time.  Don’t look at it as not drinking never again.  Look at it as simply not drinking for today only.

If you look at not drinking too many days in advance, you will fall and eat rubble again.  But if you look at it for ‘just for today’, it won’t seem sooooo bad at all.

Don’t think about you having taken a drink – yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.  Today is all you have.  Tomorrow has not even happened yet!

To think about Yesterday, and Tomorrow is drama!  When you do that, you think too much about the storm you have walked into.  All you are accomplishing then, is to stick to your storm instead of letting go of it!

Letting Go

Letting Go for an Alcoholic/Addict, is another way of saying:  stop the drama!  When a storm passes over your life, you don’t want to grab the lightning that licks you.  It will kill you!

Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
Let go of your Ego

Best thing you can ever do for yourself then, is to let the storm ravage your life.  Once the storm has done its thing, it will go away.  So in the meantime, put both arms to your sides, and just ride the storm.

Once the storm is gone, there will be time enough to assess the damage caused by the storm in your life.  Once that is done, pick up what’s left of your life, and rebuild your home, family, and your future.  But for today only, simply let go.

Tower Card Meaning in The Tarot of Dreams Deck

Tower Card Meaning in the Tarot of Dreams Deck by Ciro Marchetti – is an interpretation that may be a tad different from the one in most other Tarot Decks.  This particular Tower Card represents, both in Tarot Dream Interpretation and in Tarot Addiction Counselling, that there is drama in the Querent’s life.  That he is ‘eating rubble’.

He is eating rubble, because of the drama he creates about his own life.  He has already hit rock bottom.  Now he whines about it, instead of getting rid of his problem.  His problem is not his boss, nor his wife and kids, nor his bills.  The problem is his ‘ego’.

His Ego is larger than life!  His Ego pushes him to get immediate gratification from his bottle.  He thinks he is right to let his Ego control him and his life, even when he is wrong by doing that.

Light Bulb Moment

Light Bulb Moment means getting a genius of an idea!  Out of nowhere, he gets this bright idea that it is his drinking that is his problem.  This is when he wakes-up and smells the coffee.  And now a change is possible.

In order for a change to take place, he needs to ‘let go’ of his bottle.  He needs to change his old way of thinking.  And look at his life from a new angle!

Seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel, brings hope into his life.  A new life is then possible for him.  The storm has passed, and the Sun rises again in the East.  It is the dawn of a new 24-hours for you the Addict/alcoholic. You are now walking upon a softer road!

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