Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Christmas Tree Magickal Power manifests eternal life!  A renewal of life into perpetuity.  “Fir does mark the evergreen tree to represent “immortality seen”…


Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power
7 of Wands
A Christmas Tarot Deck


Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope to us mere mortals.  The Hope for an Eternal Life!  To live on forever!

Consider the evergreen tree.  Some call the evergreen tree – the Christmas Tree.  It is also known as the Yule Tree.  No matter how you may choose to call it, the evergreen tree has magickal powers.  It is used as a magickal tool in imitation magick!

The Christmas tree has ‘faithful leaves unchanging’.  No matter the season, its branches stay green.  The Christmas tree is ‘ever green’.  Now you know where both my magical name and the name of my Tarot Business come from.  The name comes from the ‘evergreen tree’ and from the Rede.

It may be that certain Tarot Readers (who shall remain nameless) scuff or mock my magical name as well as the name of my Tarot Business; whatever!  It doesn’t matter to me at all, if I got scuffed in a video as a good example of the need for rebranding a Tarot Business website – because of the green word on my Tarot Website.  Evergreen it is, and Evergreen it remains – because it is a very powerful magickal name inspired by the evergreen tree 🙂

With an evergreen tree, a Christmas/Yule tree, you can discern the dark spirits both at Samhain and at Christmas.  This tree also represents the “passing of power, fertility and feminine rebirth, magickal power, insight, progression, protection, and change”.  And most especially for us Tarot Readers, it is used for its divination power.  Click on divination to read about the discernment of spirits at Yule!

For Esoterics, the Christmas tree actually began in the 19th century.  For the pagans, however, it began way before that even.  The Yule Tree actually began way back in the time of the Old Kelts.

The old Kelts (the old Druids) migrated into what is now called Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.  As it was back then for them, it is still traditional today for these Keltic-Germanic Peoples to celebrate the Winter Season with an evergreen tree in the house for Yuletide celebrations and magick.  Click on Christmas Magick to read further about this.

Can you identify the magick that the old Keltic-Germanic Peoples made at Yuletide?  They would place white illuminated candles on the branches of their evergreen trees – so to see the movements of the dark shadows about them.  This just as much during the day as during the evening and into the night.  To further their magick along, they also placed in the evergreen tree:  apples, nuts, navel sunshine oranges, and bells.  At the top of the tree,  they placed either a representation of the Angel Gabriel or a star.  They believed the Angel protected them, and that the Star would guide them when upon their spiritual journeys.

At Yuletide, the evergreen tree was an ancient symbol for Spirit.  The leaves pointing upwards represented Ether.  They would make merry and sang to their tree.  Click on Oh Christmas Tree, by Glee to listen to this Christmas song.  And then continue reading this blog article on Christmas Tree Magickal Power.



Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope

Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope!  The Seven of Wands Card in “A Christmas Tarot” Deck, is a beautiful Card.  It has a nicely decorated Christmas Tree, and gifts under the tree.  You can also see a grandmother and her grandchildren.  This Tarot Card depicts feminine rebirth.

Looking at this particular Tarot Card, I can see that it is the Seven of Wands.  There are various interpretations given to the Seven of Wands.  However, for the purpose of this blog, I will use the Thoth System/doctrine to interpret this card.

In the Thoth System, the Seven of Wands represents ‘opposition, yet courage’.  I like to say, ‘courage, in the face of opposition.  Most especially at Christmastide/Yuletide, we somehow find courage in the face of opposition.

At this time of the year, people get into the Christmas Spirit.  They spread good cheer all around them.  They share tidings of joy with family and friends.

Sadly, this is not the case for everyone.  Many suffer from depression come Christmas time.  Many live in misery; they are poor and can hardly afford a festive meal, much less Christmas presents.  The can’t afford gas to heat the house with, nor to pay for the extra power Christmas lights use up.  While some others max out their credits cards, having no idea how they are going to pay them off after New Year.

To be honest, even those who live in material abundance are not necessarily that happy at Christmas/Yule.  They most often, also too, face “opposition, obstacles, and difficulties; yet somehow they find the courage to meet them all”.

The average family, no matter its social status and income range, quarrel at Christmas.  They come face to face with “ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threats”, Lon Duquette.  For me, this describes well the demonic, dark influence of the ‘dark spirits’ that haunt both Samhain and Yule.

Depression and the misery it brings can be changed.  Instead, we can manifest the hope and courage of Yuletide/Christmastide Magick.  We can do this type of Magick by putting up an evergreen tree (Christmas/Yuletide Tree).  It also manifests victory over the little things of life.

Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Trickle Down Influence at Christmas

Trickle Down Influence at Christmas is not something to laugh at!  It can be either positive or negative because the Seven of Wands is ruled by the Knight of Disks.

Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Trickle down effect of the Knight of Disks to the Seven of Wands
A Christmas Tarot

The Knight of Disks is  20° Leo to 20° Virgo.  August 12 to September 11th.  Its original Titles:  “The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land; The King of the Spirits of the Earth; King of the Gnomes”.

Consider the original titles of the Knight of disks. Discern it’s Core Influence.  People born from August 12 to September 11th, have a core influence over your mood at Christmas.  If you have a family member, a friend, or a boss born between August 12 to September 11th, beware of her/his strong sense of the practical.  It may be that they are good providers, but they can put you down come Christmas Time – for wanting ‘abundance’.

Making a Christmas Tree Magickal

Making a Christmas Tree Magickal for you is all about knowing how!  To truly enjoy a Christmas Tree, keep it beautiful to you.  Don’t over spend when you go out to get a tree.  Don’t go overboard when getting tree decorations either.  Stay within budget!

Don’t let the dark spirits of Samhain and Christmas push you off the deep end – credit card wise.  You will be amazed at how beautiful the simplest of Christmas trees could light up your house.  Get your evergreen tree and decorate it with Love!

Christmas Tree Magickal Power is to gain eternal life!  A renewal of life into perpetuity.  “Fir does mark the evergreen tree to represent “immortality seen”…

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