Book of Thoth Spread Explained

Book of Thoth Spread Explained.  This is the first in a series of articles about the Spread described in the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley.  This is a five Level (five operations) Spread for the advanced Tarot Reader.


Book of Thoth Spread Explained
Book of Thoth Spread Explained


Book of Thoth Spread Explained

Book of Thoth Spread Explained assumes you already know Tarot and the various Card Meanings, and how to do Tarot Readings.  Also, Astrology and the Zodiac, Qabalah and the Tree of Life.  What you will learn from this series of articles is how to do this complicated Spread, and how to perform it correctly.

Hello, fellow Tarotiers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I am a Master Tarot Reader, who loves to blog about Tarot.  My adoption grandfather (grandfather Breton), and his daughter (my adoption mother) taught me right from the start how to perform the BOT (Book of Thoth) Spread.  This was very complicated to learn for a mere nine-year-old, so it took me years to do it properly.  Do not get discouraged if it takes you a few tries to perfect it too.

These past years, I’ve read Tarot books and seen Tarot Videos and have had conversations with Readers who perform the BOT Spread.  You do not always get the full picture of it in books and videos.  Most would agree to say that it is a complicated multi-operations Spread to perform and teach.

Why another Article on the BOT?

Why another Article on the BOT?  The average Esoteric and/or occultist who writes or produces videos on this advanced method of Divination, does not always want to reveal too much about it.  Either they have set intellectual traps in their explanations, or they left out a mind baffling detail or two that you dearly need so to perform it correctly.  So just in case, I thought I would go over it with you.

There are three chief reasons why many omit dearly required details.  The main reason is that they have sworn to secrecy.  The second is that it is an incredibly long method to teach in written form or a video.  Moreover, they fear most Tarotiers will overlook the accompanying warnings about performing occult spreads.

Why refer to the BOT as a Spread?

Why refer to the BOT as a Spread?  Because it is a Spread.  Moreover, it is a multi-operations Spread.  There are five operations to this Spread (or Divination).

The five operations are as follows, and in this order:


1st Operation:                   How the situation began

2nd Operation:                 The Twelve Astrological Houses of the Heavens

3rd Operation:                  The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

4th Operation:                  The Penultimate Aspects of the Question (before last)

5th Operation:                  The Final Results of the situation

About Timing in the BOT Spread

About Timing in the BOT Spread is a matter of frustration.  I remember oh so well, my grandfather getting up to the 3rd Operation and having to start all over again because he could not figure out the timing involved.  Apparently, he was not the first nor the last Tarotier to try to give accurate timing when doing this Spread.  Aleister Crowley sought to do that too.  In his Book of Thoth, Mr. Crowley says:  “This operation can not tell which part of the divination is the current time.”

However, Crowley does go on to say:  Operation One –  usually indicates the history (but not always).  To get the past, current, and future in this type of reading, you will need to rely on your experience with timing.

This much said on the matter of timing when doing the BOT, keep at the front of your mind what divining is all about.  Divining is all about your client getting help from the mind behind the Card.   If you cannot establish the timing, then it is because the First Operation is about the mind behind the cards giving help to your Querent in his current situation.

What is Divination?

What is Divination?  In a nutshell, Crowley describes Divination as

.  The most sensitive, difficult branch of magick.

.  It is an Art that is perfectly required

.  Divination is most sensitive, difficult and perilous

.  Divination must be performed under necessary conditions

.  Comparative review of all relevant methods must be done all at the same time

About the Tarot Cards

About the Tarot Cards themselves!  The Cards in your Tarot Deck are living individuals who live together as in a tribe (your Tarot Deck).  This tribe (your Deck), is comprised of 78 living individuals (intelligences).

An analysis of each one of these 78 intelligences as a character with a family trait, is crucial in any Reading.  You may want to get to know them well enough to relate to the Cards as you would to a good neighbor of yours.  Like your neighbors, get to know and respect them.   As you would a neighbor of yours, you may want to get to understand these intelligences (not just study them).  Also, you may want to observe how they interact with each other as well as with yourself.

Why perform the BOT by Aleister Crowley?  It is an Art that gives help to both yourself and your Querent.  The BOT by Aleister Crowley is also known as The Traditional Technical Method of Divination – by the Tarot.  Also as, The Opening of the Key by Crowley.

In the second article of the Book of Thoth Spread Explained, we will examen the traditional way of selecting a Significator Card.

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