Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility!  This is a Tarot Blog Hop article about hope, memories, and may I add – about a bun in the oven.  Moreover, it is about our Sisters Under The Star.


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility



When I found out you were coming,

It took me by surprise.

It took me time to realize

I’ll have a son by my side.


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility for my Sisters Under The Star!  Gather around me on this Sabbath night.  In our old age, let us honor this new hope of life.  May we, in turn, bring the hope of a happy future to this – the new life!




Hello, fellow Tarot Readers and bloggers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading by Evergreen.  This blog article of mine is part of the 2016 Beltane Tarot Blog Hop.  Our wrangler is Karen Sealey.

Karen asked us to create puns and do free associations with the word “may.”.   As today we celebrate Beltane, I thought that I may go with what first comes to my mind when thinking of the word “may.”  Fertility!

If I may, fertility is a thing of the past for me now.  I now am at that age when people call me “dear.”  My Tarot Clients tell me I am as a grandmother towards them when Reading for them, and rightly so.  I am 61 years old now; I am a crone.  Being a crone means not only to do Tarot Readings but also to share my motherly experience with the younger mothers.


Beltane at the Winter Season

Beltane at the Winter Season is for us old ones.  Being that old, I am obviously in my Winter Season now.  In my Winter Season, I live pretty much in isolation.  I am an old recluse of sorts (if one may describe me as such).  During my long Winter months, I do Tarot Readings for people – yes.

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Ten of Cups
Llewllyn’s Tarot Deck

Moreover, my Ten of Cups, I now use differently than when I was a young woman.  The Water Element with which I work the most has now turned to Ice now.  This means that Element of Ice loves me and I love it back.

My memories, the good and the bad ones, along with the Crone Goddess have become my best friends.  They keep me company.  And so has the Crone Goddess.


The Three Aspects of the Crone Goddess at Beltane

The Three Aspects of the Crone Goddess at Beltane are awesome!  However, let us not confuse the purpose of their aspects.  Some may confuse the three aspects of the Goddess; but not me.

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

I have learned to make the difference between the three of them.  My girl Goddess still lives within me.  But she only brings memories of a time when I just wanted to ride on my bike, and of just wanting to climb up trees – just like the boys did.  And I am good with her just reminding me of those fun Summer days now.

My young mother Goddess still lives on within me. But she only brings the memories of wanting men to notice me above all others.  Of having fallen in love, of getting married with my not so Prince Charming, and of the boys we raised under our roof together.  And I am good with just those memories now that I have released my first Ex.  To read about releasing your ex-lover or how to release your ex-husband, click on Release your ex-lover.

The Crone Goddess which I represent, now takes up nearly all the place within my reality.  She reminds me on a daily basis, of my being confronted with my humanity.  And I have no other choice but to be good with that.

Being lonely at Beltane

Being lonly at Beltane, when you are a crone, is the loneliest of times.  At such  loneliest of times, I take comfort in my memories, and in the Crone aspect of my person.  My husband having gone to isolate himself from me now lives in that place where men go to during their own Winter Months.  So I await his return come this Spring Time!  Even if this makes me feel sad at the thought of having lost both my my physical attractiveness, and my husband’s romantic presence near me.  I am somewhat good with being in contact with my spiritual side all of the time.  Though I do wish I could be a young women just one more time in this life; but oh well!

Winter is finally over in Biloxi Ms

Winter is finally over in Biloxi Ms.  In my physical reality however, the month of May his here.  There is hope for living life to its fullest here in Biloxi, Mississippi!

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

April showers have now ceased.  Our lawn is green again, and Hubby has once again returned to me.  In the sense that he is doing all the things I put on his ‘honey do’ list.  Such things, for example, as mowing the lawn!

My bush trees have already bloomed (no pun intended).  My almond tree as grown back its leaves.   My neighbor’s bird aviary is full of activity again.  Hope is found in Mother Nature!


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Ten of Cups
The Wizards Tarot Deck


Beltane buns in the oven

Beltane buns in the oven represent Hope.  By hope, I mean that Valentine is remembered for the excellent job he did with his little arrows last February!  His Love Magick still lingers on.  Some of the young men and young women that had fallen for each other back then, have little surprises for us all now.  You know what they say!  They say, your reap what you sow lol.

Spring is that time of the year when I, as a Crone, have now left my Winter retreat to join the rest of my community of women.  My fellow women welcome my return to them.  Like my mother before me and her mother before her, I am now teaching and giving wise counsel to the younger women around me.  And I dare say, us old women abound with the wise council, most especially at Beltane!

Beltane is the season of Fertility!  We celebrate Fertility on May 1st of each year.   This is when knowing a crone, such as myself,  comes in handy.  Among other things, we crones are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience concerning fertility with the young mothers.

I know that when doing a Tarot Reading, the Reading is not about me.  However, it is the privilege of my years to share a little bit about myself with the younger mothers.  Sometimes, a little bit of reassurance and encouragement can go long ways.

Sometimes, a fertility test comes back positive.  This may seem a little overwhelming at first.  I will always remember my first positive pregnancy test.

It was a phone call from my pharmacist that confirmed it.  He had called to give me the results of that urine sample I had brought in for him to test for me.   My first husband and I had been trying to get pregnant on purpose – for over three years without any positive results.  But just not that time!  That time it came back positive!

When the pharmacist told me, that I was for sure pregnant that time, I was in shock!  At first, I couldn’t believe it!  It was only on his third time repeating to me that I was pregnant, that I said “thank you!  He was nearly as happy as I was!

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.  A baby was growing inside my tummy.  My own flesh and blood!  Somehow, I just knew it was a boy!  My son!  I’ll have a son standing by my side during my old age!

I turned to share this moment with my husband.  I went to him, kissed him while still in tears.  I told him “we did it, we are pregnant with a baby.”  He was in shock too.  His mind couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that I was pregnant – for real this time!  That he was really going to be a Dad.  (Dads are slower than Moms in realizing what is happening to them.  Dad’s bodies don’t act pregnant at all.  And that is why, in the beginning, Dads have to take Mom’s word on it).

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my baby inside me; but suddenly I was the one who got spooked with carrying a child.  What if something went wrong?  What if something happened to the baby?  What if I lost the baby?  And then, it hit me like a tone of bricks…  Omg!  What if it hurts too much to deliver him?  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the fear of giving birth! And that is when I phoned my mother!   And right after hanging up the phone with her, I called her sister – my Aunt Helene (my best friend).

Both my mother and Aunt Helene knew exactly the right words to say to me.  They shared with me their personal experience as a mother.  Especially Aunt Helene who had four of her own.  Aunt Helene said, she had given birth to four babies, and that each delivery had gone smoothly!  It was these words of wisdom that had given me hope about this new life that was growing inside of me.

Both Mom and Aunt Helene had no doubt that I would go ahead and have this baby; and that the birth would go well.  They both insisted on giving me their support in my new found motherhood.  Both insisted on the fact that they would babysit and change diapers.  All this on Beltane of that year!  And then again, on another Beltane – three years later!  And so will you – each new mothers.

Beltane, May Celebration of Fertility!  A May 1st Sabbath about life renewed with a bun in the oven, support from our Sisters under the Star, and comfort in our old age.  Moreover, about Mother Nature doing what she does best – renewing the bringing of new life!

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  1. Lovely way to take the theme. Having had 4 myself, I certainly appreciated Crone energy during my pregnancies… I had a mixture of so many midwives and the young childless ones were as about as useful as a chocolate teapot… the old ones were so laid back about everything, it was very reassuring.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us, the place where you are in your life now…. there is much wisdom in what you write and I hope that the summer brings much warmth to your heart.

  3. Both my children were born around this time of year (either side of Beltane). It seems like the natural time for births 😀

  4. So important to have women to share reassurance, who have experienced life themselves. Loved your exploration of the goddess’ three faces, too 🙂

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