Awaken Your Heart



Awaken Your Heart to the power that heals your broken heart!  There is only one true way to heal after the loss of one you have loved.  It is to love someone new!


Awaken Your Heart
Awaken Your Heart
Your love life is ascending to a higher level


Awaken Your Heart

Awaken Your Heart, let yourself love again.  Feel the power of what heals you, by taking the plunge to a higher commitment than you ever had given before.  Let yourself do exactly that, this time, so “your love life can ascend to a higher level”.  Congratulation!

Hello there fellow Tarot Bloggers, my name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch) of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This blog article, Awaken your Heart, is part of the 2016 Midwinter Tarot Blog Hop:  Awaken the Heart.  To read another blog article on this topic, click on ‘PREVIOUS BLOG’ to get to Cloe’s blog article.  For the Denver Convention blog by Joy, click on ‘NEXT BLOG’, to read Joy’s blog article.

Congratulation on your engagement

Congratulation on your engagement!  You are taking the plunge, you are getting married again.  Your heart is awakening to the power that heals your broken heart!  Click on Release your ex Lover, to read more about that.

Awaken Your Heart
Awaken Your Heart
with the Thoth Sun Card

Even if there is no one yet, congratulation because the need to live again, to love again, and to do it right this time is germinating in your heart once again.

This is a very good sign that your Season of Tears is coming to an end, and that you have chosen life!  Click on Draw Love To You, to learn more about how to draw Love to you.

Make this time count!  Do it right, and take your time to choose “The One” this time; once and for all!  Start over again with someone new.  With someone who is worthy of your love, and who will not break your heart…

Once you have found someone new, awaken your Love.  Let the Love that you share grow under the Sun; in the light of day.  For all those who have eyes to see with – may see.  Click on the The Emperor Card to read more about this.

Even an online, long distance romance can awaken your Love; Love can flourish to a real life marriage!  Be sure to send her flowers, chocolates, birthday cards, and gifts so to prove that you seriously do love her.  And then wait till you meet in real life, to sweep her off her feet, to ask for her hand in marriage, to put an engagement ring on her finger, to court her, and marry here!

Together let your love life ascend to a higher level

Together let your love life ascend to a higher level.  This time, give yourselves the change to really know what it is like to have a courtship.  Take the time to get to know each other by dating, and being around family and friends on both sides.

Love ascends slowly but surely towards the Sun, once awakened. Don’t go too fast with that, because Love is like a flower.  To finally have a beautiful flower, you must plant it in the good soil.  It must be planted in a bright, sunshiny corner of your garden.  Under the Sun, you must water your flower each day!

Yes, I am seriously saying the word “must” here.  Many people do not like the word “must”, but if you do not awaken your heart to let it love again – then it will not be Love with a big ‘L’.  Then you must nourish your Love in good soil, in the light of day, and let your Love emotions flow through both of your hearts for each other – on a daily basis.  So go ahead, awaken your heart!  Click on The Song (Awaken love) to listen to Alan Powell sing it warmly!





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    1. I’ve had so many tarot clients come to me needing enlightenment and guidance concerning a loss love. It seems that every year just before Valentines Day, people experience such difficulty with that day coming up. They feel alone, or are afraid to be alone because they cannot open their hearts because of a prior loss. They dread growing old and alone for ever. Yet, they fear to love again! It takes great courage to open one’s heart – again. I know, been there done that…

  1. This makes me think of Rumi: Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, Through Love all that is copper will be gold, Through Love all dregs will become wine, through Love all pain will turn to medicine. 🙂

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