Articles about professional Tarot Readers

Articles about professional Tarot Readers are articles written by the features professional Tarot Readers themselves.  In these articles, the Readers talk about their passion for the Tarot, their philosophy, and about their respective Tarot Reading Service.  To read an article by the featured Tarot Reader, scroll down and click on the name of their Tarot Service.


Articles about professional Tarot Readers
Articles about professional Tarot Readers


About others,
About yourself,
About the world.

(Exert of the poem Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me written by Pay)

Articles featuring professional Tarot Readers


.  Article featuring Lion Heart Tarot

.  Article featuring Heather Mendel


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The Sniper Chicken-shit Story

The Sniper Chicken-shit Story is an old soldier’s story that my Dad had told me back at my mother’s kitchen table.  Dad and mom had just parked the family car in the drive-way, when the three boys who had been talking with me on the front steps had spotted my parents car, and just took-off in all directions before my Dad could get out of his car.  So, right after he had come in from running after the boys, Dad told me the sniper chicken-shit story.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Years and years later, my husband took me out to eat lunch with him at a local restaurant.  It was Memorial Day, and he felt like celebrating.  The restaurant was packed with people, it was standing room only.

Out of respect for our age, a nice young lady who was sitting all alone shared her table with us.  During lunch, the young lady talked to the people next to our table.  She was telling one of the young ladies there that she would meet her and their other friends at the local bar that evening.  She added, yes, because she felt that she needed some fun and meet a young man her own age that would satisfy her woman needs – as she referred to it.  Then she turned around and asked me not to think badly of her because she was young, lonely, and sexless since her husband had gone overseas.

This was when I told her “the sniper chicken-shit story.”

When a woman’s husband is off to war leaving her alone and sexless until his return, she meets up with some other women of her village to gather at the farmer’s market of their town because they know “the sniper will see them there”.  You see, the sniper is a soldier who perches himself at the top of a hill that overlooks the town farmers market.  He perches himself up there because he wants to shoot one of his bullets at one of the women down there at the outside market.  Up there, on top of the hill, he thinks himself very brave.  He carefully selects which one of the women down there that he will shoot his bullet at.

However, in reality, he is too much of a chicken-shit.  If he knew the women down at the farmers market knew he was going to go up there so to shoot his bullet at one of them, then he would run and hide instead of going up to the top of the hill in the first place.  So, up there on top of the hill where he is perched, he carefully picks out one of the women to shoot his single bullet at her.  That makes him a ‘single bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  However, once he shoots his bullet into the crowd of women, he does not care to check see if the bullet reached her or not.  What he does instead is, he takes his gun, and his other bullets and runs and hides before the older men of the village can catch him…

There is another kind of sniper chicken-shit.  He is a ‘multi-bullet sniper chicken-shit’.  Just like the single bullet sniper, he will go up on top of the hill.  However, once up there, he will not just shoot one of his bullets at “a” woman down there at the farmers market.  No, he will fire many of his bullets into the group of gathered women.  He will indiscriminately shoot all of his bullets down at them; not even bothering to first find one in his gage.  He does not care whom his bullets reaches, as long as many of his bullets hit the women.

Once he is done shooting all of his bullets, he quickly picks up his gun and quickly runs and hide.  He runs and hides before the old men of the village can catch him.  Why does he run from the old men of the village?  Because he is a sniper chicken-shit?  Why is he a chicken-shit?  Because if he knew that the women of the village had known all along that he would shoot his bullets at them, he would not have climbed the hill in the first place – he would be too much of a chicken-shit.

The moral of this story:

This is the story of the Sniper Chicken-shit story as told to me by my Dad back when I was a young girl of 14; my dad was by then in his mid 50’s.  My father was a WW2 US RANGER, Paratrooper, Ambulance Corps.


The Sniper Chicken-shit Story
The Sniper Chicken-shit Story


Dad told me that the moral of the story is, that a sniper chicken-shit is a man who is too much of a chicken to face that girl’s  father – so to let him know that he wants to go out on a date with his teenage daughter.  Why won’t that man face the girl’s father?  Because he is too much of a chicken-shit to get told: “NO he can not shoot his bullet at his daughter.”  After all, dad always said, “a father knows what a man wants with his daughter.  To shoot his bullets at her!, exclaimed Dad.”

If you think that was bad enough for those three boys having ran off like that, and letting me all alone to face my father, you ain’t heard nothing yet!  Then my Dad went on to say:  “thing is, its the woman who decides if she will let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her.  If the sniper chicken-shit knew that its actually the woman who decides if she will let him shoot his bullets at her, then he would be too scared to climb that hill in the first place.  Instead, he would run and hide even faster!  And if she decides to go to the market and to let the sniper chicken-shit shoot his bullets at her, then she is going to cry (all alone) on her pillow at night.  Because, the sniper chicken-shit does not care if his bullets hit her or not.”  Is when I realized that my father knew me better than I thought!

The reason I told my dad’s chicken-shit story to the young woman sitting across the table from me at that restaurant, was because she expected to meet a man at a bar that night.  A man too chicken-shit to ask her husband (who was off to war) for a date with his wife!  Moreover, he was too chicken-shit to ask her father-in-law or her own father for a date with her.  I knew what that man wanted to do with that young married woman.  He wanted to shoot his bullets at her but was too chicken-shit to treat her with respect, and to honor her husband for his service and sacrifice.

Recommended Professional Tarot Readers

Recommended Professional Tarot Readers, by Evergreen.  This is the list of Tarot Readers I would go to if I needed a Tarot Reading done.  These are Tarot Readers that I have met online, and that I am impressed with.


Recommended Professional Tarot Readers
Recommended Professional Tarot Readers


Recommended Professional Tarot Readers, by Evergreen


.  Carley, at Lion Heart Tarot.  Carley’s email:

.  Sacredfemininekabbalah

.  Evergreen, at Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Evergreen Facebook Page



Featuring Lion Heart Tarot

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot is the first in a series of Tarot Blog Articles in which I present to you a Professional Tarot Reader that I have met online.  I asked each one of these Readers to write a short article about themselves and the Service they offer to us all.


Links Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

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Featuring Lion Heart Tarot
Featuring Lion Heart Tarot


The grass, like green hair, stands up on end with
rising through the snow that has fallen
like dove feathers.

(Mira LambJul 15, 2014)

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot

Featuring Lion Heart Tarot.  In her article, Carleigh – of Lion Heart Tarot – talks about herself, and why she does Tarot Readings for people on a professional basis.  She shares with you her love and passion for the Cards.

Carleigh is a wonderful Tarot Reader and Blogger.  I often read her blogs which are always full of interesting Tarot notions.  She is a beautiful soul, with a wonderful writing style.

What follows is Carleigh’s article in which she presents herself to you.  You can also follow her article link that brings you to her professional blog.  To get there, click on Lion Heart Tarot Blog.

Carleigh – of Lion Heart Tarot


Hello Doll Babes!

It is an honor to be featured on Nicole’s blog!

I am a tarot reader, spiritual and emotional healer and mystic seeker. I look to tarot to help me dive deep into my psyche and make peace with my shadow in order to create a life of my own design. I have been practicing tarot for 5 years, and it has changed me in so many wonderful ways. It is definitely an organic relationship. At times, it is a passionate romance where I feel myself enchanted by its beauty and mystery. Sometimes tarot is like a frim parent who is calling you out on your shit. Sometimes it is a comforting friend, an empowering ally or soothing counselor. You absolutely get out what you put in.

As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety and abuse in the past, I was looking for a tool that would help me to empower myself and allow me to delve into these issues from a grounded place. I wanted a mirror that would reflect the state of my psyche back to me so I could identify the areas in need of healing. Tarot became that tool for me.

My first deck was the Golden Tarot, a lovely mixed media, renaissance inspired deck. It is biased on the Rider-Waite-Smith system and provided me with a strong foundation on which to build my practice. This deck still holds a special place in my heart. It was the first step on this path which has challenged and fulfilled me so much.

About a year ago I decided to start reading for others. I have read for friends and family as well as lovely souls I have met on the wacky world wide web. It has been an amazing, empowering experience for me! I will be opening an official shop later this year where you can purchase readings from me. As for now, I am still in beta testing, so feel free to email me at for readings.

I am not the reader who will predict how many kids you will have or whether or not that hottie at work is your soul mate. My readings are always focused on personal development and empowering you as an individual. It is about co-creating the life of your dreams and harnessing your inner magick, which is really much more helpful to you in the long run.

Tarot is a powerful, wonderful system which surprises me every day. It is an honor to share it with all of you.


Links Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

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Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

Featuring Professional Tarot Readers is a series of Tarot Blog Articles that introduce some of the Professional Tarot Readers you can find online.  When looking for a Tarot Reader over the Internet, it is a good idea to read about them before paying them to do a Reading for you.  In this series of Articles, various professional Tarot Readers will write about the Service they offer you.


Featuring Professional Tarot Readers
Featuring Professional Tarot Readers


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“One’s destination is never a place,

but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller



Featuring Professional Tarot Readers

Featuring Professional Tarot Readers you can find online. Hello there, my name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.   Many Tarot Clients go to several Tarot Cards Readers in hopes of making sure of the accuracy of a Reading given to them.  So I thought I would introduce to you some of the professional Tarot Readers I have met online, and more importantly – that I trust.

I thought I would ask some of them to write a short article about themselves; so that you may get to know them better.  Click on articles by professional Tarot Readers to go read about them.  An interesting part of Tarot is the Readers themselves.  We share with you our love and passion for the Tarot.  We also share with you, our qualities and abilities to read and interpret the Cards for you.

A professional Tarot Reader is someone who will Read and interpret your cards in exchange for money.  You work hard for your money so you might as well make sure that the Tarot Reader you choose to do the Reading for you is accurate.  That the Reader knows what they are doing.

Click on the link on EVERGREEN’S  RECOMMENDED TAROT READERS so to find a list of Tarot Readers that I recommend to you (including myself of course).  Come back from time to time, so to discover those I will be adding to this list as time goes by.







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Soured Soul Mate Love relationship

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship speaks of our commitment to each other.  When one of the Soul Mates goes rogue, we need to remember our commitment to him.  However, sometimes we need to let go.


Soured Soul Mate Love relationship
Soured Soul Mate Love relationship
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue
Soul Mate


You’ve Got To

I know just how it feels
to put one foot in front of the other
only to stumble before you fall;
there’s no strength left
to give it your all

But you’ve got to
You’ve got to walk,
And I’ll be there
Be right there to break your fall


Soured Soul Mate Love relationship

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship is a sensitive topic to approach.  As a Tarot Reader, many people come to me for a Tarot Reading.  They mainly want to know if this man they like is their Soul Mate.  Alternatively, if they are in a relationship gone sour, they want to know if that man they are with really is their Soul Mate or not.

Once the Cards give my client the “yes or no” to their question, I like to explain what a soul mate is.  Your Soul Mate is “someone you spent much time with before you were born” into your current life, and even in your previous lifetimes before this one.”  You had even spent much time with him in the pre-existence.


Your Soul Mate is “the one” who is crucial to your spiritual progression.  This is someone you need in your life, so to grow spiritually together and to accomplish your mission in life together.  This is “the one” with whom you have already pre-agreed to enter into a long-term, Soul Mate Marital Relationship.  Back in the pre-existence, the two of you agreed to go down to earth so to permit the others in your Soul Mate Group to be born and grow spiritually too.  As you can see, “the one” is different from your other Soul Mates in your Soul Mate Group.  If you have not found “the one” yet, click on Soul Mate Manifesting.

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are what they sound like.  These are people who have agreed to be born during the same lifetime together so to progress spiritually together.  You also are part of a Soul Group.

You all count on each other for mutual acceptance; for mutual love; for mutual encouragement; and for mutual help in spiritual growth.  They are your parents and the children they had together.  They are also your closest friends, etc.

However, a “Soul Mate” is that one person you spend much time and enter into a long-term committed relationship together.  The deal you have concluded is to grow spiritually together.

The person you are asking about

The person you are asking about also belongs to your Soul Mate Group.  However, unlike the others in your group, this one person is the person with whom you enter into a “Soul Mate Couple Relationship”.  The two of you agreed to this, and you both gave your commitment to each other.  This commitment was “for mutual spiritual growth”; the kind only possible to achieve in marriage together.

At the time when you first met this person in your current lifetime, you immediately felt an unusually close connection with each other.  You felt comfortable together.  You trusted him right away; it was mutual!  In other words, there was an instant mutual bond with each other.

Why do Soul Mate Relationships turn sour?

Why do Soul Mate Relationships turn sour?  Can we talk?  Because shit happens!

Let us stay real.  We need to be realistic.  A Soul Mate, who is “the one, ” and with whom you are in a Soul Mate Couple’s Relationship has a Free Will.  However, he is free to get off from that page with you, and to move on to a different chapter.

Sometimes our Soul Mates lets us down.  That can happen most especially when we expect far too much of him.  If we place our Soul Mate on a pedestal, then he becomes at higher risk of falling; come tumbling down, and crash hard onto the ground below him.

Expecting total perfection, and a perfect lifetime in his company is asking too much of him.  Especially in this Earthly existence of ours.  Another way to describe this is to refer to your Soul Mate as an “imperfect perfectionist”.  Even a Soul Mate has flaws.  He can make an error in judgement, and make the wrong decision.

My mother was a lucky woman.  I remember wishing I had such a man who would not go back on his commitment to me.  They had been married 46 years at the time of her death.  Dad was her rock, and she was his.  However, neither one of them was ever perfect.  Their couple new both the good and the bad times.

Life is hard without making it any more difficult than it already is.  Soul Mates in a Couples Relationship, need to work on their individual character and personality.  The way we treat each other matter makes all the world of difference.  We should not take each other for granted.

If he does not stop acting like a dick, then your commitment to him can always be revised…

The engagement to each other

The engagement to each other is quite simple enough.  Soul Mates in a Couples Relationship commit to each other to be the best lover they can be to each other; and this for the next 50 years.  They commitment to make it livable with each other.  Their commitment is not to walking away from the other.

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship speaks of keeping your commitment to each other.  You both retain the Free Will to back out at any time of this undertaking.  Hopefully, this will not happen to you.  However, sometimes we need to let go.

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Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen to all the moms out there!  Children have brought a different meaning to your Love Life.  You created a supportive, healing network!


Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Guiding Light Mom

You taught me right from wrong,

and pushed me to do the right thing,

even when it was hard to do.

You took care of me when I was sick,

and your love helped make me well.

You had rules,

and I learned that when I obeyed them,

my life was simpler, better, richer.

You were and are

the guiding light of my life.

My heart is filled with love for you,

my teacher, my friend, my mother.

(By Karl and Joanna Fuchs)


Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen!  May this Mother’s day bring all of your children to sit together at your kitchen table.  Let them bring more love into your life!


Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


Children bring a different meaning to a mother’s Love Life.  They change everything between you and their father.  When before,  you and their father were able to enjoy uninterrupted intimate moments together, seemingly overnight – all that changed for the both of you.

At times, it seemed as if your babies had too much influence on your Love Life.  There were those late night feedings and diapers; cholics and whooping cough; homework and soccer practice; running shoes and babysitters.  Their father could not much afford anymore to take you out and show you a good time.

Your romantic future

Your romantic future started to look bleak once the children came along.   Because of them, you had to make many sacrifices.  You were often too tired for a sexy date with your husband.  It often seemed that you had to give up everything for their sake!  However, it was all worth it because you love your kids so very much!

Improving your romantic future

Improving your romantic future seems impossible at times.  Well, that may sound like it is easier said than done.  Nevertheless, it is doable; but just in a different way.  What it takes is a little bit of imagination and a healthy dose of Love with a big “L”.

The word mother

The word mother is usually understood to mean “a woman that gave birth to her own babies.”  Indeed!  However, that is not always the case.

Mom’s often have children that have not popped out of her uterus.  Those are the kids that she carries in her heart.  Some mothers and fathers bring their own children along with them into a long-term, committed Love Relationship.

Step children are your babies too!  And so are adopted children.  You give birth to them in your heart!

No matter how your kids get to your kitchen table, let them add their love to the family you and your husband have founded together!  Children are an extension, a manifestation of your love life.  What I mean by this, is that your couple brought renewed life into your marital home.  Your kids are the physical manifestation of your husband’s and your’s becoming one flesh.  The both of you have welcomed a new addition to your family.

As my adoption Grandmother Breton always said (god only know she can now rest in peace), “children bring more Love into your Love Life.”  Moreover, she sure knew all about that lol.

When she was still married to her first husband, they never could have any children of their own.  So they decided to adopt together – a newborn baby boy.  After her husband had passed away, she met a widower who would become her second husband – my grandfather Breton.

Grandfather Breton had been widowed for some years by the time he first met her.  His four children were already all grown up; and so was her adopted son.  So –  marrying for the second time seemed like a marriage made in heaven for Grandfather, who seriously did not want any more babies in his life.  After all, said Grandfather Breton, “there was no real risk of her getting pregnant; after all, she did have to adopted because she could not have kids of her own.”  Moreover, she was happy that a man accepted her, even if she could not get pregnant by him.  So they got married together!

Then Aunt Cecile was born.  Then two years later, Aunt Helene was born.  Then one of my mother’s sisters brought her two baby boys to be raised by Grandfather Breton and his second wife.  Moreover, then as the other grandchildren were born and got old enough, we would all play together running around  second Grandmother Breton’s kitchen.  As Grandmother Breton (the second) always said, “children bring more love into my marriage with your grandfather.”

Children can bring conflicts

Children can bring conflicts into your love Life.  Not all children are easy to raise.  If you have such a child, know that the Angels honor and support you in your motherhood.  Angels are willing and able to bring you help with any issue concerning children.

Our own inner child’ is in wonder at the world!  It has in common with our kids, the most amazing things.  We mothers have an inner child within ourselves; that is playful and has a lighthearted spirit.  Children bring this to their mother’s lives too.  In turn, mothers bring this to the children lives.

Sometimes, our need for playfulness and lightheartedness comes in conflict with a child’s need for playfulness and lightheartedness.  Our needs may not necessarily be in zinc with our child’s needs.  This is when we need to sacrifice answering our needs to fulfill the child’s needs.  This demands much maturity on the mother’s part.

Healing emotional wounds

Healing emotional wounds takes time, but it is doable.  It is doable with a mother’s love.  Some children have just come out of their parent’s failed marriage, or just got adopted by you.  They feel rejected, abandoned, unwanted, and not lovable.  This is when we need to do the second mile with them.

We need to double up on our love for such a child.  We need to have more patience than we could have ever imagined possible.  We need to create a supportive, healing family network for such a child.

Always keep at the front of your mind that a child brings in more love into your life.  You find more love for the child, more love for your co-parent, and more love for the child’s absent parent.  In a manner of speaking, your Love Life has augmented in love!

Happy Mothers Day to you Moms!  Congrats on having created a supportive, healing family network for your children.  Indeed, children have brought a different meaning to your Love Life.

Book your Mothers Day Tarot Reading with me.  Click on MY WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE

Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen

Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen.  The history of the Tarot is hard to reconstruct.  Like others before me, I will give it my best shot.


Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen
Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen
Tarot de Marseille


The Fools Prayer

“The ill-timed truth we might have kept–

Who knows how sharp it pierced and stung?

The word we had not sense to say–

Who knows how grandly it had rung!

(“The Fool’s Prayer”  The Little Book of American Poets: 1787-1900)

Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen

Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen, is my best shot at trying to sort out in my own mind the History of the Tarot. Much of Tarot history we read in books today, is slanted towards one Tarot system or the other, or favoring one Deck over the other.  Although they did their best at reconstructing the history of what we are passionate about, the Tarot, I can’t help but feel something is missing from it.

As a girl, my adoption mother Clarisse Breton taught me not only the Tarot, but also other important things about it that she felt I needed to know.  For example, the “esoteric” history of the Tarot.  Naturally, today, I feel the need to prove her out.

Occult historians do not always agree with each other.  That is because Tarot is a timeless esoteric wisdom.  It is a Dark Enlightenment that came to us by way of perception.  So, I hope this article of mine could be as much help to you as it is for me insofar as the reconstruction of the history of the Tarot is concerned.

Solid “occult or esoteric proof” got either destroyed by acts of war and disagreements within the Christian realm.  Today, most of what we do know about it comes from Antoine Court de Gebelin who claims having “perceived it.”

What we do know for sure about it though, is that the Occult History of the Tarot begins with the Tarot de Marseille.  And even saying that much is contentious in certain circles.

This said, it is very well documented by both the French Royalty and the Vatican itself. The Tarot de Marseille comes from the late 1700’s, at the time of ‘The Enlightenment’.  However, its use as such precedes this by some undetermined time.

The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment took place during the 1700’s.  The 18th century was a difficult period for Esoteric (Occultist).  It was that time in history when the French Revolution happened.

French Esoterics, like others of that period, questioned the French Royalty and religious orthodoxy.  They wanted to bring in what is called “The Enlightenment” (or Dark Enlightenment).  The Enlightenment stands for individual liberty and religious tolerance.

What they opposed, was ‘the principle of absolute monarchy’ and the fixed dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Enlightenment was marked by increasing empiricism, scientific rigor, and reductionism, along with increased questioning of religious orthodoxy.

It was also the time during which the first Tarot Deck was introduced.  Antoine Court de Gebelin may have first created the Tarot de Marseille Deck.  However, it is said of this Tarot Deck that there is no documentation in its existence during those days.

Antoine Court de Gebelin

Antoine Court de Gebelin was “the grandfather of much of modern occultism.”  He was a former Protestant pastor and a Free Mason.  A pioneer in linguistics, his focus was Primitive Language and Hermeneutics of Symbolism.  He believed in ‘Enlightenment’ (Dark Enlightenment) and ‘the Golden Age in humankind’s history.’  He said of Tarot, “it is a timeless esoteric wisdom.”

Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen
Occult History of the Tarot by Evergreen
Antoine Court de Gebelin
1725 – 1784

Court de Gebelin wrote an essay in 1781.  The title of his article was, “The Primeval world, analyzed and compared to the modern world,” volume vii; 1781.  King Louis XVI of France headed the distinguished list of Court de Gebelin’s subscribers.

Even back in 1781, Court de Gebelin had already linked the images in Tarot to the ancient Book of Thoth(1).  This goes to say that the French Court of Louis XVI (a Catholic) had endorsed ‘The Dark Enlightenment’; this even though Court de Gebelin did not substantiate his theory of a connection between the Tarot and the Egyptians.

Because he had achieved this by ‘perception’ only, Court de Gebelin could not prove his theory linking the images of the Tarot to the Egyptians.  Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information to represent and understand something.  Moreover, Court de Gebelin did not use “Champollon’s deciphering of the Egyptian language”.

Nevertheless, Court de Gebelin’s “perception” did cause him to hold the opinion that – the Tarot held the “Secrets of the Egyptians,”  Now that is of high interest to many modern Tarot enthusiasts.  This indicates that Antoine Court de Gebelin, during his living, had tried to reconstruct the history of Tarot!

The images of the Tarot were brought to Rome

The images of the Tarot were brought to Rome by Court de Gemelin.  They were secretly known to Popes.  This directly implies that the banishing of the Mystics from Christianity and its Bible had not been entirely successful.  That the Catholicity of the late 1700’s still had its Mystics and by extension – the Mystical Qabalah.

Popes in Court de Gemelin’s day had no other choice but to let Court de Gemelin bring his images of the Tarot to Rome.  And you can bet that they would have vetted Court de Gemelin for heresy(2).  What is of interest here is, that it was the Popes themselves that permitted the images of the Tarot to go forward as “non-heresy”…

But how was that even possible back then?  Is it not said today, that the Tarot is not Christian?  That it is esoteric or occult; and that esoterism or occultism is not Christian?  So why did the Popes back in the days of Court de Gebelin introduce the images of the Tarot to the Court of France?  And that is where my adoption mother’s teachings to me kick in!

The French Court of that period (as still do millions of French people today) held John the Baptist in high regards.  It was Biblical for them to consider the sect of John the Baptist as “the way”; most especially as that was the example given by the Biblical Jesus (Matthew 3).

Matthew 3!  This Bible Scripture linked Christianity to John the Baptist, an Essenian sect member; the Essenian were mystical Qabalists.  Not to mention that the Rosicrucian Christians (les Rose-Croix) have links to the Biblical Essenians also.

Dion Fortune, who is “the classic” teacher of Catholic Esoterism, occultism, and Traditional Tarot is correct to have endorsed Aleister Crowley.  However, like Crowley and so many others, she held that all traces of the Mystical Qabalah was removed from the Bible.  After all, the mystics did get excommunicated.  This said, it is to be noted that many had hid within the Catholic Church itself.  When Court de Gebelin went to Rome, surely as a Protestant Pastor he had reminded the Popes of Mathew 3.

In turn, the Popes brought the images of the Tarot to be introduced to the Court of France.  The proof of this, Compte de Mellet included in Court de Gemelin’s ‘The Primitive Word’:  “is responsible for the mystical connection of the Tarot’s 21 trumps and the Fool; with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet” (Mystical and Practical Qabalah).  An essay appended to this gave suggestions for “Cartomancy”; is Fortune Telling or Divination using a deck of Cards.  Practitioners of Cartomancy are known as cartomancers, Card Readers, or Readers.

The Game of the Tarot

The Game of the Tarot in the French Language is “Du Jeu des Tarots”.  “Du jeu des Tarot,” is taken from an essay titled “Du Jeu des Tarot” written by Court de Gebelin himself.  However, I feel that the usage of the word “game” (in English) leads the human mind to error.

The English word ‘game’ leads the mind to think that Tarot is just a deck of cards with which to play a card game.  True, we can play card games with it.  However, I much prefer my mother’s way of saying it.  Mom told me, that any card game is a Tarot Spread.  While playing any card game with someone, you can use their cards as a Tarot Spread to interpret your opponents Cards for him.

As my mother taught me, “Jeu des Tarot” into Latin – means jocus.  Jocus into English means “joke, jest, game — more at joke.”  The Court Jester in a plain deck of playing cards tells us “that nothing exists without its folly” (or in American English, nothing exists without kidding around).

Personally, I understand “Jeu des Tarot (the game of the Tarot)” to mean the interplay of each one of the twenty-two Major Arcana Cards with each one of the other Cards in the Tarot Deck.  As each one of the 78 Cards in the Tarot Deck is an “intelligence” who is part of a tribe, it is in interaction with each one of the other Cards.  Each one of the 78 Cards are in a relationship with each one of the other Cards in a Deck.  In other words, it is the Jester Card (the court jester, or Fool Card) that is in a interaction with the other Cards in the Deck.  He kids around with them.  Is this not what is alluded to when we say that “nothing exists without its folly”?

Folly into French is “folie”.  For the French, folie is not necessarily madness.  Another word for ‘folie” is enjouement.  Enjouement into English is “magical playfulness”.  Magical Playfulness means ‘pleasantly humorous or jesting in a magical way.’  To kid around.  It is said by some, to be mindful of the details during a Tarot Reading; because the cards can play tricks on you… (not to be mean with you, but to play little jokes on you).

You know what they say!  They say, you only kid around when you are well disposed to do so!  To be well disposed means to be “well suited”!  When I think of the 78 Tarot Intelligences as being “well disposed enough to kid around with one another,” the Joker Card comes readily to mind lol.

My mother’s warning to me comes to mind too.  Mom always insisted, that when people start kidding-around, watch out.  When people kid around, they are well suited at first; but if one of them gets mad (ill-suited, not well aspected), that is when the fight starts.   The energy has changed.

Another way of understanding “the energy” in the Cards, is to look at them from the following perspective.  From how they are “aspected”.  Ask yourself if their energy is positive, negative, or neutral?  The Fool Card is nothing when alone.  However, when with another Tarot Card, it becomes aspected.  This said, the word “jeu” (game) becomes “the quality of the interpersonal relationship between the Cards.”

The Piquet Tarot Deck

The Piquet Tarot Deck was created by Etteilla.  Etteilla (1738-1791) was a French occultist who made his living from doing Tarot Readings for money.  He was the first to make Tarot Divination familiar with the French people of the time; this was back in 1785.

Etteilla said that he had learned his Tarot system from an Italian.  Etteilla published his Tarot Correspondences to astrology, the four classical elements, and the four humors – as a way to recreate oneself with a deck of cards (a game of cards).   The Piquet Deck has 32 cards that are used in gaming, with the addition of an Etteilla Card.  The Title of the book Etteilla wrote is “How to Entertain Yourself with the Deck of Cards called Tarot.”

Donald Tyson’s translation

Donald Tyson’s translation of “the Game of Tarots” by Antoine Court de Gebelin, totally crushes Court de Gebelin.  Remember that Court de Gebelin had ‘perceived’ that the images of the Tarot are linked to the “Secrets of the Egyptians.”  However, Dion Fortune in her “Mystical Qabalah”, agrees with Court de Gebelin.  Fortune goes on to say that “the similarities in the numbers between the Trumps and the Hebrew letters may not be accidental at all.  They are not antagonistic on the Tree of Life of the Qabalah.  “It works”!

Antoine Court de Gebelin may have been the first to create the Tarot de Marseille Deck.  However, there is no documentation proving that it even existed back in those days.

About the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck

About the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck.  It was Marseille inspired.  Even saying this “misses the clear distinction between the two,” Joseph Stifel of Joe Tarot.  The clear distinction between the Marseille and the Golden Dawn Tarot Decks is that The Marseille is a historical Deck.  The Golden Dawn is an occult Deck.  I would tend to agree with Jodorowski, that the Marseille is an esoteric Mystic’s Deck.

This Tarot article was taken and adapted from Donald Tyson’s translation of “the Game of Tarot by Antoine Court de Gebelin.”


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(1)  Note that Aleister Crowley author of the Book of Thoth, lived from 1875-1947.  He was born 194 years after Court de Gebelin’s published article.

(2)  Heresy:  opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.

Choosing Significator Card

Choosing Significator Card is the second in a series of articles on the Book of Thoth Spread Explained.  The first article was an introduction to the “Opening of the Key.”  In this second article, we will look at how to ‘select a Significator Card’.




Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
Thoth Domination Sun Q of S and 3 of S



All I’ve learned
From Rock ‘n Roll
Has helped divine
What I call soul.

By Francie Lynch

Choosing Significator Card

Choosing Significator Card implies that you not box yourself in.  As you probably have noticed by now, performing the Book of Thoth Spread demands that you pay close attention to the details.  You know what they say.  They say that Tarot Reading is the most sensitive, difficult, and perilous branch of Magick.  Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, and others warned us about paying attention to the details.


Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
The Tree of Life of the Qabalah and its Paths


On the Tree of Life, along the Paths, there are those in the Light, those in the Grey (balanced energy), and those in the Dark.  In addition to types of energies, there are also the Qliphoth.  The Qliphoth are Demonic Forces that strive to confuse us into going along the wrong Path on the Tree.  It is up to you then, to know the difference between where you are and where you are not – when doing a Tarot Reading upon the Tree of Life of the Qabalah.  Indeed, Tarot is an Art that requires knowledge and patience!



Be patient when doing The Opening of the Key

Be patient when doing The Opening of the Key.  Choosing a Significator Card, should not be the first step you take when doing this Spread.  This Spread is a multi-level operation.

The most experienced Tarot Readers manage to do The Opening of The Key within three hours.  While the average Reader takes about five hours.  Performing it as an email Reading would take much longer.

Tree initial steps to doing a Tarot Reading

Three initial steps to doing a Tarot Reading, are conducive to accurately divining. Always keep at the front of your mind that divining with the Tarot “is an Art, a magickal artform”, Aleister Crowley.

.  Charge your Deck with your energy

.  Anoint your Tarot Deck

.  Invoke the “Intelligence” for divining with the Tarot

Charge, anoint your Deck, and invoke the Intelligence of the Tarot according to your personal belief system.  I know, I know, I know! We read in Tarot book warnings about following certain specific rituals.  Those rituals are only good for those who are Initiates of a certain doctrine and of its religious affiliations.

Be respectful of that which the Esoteric and Occultists hold as sacred.   Instead, revert to your religion or spirituality.  If you are not one of the Initiates of the occult ways mentioned in Tarot Books, then use a different method of charging, anointing, and invoking.  I honestly believe that the god or goddess of the Pantheon you adhere to – is just as good as the next man’s Pantheon.  What counts is, that you be respectful of the next person’s belief.  You know what they say.  They say take what is good for you, and leave what is not.

How to charge your Tarot Deck

How to charge your Tarot Deck is personal to your belief system or form of spirituality.  You may want to go with a method explained by your favorite Tarot Book author.  This is entirely up to you.

Personally, I leave my Deck under the Moon and the Sun.  Then I place my Deck in my left hand.  Then I put my right hand on top of the deck while it is still in my left hand.  Then I send my own personal Chi (my personal energy) into the Deck.

How to anoint your Tarot Deck

How to anoint your Tarot Deck is personal to your belief system or form of spirituality.  You may want to go with a method explained by your favorite Tarot Book author.  This is entirely up to you.

Personally, I place my deck on my Tarot Altar, face down.  I then cover my Deck with a thick Tarot cloth.  Then I sprinkle a few drops of Salted Moon Water (Holy Water) over the fabric.  Moreover, then I naturally bless it my way.

How to invoke the Intelligence of the Tarot

How to invoke the Intelligence of the Tarot should also be personal to your belief system or form of spirituality. Alternatively, you can trace a protective symbol with your power finger. Trace either the runic sign of the plain Christian Cross, or the Celtic Christian Cross, or that of the Pentagram for protecting.

Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
The Christian Celtic Cross

While tracing the protective symbol of your choice, you may want to do the invocation found in your favorite Tarot Book.  Generally speaking, Tarot Books are written by Occultists.  If you want further information about how to do an Invocation, there are many Tarot Books that explain in greater detail how to do an invocation and protection symbols.

Personally, I do the invocation according to my beliefs.  For example, I use my personal invocation and the Pentagram on my to-go-to deck (The Llewellyn Tarot Deck), and on some of my other Tarot and Oracle decks.


Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
The Fleur-de-Lys (Oriflame)

However, for my Rider Waite, Thoth, and Marseille decks (my Esoteric Decks), I use the invocation and sign that my mother had taught me as a girl; according to her Esoteric Mystical Tradition which is represented by the Flaming Sword over Sea Waters (Salted Water).  This is an Heraldic symbol of our families used for protection and offense.  It has the Elements of Spirit, Fire, Water, and Earth.  In other words, it is a Christian Cross.  Click on The Maker, a song by Daniel Lanois – sang by Willy Nelson and Emmilou Harris, so to understand its full meaning.

What follows is what I pronounce while doing the sign of the Christian Cross on my Tarot Deck before starting the divination.  This is the shortened version of the “Invocation of the Intelligence” of the Tarot, as taught to me by my mother and her cousin Mother Superior (Mother Therese).  During their living, both were Esoteric Mystics and Tarot Masters in their right.

This goes to confirm Aleister Crowley’s Invocation found in his Book of Thoth. If you would like the full blown, traditional Catholic Esoteric Mystic Invocation,  refer to Dion Fortune’s book – Mystical Qabalah.  Her version is the extended text of the Invocation.  The same long version, as taught to me by my mother and her cousin Mother Therese who were both Mystics and Tarot Masters).

“I invoke IAO (the Iota, Alpha, and Omega) (the Maker), that you will send HRU, the Great Angel that is set over the operation of this Secret Wisdom, to lay his hand invisibly upon these consecrated cards of Art, that thereby we (the Tarot Readers) may obtain true knowledge of hidden things, to the glory of the unspoken Name.  Amen.

Discerning a Tarot Intelligence

Discerning a Tarot Intelligence is another way of saying the discernment of the spirits (making the difference) between it and the other Intelligences of the Tarot.  We already know that there are 78 Angelic Forces represented in your Tarot Deck.  These are 78 Intelligences that are living individuals who live together as in a tribe.  Within this tribe (your Deck), one of these 78 Intelligences exercises control over your Querent’s life.  The Significator Card is found among one of these 78 Tarot Cards.

Choosing Significator Card is is not always evident.  There are various methods you can use so to choose a Significator Card.  However, when deciding upon which way to go with, always keep at the front of your mind that the Devil is in the details.

So before selecting a Significator Card, do not base your choice of one on the Querent’s physical characteristics; because those are but details you really do not need, and that will only box you in.  Instead, choose the Significator Card according to the “Intelligence” represented in the Card, and then match it with that of your Querent.

An “Intelligence” manifests itself in your Querent as a family trait.  At first glance, the family trait inherited by your Querent is made apparent by the color of his eyes, hair, and skin.  However, those physical manifestations are “details”.  Instead, look at the big picture rather than at the small details.  Tarot Intelligences also manifest themselves through the content of the Querent’s character, morals, and principals.  In this way, the Art of Divining will help your Querent and yourself.

Choosing Significator Card, in this article, goes to contradict many Tarot Book authors.  Not all, but many Tarot Book authors box us in when it comes down to choosing a Significator Card from just the Major Arcana. However, Crowley states that you can choose the Significator Card from any one of the 78 Tarot Cards in your Deck.  Personally, I am in total agreement with Crowley.

Crowley said in his Book of Thoth, “rather than dwell on the physical characteristics of your Querent, look for the energy manifested within the Querent.”  Choose a card according to your knowledge or judgment of his character, morals, and principals.  These trickled down to him; he inherited them from the Core Force, the Influence, and the energy of the Intelligence behind the Card.

Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
Thoth Domination Sun Q of S and 3 of S

In other words, the Significator can either be one of the Major Arcana Cards, or one of the Court Cards, or one of the Numbered Cards; or a ‘combination’ of all three.   A combination of all three of those is one Major Arcana Card, one of the Court Cards, and one of the Numbered Cards.


Always keep at the front your mind that a family trait is inherited.  It is made apparent in our character, morals, and principles.  As such we are constituted; however, we can choose how we react to it.


Choosing Significator Card
Choosing Significator Card
Thoth Three of Swords


Choosing Significator means not to box ourselves in as Tarot Readers.  Think outside of the box when selecting a Significator Card.  It is the way we respond to those who control and have influence over our lives that best represents us in a Reading.  Our reactions can be traced back up to the Court Card, and ultimately to the Major’s Card.




In my next article in this series on The Book of Thoth Spread Explained, I will go into how correctly to perform the Opening of the Key Spread Reading.

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Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility!  This is a Tarot Blog Hop article about hope, memories, and may I add – about a bun in the oven.  Moreover, it is about our Sisters Under The Star.


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility



When I found out you were coming,

It took me by surprise.

It took me time to realize

I’ll have a son by my side.


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility for my Sisters Under The Star!  Gather around me on this Sabbath night.  In our old age, let us honor this new hope of life.  May we, in turn, bring the hope of a happy future to this – the new life!




Hello, fellow Tarot Readers and bloggers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading by Evergreen.  This blog article of mine is part of the 2016 Beltane Tarot Blog Hop.  Our wrangler is Karen Sealey.

Karen asked us to create puns and do free associations with the word “may.”.   As today we celebrate Beltane, I thought that I may go with what first comes to my mind when thinking of the word “may.”  Fertility!

If I may, fertility is a thing of the past for me now.  I now am at that age when people call me “dear.”  My Tarot Clients tell me I am as a grandmother towards them when Reading for them, and rightly so.  I am 61 years old now; I am a crone.  Being a crone means not only to do Tarot Readings but also to share my motherly experience with the younger mothers.


Beltane at the Winter Season

Beltane at the Winter Season is for us old ones.  Being that old, I am obviously in my Winter Season now.  In my Winter Season, I live pretty much in isolation.  I am an old recluse of sorts (if one may describe me as such).  During my long Winter months, I do Tarot Readings for people – yes.

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Ten of Cups
Llewllyn’s Tarot Deck

Moreover, my Ten of Cups, I now use differently than when I was a young woman.  The Water Element with which I work the most has now turned to Ice now.  This means that Element of Ice loves me and I love it back.

My memories, the good and the bad ones, along with the Crone Goddess have become my best friends.  They keep me company.  And so has the Crone Goddess.


The Three Aspects of the Crone Goddess at Beltane

The Three Aspects of the Crone Goddess at Beltane are awesome!  However, let us not confuse the purpose of their aspects.  Some may confuse the three aspects of the Goddess; but not me.

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

I have learned to make the difference between the three of them.  My girl Goddess still lives within me.  But she only brings memories of a time when I just wanted to ride on my bike, and of just wanting to climb up trees – just like the boys did.  And I am good with her just reminding me of those fun Summer days now.

My young mother Goddess still lives on within me. But she only brings the memories of wanting men to notice me above all others.  Of having fallen in love, of getting married with my not so Prince Charming, and of the boys we raised under our roof together.  And I am good with just those memories now that I have released my first Ex.  To read about releasing your ex-lover or how to release your ex-husband, click on Release your ex-lover.

The Crone Goddess which I represent, now takes up nearly all the place within my reality.  She reminds me on a daily basis, of my being confronted with my humanity.  And I have no other choice but to be good with that.

Being lonely at Beltane

Being lonly at Beltane, when you are a crone, is the loneliest of times.  At such  loneliest of times, I take comfort in my memories, and in the Crone aspect of my person.  My husband having gone to isolate himself from me now lives in that place where men go to during their own Winter Months.  So I await his return come this Spring Time!  Even if this makes me feel sad at the thought of having lost both my my physical attractiveness, and my husband’s romantic presence near me.  I am somewhat good with being in contact with my spiritual side all of the time.  Though I do wish I could be a young women just one more time in this life; but oh well!

Winter is finally over in Biloxi Ms

Winter is finally over in Biloxi Ms.  In my physical reality however, the month of May his here.  There is hope for living life to its fullest here in Biloxi, Mississippi!

Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility

April showers have now ceased.  Our lawn is green again, and Hubby has once again returned to me.  In the sense that he is doing all the things I put on his ‘honey do’ list.  Such things, for example, as mowing the lawn!

My bush trees have already bloomed (no pun intended).  My almond tree as grown back its leaves.   My neighbor’s bird aviary is full of activity again.  Hope is found in Mother Nature!


Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Beltane May Celebration of Fertility
Ten of Cups
The Wizards Tarot Deck


Beltane buns in the oven

Beltane buns in the oven represent Hope.  By hope, I mean that Valentine is remembered for the excellent job he did with his little arrows last February!  His Love Magick still lingers on.  Some of the young men and young women that had fallen for each other back then, have little surprises for us all now.  You know what they say!  They say, your reap what you sow lol.

Spring is that time of the year when I, as a Crone, have now left my Winter retreat to join the rest of my community of women.  My fellow women welcome my return to them.  Like my mother before me and her mother before her, I am now teaching and giving wise counsel to the younger women around me.  And I dare say, us old women abound with the wise council, most especially at Beltane!

Beltane is the season of Fertility!  We celebrate Fertility on May 1st of each year.   This is when knowing a crone, such as myself,  comes in handy.  Among other things, we crones are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience concerning fertility with the young mothers.

I know that when doing a Tarot Reading, the Reading is not about me.  However, it is the privilege of my years to share a little bit about myself with the younger mothers.  Sometimes, a little bit of reassurance and encouragement can go long ways.

Sometimes, a fertility test comes back positive.  This may seem a little overwhelming at first.  I will always remember my first positive pregnancy test.

It was a phone call from my pharmacist that confirmed it.  He had called to give me the results of that urine sample I had brought in for him to test for me.   My first husband and I had been trying to get pregnant on purpose – for over three years without any positive results.  But just not that time!  That time it came back positive!

When the pharmacist told me, that I was for sure pregnant that time, I was in shock!  At first, I couldn’t believe it!  It was only on his third time repeating to me that I was pregnant, that I said “thank you!  He was nearly as happy as I was!

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.  A baby was growing inside my tummy.  My own flesh and blood!  Somehow, I just knew it was a boy!  My son!  I’ll have a son standing by my side during my old age!

I turned to share this moment with my husband.  I went to him, kissed him while still in tears.  I told him “we did it, we are pregnant with a baby.”  He was in shock too.  His mind couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that I was pregnant – for real this time!  That he was really going to be a Dad.  (Dads are slower than Moms in realizing what is happening to them.  Dad’s bodies don’t act pregnant at all.  And that is why, in the beginning, Dads have to take Mom’s word on it).

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my baby inside me; but suddenly I was the one who got spooked with carrying a child.  What if something went wrong?  What if something happened to the baby?  What if I lost the baby?  And then, it hit me like a tone of bricks…  Omg!  What if it hurts too much to deliver him?  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the fear of giving birth! And that is when I phoned my mother!   And right after hanging up the phone with her, I called her sister – my Aunt Helene (my best friend).

Both my mother and Aunt Helene knew exactly the right words to say to me.  They shared with me their personal experience as a mother.  Especially Aunt Helene who had four of her own.  Aunt Helene said, she had given birth to four babies, and that each delivery had gone smoothly!  It was these words of wisdom that had given me hope about this new life that was growing inside of me.

Both Mom and Aunt Helene had no doubt that I would go ahead and have this baby; and that the birth would go well.  They both insisted on giving me their support in my new found motherhood.  Both insisted on the fact that they would babysit and change diapers.  All this on Beltane of that year!  And then again, on another Beltane – three years later!  And so will you – each new mothers.

Beltane, May Celebration of Fertility!  A May 1st Sabbath about life renewed with a bun in the oven, support from our Sisters under the Star, and comfort in our old age.  Moreover, about Mother Nature doing what she does best – renewing the bringing of new life!

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