About me Evergreen

About me Evergreen is a Tarot Article in which I introduce myself to you as a Tarot Reader.  In this article, you will get to know me better as a Tarot Reader, how and why I started doing Tarot Readings.  And what kind of Readings you might expect to get from me.


About me Evergreen
About me Evergreen


The Ten of Cups

I stand arms open,

Welcoming the world I live in;

On this Summer’s Day ©

(10 of Cups Haiku poem by:  Evergreen)


About me Evergreen

Let the universe guide you through a reading with me! My name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch). I am a Tarot and Runes Master, an Intuitive and a Medium with over 50 years experience.  I am also a Isui Reiki Healer at a distance.

I do both email and phone Tarot Readings.  With a Reading from me, you will know what is going on around you, and what is up ahead.   With me, your most important questions about your life, the true nature of the relationship you are in will be answered.  You pay me good money to do a Reading for you, so I will tell you the truth as I read it in your cards.

My Tarot Roots

My maternal grandfather and my adoption mother were Tarot Readers, may they both rest in peace. Both were intuitive and knowledgeable readers. Just as much as they loved the Tarot, I do also; I love the Tarot and the Tarot loves me back!

My grandfather read for years at logging camps and bars; he also read for friends and family. He was known for doing Love and Tarot Timing Readings.  I remember watching him doing over and over again – what he called The Clock Spread (The Wheel).  He was always curious to find out what the next day, the next week, the next month, and even what the upcoming year had in store for him.  He taught me about Tarot Spreads, when and why to use them.

After a while, him and Mom started telling their clients and the friends that I would read for them.  Word got around that Mr. Breton’s granddaughter did readings too…  They would phone my mother asking her if I could read for them…

My mother complimented her father’s Tarot Lessons to me, by showing me how to relate to the cards themselves. Mom told me that “each one of the face cards has it’s own individual persona,” if you would. ‘Persona’ as in forces, influences, energies, and reactions.  That they stood for the people in our family and friends, and for other people in our town and county, etc.  This is how I learned to discern spirits too.

How I became a Tarot Reader Myself 

Mom used to be a school teacher at the local convent.  Mother Superior strongly encouraged her to teach me the Marseille and Lenormand just as she had taught Mom; so to better prepare me “for the world out there”.  As Mother Superior had said, “whether we want to or not, we have no choice but to interact with people.  There will always be those people who exercise control over us.  “You can not stop those people from exercising control and influence over you, but you can choose how you will react to them.”

Through Tarot and Oracle Cards, one can discern the activities of the forces, influences, and energies around you, and at all levels of society.  With a correct interpretation of the Cards, you get the time to react and avoid negative results.  Understandably, both my Grandfather’s and my Mother’s Tarot and Oracle Cards teachings to me – profoundly influenced the way I do card readings today.

Of course, now that I am all grown up, I do research and read up on the subject of the Tarot and Oracle Cards.  Doing so widens the perspective – and thus, the interpretation of the cards. Being intuitive and knowledgeable go hand in hand, is what I always say.

More about myself:

I am a naturally gifted Intuitive, who is also a knowledgeable and skilled Tarot and Runes Master.  I also read the Crystal ball and do Ouija Board Seances.

My Tarot and Oracle Cards readings are valued for enlightenment and guidance.  I offer truth, understanding, and caring Tarot Readings. I am open and honest, and I maintain the integrity of my profession. I abide by the Statement of Ethics of Tarot Associations (Worldwide), and of the American Tarot Associations.

The nature of my practice:

The Tarot reflects our subconscious. Through enlightenment and guidance you can learn to know yourself better. I can help you discover your true inner-self, to become who you really are.  I use a combination of approaches during my readings.  Approaches such as a combination of both knowledgeable and natural intuitive tarot interpretations, mediumship and  Usui Reiki Healing – at a distance, life coaching and Spiritual Counseling.

I create a protective and sacred space in which I surround our energies with a white and red spiritual protection shield. Within this sacred space of mine, there is incense, crystals and stones, and a white candle for clarity.  A Pendulum and a Crystal ball to help direct and focus the energies.  When I perform email readings, I type out my interpretation of the cards, as I read them.  For telephone readings, I speak my interpretation of the cards, as I read them.

The tools I use And My Belief:

I use Tarot and/or Oracle Cards, Runes Crystals and Crystals grids, Crystal Balls and Pendulums, the Ouija Board and Candles and incense.

I believe that you have the free will to shape your own destiny. With a Tarot Card Reading from me, you can better find out and understand what is happening to you, and how to make changes so you can shape your own destiny…

In this article “About me Evergreen”, you got to know me better as a Tarot Reader.  I shared with you how and why I started doing Tarot Readings.  And what kind of Readings I do.

Book your Tarot or Oracle Cards Reading with me, Evergreen.  Click on my Website or my Facebook Page.



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