Featuring Heather Mendel

Featuring Heather Mendel, The Mandala Lady.  Heather is a mystic at heart.  She is an intuitive who fully understands the link between the Tarot and the Kabbalah. Her readings focus on connecting the spiritual and physical in our lives.


Featuring Heather Mendel
Featuring Heather Mendel



Feeling the breath of life.
Feeling the flight of spirit.
Positivity flows.
Manifesting magic.
Birthing angel wings.
I hear the soul.
I hear the stars.
Tranquility washes over me.
Beauty surrounds me.
This peace of mine.
This peace of mind.
It’s so divine.

Intuition knows.
Consciousness grows.
Creativity flows.

Daisy Fields

Nov 13, 2014



Featuring Heather Mendel

Featuring Heather Mendel is an article written by Heather.  In this article, Heather shares with us how she came to be a Tarot and Oracle Cards Reader.  Why she is able to link together the Tarot and the Kabbalah, and mandalas.
It is an honor for me to introduce Heather to you.  She is a very caring and loving spirit who seeks to be a blessing to people she comes in contact with.  She is the embodiment of what Tarot is all about.
Tarot Article by Heather Mendel
Ever notice if life calls and you don’t answer, the call gets louder till you do? Tarot first whispered in my ear many years ago when I was in my late teens. I was fascinated and also a little scared of the power of the cards to tell my future, which I was not sure I wanted. Knowing how suggestible we are, I felt that if there was anything unfavorable in a reading, it could become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Additionally, being Jewish, I felt the symbols in many of the cards were not welcoming to those of us who came from different faiths, and as my path became more clearly defined as feminist, I felt a strong patriarchal layering to the cards.
My connection to the spiritual, and an awareness that there is more to life than meets the eye, came very early in my life. My parents told the story that marked our family’s journey— during their wedding ceremony, standing under the ‘chuppah’ (the wedding canopy used in a Jewish marriage ceremony ) my mother heard something, and turning around, saw her mother had collapsed, and in fact had suffered a heart attack and died. I don’t think my mother ever got over it as she was very close to her mom. What it meant for me was that I was raised in a home in which we practiced Judaism while my parents were actively pursuing what was then called ‘spiritualism’— trying to discover more about life after death than their religious tradition was able to offer.
A mystic at heart, I followed the call of the intuitive down many other paths— acquainting myself over the years with the I Ching, the use of the pendulum, crystals, essential oils and an ongoing study of kabbalah, which was what brought me back to Tarot. Curious about the Major Arcana’s 22 cards my attention was drawn once more to the cards. 22 is an odd number in the way we count (had it 20, 21 or 25 I may never have answered the call) I was fascinated with the fact that there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 pathways on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Was there a connection? As I started to research, I found many coincidences and synchonicities that add layers of possibility and potential to meanings of the cards and ultimately led me to created The Syzygy Oracle which interweaves Tarot and the Tree of Life with a search for The Sacred Feminine.
Tarot and oracles were now very much part of my journey and within a few years I created The Sacred Mandala Lenormand and The Sacred Mandala Tarot. Why mandalas many have asked? – in fact, because I use them in so much of my work, I am delighted to know that I am referred to in some Tarot venues as the ‘mandala lady.’ (Read more on my recent blog post How Discontent Are You).
Just as my readings focus on connecting the spiritual and physical in our lives, I believe the mandala draws together both worlds. I am moved by their wholeness, complexity and design. Mandalas are a symbol of sacred geometric design, a meditative illustration of wholeness. The kaleidoscopic mandala is a celebration of our connection both to the sensory and temporal world of Nature’s color, vibrancy, and fragrance as well as our mysterious and eternal relationship to the Infinite. I bring this consciousness and appreciation of the beauty and mystery of life to my readings, my artwork and writing.
I offer readings in person in Saratoga Springs, NY and via email, phone and skype to clients in the US and abroad. From my study of kabbalah I add additional insights and layers of possibility into the cards and their connections. Believing as I do that the future, rather than being prescripted, is in process— being created by the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think and actions we take, my approach to cards is to view them as a storytelling device that helps us focus on what is happening right now, in the present moment, so that clients can make the most informed decisions they can as they consciously create the future that wish to manifest.

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