Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma pours itself into three of our lifetimes.  It manifests itself in our current life as a sense of injustice.  Now is the right time to heal your Karma before it is too late.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma
Doreen Virtue
Healing with the Angels Past Life Issue



“We are all simply reacting,

played by events that occurred centuries before.”

(Marti Melville, Midnight Omen Déjà vu)

Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma presents itself as injustice Issues throughout our current life.  If you suffer from one injustice after another in this lifetime, it is most likely due to Karma you have accumulated while you were still in your past life.  Fortunately, past life karma can be healed.

Karma that was not repaired during your past life gets carried with you into your current lifetime.  Karma stays with you during three lifetimes.   It was with you in your earlier life, it is now with you in your present life, and it will be in there with you in your future life.  However, know that you can heal your Past Life Karma!

Carried over Karma from centuries ago, alter your today.  This article is not about your personal religious beliefs.  But rather, it is about the quality of your today life.  You are a person of value destined to know great joys.  However, if you keep going through a series of injustices throughout this lifetime, your personal value might become diminished in your own eyes.  It’s no fun suffering from injustices!

The Karma Ledger

The Karma Ledger is an accounting book in which your own personal Karma is jotted down into two columns.  In one column, is listed the qualities you are credited for.  In the other column, are your Karma debts.


Past Life Karma
Past Life Karma


You are a person of value!  You are appreciated for your much excellent qualities.  Those go to your Karma credit.

However, to your discredit, you are less appreciated for your shortcomings in the spiritual.  These are added up in your debt column.  You need to balance your books so that your debt does not get carried over into your next life.

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma

Being weighed down by Past Life Karma is no fun at all.  Some people tend to think of their Past Life Karma as the old ball and chain that they carry around all the time.  They go on to say, that it feels like they are carrying a heavy load on their shoulders.  The longer they carry their Past Life Karma around with them, the more massive it seems to them.

Some people refuse to pay off their Past Life Karma debt.  The longer they stay in debt, the more Karma becomes harsh.  If this is your case, know that you can become Past Life Karma free!

There are different ways to become Past Life Karma Free.  Some people try to clear their Karma with fast food methods.  Those fast food methods are but temporary methods that cause extra Karma to come to you in your current life.  You then can become into deeper Karmic Debt that risks getting carried over into your next life.  In other words, these rapid methods do not permanently Heal you from Past Life Karma; they may even come back to bite you.

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces

Becoming in harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces is the best way to heal from Past Life Karma – on a permanent basis.  This involves you bringing yourself into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces, and you working with them.  With some adjustment, you will be debt free! (To read deeper about that, click on Magically Changing Karma Around).

When Karma throws contradictions at you, you become aware of the natural forces within your inner-self.  Accept your inner forces.  They are part of the natural material forces that afflicts us all.

Life’s spiritual lessons are needed for our spiritual growth.  In each one of these types of experiences, there is a spiritual significance that we can meditate upon.  One of those are, “when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade out of it!”  Turn your shortcomings into qualities people will appreciate you for.  When this happens, your Karmic burden is lifted!

The longer you live, the more you gain in wisdom.  Wisdom shows us that history tends to repeat itself. The Karmic lessons get repeated again until we have learned in wisdom!

Some people lack in understanding.  They do the same thing over and over only to end up getting the same results each time.  For example, if you fall in love each time with a “wrong man”, you are getting the same results each time you go for that same type of guy.  You still have not learned the Karmic lesson that comes along with doing that.

However, when you can manage to fall in love with a different kind of guy who is the right kind of guy for you, you will finally be happy! This means you are then working with your inner Cosmic Forces.  Your Karmic burden will be lifted.

When the same kind of trouble happens to you over and over, chances are it has happened to you in your past life, and it will happen to you again in your future life.  This happens when you refuse to learn your Karmic lesson about that event.  Your Karmic burden has not been lifted.  You are going in the wrong direction, and you will continue that way until you change your life around.

How to affect change in your life

How to affect change in your life, so that you can start going in the right direction?  In practice, a good place to start is to become aware that you are “drowning from an invisible force”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.  It has become a prominent factor with you.

Become aware of your character.  Change it!  Do not force yourself toward change that will not work for you efficiently.  Beginning to build thought forms that will deliberately destroy undesirable Karma in your life.

Now is the right time to heal your Past Life Karma.  Life injustices are Karmic lessons for you to grow in wisdom. Always keep at the front of your mind, that if Past Life Karma is not healed in this current lifetime, it will follow you into your future life too.

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Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around starts with becoming aware of your own nature.  There are significant Forces within yourself and the Cosmos that cause both good and bad Karma.  You shall find the real meaning of happiness by understanding these Forces.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, the Change Card


I’m a true believer in karma.

 You get what you give,

 Whether it’s bad or good.
(Sandra Bullock)


Magically Changing Karma Around

Magically Changing Karma Around is successfully done by embracing your own nature.  I honestly believe that you can discover yourself anew.  Begin to align your inner-self with the Cosmic Great Forces.

On Facebook, we read Karma Memes telling people not to seek revenge.   Instead, they say just not to react to offenses.  If you are like me, then you are still a work in progress; most especially if you tend to respond anyways!  We need to align ourselves with the Cosmic energies within ourselves.

It’s not that Facebook Karmic Memes are wrong per say.  In a way, they are true.   But they do not teach enough about Karma.

Facebook Karma Memes

Facebook Karma Memes are great teachers of valuable lessons.  Nearly each day, they are there before our very eyes reminding us of the Karma Fruits.

Our intentions are good.  We do not want to live in the “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” morals.  The main reason we do not necessarily want to adhere to that type of moral principle is because we believe it will attract bad Karma to us.  No matter, somehow, we still end up with bad Karma anyway; and we wonder how is that possible?  It is because of the Karma Fruits!

Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around


Our own actions and the words that we speak are energy that we put out there in the world around us.  After all is said and done, no matter our good intentions, we reap what we sow.  In other words, we end up with Karma Fruits in our hands.

Karma Fruits

Karma Fruits are comparable to a series of storm clouds in the sky.  We can see the storms coming our way. No matter how well we prepare for those, we can not prevent them.  We are aware of their potential to create havoc in our lives, but we do not have control over them.

When the storms hit, all we can really do is to accept them.  They do their thing for the time they last and then move on; until the next storm hits.  Once they have passed, all we can do is to assess the damages left in the wake of the storms and move from that point forward.

There are consequences to everything thing about our life.  Some are good outcomes.  Some not so good.  Before saying or doing something we might regret, we need to think!  Think!  Think!

We use that time wisely!  By doing our own personal inventory in the matter. we work on “bringing ourselves into harmony with the Great Cosmic Forces present in our inner-self; we work with those instead of against them”, Dion Fortune, Practical Magic.

These Great Cosmic forces within us, are what compose the natural laws of the unseen.  By harmonizing these Forces, you make life easier on yourself; instead of suffering the consequences of going against them.  And such is life on the Karma Tree!

Karma Tree of Life

Karma Tree of Life is but one Tree; ‘as above, as below’.   The Tree above ground is the Tree.  The Tree below ground is but the mirror of the Tree seen above ground.  You can see two trees in the picture, but there is but one.


Magically Changing Karma Around
Magically Changing Karma Around
The Karma Tree


The image of the Tree above ground represents working with Light; our own inner-self and the Cosmos we are in.  The one below ground represents our shadow self; the mirror image of our inner-self – our dark side.

No matter if we work with the Light or the Dark, it all boils down to the same.  Because the Light is our own positive energy and the Dark is our own negative energy.   Even working with our positive energy, we get the bad Karma fruits just as much as the good Karma fruits.

We need to understand clearly, that we do not have two natural separate and distinct people living within our person; a human is indivisible.  There is but your own ‘in-di-vi-sible’ inner-self within your envelope you call your body.  And that people can notice both your good side and your bad side.  To coin a phrase, it all depends on if they get on your good side or not.  This, even if you try to keep your ugly side in check.

There are both bad and good consequences to working from your good side (your Positive inner- Natural-Forces).  Because there is just ‘one you’.  The Dark and the Light energy you are made of, are like two sides of one same coin.  On the face part of the coin, you are positive energy.  On the flip side, you are negative energy.  However, you are still you!

Our very own nature is precisely like that in the example of the coin with two sides to it. Your own natural energy has a good and a bad side.  When you do Magick, no matter your intent, you will get some Karma back.  Both your good and your bad side are present at that the very same moment in time.  The two sides aspects of yourself are both present; you are naturally indivisible!  Your shortcomings and your qualities are both there!

Your need to become aware of your nature.  You need to change yourself first, before ever thinking of changing another person.  If not, you will find yourself in a similar situation, with similar people; over and over again…  This no matter where you go to…

Karma accounting

Karma accounting is another way to say ‘doing your own personal inventory’.  On one side, are your Karmic debts (your own shortcomings).  On the other, are your qualities you get credit for.  We all need to keep our books balanced to find balance in your life!  Once your Karma books are balanced, you owe nothing to no one.

You need to become aware of the significant Forces within yourself.  By understanding these Forces within yourself, you can then magically change your Karma.  Magically Changing Karma Around takes time and wisdom.

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Little Bottle Worth Millions

Little Bottle Worth Millions!  What if I told you that I have a small bottle that could be worth a lot of money to you!  How much would you be willing to pay me for it?


Little Bottle Worth Millions peaks curiosity
Little Bottle Worth Millions peaks curiosity


I have this burning desire all in a bottle,

And it’s all going to come out

When I do the best I’m capable of doing

(By Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Brainyquote)


Little Bottle Worth Millions

Little Bottle Worth Millions, I have it.  Do you?  Would you pay me for it?  Would you pay me $1,000.00 for it?  How about $100.00?  What would you say, if I asked you just $10.00 for it?  Going, going, gone.  Too late!

Good thing you did not pay me anything for this little bottle of mine.  What made you hesitate?  How did you know not to purchase it from me?  Are you psychic or what!!!  Well, I do not exactly have one that is worth a lot of money anyways!

However, what I really do have is a burning desire to share with you something that could be worth a great deal to you as a Tarot Reader; at least in the long term!  If you are like me, you have a burning desire to do the best you are capable of doing.  If this is your case, then I have a Tarot Secret to tell you for free!

Tarot Psychic Readers

Tarot Psychic Readers are associated with the Tarot.   Indeed, many of us Readers are psychic (not all, but many are)!  We are gifted in that way.  For some of we Readers, Psychic Powers occur naturally.  For others, well they must work at it more.  Whether you are a natural or that you must work at it more than others, all Tarot Psychics could improve upon this supernatural gift of ours.  Don’t quote me on that, but go and read Dion Fortune’s book “The Mystical Qabalah”.

This book by Ms. Fortune is considered the classic Occult teachings of the Qabalah.   But if I could put all that priceless knowledge contained in that book, and put it all into a little bottle and sell it – I would become a millionaire!  If not, it would, at least, be a Little Bottle Worth Millions to me.  And that peaks curiosity!

Enhancing psychic powers

Enhancing psychic powers is a good idea.  And that is what Dion Fortune places emphasis on in that book of hers.   She goes on to teach us Tarot Readers how to do that by raising our level of consciousness and its character.  This can be successfully achieved by looking for the Psychic Principles represented in the glyph of the Tree of Life.  When we do so, we are actually living the “as above, as below”.

The glyph of the Tree of Life shows us many things about we humans.  For example, it shows us how to enhance our psychic powers by astral traveling along the Pillar of Mildness.  Aligned on this central Pillar, are the Spheres of Malkuth, Yesod, Thiphareth, and Kether.  There on this Middle Pillar, we learn the metaphysical principle which they represent.

We already know that “Tarot is a system of divination, with its comprehensive interpretations”, Dion Fortune, the Mystical Qabalah.  We also already know, that Tarot shows us the “keys to the Tree of Life as applied to human life”.  We already know that the Pip Cards speak of how we react to people and situations that control us in our lives.

More precisely, the Pips can also show us the consequences to how we respond to people and situations that control us in our lives.  However, rarely do we stop to think about the Rising of the Planes.

The Rising of the Planes

The Rising of the Planes is a Western Magical Operation.  This Magical Operation takes place on the Central Pillar of the Tree of Life.  We use the Central Pillar so to ‘induce’ its extension of consciousness.  ‘To induce’, means “to cause something to happen; or to cause something to exist”.

For example, we can make our consciousness perceive.  We can induce the seeing of people and situations otherwise unknown to them and to us.  As our consciousness rises upon onto the Planes of the Central Pillar, we begin to astral travel to there – so to “induce” our psychic abilities.  In other words, the Central Pillar is “a symbolism employed to induce the extension of consciousness”.

When our consciousness travels up and down the Pillar of Mildness, we do not necessarily have to follow their numerical attributions.  However, it is always good to know that this Pillar enhances our psychic powers.

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About Counting Paths

About Counting Paths, it can get rather confusing.  We are told there are twenty-two paths.  But when you count them, it comes out instead to thirty-two paths.  Which one is right?


About Counting Paths
About Counting Paths


About Counting Paths

About Counting Paths on the Tree of Life, the Occultists have set calculation traps.  This is why the non-initiate needs to be smarter than the average bear.  Even though books tell us that there actually are twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life, they add up to thirty-two anyways.

It would be a grave error to think that there are thirty-two paths on the Tree of Life.  Because there really are just twenty-two paths.  Instead of leaning upon the words of somebody telling you that there are twenty-two of those, it is best if you knew how one comes up with the number twenty-two.  But first, let us get on the same page together when speaking of Paths.

Let us get on the same page together

Let us get on the same page together when speaking of Paths.  Indeed, There are twenty-two Paths on the Tree of Life!  First, you need to understands what is referred to as Paths.

There are two ways of understanding what Paths are on the Tree of Life.  Both methods are correct.  However, only one of those two leads to successful practical workings.

We know that there are ten Sephiroth and the Lines connecting them.  Both the Sephiroth and the Lines  appropriately referred to as “Paths”.  That is because both “channel Divine influence”, Dion Fortune.  In other words, Divine power is directed through both the Spheres and the Lines on the Tree of Life.  To read more about this, click on Understanding Paths and Spheres.

Considering Paths from the perspective of “channeling Divine influence”, you would indeed count thirty-two Paths.  However, from the viewpoint of ‘Practical Workings’, only the number twenty-two would bring you success.  So how can we come up with just twenty-paths then? To read more about how to differentiate between the two types of Paths, click on Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries.

How to get just twenty-two Paths

How to get just twenty-two Paths, so to do practical workings?  By working in the ‘Light of Knowledge’.  In the Light of knowledge, we know that “each Path Line connects together two Sephiroth.  And that each one of the Path Lines represents ‘the equilibrium’ of the two Sephiroth it connects.

So let us count ‘the equilibrium’ (the Path Lines).  Because, for particle purposes, we call the Sephiroth – spheres.  And for the same reasons, we call Lines ‘Paths’.

Symbols are placed upon the Paths of Equilibrium (the Lines).  Such symbols as:

  • the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet
  • the 12 signs of the Zodiac
  • the 7 planets
  • and the 4 elements

Added up together:

  • 12 signs of the Zodiac
  •   7 planets
  •   4 elements

Equals 23 Symbols.  Obviously, looking at it in this way, we do not get the number 22.

However, there is another way so to get the number 22!

Always keep at the front of your mind, that the Tree of Life is a glyph on which our consciousness travels up and onto the astral planes.  As our consciousness is already in the element of Earth, we do not need to count the element of Earth.  Tadaaa!!!

For this apparent reason, “leave out the element of Earth from our calculations when making contact with the Unseen world”, Dion Fortune.

When we leave out the Symbol of Earth, we get the correct set of correspondences:


  • 12 signs of the Zodiac
  •  7 planets
  •  3 elements

22 Symbols.  Tadaaah!

About Counting Paths On the Tree of Life is all about arriving at the correct twenty-two Symbols placed on the Lines (Paths).  For Practical Workings such as Tarot, we mainly think twenty-two Major Arcana Cards equals twenty-two Paths.  This can all get rather confusing.

At first glance, the glyph of the Tree of Life appears to have thirty-two Paths; but once you count the Paths in the correct way, you discover the number twenty-two!  After all is said and done, it is about counting Paths On the Tree of Life


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Three Manifestation Pillars

Three Manifestation Pillars are on the Tree of Life.  These Pillars are rich with psychic principals.  They need to be clearly understood, so to use them successfully when doing Tarot Readings


Three Manifestation Pillars
Three Manifestation Pillars


Three Manifestation Pillars

Three Manifestation Pillars are on the Tree of Life.  Once you clearly understand what they are and what a Tarot Reader can use them for, you can then think about actually doing Tarot Readings on them.  Understanding these pillars is well worth your time!

For the purpose of this blog article, you will need to face the Tree of Life, so to follow along.  When first looking at the Tree, become aware of the Ten Spheres placed upon it.  After a while, it will become apparent to you that the Spheres are spread out onto three columns (pillars).  (To read more about the Spheres themselves, click on Understanding the Paths and Spheres).

The Column on the right-hand side of the Tree is called The Pillar of Mercy.  The column to the left-hand side is The Pillar of Severity.  And the column in the middle is The Pillar of Mildness.  These three columns taken together, are “The Three Pillars of Manifestation”.

The Three Pillars of Manifestation

The Three Pillars of Manifestation, represent the three great metaphysical systems of the World.  The Three Channels of Piana.  The Yin and Yang Principals.  And the Tao.

Separately, each one of the above metaphysical systems makes sense only to their own adepts.  However, when you place them together on the Three Pillars of Manifestation, you can clearly observe them in total agreement with one another.  And that is when they all start making sense to us Tarot Readers too…

The Pillar of Mercy

The Pillar of Mercy is the Pillar on the right-hand side of the Tree.   Are placed in this column, from top to bottom and in that order, the Spheres of Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach.  Because each one of these three Spheres is about showing some form of mercy…

Mercy is a positive factor in our lives.  When we manifest positive energy, there is an atmosphere of ‘kindness’ that is created.  Kindness is contagious; it spreads quickly…

The Pillar of Severity

The Pillar of Severity is the Pillar on the left-hand side of the Tree.  Are placed in this column, from top to bottom and in that order, the Spheres of Binah, Geburah, and Hod.  Because each one of these three Spheres is about being unkind…

Severity is a negative factor in our lives.  When we manifest negative energy, there is an atmosphere of ‘unkindness’ that is created.  Another way of saying ‘unkind,’ is to say ‘cruel’.  Cruelty is also contagious; it spreads even more quickly than kindness.

The Pillar of Mildness

The Pillar of Mildness is the Middle Pillar in the Tree.  Are placed in this central column, from top to bottom and in that order, the Spheres of Kether, Thiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth.  Because each one of these four Spheres is about our ‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is awareness.  When we start to become ‘aware’, we are just barely at the beginning stages of enlightenment.  With guidance, we can rise to the planes of consciousness.    And it is here, on the Pillar of Mildness, that our conscious is induced!

It is precisely here, in The Pillar of Mildness, that we Tarot Readers begin to recognize some of the words we use when interpreting the Tarot Cards we pull for ourselves and for our clients.  Words such as “consciousness”, “awareness”, “enlightenment”, and “guidance”, etc.  Sounds familiar hey!

Three Manifestation Pillars are on the Tree of Life.  Each Pillar is rich with psychic principals.  We can use the Pillars successfully when doing Tarot Readings.

Once you, as a Tarot Reader, become aware of their purpose in Tarot, you will become even more enlightened.  Let the Three Manifestation Pillars guide you through your Tarot Readings for your Querents!


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Understanding Paths and Spheres

Understanding Paths and Spheres on the Tree of Life is crucial to getting good results.  When learning how to do Tarot Readings on the Tree, you will stumble upon traps set there by the occultists.  Good news is, there are ways to avoid those.


Understanding Paths and Spheres
Understanding Paths and Spheres


Understanding Paths and Spheres

Understanding Paths and Spheres set by the esotericism requires you to pay attention to what you think you learn from them.  Learn from their teachings, but do your own thinking.  Strive to prove out what they teach.  Personally, I like Dion Fortune’s book on the Mystical Qabalah; so much so that I have extrapolated some of the information found in her book, and have transposed it to this article of mine.

I only say this because they tend to set traps for us Tarot Readers.  Esoterics or Occultists, wish to share their knowledge with us all.  However, they are sworn to secrecy.

Esoterics or Occultists are divided up into many Secret Societies.  Their membership is sworn to keep what they learn there, within the confines of their respective Societies.  They share info, but it is info containing intellectual stumbling blocks.

However, some Occultists have written excellent books about the Tree of Life, the Spheres, and the Paths.  And even about the Tarot Correspondences therein.  Their books are filled with a wealth of high-quality information.

The Tree of Life of the Qabalah

The Tree of Life of the Qabalah can be used to do Tarot Readings.  If you want to do Readings using the Spheres and the Paths of the Tree of Life, be mindful of what they actually are.  The Tree of Life itself is a glyph of “the soul of man and of the universe.  It evokes images in the mind”, Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah.


Understanding Paths and Spheres
Understanding Paths and Spheres


When you do Tarot Readings, you can use this form of meditation.  While meditating upon the glyph, your consciousness can be raised from the element of Earth up and into the astral planes.  Once your consciousness is thus lifted, you are astral travelling onto the Spheres and the Paths of the Tree.(1)  Amongst other things to do while in the Tree, is divination.


The Ten Spheres upon the Tree of Life

The Ten Spheres upon the Tree of Life are called ‘Sephiroth’.  Sephiroth is plural, Sephirah is singular.  The Sephiroth represent the macrocosm, “the successive phases of evolution of the Cosmos and of the soul of man”, Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah.  Ms Fortune is considered the classic Tarot Reader, and the traditional teacher of the Tarot.  She goes on to say that you should be looking at each Sephirah from the perspective of a “psychic principal”.

The Ten Spheres or Ten Sephiroth are (as above, as below):

  1. Kether, the Crown (the entering into the Light, and come not forth again).
  2. Chokmah, Wisdom
  3. Binah, Understanding
  4. Chesed, Mercy
  5. Geburah, Strength
  6. Thiphareth, Beauty
  7. Netzach, Victory
  8. Hod, Glory
  9. Yesod, the Foundation
  10. Malkuth, the Sphere of Earth (brain consciousness); the Kingdom

The twenty-two Paths

The twenty-two Paths, are the lines between the Sephiroth.  In a nutshell, these lines represent ‘the equilibrium’ between one Sephirah and its connecting Sephirah.(3)

The Paths are (as above, as below):

At the level of the microcosm, the Paths represent the soul of man.  Not his body”, Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah.(2)   Also, instead of facing the two columns of Mercy and Severity when studying and working on the Tree of Life, turn your back to it.   Doing so will let you better follow along.

When attributing Tarot Cards to the Tree of Life
When attributing Tarot Cards to the Tree of Life, avoid getting confused. Aleister Crowley’s “777” book gives the correct way of doing that. The reason the Tarot Cards attribution as given in “777” is deemed to be correct, is because “the correspondences work out without discrepancies”, Dion Fortune.  Attributed this way, the Cards do not contradict each other.  This said, however, be mindful of Crowley’s human understanding.  Some slight mistakes have been found within it.

The Four Suits found within Crowley’s “777” system, are deemed the best to follow.  Because they are assigned to the Four elements of the Alchemist:

The suits on the Tree:

Wands:  Atziluth = Fire

Cups:  Briah = Water

Swords:  Yetzirah = Air

Pentacles (Coins) = Earth


The Four Court Cards:

  • Kings, Queens, Knights, and Knaves

N.B.  Differ in traditional pack:

–      Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses


The Pip Cards: (represent ‘action’ of the Divine Forces in each Sphere and on each Line)

The Four Aces: Kether (1st Sephirah)

The Four Twos: Chokmah

The Four Threes: Binah

The Four Fours: Chesed

The Four Fives: Geburah

The Four Sixes: Thiphareth

The Four Sevens: Netzach

The Four Eights: Hod

The Four Nines: Yesod

The Four Tens: Malkuth


The twenty-two Trumps:

Follow Crowley’s table in his “777”

Exact origines of the twenty-two Keys of the Tarot and of the Tree

Exact origines of the twenty-two Keys of the Tarot and of the Tree are a matter of controversy in the Tarot Community.  Sadly, concrete proof of their origins have been lost to humanity.  However, considered as ‘symbols’, it would seem safe enough to assume that they can be associated with the twenty-two letters of the Jewish alphabet.  (Click on Jewish alphabet to read more about that).  To astrology; to planets; to the principles of the Yin and Yang; to the Tao; and to the three channels of Prana.  To the positive and negative factors of ‘manifestation’.

Understanding Paths and Spheres on the Tree of Life is crucial to your getting good results.  This said, do beware of the ‘traps’ set by the esoteric or occultist lol…  And do try to follow Crowley’s tables in his “777.

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(1)  When successfully astral travelling upon the Tree of life, don’t forget to ‘close’ when returning back to your own reality.

(2)  The Paths represent the soul of man; not his physical body. But rather, they represent his Chakras situated at the level of his astral body.

(3)  “Be aware of the confusion created when calling both the Spheres and Lines, Paths. Both the Spheres and the Lines are called “Paths”, and justifiably so.  However, they must be taken separately and with knowledge so to make the difference between them both when doing Tarot Readings.  Or else, your divining will become a mishmash…  Yes, the Spheres and the Lines are Paths, in the sense that they equally ‘channel’ Divine influences (Core influences).  But in practical workings, only the lines between the Sephiroth are considered “the Paths”, Dion Fortune.

Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries

Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries reveal important clues during your Tarot Readings.  This whether you Read intuitively or from a wealth of knowledge.  Understanding the Core Forces of the Higher Mysteries will raise your level of Reading to new heights!


Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries
Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries
(Above is a picture I took of a Horoscope Spread I did with twelve of the Major Arcana Cards)

Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries

Twenty-two Tarot Higher Mysteries of the Tarot Cards are the twenty-two Major Arcana Cards in your Tarot Deck.  They are also known as the Twenty-two Keys of the Tarot.  Basically, these keys open your mind to becoming aware of this material plane, and of the astral plane (the spiritual).

The Intuitive or Psychic Tarot Reader

The Intuitive or Psychic Tarot Reader looks at the image on a Trump Card, so to get impressions.  Impressions are ideas that we get from looking at the Card.  We can speak the thought to our client or we can interpret its meaning.  In other words, we intuitive or psychic Tarot Readers can sense the worlds around us.

When you are still a beginner Tarot Reader, you first start by looking at the image on each of the Twenty-two Majors.  You look at each one for as long as you feel you must do so.  You can even study what the different drawings on the cards represent.  You can also learn their meanings and keywords if you want.

However, after some time doing this, it is highly suggested you throw away the book.  So to start getting your own impressions from the cards.  So to pick up what each one of the cards is trying to tell you.

Throw away your Tarot Book

Throw away your Tarot Book?  Newbie Tarot Readers are advised to throw away their Tarot Book!  Meaning, do not use your Tarot Book as a crutch!

The mind in the background of the Card

The mind in the background of the Card, is the Intelligence.

Instead, “look for the mind in the background of the Major’s Card you are looking at”, Dion Fortune, the Mystical Qabalah.  A Major’s Card is set up in such a way, that you get the impression you are a spectator of a play.  As the spectator, you are looking at a scene on a stage.  You can readily see the furniture and the actors on the stage.  But what you cannot see, are the people behind the curtain in the background of the scene.

On the stage, behind the furniture and the actors, is a large curtain in the background.  Behind that curtain, are the writers and the director of the play.   You can not hear them; nor can you see them.  But they are there anyways.  The writer and the director are the minds in the background of the play who whisper directions and words to the actors on stage!

The same goes for the twenty-two Higher Mysteries of the Qabalistic Tarot.  Each one of those cards has a “mind in the background” of the Card.  The “mind in the background” of the Card is called a “Core Force”.  Each one of the twenty-two Major Arcana Cards, represent a Core Force on the Stage of your life, or of your Querent’s life!

More specifically, this Core Force is the Director of your own play.  It gives you the words associated with the image on the Card that represents it.  The “mind” in the background of the Card, will give you clues to listen for and to look for.

The Mind in the background will whisper to you the directions for you to take with your mind in both the material and the astral world.  It will whisper to you the words to interpret for your client.  All you need to do is to look at the Card, and to listen to its Secrets!


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Tarot Finance Advice Readings

Tarot Finance Advice Readings give a sneak peek of what is going to happen money wise.  People work hard for their money.  They want to make it go further, so they could have an easier life.  So they consult the Tarot on how to handle their money.  Some people feel they are doing great, but want to make their money go even further; others will ask for a Money Spell because they feel they are going nowhere fast.


Tarot Finance Advice Readings
Tarot Finance Advice Readings


Life going nowhere, somebody help me

Somebody help me, yeah

Life going nowhere, somebody help me, yeah

I’m staying alive

(Lyrics found in the Bee Gees’ Song Staying Alive)


Tarot Finance Advice Readings

Tarot Finance Advice Readings are known as especially risky.  Not many Tarot Readers want to do those kinds of Readings for you.  Because, if they should make a mistake –  you would loose money.  They will get a bad reputation in both the Tarot Community and with their Tarot Clientele.  In other words, their name will turn to mud…

However, other Tarot Readers will do Tarot Finance Advice Readings.  Good Readers know what they are doing in that area.  And they get paid very well for it.

Personally, I do not specialize in Tarot and finance.  I am mainly good at ‘knowing the type of relationship you are in’ Readings.  However, I have been known to do some Tarot Finance Advice Readings mainly for my return clients who ask me to do that for them.  And I have been good at those.

Those clients trust me because I take the time to establish a good rapport with them.  My reputation with them is a good one.  There is very little risk of my name turning to mud with them.  They only expect me to enlighten and guide them the best I can;  I tell them honestly what I read in the cards for them.

Tarot Finance Advice Readings, I first did for myself in my own material and business life.  Do not get me wrong, I am not rich by no means.  I am not a Star of the Tarot Community.  I am just little old me; a Tarot Reader who has done Readings on and off – for well over fifty years now…

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Readings By Evergreen.  This Tarot Blog article on Tarot and Finance is part of the 2016 Vernal Equinox Tarot Blog Hop.  We are a group of Tarot Bloggers who get together from time to time, so to blog together on different Tarot subjects such as Tarot and Finance – for example.

First, read all the way through my Tarot blog article on Tarot and Finance.  Once done, click PREVIOUS to read Ethony Dawn’s article.  Or on the MASTER LIST.  Then on NEXT to read Brittany Vance ‘s article.

Tarot and Finance

Tarot and finance are of particular interest to many at this time of the year.  If you are like me, taxes weigh heavily on your mind now.  Our Tarot Business Year has come to an end, and the Tax Man expects us to file our taxes.  Just last week, I went to a professional business and tax accountant to have my income tax done by him.

I am the owner and only Tarot Reader at Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Doing Tarot Readings in exchange for money energy is but a ‘hobby business’ for me.  I am my boss.  I am also a stay at home wife who is my husband’s caregiver.

Because I run a hobby Tarot Business, I need a tax accountant to do my income taxes for me.  Since my Clients pay me to my PayPal business account, all I need to do is tally up all the paid invoices.  Then I do the same with my business expenditures.  After I have done that, I bring that to my tax accountant, for him to fill out the tax form for me.  All I need do is sign it and pay him.

My tax accountant is a professional corporate tax accountant that runs his business from his home, a street from my house.  His daughter, who is also an accountant, is a Tarot Client of mine.  On top of doing my State and Federal taxes for me, he gives me professional financial advice for my little hobby business.


Tarot Finance Advice Readings
Tarot Finance Advice Readings


Needless to say, filing taxes can be stressful; especially in the case of a hobby business.  Having a tax accountant took a weight off my shoulders.  I do not have to worry about that anymore.  All I have to do from now on is to do professional Tarot Readings for my clients, and let him worry about my income tax at the end of my business fiscal year.

How do I use the Tarot for financial matters

How do I use the Tarot for financial matters, is simple.  Two years ago now, I used the Tarot to help set my fee for doing Readings.  The average professional Tarot Reader charges between $100 to $150 per Reading.  However, my clients barely afford my $50 fee for a one-hour phone consultation; most have to save up for another Reading with me.

The first question to ask of a Tarot Reader who agrees to do Tarot Finance Readings for you is, does she do that type of Reading for herself.  As most Tarot Readers are not wealthy, the results they do get from reading for themselves will be in accordance with their own individual circumstances.  However, if their Readings work for themselves, it will work for you too no matter your revenue!

For myself, I did use the Tarot about my own matters financial.  It’s been two years ago now since I did my very first one.  At the time, my husband and I were indigent; he had just lost his job and was receiving chemotherapy.  I had to stay home to take care of him.

Out of desperation, I took out my Tarot Deck.  I asked my Tarot to tell me what it wanted me to do.  Then I did a spell.  And I never had to repeat it since; it lasted for two years now!

How did I do it?  I started by pulling just one single Card a day – for four days in a row.  Without fail, the Tarot showed me my exact financial situation at the time.  On the fifth morning, I did a seven Cards ‘yes or no’ Spread.  On the sixth day, I did an even wider spread, so to get enlightenment and guidance about the crafting of a ‘draw money to me Tarot Spell’.

I think I lacked imagination!  Because I could only imagine meeting my ‘survival material needs.  I never did get rich by performing that type of spell!  Nevertheless, my clients are well-educated people.  English is a second language to me; yet somehow, my clients magically forgave my poor english skills anyways!

Both my crafting and business expenses have been met since.  To this day, my simple material life is taken care of.  Hubby and I have managed to buy our own home; we make it each month – touch wood!

When I desperately need money for both my personal and professional life, it never fails that clients will magically phone me for a Tarot Reading or two, or three!  They ask me how much, and they pay me.

This much said, however, this year, I plan to do my second ‘draw money to myself spell.’  This time, I promise myself to think bigger!  This time, I plan on asking the gods and the Angels of the Tarot – for a tad bigger monthly income.

Because we own an older house in need of repairs.  Not to mention that now that I do earn a steady monthly income, I want to be able to spoil my husband and myself a bit more!

Now that I have filed taxes, I will be able to use it so to take out a business woman’s loan or something like that.  If I can swing a loan, I will be able to apply it towards re-branding my Tarot Business properly; I need to make myself look more professional, and to reach a greater audience for my professional services.

Another Tarot and Finance anecdote I want to share with you concerns a ‘draw money spell’ I did for one of my return Tarot Clients of mine.  Long story short, she asked me to ‘attract money’ to her.

At first, I refused to do that for her; lacking self-confidence.  Over several months, she paid me to do several general Tarot Readings for her.  This permitted me to get a deeper psychic connection to her.  I knew and understood well her personal, financial, and love situation.  I then did a thorough research so to craft properly and perform her Tarot spell for her.

One day, I finally agreed to perform that spell she dearly wanted with me.  She clearly understood that I could not guarantee good results for her, but she paid me to perform it for her anyways.   What follows is her testimonial:


I got a ‘money spell from Ms. Evergreen.  After 2 months, I won 2 lots with a $50.00 bid on Ebay – in an upscale gated community near the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania.

At first, I thought it was too good to be true.  But I remembered the money spell Ms. Evergreen did for me.  My spell request may not have come in a form of cash money, but the lots combined are valued by the tax assessor at $33,000.00 dollars. I can always sell the land for funding.

I recommend Ms. Evergreen’s Tarot Finance Advice and money spell to anyone who wants one.

Thanks, Ms. Evergreen!



Tarot Finance Advice Readings can enlighten and guide you in matters financial.  It is well worth you investing in them.  However, be sure that the Reader is someone who creates a working rapport with you.  Who knows, your material life may improve!



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High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil speaks to us about manifesting change into our environment.  The High Priestess absorbs the energy of the Moon that is reflected down to her.  The light of the Moon is an extended application of her powers.  In other words, the Light of the Moon is her tool.


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil brings to the eye of the advanced Tarot Card Reader, the Veil.  The advanced Tarot Card Reader then considers the Veil.  Whereas the beginner and intermediate Reader meditate (focuses) on all the other symbols contained in this Card, the advanced Reader turns to the Veil behind the High Priestess!

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers, my name is Evergreen – of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I have read on Facebook, people talking about the Veil in the High Priestess Tarot Card.  Someone simply asked the following question:  What does the Veil on the High Priestess Card, represent?  And many gave excellent answers.  So I thought I would answer this question from my knowledge and understanding.

Of course, my answer comes from an esoteric perspective.  There are different esoteric schools of thoughts.  Mine is both the mystic’s, with a touch of the practical.

This perspective I learned as a girl from my mother and her father.  Subsequently, I followed through by meditating for many years on the question of the Veil.  The Veil can be mind-boggling at times.

I am not saying here that I am an initiate of any occult school of thought.  Such things are secretive anyways.  There are many esoteric (occult) teachers that teach many things.  For example, click on the Tarot de Marseille High Priestess, to read more about her.

In any case, to understand the Veil behind the High Priestess, is to become mind-boggled.  So I will try my best to keep it simple and to the point.  If anyone would like to attempt explaining it better than I, you are more than welcomed to do so…

We the audience

We the audience, are sitting before a play on a stage.  The High Priestess is up there on the stage.  She is up there, facing us as she sits on her throne.  To understand the Veil in the High Priestess Tarot Card, one needs to be a simple spectator of a play.

She readily informs us that she is giving us an audience with her, the High Priestess.  The reason why she is doing this, is so to give us instructions as how to go through the Veil behind her.  She reminds us, that our knowledge and understanding of manifestation is but human.  Nevertheless, with her guidance, we will be eventually let in through the Veil.

The High Priestess dutifully sits in-front of  the veil from this side, on the physical plane of existence.  That in the Veil, there is a guard to the astral and spiritual planes of existence.  And that the Veil prevents us from ‘manifesting our Will upon our physical and astral and spiritual existence’.  It’s as if someone had thrown a wet blanket over our knowledge and understanding of the plane of manifestation.

But now, we are sitting in her audience, and we will be given the knowledge and the understand concerning the Veil itself.  However, before she will ever give us her permission to even reach the Veil, she will teach us further about it, and give us a means test.

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil invites us to enter the area where the Veil is situated, normally it is forbidden to us – unless we get permission to do so.  Getting the High Priestess’s permission to go there, is easier said than done.  But it is doable!

How is it doable?  By passing her means test!  Once we past the means test, then we must meet the person at the Veil.  Which is another story all together!

We cannot see in the High Priestess Card, the man in the Veil.  But he is there nevertheless.  When we reach the Veil, he will great us, and then let us through.  All the while when going through all this so to get to the other side of the Veil, we stay alive.  Once on the other side, we still will be alive.  And we are expected to return to the physical plane, once we are done manifesting.

Just like the High Priestess, we are human.  We have a human mind.  While going through the Veil, we keep our human mind.  Once beyond, however, we become even more aware of our human mind.  There, we need to let go of our human thinking.

Symbolism of the Veil

Symbolism of the Veil, is there to remind us how our human mind better understands the transcendent idea with symbols.  That region beyond the Veil is a region of consciousness “which transcends human thought”.  When we are faced with transcendental ideas, it is a good idea to transform our ideas into symbols.  Once we understand the symbol, we can formulate a ‘phrase’.  In a nutshell, this newly formulated phrase becomes powerful.  Powerful to manifest with!

I have meditated upon the Veil, and the phrase of manifestation for many years now.  I have not had many students, but those I have had usually prefer to go learn about colors and candles rather than phrase composing.  This is because, a phrase to manifest with – will not work for you if you don’t know how to compose it yourself.  Your energy is not my energy…

Some people have knowledge and understanding of how to put an impression into a phrase;  a phrase containing ideas that are at a higher level than our our own knowledge.  Some people experience great difficulty mastering phrase composition.  While other are but average at it.  That is because of their own, personal knowledge and understanding.  You need to know and understand the symbolism so to go beyond and reach the next level of knowledge and understanding.


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
Thoth High Priestess


Some Tarot Book authors are better than I when teaching about the Veil.  MacGregor and Crowley are superb teachers of it.  However, I much prefer Dion Fortune’s book on “Mystical Qabalah”, in so far as her describing the Veil in the High Priestess Card is concerned.  Because, Dion teaches it in her own writing style which is a fine writing style that I can easily understand concepts with.

Whereas I learned it through my mother’s teachings and through my own meditations upon it, Dion Fortune gets right to it and without any traps.  So it goes without saying, that the mystery of the Veil is no big secret anymore as many Tarot Masters have written a lot about the secrets of the Veil!

Understanding the Veil

Understanding the Veil requires that your mind be able to capture its concept.  Take the time to meditate on what it stands for.  What it’s symbolism means to you, not just about what it means to other Tarot Readers.  And then, you will get “impressions” of what it may mean.  Through meditating on its symbolism, the Veil becomes a symbol for your human mind that is capable of manifestation.

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil is actually a “STOPGAP measure”.  When you see the image of the Veil in your astral mind’s eye, see the word “STOP”.  This stop prevents us from going somewhere in the astral or Astral Chakra world by combining sets of Majors Tarot Cards that are antagonistic to one another) that we simply cannot grasp with human understanding.  Suffice it to know, that the Veil (STOP) serves to stop the human subconscious from getting to the “origin of the idea that manifests what does not already exist”.

To paraphrase Dion Fortune (who took it from both MacGregor and Crowley), the Veil is erected at a certain point – so to block the Magician’s human mind from thinking about ‘the absolute’.  There is nothing the human mind cannot understand.  Our understanding knows no bounds.  But first, we need to meditate upon the Veil of Negative Existence so to fully grasp what it is all about”, Dion Fortune.

When we want to make manifest something into our environment, the Veil of Negative Existence becomes a “psychological convention” only.  It actually stands for the limits to our human knowledge and understanding.  When we want to manifest our will into our environment, we need to know and understand first, that both the physical and astral worlds we live in – is all set up the way that it is set up – so to support the human condition.

Once the Cosmos senses that we humans have manifested Chaos in our own astral and physical worlds, it gets to work right away so to restore it back to how it has always been before we changed it.  Nature does not tolerate we changing it in either the macro, nor the micro level.

When our human mind travels to the ‘Plane of Manifestation’, it unavoidably meets up with what is called “The First Cause”.  We enter the Plane of Manifestation (through the Veil), so to manifest our Will; the ego wanting what the ego wants.  And when entering the Plane of Manifestation, we become face to face with the previous existence!

By erecting our Veil (STOP), we get very strong impressions of our powers.  We are in an area of “finite consciousness”.  Our astral mind realizes that it is in need of knowledge and understanding.

To go beyond the Veil, is to go beyond the limits of our human knowledge and understanding.  It is to go beyond and into our pre-existence.  and this is well represented in the Tarot.

In Tarot, this concept is further represented by the later Majors Cards that come after the High Priestess Card.   The Veil in the High Priestess Card, is a STOP to the human mind; so it does not combine sets of Tarot Majors cards that are antagonistic to one another.  The High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil, is where the High Priestess goes to once she has drawn-down to her the light reflected upon he by the Moon.

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Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis is a highly controversial blog topic, both politically and religiously.  Nevertheless, faith, religion, and even politics often come up in Tarot Spiritual Counselling.  People have very strong feelings about Trump and the Pop going at it, because it impacts their personal and family life.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis


Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis recently dominated the news.  What happened was, a journalist asked Pope Francis to comment about Donald Trump wanting to build a wall on the American-Mexican border.  Right or wrong, Pope Francis seized the opportunity to place judgement upon the State of the soul of Donald who is seeking to be the GOP nominee.  Click on The Trump Card to learn more about Trump.

As the Holy See reaches into both the United States of America and Mexico, the Pope’s opinion on ‘the wall’ is very important to many.  This said, the Pope having publicly commented on the State of Trump’s soul seriously affected American Christians.  In other words, Pope Francis took a jab at Trump.  And as Trump is Trump, Americans did not have to wait long at all to hear Trump’s comeback.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Donald J. Trump Senior


Trump readily took up the Pope’s challenge with a reply of his own.  In a nutshell, and to paraphrase both men:  Pope Francis said Trump was not a Christian for wanting to build a wall.  And Trump told the Pope that he, the Pope, will then need him to defend him and Vatican city once Isis invades it.  And then, all those who have ears to hear with, took sides; some took Trumps sides, others took the Pope’s side.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Pope Francis


Some stood with the Pope, because they do not want a wall built between the two borders.  Some stood with Trump, because they wanted a wall there.  Meanwhile, others took jabs at both men because of their own personal beliefs and politics.

Since both Pope Francis and Trump are not of the same Christian faith, the age-old question of ‘what is a Christian’ came up.   Another question that came up, was ‘do Christians build walls?  No matter the answer, Pope Francis was asked to offer an olive branch to Trump… Because after all was said and done, it was the State of Trump’s soul that was being judged by a very popular Pope.

What is being Christian

What is being Christian, is an age-old question asked since back when the Biblical Apostles taught the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.  Ever since those Biblical days, Popes have been known to be highly opinionated on the layman’s politics and its spirituality.  Several of the Churches have split away from Rome because of that very question.

They formed denominations, and cults.  The Popes themselves waged wars against each other, and they had to divide up between them the ecclesiastical Bishoprics.  Each bringing along with them the souls of Saints and their believers; and their lands and their money, and their religious and political powers.  It all took place under the banner of – what is being a Christian or not.

As Pope Francis is the present day, duly elected representative of Christ on earth, his opinion counts for much throughout the Holy See.  This means that according to the Roman Catholic faith, the Pope is infallible because Christ speaks directly to and through him about everything under the sun; which renders Pop Francis infallible.  In other words, Roman Catholics believe that Pope Francis does not make any mistakes, because his mind is personally instructed with God’s will about everything and anything having to do with life on earth, and how to get to go be with God in Heaven.

So for Roman Catholics, when the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian, it is deemed coming as if from God himself. When Pope Francis said to that Journalist, that, he the Pope thinks that Trump is not a Christian, it meant that Trump is not a ‘saved soul’.  Such a serious statement shook the Christian world!!!  Because it was “the Pope Himself” saying it!

Pope Francis went on to give us a solid example of what caused him to say that about Trump. The example given was that Trump wants to build a wall between the United States of America and Mexico.  So the question begs to be asked.  Was the Pope actually saying that Jesus thinks that to build a wall on the U.S. border between Mexico – is not what Christians do?  That Christians do not build walls?

By using ‘Trump’s wall’ as an example of sitting in the seat of the scornful, did the Pope set himself up for a fall…

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not, is a real controversial matter among both Americans Christians and American non-Christians alike.  The answer to such a question lies hidden way back in the days that Christians first set foot upon this continent.

The first Christians to come to the new world, came here so to escape religious persecution at the hand of other Christians.  They came here with the hope of being able to stay alive, and to find the freedom to practice their faith.  No, the Christians that first came here were not perfect.  Nor were the Christians that came after them.  Nor are those that are here now perfect in any way.

Thinking further, no one religion, denomination, sect, or faith is ever found to be perfect.  No one man from any given faith, race, or spoken tongue is even found without blame.  In fact, and to paraphrase the Christian Bible, “the body is saved, but not the mind”.  And it is that very teaching from the Apostle James that is at the core of the Trump versus Pope Francis controversy.

What Pope Francis said about Trump not being a Christian, caused both the American Roman Catholics and the American Protestants to flex their spiritual muscles.  Some big name Protestant leaders had very little choice but to stand in defense of Donald Trump in his faith as a Christian man.  Indeed, it is that very teaching from James, that “the body is saved, but not the mind”, that caused certain Christian denominations to come hide here in the New World – in the first place!

Pope Francis resurrected the age-old debate on: is the mind saved or not.  There are basically three kinds of Christians.  The legalistic Christians claim that the proof of a man being saved is in the pudding.  The legalistic interpretation of Salvation makes them eternally looking for Biblical legal proof of a man’s salvation.  Proof as in, if they find any fault what so ever in you, then that would mean that you are not saved in the first place.  So they go around telling the other two types of Christians that they are not saved.

The “forever saved” Christians are the second type of Christians.  They believe the body, the heart, and the mind all together form the soul; and that the soul is saved with all of its three parts included.  These types of Christians forever forgive themselves of any sin whatsoever; because they think that after Salvation, they are incapable of sin.  Thus, whatever they say and do, they think it is right with God.

Then there are the ‘middle of the road’ Christians.  The Middle of the Road Christians, believe that their bodies are saved, but not their minds.  That the mind does sin; they just have to call upon the power of the blood of Jesus on the Cross so to wash their new sins with His redeeming blood.  This is the group with which Pope Francis stands firmly with.

The three different groups forever argue and debate with each other on the matter of being saved or not.  They forever accuse one another of not being saved.  And they keep calling each other to Salvation.  Notwithstanding the letters the Apostle Paul wrote to each Church back in his days.

These days, they are still going it.  They still are calling each other to repentance.  To the point that now, the following question begs to be asked.  “Do Christian’s build walls?”

Do Christians build walls

Do Christians build walls?  In other words, is it Christian like to build a wall between two countries?  Being that Trump is Trump, the Trumpster informed the Pope that, he the Pope will come to Trump so to protect the Vatican from Isis.  Meaning that if the Pope pulls-down his own wall separating Vatican City with the rest of Italy and the world, that would expose the Vatican to an invasion by ISIS.

Consider the Vatican City

Consider the Vatican City.  It is surrounded by a wall build a very long time ago.  If a wall is good for the goose, a wall is good enough for the gander too!  All according to the Trump mind.  Especially when it comes down to the Pope declaring his opinion on the State of Trump’s soul.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis
Vatican Walls


The Vatican is walled-up.  Pope Francis rules a State within the country of Italy, inside the city of Rome.  The State ruled by Pope Francis is called “The Vatican State”.  This State ruled by Pope Francis is a “walled enclave”.  It is about 110 acres, and its population is around 843 souls.

This walled-up Vatican State is an ecclesial or “sacerdotal-monarchical State with a Nuclear Bomb Shelter.  In other words, it is like a walled-up country within another country.  The Vatican is a walled-up Apostolic Palace.  It is an independent and Sovereign authority and jurisdiction.  The Holy See has full, exclusive dominion, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction over this City State.

Vatican City has a unique economy called Economy of Vatican City.  It has its own banking system; its own health and welfare system.  It has its own army which recruits from all over the world.  It’s got its own police force and fire department.  It’s got its own security in charge of public order, border control, traffic control, and criminal investigations.

Vatican City holds diplomatic relations with foreign countries; it enters into international agreements with foreign countries.  It also has a global reach into other countries such as the United States of America and Mexico, for example.

When the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it does indeed have a very seriously strong reach upon us all!  For example, does it mean that the Pope does not recognize U.S. Sovereignty?  This would be the most obvious reason there is a Trump versus Pope Francis discussion in America.