My Tarot Year Card

My Tarot Year Card has guided me for the past twelve months now.  On one hand, Strength has brought me to know myself at a deeper level than I would care to admit; while on the other hand, I was highly embarrassed by it on more than a few occasions…  So it is with a bit of uneasiness that I introduce to you the card that has been my friend this past year since my last birthday – the Strength Card!


My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

My Tarot Year Card

My Tarot Year Card is the Strength Card in Tarot.  It is also known as The Temperance Card, as well as The Lust Card (in the Thoth System).  It is the Higher Secrets Card (Major Arcana) number “8” in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and its clones.

When looking at the Strength Card, always keep at the front of your mind that it is principally ruled by the Sun.  No matter, it is still well grounded in the Earth Element.  While I am in this body, I am of this physical world; yet I am easily quickened into the spiritual.

Which brings me to say what happened to me this year, both Fire and Earth wise.  For example, I felt powerfully led to write about the Strength Card; however, while sitting down at my laptop to write about it, I had second thoughts.  I thought, “why in Hell would I want to go around telling the whole world that my Tarot Year Card is actually “The Lust Card in the Thoth System”!!!

And stupid me!  I should have pretended that another Card was my Tarot Year Card.  All I had to do is lie about my birth-date!  But no!  I felt so compelled towards spiritual honesty by the Sun, that here I am being honest about my birth-date – despite myself!  After all, the spiritual core influence of the Sun does dominate the egocentricity of my ego…

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers and Bloggers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen), of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This blog article is part of the Second Tarot Jam Blog Hop.  The theme of this Hop is:  Tarot Year Cards.  Each member of this Jam is talking about their own personal Tarot Year Card.  After reading this article of mine, click on Previous to read Mindy’s blog before mine.  Then on Next to read Angela’s blog after mine.  Or on Master List, so to read the articles written by the other bloggers in our group that have written on the same subject as mine.

About my Strength Card:

About my Strength Card, goes to say that it is otherwise known as ‘The Lust’ Card.  Strength leads us to use some self-restraint (moderation/Temperance) when it comes down to our ‘lust’.  And so, I say to you with great trepidation, that The Strength card has deemed it necessary to pour its own energy upon me – since my last birthday.

More specifically, the Strength Card brought me to understand more deeply about my Divine-self.  It has showed me that my Divine-self is well anchored to the Earth within this terrestrial old body of mine.  And that’s not funny!

On my last birthday, I turned sixty years old.  Turning 60 years old, and having the Strength Card (Lust Card in the Thoth System) pulling at me for an entire year was not funny at all.  To tell the truth, it felt like the Tarot Angels were playing a mean trick on me…

My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

Despite what some may say on Facebook, woman is not made to live alone.  This no matter our physical, emotional, or spiritual developmental age we are at.  No matter how old we’ve become, we women still need to love and to be loved back.

At one point or another, woman endeavors to break free from the powers that would keep her ‘celibate’ for no matter how many years are left to her life. Her basic animal forces turn into a spiritual energy demanding that she let love devour all her fears and inhibitions.  No matter how old you are now, as a woman, you still need to become as one flesh with man.  Whether you can still have babies or not, you still have that basic instinct (anyways) to become creative; Mother Nature is cruel in that way.

But I’m 60 years old!   Who wants to get pregnant at 60 years old?  Not me! (This is not funny at all Tarot Angels!).  And thank god for post-menopause!

The Strength/Lust Card also speaks of the union of the positive and negative energy.  Of the active and the passive.  Of the yin and yang.  And the birds and the bees, and a thing called love…

Well that’s all nice and everything, but when you become a senior citizen as I am, men don’t knock down your door to get in much often anymore.  Because once you are done with menopause (an entire 6 months without your monthly bleeding), you are then officially a Crone in your Winter Season – that’s for sure.  The Crone lives on her harvest of positive energy that she has stored away for the Winter Months.

My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

Thing is, just before Spring arrives, the Crone has nearly depleted her supplies; she is hungry more often than not.  Her lord (her man) does not come to her anymore because he also is in his Winter Season.  That’s why ‘The Crone’ can’t wait for Spring to roll-by (the next life), so her lord can finally return to her loving arms once again.  So why did I get the Strength (Lust Card) at this time in my life???  To be honest, I’m not sure why; except to say its most likely due to a spiritual lesson…

What I do know is, that during this past year spent with my Strength Card, my Tarot Reading business boomed with Reading requests from younger women.  Younger women tell me that they return to me for Tarot Readings because of my age.

They tell me that they like my grandmotherly approach.  They like the way I read for them, because they can sense that I care about them in a grandmotherly way.  Indeed!  My heart just goes out to them when they want to know if they will find someone new – soon.  Or if their husbands will come back soon.  In a ‘Love Relationship Reading’, or in a ‘Nature of the Relationship Reading’, the cards speak of their broken hearts, and of their desires and hopes to love again and to be loved in return.

The core influence of the Strength Card, this past year, has brought me to better know myself; and this helps me in turn to help others with my Readings.  When you know yourself at a deeper spiritual level, you better understand your own heart breaks, and the true nature of your own marital relationship with your own husband.  The more you are aware of yourself, the more you understand other people’s Cards when you read them.

Take the Strength (Lust) Card, for example. Life is a beach upon which the core influence of the Strength Card brought me to pour some water into my wine; because water mixes well with wine!  If I would have applied the wisdom found in the Strength Card (Temperance), I would have led a much happier life than I actually have.

Not that I was “a loose woman” in any way.  But rather, I could have saved myself a lot of heart breaks down through the years.  You see, my year living the Strength (Lust) Card, brought me to understand more about womanhood in general.  It also brought me to a better understanding of other people’s sexuality; especially those other people that have come and gone down through the years.

How my Year Card embarrassed me

My Tarot Year Card – Strength embarrassed me this year.  Actually, it turns out that this Card above all others opened my eyes to exactly how much I dearly needed to learn about putting water in my wine (Temperance).  Putting water in my wine meant in my case:  “to adopt a more moderate stand on an issue or in an argument with others”.  To make a long story short, I totally embarrassed myself during a discussion in one of the professional Tarot groups I was a member of.  Because I did not put water in my wine, I got banned…

What happened was, we professionals were having an open discussion about Reading or not for adult survivors of incest.  The consensus was, that it would not be professional of a Tarot Reader to accept doing a reading for those types of Querents.   The overwhelming majority of participants in that discussion, agreed that an adult survivor of incest is by default mentally ill due to having a suppressed memory.  Thus falsely accusing other people of abusing them in a sexual way.  I became scandalized and outraged at such a conclusion!  That kind of talk – sets us adult survivors of incest – back a hundred years or more even.  Click on Tarot therapeutic consultants, to learn more about those.

The professionals of the Tarot, went so far as stating out-right that it’s a general rule of thumb that an adult survivor of incest was mentally ill.  Personally, I took an exception to that general rule; I consider it a blatant prejudice against us adult survivors of incest.  We fight an ever ending battle to change attitudes towards us.  As a rule of thumb, people blame the victim instead of the abuser.

We have fought hard against prejudices.  WE have fought hard so to get laws passed and enforced; so to defend and protect the current young victims of sexual abuse!  But instead of putting water in my wine, I was told outright before all eyes to read that I would now stand alone as a Tarot Reader; and subsequently I got myself banned from a professional tarot reader’s group.

I guess I must have had ‘too much strength’ lol…, because now I am alone as a Tarot Reader (for the exception of some Tarot Readers of course).  Click on I told but no one listened, to read more about what an adult survivor of incest and sexual abuse has to say on this subject.

Which brings me back full circle to My Tarot Year Card – Strength.  One of the messages I promote in my Tarot Business Blog has to do with healing the trauma the adult survivors of incest suffered at the hands of their sexual predators.  That the sexual predator played as if god over his/her victim.  Sexual predators that prey upon children, literally place the child victim into sexual slavery.

The now adult survivor of incest was prevented from freely developing her/his own sense of how to harness, and freely direct their own sexual instincts.  However, they can now begin to learn how to get that back (if one can ever fully get it back).

One way to retake possession of our sexual instincts, is by ‘inspiration, creativity, and purification’.  Which is what is expressed by the core force and influence of the Tarot Strength card.  An entire 12 months of abstinence in all forms of sexual manifestations helps the adult victim of sexual abuse to become aware of their own sexual instincts.

During one full year of sexual abstinence, you become aware of what arouses you.  Of what becoming aroused actually feels like, when it is not forced upon you or coerced by a sexual predator.  Of what your own desires are about.  Of what type of man/women attracts you.  Of what you do like or dislike in a man/woman as a possible sexual partner.  Of what its like to be seduced by an honest to god true lover of yours.  Of what it truly is like to be asked out on a real date (in the true sense of the word) – by someone you really would like to go out on a date with.

By the end of your 12 months of sexual abstinence, you will have discovered all of that about yourself, and much more!  You will have discovered your true-self!  You will have learned and understood how to freely express your true sexual nature, and wants and needs.  This worked for me by the end of my own 12 months of sexual abstinence; which I did over 12 years ago now.  I hope it works for you too!

How to find your own Tarot Year Card

This is the formula with which you can find your own Tarot Year Card.  No matter what today’s date is, think back to when you last celebrated your birthday.  For example purposes only, lets say that you last celebrated your birthday on 15/3/2015.  Now add-up those numbers by using your own numbers…

Continuing with our example of numbers above, you would add them up this way:  1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 =  17.  Then add together:  1 + 7.  These last two numbers will add up to the number ‘8’.  The number ‘8’ would represent the number of your Tarot Year Card; which would be the Strength 8th Card in the Majors of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.   And then see how your own Tarot Year Card overflowed its energy upon you throughout the past 12 months!


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards

Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards is an attempt at linking this political candidate to the Tarot.  As Tarot is a passion of mine, I thought I would look at Mr. Trump through the eyes of a Tarot Reader.  For the purpose of this article, I used the Thoth Tarot Deck.


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards

Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards permits us to get to know him from the perspective of the Cards.  Donald Trump Sr. was born on June 14th.  His astrological sign is Cancer 3.  In Tarot Correspondences, he is a Ten of Swords – the Air Element.  The planet that pulls at his core, is the Sun. His Zodiacal Signs are Gemini; Libra; and Aquarius.

It is precisely because we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, that Donald Trump is so popular with the American voters.  The American voters are mad as Hell at not being represented by their elected representatives; Mr. Trump successfully mirrors that back to them.

Political analysts say of him that, he, Donald Trump is successfully creating his own new era within the Conservative party.  That he is neither a true conservative, nor a true Liberal; that he is somewhere in the middle of that.  That it will be said of him one day, that he invented Trump Conservatism.  And that is exactly what the Tarot Cards also say of him.

Donald Trump’s Tarot Significator Card

Donald Trump’s Tarot Significator Card is the Ten of Swords.  This means that in a Tarot Spread, the card that would best represent him, is the Ten of Swords.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Ten of Swords is Sol in Gemini.  20° to 30°.  June 11 to June 20.  The original title of this Tarot Card, is The Lord of Ruin (in the Thoth Tarot System).


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Ten of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck


Donald Trump is a true Ten of Swords kind of guy.  He loves to split hairs.  He has demonstrated, time and time again, that he can at times be undisciplined, insolent, and even impertinent when doing so.  This is the kind of man with whom you need to be precise and accurate, when speaking to him.  It may very well be that he is a jovial fellow who loves to laugh wholeheartedly, but do not forget that he is also clever.  He is eloquent, all according to the situation at hand and the mood he is in.

Donald Trump is breathing new life into both the American and the International political scene.  Which is due, in the first place, to him being a Ten of Swords!  After all, the principal trait of the Suit of Swords is “Air”.

In tarot, the family trait of the Swords Suit, is ‘Air’ – mentality.  This means that Donald tends to react to people and situations from a thinking man’s perspective.  He first needs to understand both the person he is interacting with and the situation that presents itself before him.

The Trump approach to life is “think smart”.  In other words, his mentality works great for him.  Given that he comes from a life-long line of work in which he had to know what he was getting himself into, and what kind of people he was dealing with – so not to get set up for a fall, he had to be smart.  And that is exactly what he brings to the political scene now – being smarter than the average bear!

People that apply street smarts are a breath of fresh air in today’s war-time political scene.  Street smarts involve making a reputation for yourself as someone who is not above defending himself and his family.  The country does not feel safe, and Trump is demonstrating he will not back away from a fight.  As a Ten of Swords, he is also demonstrating that to fight, is not necessarily pretty – nor nice.  But that it has to be done anyways – so the country can feel safe once more.

Donald Trump vibrates at a number ’10’ (the number 10 in the Ten of Swords).  If there is something that Trump is known for, it is that when he sets his mind to do something – he is persistent; he is not a quitter.  He is bound and determined; he wills himself to succeed.  He vibrates in perfect harmony with the Sun which exercises a core influence upon him.

The Sun rules Mr. Trump at the core of his very being.  This is where his wish to achieve in life comes from.  Donald takes pride in the fact that he has great expectations of life itself; his ambitions drive him forward.  He aspires to greatness, and he does this in a smart way; and he is not a shamed to say so.

Donald admits that he knows that he needs other people – so that he can become great!  No matter what you may think about Donald Trump, when push comes to shove, he knows what he is doing.   The Element of Air loves him and he loves it back.  It reinforces his mind and intellect.  ‘Air’, the element, enhances his already strong communication and visualization skills.

When Mr. Trump sings a song, both his natural gift for telepathy and his psychic powers are then enhanced.  He is inspired by his dreams and wishes.  He is blessed with an abundance of imagination, ideas, and the knowledge to make them work altogether, and to his advantage.

The Donald manifests his will into his environment through his sense of hearing and smell.  If Mr. Trump would be a magician, he would surely have a sensor, a wand, and a sword to help enhance his manifesting his will power into his environment.  He would be great at divination, concentration, at prophecies, and karma

If Trump would use animal guides, they would be the Eagle, the Raven, and the Spider so to weave the webs of his intent.  Oh what am I talking about here!  Silly me!  Of course!  If elected President of the United States, the Eagle would guide him well!  And you know what they say!  They say, “fly like an Eagle”.  When the eagle spreads its wings to fly, the wind (Air) lifts it up…

On Facebook, I have read many women’s comments about Trump.  He is even quoted has having made disparaging remarks about women.  So some women ask why is he still popular with women voters?  The answer to this question is that Donald Trump projects a masculine energy.

A masculine energy, with money and a certain degree of influential power in the U.S. at least.  He is in the cycle of life called ‘infancy’; many spiritual lessons are before him along his path.  Hopefully for him and for us all, he will not have to go through too many future lifetimes so to learn the life lessons he is here on Earth to learn.  The reason I say this, is because it is starting to look like that he may very well be selected to run as President of the United States in the general election.

The Queen of Cups dominates Donald Trump

The Queen of Cups dominates Donald Trump (the Ten of Swords).  This is why Mr. Trump is very successful at reflecting back to the American people, that they are mad at their elected representatives.  And now, that is why Donald is successfully bringing people out to vote for him.  Because, he is the mirror image of their being mad and scared of being terrorized!


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Queen of Cups
Thoth Tarot Deck


All considering, Mr. Trump is a very patient man.  He can receive and send what he sees, hears, and senses from people.  And he is not affected by that at all.

If there is one thing that Donald is newly known at – it is this.  Donald loves to lead.  He loves to attract people to his way of thinking.  And it should go without saying that, he is indeed “extremely popular” by doing exactly that!

When you see Donald Trump ill-dignified, it is because he leaves himself wide open to picking up on other people’s auras.  When people are mad, this influences his mood.  When people are dangerous, he becomes dangerous right back at them.  When people are kind, he is kind too.  And that is why people see themselves in Mr. Trump.

The Lord of Ruin

The Lord of Ruin, is Donald Trump personified (the Ten of Swords).  Here I must be careful of what I am about to say on that subject; because, I don’t want to be a Mlle Lenormand when she advised Mrs. Bonaparte.  Some say that Mrs. Bonaparte was ill-advised by Mlle Lenormand; which led to her husband’s Waterloo.  However some do say that Mrs. Bonaparte was well advised, and that when she told her husband of Mlle Lenormand’s warning to him, that Mr. Bonaparte just went and ignored it.


Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
Understanding Donald Trump Tarot Cards
The Sun Card
Thoth Tarot Deck


Anyways, I shall thread lightly with my own advice to Mr. Trump; if ever he becomes one of my Tarot clients – that is to say.  The Sun Card trickles down to the Queen of Cups.  The Queen of Cups, in turn, then flows all the way down to the Ten of Swords.  This means that Mr. Trump has an uncertain foot-hold! Click on The Trump Card Played, to learn more about Mr. Trump.

People of Mr. Trump’s caliber generally display qualities of success, and leadership.  They are energized and stimulated by the Sun.  This affects the power of the Higher-self when it self actualizes.  And Mr. Trump is well at the ‘actualizing age’.  If I were Mr. Trump, which I am obviously not, I would use the Sun as a personal talisman!

Sometimes, men with such personal power and success (men such as Donald Trump), think themselves of another spiritual law than the average person.  More often than not, this leads these type of men to their own downfall; especially during war-time.  Unconsciously, people are picking up on that just as I am.

However, the Sun’s control over Mr. Trump is that of enlightenment, the love of life, and the pursuit of liberty!  When you think ‘Sun’, you think unity in liberty.  And after everything has been said and done, that is what Donald Trump’s presidency will be remembered for: for the unity and liberty of the American people.  Click on The Thoth Sun Card, so to learn more about the Sun Card.

Of course, this means that Mr. Trump, as a President of the United States of America, will be leading his country into one major war.  Possibly with Russia…  Russia it may be, or China.  One thing is for sure though, it will be mainly against terrorism that he will be protecting his people from.  Its going to be good, yet bad, for sure ugly…  Let us all hope that I am wrong…

For a Tarot Reading with me, click on my Website Site, or on my Facebook Page.

In Love With An Addict

In Love With An Addict, hurts.  It breaks our hearts to see them suffer like that.  Worse yet, there is just nothing we can do to change them.  We can only change ourselves really.


In Love With An Addict
In Love With An Addict


You made the choice

You made the choice,
to hurt me, and cause
me pain. You broke my
heart, twisted my soul
unlike any other.

(Poem by hopingicanhelp, Friends and Family of Substance Abusers)


In Love With An Addict

In Love With An Addict twists your heart.  Worse yet, you cannot seem to let go.  The addict has tied you to his ball and chain.


In Love With An Addict
In Love With An Addict


One in ten Americans suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.  You want them to stop doing that, but they just don’t seem able to.  It is indeed easier said than done.

Broken promises abound, lies by the plenty.  Suspicions, deceit, back stabbings, and you have been put under the bus a million times and again.  You have walked-out, come back in again, only to get hurt again.

Addiction is an illness

Addiction is an illness one is never cured of.  The addiction is just as much an illness as diabetes is.  One would not breakup with somebody we love just because they are diabetic. That would be a total lack of compassion.  Nor does average spouse of an addict break up with the addict just because he suffers from an addiction.

When the person we love suffers from substance abuse, we are the first to come to terms with the fact that he obviously suffers from an illness which is addiction to Ethol or to some other substance.  So we try to encourage our loved one to stop what he is doing to himself.

We encourage our addict and support him through detox and family counselling.  We even stop drinking ourselves – even we are not addicted to alcohol ourselves.  And we try to nurse them during recovery.

A great many who suffer from addiction, seem to not want to stop what they are doing to themselves and to us too.  Those, you cannot reach, nor do they want to be reached. It’s as if no amount of compassion , nor love can change them…  They drain your energy, and they want more.  Click on Eating Rubble, to read further about addiction.

Many addicts do overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs.  There is something you can do to help them.  You can help your addict to look forward to recovery!  But first, you need to get real.

Get Real

Get real!  Getting someone to admit they are powerless over alcohol or drugs, is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life.  Admitting one is powerless over alcohol or drugs is difficult enough for you to do yourself; and so it the same for the addict.

In Love With An Addict
In Love With An Addict

For an addict to realize they are an addict is close to impossible.  You can be calm and patient, or bitch and yell, neither way will get anywhere with that.   You need to realize that you are in love with an addict, just as much as the addict needs to realize he is an addict.

It will take serenity to accept you can not change the addict.  It will take courage to change what you can about your own situation. And wisdom to know the difference.  You need to learn where you stop, and where the addict begins.  You need to know where the line you have drawn in the line is, just as much as you need to know where his line in the sand is.

In Love With An Addict
In Love With An Addict

His mind is covered by a dark cloud looming about it.   And so is yours in a cloud.  You first have to get your head out of the cloud, so to show him the way out of his addiction.  Not only is the sick with his substance abuse, so are you.  An addict makes about 85 persons in his environment; some may be just as sick as he is, even though they do not abuse alcohol or drugs themselves.  He makes his spouse and children sick from his abuse.  Also his family and friends.  His co-workers and his employer too.

In many cases, the addict becomes alienated from those who care and love him.  He risks getting fired from the workplace, if that has not already happened yet.  His dependency on alcohol or drugs is so very powerful, that it becomes all-encompassing to him and to his loved ones.  Even you are successful with an intervention, he remains at high risk of a relapse.  Falling off the proverbial wagon happens.  Walk into any alcohol or drug anonymous self-help meeting, you will hear the addict speaker there insist upon saying, that the addict must seek help of the addiction – on his own accord for it to work for him.  So, first thing first, take care of yourself!

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself.  First thing first, is to change yourself before you can ever change your addict.  You cannot fix your addict if you can’t fix yourself first.

So many of us who care about and love our spouse or a family member who suffers from an addiction.  We want to fix everything that we feel is not right with him in his life.  This is because what is happening to him affect us directly.

The addict has made us sick just as much as he has made himself sick, if not more.  The ego of an addict is soooo huge and enormous, that he plays god over us.  He enslaves us into meeting his ego’s needs at all cost to ourselves.  Which brings us to let go of our own morals and principles, so that his may live.

Sooner or later, he will expect you to give him money; to lie for him, to keep his secrets; to nurse and baby him; to give him a place to stay; to front his debts on your arm; to clean-up after him when he messes both on himself and on you.  He will punish you for having contradicted him; to not call 911 when he injures himself badly; he make you pay for his mental and physical services.  In his faulty rational he will feel the need to be violent against you so he can show you he doesn’t want you to mother him.  He will confuse your own sense of good judgement, just because you disturb his buzz, or that the baby does.  Click on Tattered Dreams, to learn more about addiction.

We soon discover that the addict pulls away even further from us, when we try to fix him.  All you can really do, really, is to fix yourself.

Fix yourself first

Fix yourself first just as much for your own sake, as for his.  By fixing yourself first, you give yourself hope.  And by extension, your show him that he can also find hope for himself too.

Dot let him ruin you too and the children too!

Active addicts bring great suffering to all who care for him and love him.  Even though you cannot change the addict, by changing yourself first will help both you and him find hope.  So to find hope, you need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being in love with an addict, hurts.  I know, because I’ve been there, done that.  Click on Those Old Aylmer Days

Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense is an essential part of doing Tarot Readings at a professional level.  Tarot Readers should defend themselves, their families, and their clients from psychic attacks.  By doing so, you, yours, and your clients will better enjoy good Readings.


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Two of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck


Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense skills and methods help to protect the Tarot Reader and the Querent from nasty people and spirits.  Just as much as there are good and bad things that happen to people in the physical word, there are good and bad things that happen to people in the astral/spiritual realm.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  For the purpose of this article, I used cards from the Ghost Tarot Deck because it is appropriate to the topic of Psychic Attack – Defense.  I use the images on these cards, in an intuitive style of Card Interpretation, rather than with knowledge of the cards per say.

It is naive to think that only positive things happen in our lives; bad things happen too.  Now that is a fact of life reflected by the images on Tarot Cards.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Nine of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck

Just as much as we can draw good things into our life, we can also avoid and/or repel certain very specific bad things – such a psychic attacks.  They say that things come in threes.  When they say that, they are talking about “the good, the bad, and the ugly’.

The good, the bad, and the ugly always follow each other. That is unavoidable; it seems to be the law of the Universe found here on Earth.  That fact is indisputable.  That is why it is a good idea to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.  For both the good and the chaos in our lives.

We would never expect that simply sitting down with a Querent, there could be a psychic attack.  Usually, there is not; but psychic attacks do happen at times.  So be prepared anyways – just in case, by covering both yourself and your Querent with a good psychic defense measure.

Good psychic defense measure

Good psychic defense measure covers you, your car, your home, and all those who dwell there.  This covers your Querent also, because the Querent dwells in her/his Tarot Reading as you interpret the cards.  In other words, a good psychic defense measure pertains to the word ‘dwell’ as it applies to Tarot Readings.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Tower Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Consider the word ‘dwell’.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘to dwell’ has two meanings that apply to this topic of Psychic Defense.  The one that first comes to mind, is ‘to dwell’ – in the sense that applies “to live in your home as a resident of it.  This would include yourself, your family, your dog and cat.  And everything that is on your property too; such as your car, your ladder, your trees and plants, etc.

The second meaning of ‘to dwell’, as it applies to practicing good psychic defense measures doing professional Tarot Readings, concerns your Querent.  Your Querent ‘dwells’ in your home when he/she comes over for a Tarot Reading.  He/she “remains for a time”, in the sense that he/she sets foot on your property, enters your home for a time during which they get a Tarot Reading, and then leaves when the Reading is done.  And some of your Tarot Clients will be return clients.  So they need to be covered by your Psychic Defense Measure too!

Maintain good spiritual health

Maintain good spiritual health by ‘Cleansing” good and proper like.  Cleansing in the metaphysical community, means “to make yourself, your family, your dog and cat, your home and all your belongings, your property and everything on it – clean”.  Clean of all impurities.  Of impurities such as ‘negativity’.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Fool Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

The list of ways to cleans impurities such as negativity, can become exhausting.  You can Google metaphysical negativity, and how to cleanse it.  Here, in this blog article on Psychic Attack – Defense, I will give you the very basic means by which you can achieve good cleansing.

First, wash your own body with a good quality shampoo for your hair and a good bar of soap for your skin.  Once that is done, be sure to shave the hair underneath your armpits and on your legs; and don’t forget to pluck any unwanted whiskers too.  Shave and pluck, because microbes love to stick to hair.  Microbes bring sickness.  And sickness is negativity just as much as negative feelings are.

Secondly, after you shower and shave and pluck, duck in ‘salt water’.  Fill you bath with warm, clear tap water.  While the bath is filling with warm tap water, put in two handfuls of Epson Salt (cloves, or lavender is OK too, but salt does a deeper cleansing). Then get into the bath water, and duck yourself entirely into the salt water.  Be sure to wet all of your hair on your head.  Sprinkle your face.  The Salt water will clear your pores of any impurity.  (Do not cleans in salt water when pregnant).

After you have ducked, command all impurities and negativity to leave your body and to go into the salt water.  Get up, and remove the bath plug; and command the impurities and negativity to be drained along with the Salt water down the drain pipe.  And to not ever come back.  And tell impurities and negativity to make it so…

Get out of the bathtub, and ground yourself.  Think of yourself as a lightning rod.  A lightning rod needs to be grounded so that the lightning does not hit your home.  You need to be grounded too, so all the energy around you does not hit everything around you; and leaves drained…

You can also smudge your home and property, and even your car; and don’t forget to leave a little bit of salt around the place…  You can place black obsidian crystal inside your home, at every doorway and window.  And on your Tarot Altar.

Black obsidian crystals absorb negativity, and lets filter in the positive energy; while at the same time, place a smoky quartz crystal on your Tarot Altar, so to let in clarity during your Reading.  Even with having cleansed and with black obsidian crystals, you will be able to read the good and the bad in your Querent’s environment and life.

Good Psychic Shielding

Good Psychic Shielding is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a shield you put up in the astral/spiritual so to defend yourself and your Sitter from psychic attacks.  There are different ways to shield yourself, all according to your own individual and personal faith and belief system.  Ask yourself if those you use work for you.  If they do not, it may be time for you to try other ways.

Some Tarot Readers ask their deities, angels, and guides to protect them and their Client from anything bad that might happen during the Reading.  If doing that works for you, keep doing that.  If it does not, you might want to ask new ones to shield you; that, or start putting up your own shield.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Magician Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Witches and occultist much prefer to put up their own protective shields.  Witches put up the Pentagram, representing them and their Sisters Under the Star.  If you are a Witch or a Pagan, do not listen to those voices telling you that does not work.

For those that know how to do that properly, efficiently, and adequately, it is a very powerful defense shield.  Never forget when you put it up, to invoke both the power of your Sisters Under the Star, and the energy of the Star itself.  A Star is one mighty powerful source of energy! And so is the power of a million bothers and sisters all bunch up into one!

You can also use the crystals in the lay lines.  Lay Lines conceal crystals containing energy you can call upon to form you protective shield with.  First, call down to you the white energy from the Cosmic Egg up above, then call up to you the dark energy from the crystals from the Lay Lines.  With those two energies together (the white and the black), form a column of red light energy.  And do not forget to place the Pentagram on it.  You know what they say!  They say “as above, as below; as in front, as behind; and all around; and to infinity”!


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Seven of Wands
Ghost Tarot Deck


Conjure what you can send back

Conjure what you can send back, means exactly that!  CONJURE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN SEND BACK!  Many Tarot Readers are Mediums who do Tarot Mediumship Readings.  Some will do Tarot Mediumship Readings only to get a message from a deceased loved one.  While other Tarot Mediums will do Tarot Mediumship as well as other forms of Mediumship work involving unknown, unfamiliar spirits to them or their client.

When working any type of Mediumship or magick with unfamiliar spirits, first familiarize yourself with the names of as many demons and angels as possible.  What they are for, how to be respectful of them, and most especially how to make them go away.  Always keep at the front of your mind, that what you can not control – will control you.

Some clients can dubiously and cunningly ask you to communicate with a dark spirit or demon without informing you of what or who the spirit is in actuality.  Some might even ask you to talk with their guides or protectors.  Know that not all guides and protectors are of the Light.  No matter if from the Dark or from the Light, both need total respect from both you and from your Querent.  They should not be toyed with.

Whether you agree to do Mediumship or Tarot Mediumship or not, is up to you.  However be aware that if you should accept to perform such work in your practice, you should be prepared to send back what you have brought forth to communicate with.  My intent here is not to scare you, but rather to advise you properly on this aspect of Mediumship work with spirits, and when doing magick.  Do not be a stupid fool, be a smart fool!  A good dose of common sense and street smarts goes a long way in Psychic Attack – Defense!

Psychic Vampire Attacks

Psychic Vampire Attacks are regular happenings, this no matter what you may be doing as a Tarot Reader.  It does not matter what type of Readings you do, Psychic Vampires abound out there in the psychic/astral/spiritual world out there.  And they always nest in groups.  For the purpose of this article, I will limit myself to telling you about one easy, very basic form of shielding from them – when you think yourself under a psychic attack from Vampires.

Form a cup with both hands together.  In that cup, visualize a white light formed of pure Cosmic Energy.  Blow on the Cosmic White Light, and tell it to surround you as if an egg.  As above, as below; as in front, as in back; and all around; and for eternity.

Then visualize a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. A disco ball has mirrors all around it.  It reflects the bright light coming from the egg shell you surrounded yourself with.  And then, visualize the bright light reflecting off each one of the mirrors on the disco ball – going and bouncing off the ceiling, the floor, and even off your own egg shell.  Thus, blinding a psychic intruder coming at you.  Now make that light turn flaming red as if fire…; electric red, blue, white, black, purple color of electricity going wild and crazy all around you while you are safe inside your eggshell!

In summary, be sure to do your Tarot Reading with a good Psychic Attack – Defense.  Cleans, and protect yourself and your client – in an intelligent fashion.  Work with clients and spirits that do not remove the control of your Tarot Session away from you – the professional.

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Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings go beyond the borders of our unconscious mind.  They go well behind the Veil that separates this physical world to the spirit world.  These types of Readings are done so to receive messages from our deceased loved ones that have gone on before us.


Tarot Mediumship Readings
Tarot Mediumship Readings
The Lovers Card
Ghost Tarot


Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings warrant explanation.  Many professional Tarot Readers do this type of Reading.  These Readers are experts at interpreting the meanings of Tarot Cards as they pertain to the spirit world.  On top of being knowledgeable as far as the sense of the Cards, Tarot Mediums can do this because they are highly sensitive to receiving messages from the dead.  They use the Cards as a confirmation of the message given.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch) of Tarot Readings by Evergreen.  I’ve read on Facebook, posts, and comments about Tarot Mediumship Readings.  So I thought I would offer my understanding of Tarot Mediumship Readings.

First, let us get on the same page about what is ‘Tarot Mediumship’ per say.  This type of Reading is highly controversial, especially among Mediums.  Tarot Readers who define themselves as “Tarot Mediumship Readers” often get confronted” by others in the Tarot community.

Tarot Mediumship is highly controversial because of the bad reputation brought upon Mediums by some who are charlatans.  Because of these frauds, many of us legitimate Tarot Mediums now prefer to label ourselves as ‘intuitive.’

Why the Intuitive label

Why the Intuitive label?  Because everyone has intuition; intuition is a gut feeling one gets – that something is about to happen, without having proof that something is going to occur.  But, in time, it does manifest!

Intuition is 'having a sense or a gut feeling' about people, situations, and events.

A good example of what is intuitive – are mothers.  Mothers have the natural instinct that their child needs protection from a stranger talking to children at the school fence.  Somehow, a mother just knows.  However, mother’s are not necessarily Psychics or Mediums.

Psychic or Medium

Psychic or Medium are other labels Tarot Mediumship Readers give themselves.  As I said in the previous paragraph of this article, everyone is intuitive.  However, some Tarot Mediumship Readers prefer to label themselves as Psychic or Mediums.

An Intuitive who is also Psychic can also remote view objects in this physical world.  However, they do not necessarily connect with the spirit world.

Whereas, an Intuitive who is also a Medium can be a Psychic too.  On top of being intuitive and a psychic, some can also channel; they can facilitate the communication between those who live in the spirit world and those who live in the physical world.

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts all at the same time. Not all Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts, but many do.  These types of Card Readers are not only knowledgeable Readers, but they are also Intuitive and Psychic, and Medium.  They can also channel messages from your deceased loved ones while using the Cards to confirm the transmitted message from the dead.

You know, it is like driving a car.  You not only can drive your car so to get somewhere; but once you do get there, you will have to get out of your vehicle at one point.  And when you do get out of your car, you will need to walk; and may even want to chew gum too!  Some Tarot Mediumship Readers can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It’s not because one is an aware, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, that they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.  Even if you Read Tarot Cards, you can also be a wife and mother, and school teacher.

The main categories of gifts a Tarot Mediumship Reader can have, are:

.  clairvoyance:  perceived by the Medium's inner sense of sight.

.  Clairaudience:  perceived by the  Medium's inner sense of hearing.

.  Clairolfaction:  perceived by her/his internal sense of smell.

.  Clairgustative:  perceived by their inner sense of taste.

.  Clairsentience:  perceived by their inner sense of touch.

.  Calirchanneling is the allowing, with their 'free will,' that his/her body and mind be used so that psychic information can be brought forth; or to heal people, or to speak aloud the message from the spirit world.

Now that you and I are together on the same page, let us look at what is Tarot Mediums, per say.

What is Mediumship

What is Mediumship?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Mediumship as “the capacity, function, or profession of a spiritualistic medium.”  Whereas a person who is a medium is an individual held to be a “channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits.”

What is an Oracle

What is an Oracle?  An ‘Oracle’ is the Tarot Mediumship Reader herself/himself.  We are the ‘Oracle,’ the Tarot Cards are ‘the gateway.’

People come to us ‘the oracles’ to ask help in the form of a question.  The Oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), transmits that query to either a divinity, or a deity, or a god or goddess, or angel, or element, or elemental, or ancestor or deceased loved one, or spirit, etc.

Then the oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), shuffles the Tarot Cards and awaits for an answer.  Either one of those above mentioned helpers can send the help in the form of a reply back down to the Oracle.  And then, the ‘oracle’ speak the information to the ‘seeker’ (who is also called the Querent, the Sitter, the person asking the question).

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Awaken Your Heart



Awaken Your Heart to the power that heals your broken heart!  There is only one true way to heal after the loss of one you have loved.  It is to love someone new!


Awaken Your Heart
Awaken Your Heart
Your love life is ascending to a higher level


Awaken Your Heart

Awaken Your Heart, let yourself love again.  Feel the power of what heals you, by taking the plunge to a higher commitment than you ever had given before.  Let yourself do exactly that, this time, so “your love life can ascend to a higher level”.  Congratulation!

Hello there fellow Tarot Bloggers, my name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch) of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This blog article, Awaken your Heart, is part of the 2016 Midwinter Tarot Blog Hop:  Awaken the Heart.  To read another blog article on this topic, click on ‘PREVIOUS BLOG’ to get to Cloe’s blog article.  For the Denver Convention blog by Joy, click on ‘NEXT BLOG’, to read Joy’s blog article.

Congratulation on your engagement

Congratulation on your engagement!  You are taking the plunge, you are getting married again.  Your heart is awakening to the power that heals your broken heart!  Click on Release your ex Lover, to read more about that.

Awaken Your Heart
Awaken Your Heart
with the Thoth Sun Card

Even if there is no one yet, congratulation because the need to live again, to love again, and to do it right this time is germinating in your heart once again.

This is a very good sign that your Season of Tears is coming to an end, and that you have chosen life!  Click on Draw Love To You, to learn more about how to draw Love to you.

Make this time count!  Do it right, and take your time to choose “The One” this time; once and for all!  Start over again with someone new.  With someone who is worthy of your love, and who will not break your heart…

Once you have found someone new, awaken your Love.  Let the Love that you share grow under the Sun; in the light of day.  For all those who have eyes to see with – may see.  Click on the The Emperor Card to read more about this.

Even an online, long distance romance can awaken your Love; Love can flourish to a real life marriage!  Be sure to send her flowers, chocolates, birthday cards, and gifts so to prove that you seriously do love her.  And then wait till you meet in real life, to sweep her off her feet, to ask for her hand in marriage, to put an engagement ring on her finger, to court her, and marry here!

Together let your love life ascend to a higher level

Together let your love life ascend to a higher level.  This time, give yourselves the change to really know what it is like to have a courtship.  Take the time to get to know each other by dating, and being around family and friends on both sides.

Love ascends slowly but surely towards the Sun, once awakened. Don’t go too fast with that, because Love is like a flower.  To finally have a beautiful flower, you must plant it in the good soil.  It must be planted in a bright, sunshiny corner of your garden.  Under the Sun, you must water your flower each day!

Yes, I am seriously saying the word “must” here.  Many people do not like the word “must”, but if you do not awaken your heart to let it love again – then it will not be Love with a big ‘L’.  Then you must nourish your Love in good soil, in the light of day, and let your Love emotions flow through both of your hearts for each other – on a daily basis.  So go ahead, awaken your heart!  Click on The Song (Awaken love) to listen to Alan Powell sing it warmly!





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