Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell helps you to bring someone else’s love to you.  Whether it is a forbidden love that you must not want and that keeps evading your efforts, or whether it is a love denied you and rejecting you; and after all is said and done – the heart wants what it wants.  You can call love to you by doing a ‘Drawing Love Tarot Spell’ and a ‘Attracting Love Tarot Talisman’ so to get the last punch at a successful love attraction!


Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell and Talisman, is what it is, what it is.  It is a combination Tarot Love Spell and a Tarot Love Talisman that I have personally created and now share with you.  You may use it, but it is mine 🙂  And if you should use it,  use it only as a last-ditch attempt so to ‘attract his love’ to you – anyways!


“The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here
The future that we hold is so unclear
But I’m not alive until you call
And I’ll bet the odds against it all
Save your advice ’cause I won’t hear
You might be right but I don’t care
There’s a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants
The heart wants what it wants

You got me scattered in pieces
Shining like stars and screaming
Lighting me up like Venus
But then you disappear and make me wait
And every second’s like torture
Hell over trip, no more so
Finding a way to let go
Baby, baby, no I can’t escape”

(Part of the words to the “The heart wants what it wants song”, by Celina Gomez)


The heart wants what it wants

The heart wants what it wants! And you know what they say.  They say, that where the heart goes, so do you.  When you truly want someone, then you will go there – even if desperate.

However, a Tarot Spell and a Tarot Talisman does this complete contrary.  It helps to bring his love to you!  Instead of you going out of your way to go to him as if a beggar, he comes to you…  But how does a Spell and Talisman work?

Aleister Crowley said that doing magic is “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will”.  In other words, you cause to change his neglect and rejection of you – into his paying attention to you, and wanting you enough so to go to you.

MacGregor Mathers, a prominent ceremonial magician himself, explains magic this way.  Mr. MacGregor said that, Magic is “the science of the control of the secret forces of nature”.  Even Wiccans believe in magick..  Wiccans say of magick, that it is “to  a law of nature, as yet misunderstood or disregarded by contemporary science”.

For an Invocation, a Spell, and a Talisman to work for real, you must believe rock-solid in your powers to drawing love to you.  Wanting the love that you want, and placing your hope in it, is crucial for this to work properly for you!  For without wanting to get in that lucky last punch, and without hope and faith in your own powers, then it is all for not.  So want it hard enough, hope for it hard enough, and you will be successful at drawing the love you want to you!

If you can’t seem to make your Spell and Talisman work for you, then you may want to consider having someone else do it for you.  When performing Tarot Magic for someone else, there can be no 100% guarantee given.  However, before asking a Spell Worker or Crafter to do this kind of Spell for you, ask her if she even tried this for herself, and if it worked for her.  This then gives you a pretty good idea if she is good or not at crafting Spells and Talismans.  And always keep at the front of your mind, that you are soliciting her help so to draw the love you want to you…

Tarot Spell for drawing love to you

Tarot Spell for drawing love to you is done to ‘invoke’, and to draw love to you.  (It is assumed here, that you know about Invocations, Spell Crafting, and Talismans).  The following combination of Cards in this Spread, is used to Invoke the powers that be of Love, then to draw Love to you, and finally to use this Tarot Spell as a Tarot Talisman.


Disclaimer, yes there must be.  This combination of cards, may seem at first glance like grasping at straws.  And indeed it is doing exactly that.  When your love and desires get rejected by the one your heart wants, don’t count on there being a compromise in the battle going on with the two of you.  That is futile.

However, if you want to get the last punch, be aware that your victory may not be enduring.  Nevertheless, if you feel that it is worth continuing the battle to finally get him, continue the effort by using this particular spell.  Why this Spell?  Because both the Sun and the Moon are at play 🙂

When to do this Invocation and  Spell?  At the break of dawn, on a Sunday morning; in February, at the latest in March, if you desire to get pregnant and have a happy pregnancy.

The cards are conveniently numbered for you to follow along with the given instructions.  In this example, I used Rider Wait Tarot Cards.


Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Love Talisman with Rider Waite Tarot Cards


The Cards you will need to do this Spread with, are the five of Swords; the Six of Swords; and the Seven of Swords.  And the Sun Card.

1 –  The First Card you place in this Tarot Spread, is the Sun Card in the first position.  This is the ‘Invocation Card’ that you need to invoke the powers that be in favor of Love flourishing freely.

The Solar Roman Sun God flourishes “the basic expression of the person.  On the Tree of Life, the Sun Card is the “God made manifest in the sphere of the mind.  And that the idea that knowledge is power”.  It is also the Card of “Light, Life, Liberty, and Love”.

In this Spread, the Son Card represents you ‘the querent’.  It is also the The Arch Angel to invoke by day, so to do this Love Spell with, Michael – “the archangel of Sol”.

2 –  Once you have Invoked the powers of the Sun Card upon yourself, you are then ready to do the Love Spell itself.

Place the Five of Swords Card in the number two position:  Defeat.  This so to start telling the story of your lack of success in regards to what your heart wants.  And of expressing to the Sun Card, that you want to conquer and win his heart and desires.  That you wish to dominate him.  And place the color Bright Scarlet upon this card.

3 –  In position 3, place the Six of Swords.  The science of dominance in this matter.  Say something to the effect, that you need focus, clear-focus.  Now visualize the both of you on the same page in the matters of the heart.  And place the color Yellow on it.

4 –  And then place the Seven of Swords Card, in position 4.  This is the position of “getting in the last punch in the battle of what your heart wants.  And it wants him to come to you..

Visualize yourself finally getting him.  And place the color Silver on this last cards, representing the energy of the Moon reflecting upon him.  You are using your last reserve of energy to get him; and he is now there in your arms!  The last punch, is your lucky punch!

Your attracting love to you Talisman

Your attracting love to you Talisman, is the above ‘Tarot Spread for drawing love to you’ – that you just created.    You can place it in a frame to hang up on your wall, near your altar.  Be sure to keep the colors on the cards…

Just to be clear about what the heart wants, listen to Celina Gomez who expresses this better than I ever could.

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Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is also called The Lord of the Fire of the World.  It is wonderful to stand there in the early morning, watching the Sun rise in the East, absorbing its life giving energy!  Absorbing its mysteries, in contemplation…  In contemplation of the secrets of the Thoth Sun Card, wondering what it actually means.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card


“The Sun”

The sun shines right at me,
It makes me blind when it stares at me.

I could see my shadow next to me,
So bold and black,
But the sun fixes that.

When the sun turns away into the clouds
the world starts to darken.
So dark and black.
I wonder and wonder will it ever come back?

(Author: Stephanie Kim)


Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is for all of us!  For every man and every woman.  For people of all ages.  But most especially for children!


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

The Sun is on the 30th Path of the Tree of Life.  In a Tarot Reading, the Sun represents the person we Read for.    More specifically, the Sun represents that part the Sitter prefers to show the world about themselves.  Either they let show the comedy side of themselves, or the tragedy they are in reaction to.

This is why, that in a Reading, take your time so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both, are essential to the overall interpretation of this card.

When you say “the Sun”, you are referring to yourself – really; the comedy or the tragedy about your inner life.  No one is ever comfortable revealing both sides of themselves – all at the same time.  For example, people may think they know me, but only those who really, truly know me – can actually see (at the same time) both the comedy and the tragedy side of myself.  And the same goes for you…  And the same goes for your Sitter.

The beauty of youth is, that it thinks itself invincible; invincible, as in never-dying.  Growing old, we are faced with our humanity.  Our humanity as in, capable of actually dying one day.  When facing our own humanity, we face both the comedy and the tragedy of our own death.

Just like the Sun lives on forever, so do you!  In the Thoth Doctrine, death is but illusion.  And if you think of it, the major religions of the world view death, as but a passage in time towards eternal life.  All agree to say, we never actually do die.

Just as the Sun never dies, nor do you actually die.  Just as the Sun is not actually extinguished when it goes down at night, nor do you actually become extinguished when your time is done here on Earth.  This, Intuitives are well aware of more than the average person is.

Those who are ‘Intuitive’, are aware of the continuity of life beyond our Realm of existence.  They know for sure that life goes on once someone dies.  They know that their is life beyond the Veil to the other side.

Intuitives can sense the presence of the gods, of the angels, and of others who are in the other Realm.  Intuitives are aware that “immortality is simply consciousness of the continuity of existence”, Lon Milo DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  But to explain this in a way so that all can understand this concept of Eternal LIfe, let us go back to the Thoth Sun Card.

We are born under twin Suns

We are born under twin Suns, is one of the best ways to explain the concept of Eternal Life, and what the Thoth Sun Card represents.  Twin Suns are opposites in energy.  How to explain the significance of this, is not that easy at all, come to think of it.  For there are various interpretations to the natural fact in life of both Eternal Life and of being born under Twin Suns with opposite energies.

The easiest way to understanding this, is that one Sun is passive energy, and the other is active energy.  One is of the Dark energy, the other of the Light energy.  Dark and Light energy are passive and active.  They are two opposites, yet equal forms of energy.  Do away with either one of these energies, everything gets destroyed here on Earth.

Same goes in your personal existence here on Earth.  Do away with your own dark side, you will destroy yourself.  Do away with that side of you that is Light, you will destroy yourself.  For you to live, you need both your Dark Energy and your Light Energy to live together side by side within yourself.   Your life without them both, would be non-existent either spiritually, or materially. Click on Your Shadow Self, to read further on this subject.

Even religions speak of this.  The Bible speaks of the fact of Dark energy and Light energy co-existing together so there could be life here on Earth.  To better represent this, Genesis 25:19-28 describes twins.  There speaks of the twin sons of Isaac.  Jacob and Esau fought against one another’s passive and active energies.  Their mother Rebekah could feel them fighting when still in her womb.  Once born, both twins continue-on fighting each other.

The Bible goes on to further explain the principle of Twin Suns (the passive and active energies), in the story of Christ vs his brother Satan.  Jesus was the Bright Morning Star, Rev 22:16 (NIV); whereas Satan is referred to as an Anti-Christ (anti-Sun) who is an anti-Star, Isa 14:12-15 (NIV) “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit”.

The Gnostic Christians referred to Christ as our Sun.  They referred to Satan, as the other Sun.  It does not take a far leap in thought to understand they were mysteriously referring to a solar mystery in which there are two Suns; twins Suns in our Solar System.

These are Twin Suns having a ‘double nature’ separate and distinct from one another.  Or that of “our entire Solar System rotating in a cycle of hundreds of millions years”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

Was it really a mythology though?  That story of Heru-ra-ha?  Heru-ra-ha, was two opposites and equal forms of the Egyptian god Horus.  Hoor-pa-Kraat, the passive, innocent, god of silence and infinite potential.  Ra-Hoor-Khut, the active, violent, hawk-headed avenger of the gods.  “These twin gods, combined under the one name Heru-r-ha, are divine expressions of the passive and of the active dynamics of the Element of the Spirit”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

“Combining the dual nature of our Sun, its passive and active energy, the Sun  becomes the ultimate symbol of unity and singularity in our Solar System”, Mr. DuQuette.

The next stage of our humanity

The next stage of our humanity, for some, is the influence of our Sun upon us.  An influence of liberating freedom!  Of going beyond the Veil, into eternal life.  This because of the Sun!

The rays of the Sun

The rays of the Sun total 12 rays.  In the Zodiac, there are 12 signs.  These 12 Sun rays, 12 signs of the Zodiac, go to say that the masculine and the feminine are altered in their nature.  Many explain this in their own way.  But I like to think of this ‘alteration’, as man and woman become one under the Sun, and that they are eternal.  That their energies will be transformed.

The Two Children under the Sun

The two Children under the Sun, are shown in some Sun Cards as standing on solid ground, under the Sun.  In other Sun Cards, you can see they are clearly depicted as standing on the ground, and near water, under the Sun.  In the Thoth Sun Card above, they are bathed in the influence of the Sun.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card
Rules over the Queen of Sword. In turn, the Queen of Swords rules over the Three of Swords



For those of us who love bringing the Elements into play when we interpret the Sun Card, let us understand then – what the Elements are doing.  The Element of Water and the Earth Element are in action over the two children, and the warming Element Fire and Spirit are there also.  Combined together, these element ‘generate’ the two children.  There are both the passive and the active Elemental Influences affecting the feminine and the masculine.  Click on the Queen of Swords, to read further about the influence of the Thoth Sun Cards.  Click on the Three of Swords, to read further about the domination of Queen of Swords over the Three of Swords.

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy, so to do a better and more accurate Reading.  Take your time, so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both of the Suns and subsequently combined as one, are essential to the overall interpretation of the Thoth Sun card.


Soul Mate Manifesting

Soul Mate Manifesting is both magickal and spiritual – all at the same time! Some people call this Calling in Your Soul Mate, or drawing your Soul Mate to you.  No matter how you call it, “your prayers, affirmations, and visualizations help bring you together!”


Soul Mate Manifesting
Soul Mate Manifesting
Calling In Your Soul Mate Oracle Card
Doreen Virtue, The Romance Angels Oracle Cards


Soul Mate Manifesting

Soul Mate Manifesting is to draw your Soul Mate to you.  We all have a Soul Mate.  You are no exception; you too have a Soul Mate.  Your Soul Mate is “someone you spent a lot of time with before you were born” into your current life, and even in your previous life times before this one.

Calling Your Soul Mate

Calling Your Soul Mate to you, is to draw your Soul Mate to you so you can be together once again.  If you feel as if there is part of you that is missing, it is because you are missing your true better-half.  Perhaps this person is missing from your life because your better-half has not heard you calling yet.

Your Soul Mate is who is essential to your spiritual growth (your spiritual progression).  This is someone you need in your life, so to grow spiritually together and to accomplish your mission in life together.  Religious people and philosophers agree to say, that if the two of you Soul Mates do not find each other in your current life time, you will both have missed reaching your destinies.  You will both have to be reborn again in yet another life.

There are all sorts of theories and beliefs pertaining to Soul Mates.  It is said that Soul Mates are two people who “have agreed to being born into this current lifetime”, so to have a family together; to bring other souls into physical life here on Earth by making babies together.  If you have not established a family together with your Soul Mate, you are most likely not in a fulfilling relationship.  If you do not have children with your Soul Mate, the children you do have with someone else – are most likely not an absolute pure joy for you to raise.

Most divorces are due to being married to someone else than their Soul Mates.  Many people would rather settle down with someone else, rather than wait for their Soul Mate to find them.  Life is hard enough, without having to be with the wrong person.  Being with your Soul Mate will make life all that much more well worth it all.

People fall in and out of love.  Shit happens.  Some cowardly people will leave you behind, or put you under the bus, and stab you in the back.  However, Soul Mates do not abandon each other – come what may.  Come Hell or high waters, your Soul Mate’s love will remain constant through it all!

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are exactly what they sound like.  These are people who form Groups of Souls.  These Groups of Souls are people who have agreed to be born during the same lifetime; they agree to be born together, so to progress spiritually together.

You also are part of a Soul Group.  Your Soul Group and yourself, are people who have reached an agreement together.  As a group, you have agreed to support and teach each other how to become better people in this lifetime.

You all count on each other for mutual acceptance; for mutual love; for mutual encouragement; and for mutual help in spiritual growth.

The people in your Soul Group are easy to identify.  They are your parents and the children they had together.  They are both of your parents respective families too.

They are also your closest friends.  Your closest classmates and work colleagues, and employers.  They can even be those total strangers on Social Media that you befriend and become true friends with notwithstanding the distance separating you all.

However, a “Soul Mate” is that one person you befriend in real life, or take it to real life with.  It is that one person you spend a lot of time with, and enter into a long-term real life committed relationship together; with the clear purpose of growing spiritually together with.  Notice that I say here “spiritually”, rather than saying ‘religiously’.  Forming a religious community together, is an entirely different thing than forming a spiritual, personal and intimate relationship with a Romantic Soul Mate.

Anti-Soul Group

Anti-Soul Group, is a group of people who are not in agreement with you.  They have not agreed to love you, nor to support you, nor to encourage you, nor to help you in this current life of yours.  You have not reached an agreement to grow spiritually together with them.

You are morally free to leave such a group at any given time; and so are they.  There is no commitment to each other – especially if they are antagonistic towards you.  People who find themselves in the wrong Soul Group, are people who have agreed to be born of them, but have not reached an agreement to grow spiritually together with them.  These are the very kinds of families and friends that we hear say of:  “such or such a person are as if poison to them”.

If you are still looking for your ‘Romantic Soul Mate”, it is never too late for the two of you to find each other in this current life time.  Some Romantic Soul Mates find each other early in life.  Some find each other late in life.  Sadly, some will never find each other at all in this current lifetime.

Having Free Will

Having free will is an inalienable right.  Each and every one of us are endowed with the right and the liberty to choose.  We are born with the free will to choose or not; to continue or not; to agree or even to disagree to follow up on the commitment we have made to our Romantic Soul Mate.  It may even happen that, having fallen in love with someone else, that we reject our own Romantic Soul Mate into your love life.  And your Romantic Soul Mate has the same rights and privileges of doing that just as much as you do.  To read more about exactly that, click on Is He The One.

And it may very well be that you will have to draw your Romantic Soul mate to you.

How to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you

How to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you, is easy; it really is.  Some desperate souls think they need to do a song and dance act so to do this.  While others think that a little bit of magick will do the trick.  In some cases, it very well may be that you need a song and dance act and a little bit of magick so to draw your Romantic Soul Mate to you!  Click on Hopelessly Devoted To You, to get what I mean by that.

Prayer to a Higher Power than yourself, is highly recommended.  Along with working on yourself.  Develop those very qualities in yourself that you feel your Romantic Soul Mate should possess.  It may very well be that opposites attack, but the both of you already know what you like in each other.  So make apparent those very spiritual qualities above everything else!

To view a video about how it’s like to find your Romantic Soul Mate, click on the Your The One That I want song.

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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords in the Thoth Tarot Deck makes people afraid of her.  Why is this?  Because, if you get on her bad side, she treats you cruelly; she can be dangerous.  This is not a card you would want to necessarily meditate on…


Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords is a scary card!  You can see that in the Thoth Deck.  In this Deck, she clearly holds the severed head of a man in her left hand; and the sword she holds in her right hand, points down towards the Earth.  So don’t mess with her!

It may very well be that she represents ‘the Sun Card’ in this deck, but as Crowley himself says:  “she means business”.  She understands and notices things very quickly.  She thinks outside the box.  This is a great card to do ‘Mind Liberation Magic’ with; as she frees your mind up so to learn, understand, and to quickly think up solutions to what problems you may have in any given situation.  She is very efficient in that way!

The Queen of Swords as a Significator Card

The Queen of Swords as a Significator Card is Water of Air.  21° Virgo to 20° Libra.  If you were born between September 12th to October 12th,  you are a Queen of Swords in Tarot Correspondences.  She rules over those people who are 10 of Disks; 2 of Swords; and 3 of Swords.  Click on the Three of Swords, to read how the Queen of Swords rules it.  You can also click on the Thoth Sun Card, so to learn more about how the Sun Card rules over the Queen of Swords Card.

Her original title is the Queen of the Thrones of Air, Queen of the Sylphs and Sylphides.  Her symbols are the head of a man severed; cumulus clouds; and a drawn sword pointing downwards toward the ground.

Those born between September 12th to October 12th, are intensely perceptive.  They are keen observers.  They are subtle interpreters, intensely individualistic, and are swift and accurate at recording ideas.  They are also confident in action; in spirit they are gracious and just.  Their core influence is the Justice Card.

Water of Air

Water of Air, “means the humidity in the Air.  The elasticity of the Element.  And its power of transmission.  The Empire of the Queen of Swords is of the Celestial Dew…  She is the clear, conscience perception of idea…  Because her throne is upon the clouds, she is graceful and just.  She is exceptionally graceful in movement, and in the ability in dancing and balancing”, Crowley.

When the Queen of Swords is in a bad mood

When the Queen of Swords is in a bad mood, her intent and purpose are not good!  In her, they are unreadable.  Because they are not detectable, she is then even more cruel, sly, deceitful, and unreliable.  Her beauty sets her apart from the others, so be careful, do not interfere with her.

The Queen of Swords keeps herself in-check

The Queen of Swords keeps herself in-check.  She is not all bad; she has a conscious!  She does not want to be a bad person, so her conscious has built-in safeguards against her dark side.  She is endowed with the ability to foresee the consequences of her actions and words upon the people in her environment.  She is mindful of her words and actions.  This because, she wants the advantage in a situation.

You know what they say!  They say don’t mess with the Queen of Swords!  She has friends in low places; and they do love her because her cause is a right one!


Three of Swords

Three of Swords in the Thoth Deck is SORROW.  When this Card appears in a Spread, it means that there is SORROW in the person’s life.  As a Significator Card, SORROW defines best the personal atmosphere of that person.


Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck


Three of Swords

Three of Swords has a Key-word.  Its Key-word is SORROW!  Unhappiness, sorrow, and tears galore!

More specifically, this kind of sorrow in not the kind of grief one goes through after the death of a loved one, nor after a divorce.  Rather, it is a sense of unhappiness one carries through life; it is a reaction to just about any situation in life.

It is part of the person’s very own nature to be unhappy, sad, and to have behaviors that result in deceit, strife, and discord with others.  As this type of SORROW is rather difficult to put into words, click on Elvis Presley’s Heart Break Hotel song.  Through the emotions invoked by this vocalist who sings this song, you may better appreciate the type of sorrow represented by this darkest Card in this dark Minor Arcana Suit.

The Darkest Card in the Suit of Swords

The Darkest Card in the Suit of Swords, is the Three of Swords – SORROW.  It is Saturn in Libra; 10° to 20°; its original Title is the Lord of Sorrow.  Those born on October 3rd to October 12th are Libra 2.  The planet that influences them is Saturn.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Three of Swords best represents how they react to the Core Influences and Energies that exercise control over them and their lives.

The proof that this Tarot Correspondence is correct, is found in the following formula:

3 (Binah) of Swords (Yetzirah) + Saturn in Libra = SORROW

The above formula was taken from the book “Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot”, by Lon Millo DuQuette.

The Three of Swords Dominated

The Three of Swords Dominated is in reaction to the Court Card that rules it.  It is ruled by (dominated by) the energy of the Queen of Swords.  The Queen of Swords is herself greatly influenced by the Sun Card in the Major Arcana.”


The Three of Swords
The Three of Swords Dominated by the Sun Card and the Queen of Swords


Markus Katz is a popular author who wrote the Tarot book ‘Around the Tarot in 78 Days’.  He refers to the influences that other Card’s have upon a Minor Arcana Card – as a “trickle down effect”.  The Core Influence of a Major Arcana Card pours itself down into the Minor Arcana Cards.  More specifically, a Major Arcana card pours into a Court Card.  In turn, the Court Card then pours down into the Pip Card.

This trickle down effect, causes both the Major Arcana Card and the Court Card together – to have control over the Pip Card.  This trickle down effect places the Pip Card in a position in which it can only but ‘react to’ these two higher stationed Cards.  In other words, the Core Influence of the Sun Card pours down into the Queen of Swords Court Card; the Queen of Swords then pours down into the Three of Swords Pip Card – causing the Three of Swords to react to the control the two higher Cards exercise over him and his life. The Three of Swords reacts by expressing or causing SORROW in its environment.

More precisely, this type of SORROW is ‘a reaction’ to the Queen of Swords’ control over him. It is not a true state of clinical depression per sey.  It is a dark behavior or emotion; albeit, an instinctively dark response to a dark influence – if one might put it that way…

To Suffer Sorrow

To Suffer Sorrow is to obey sorrow.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “sorrow” as such.  “It is to feel or display great distress.  It is an anxiety, anguish, an acute suffering caused by pressure or adversity”.  This definition of SORROW relates well the trickle down effect from the Star Card, down to the Queen of Swords, and then down to the Three of Swords.  In other words, a person who is in Tarot Correspondences – a Three of Swords, has a sense of darkness and heaviness about them.  Their material world is in chaos.  They know storms in their personal life, as well as in their family life.

The Good Qualities of the Three of Swords

The Good Qualities of the Three of Swords are as follows:

“Mirth in platonic pleasures; singing; faithfulness in promises; honesty in money transactions; and are sometimes even generous!”, Aleister Crowley.

Show compassion to the Three of Swords

Show compassion to the Three of Swords Sitter.  Help the Three of Swords to find it’s fortress!  Its fortress is the hope in their life (their safe harbor).  It is the rock one can lean upon (either within themselves, or another person in their environment).

For example, if I was to Read for someone who is an Elvis Presley-ish type of person, I would select the Three of Swords card as the Significator Card – to represent this person in the Spread.  And I would guide them towards their mother so to seek refuge in her maternal love; she knows how to raise him up when he needs that in his life.

In summary, the Three of Swords Thoth Tarot Card means SORROW!  It is a very complicated card to explain, but well worth a good attempt to do so.  Remember that the Sun always rises in the East each morning, and there is just nothing we can do to stop that from happening.  However, we can always be comforted by those who raise us up, rather – than lean upon those who would keep us down…

Thoth Prince of Disks

Thoth Prince of Disks loves to channel resources, and resources love him back!  His motto is:  waste not want not.  He can be a little devil at times, but his parents love him anyways.


Thoth Prince of Disks
Thoth Prince of Disks


Thoth Prince of Disks

Thoth Prince of Disks is a young man who loves to plan for both his immediate and future material needs.  He singles himself out by channeling material resources.  However, he does have both qualities and shortcomings.

It may be that people understand his ideas and plans, but sometimes they just plain do not agree that they are that cute in the first place.  If there is a group of Tarot Cards that some Readers experience difficulty interpreting, they are the Prince Cards (the Pages in many decks).  The Prince of Disks is a particularly difficult card to understand.  This is due most especially to our own individual belief systems.

If a Reader wants to interpret this Card only from a positive perspective, then that will be the only part of its meaning that will be included in the Reading.  However, it does have its dark side.  And when the Prince of Disks channels resources with his darker side, he can cause negative reactions in people.  In a letter to Crowley, Harris wrote:  “The Prince of disks is a devil.  I’ve been a whole week with him, and he is engendering a nervous breakdown in me – coupled with starvation as he gives me no time to eat.  He is a bastard.  He swells and swells (…)”.

Channeling Resources

Channeling Resources is an energy to die for!  When one has the energy to provide for oneself, one becomes happy – because life is then easier.  This young man’s family will not want for food, because it is important to him to eat well.  His house will be warm during winter, and cool enough come summertime.  His children will have shoes on their feet to go to school, and laptops to study and play on.

However, after this young man’s family will be provided for, his wife will begin to notice that there is a downside to living with him.  He will seem emotionally distant to her.  Not that he is distancing himself emotionally from her, but rather that he is distancing himself from emotional situations so to better continue planning his material resources.

Thinking ahead is highly important to this young man.  He knows that so his bills get paid, he must stay on top of them.  He knows that he must get a raise in pay or a promotion – so to meet future cost of living increases.  If he was a farmer, he would “know how to plan and produce an abundant crop”.  If he were to become President of the United States one day, he would know how to plan and make happen good paying jobs for folks.

Prince of Air of Earth

Prince of Air of Earth has two original titles.  The Prince of the Chariot of Earth, and the Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes.  He rules the Four of Wands; the Five of Disks; and the Six of Disks.  21° Aries to 20° Taurus.  In Tarot Correspondences, people born on April 11th to May 10th are Princes of Disks.

Known to be a devil

Known to be a devil, is the Prince of Disks.  Even though he knows how to competently produce material resources and that he is indeed a cool guy to hang with, the fact remains that this Card is the darkest card in the suit of Disks.  In other words, there is what people call – an evil side to him!

In popular culture, there are examples of the Prince of Air of Earth (The Prince of Disks).  Two of the most flagrant examples of The Prince of Disks I could come up with in popular culture – are Denis the menace character in the Denis the Menace T.V. show, and the character Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone movie.  I don’t care what the birth dates are for these two characters, I would still use the Prince of disks as a Significator Card to best represent them in a Reading.

Both of these boys are loved and cherished by their parents.  Both are cute and smart and highly imaginative in any given situation.  Just don’t get on their bad side lol…  Just imagine what they are going to be like once they grow up to become teenagers and young adults!!!

These two characters would still fit into the description of the Prince of Disks by Aleister Crowley in his book “The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot)”.  “They are understandable by their parents at least.  Both of these boys bring a great energy to what they do in terms of the most practical material resources.  They are both energetic and enduring.  Both prove themselves to be trustworthy and unmovable in their emotions.  When driven to anger, they are unstoppable”.

Unmovable in his own emotions:

Unmovable in his own emotions, the Prince of Disks appears to not care about the other person’s feelings.  When the other person expresses themselves by using spiritual concepts or principle, they are beyond his comprehension.  So he lets people react to him all according to their own nature.

This is why a Prince of Disks is often called a little devil.  Because things pertaining to spirituality are above his head.  And because they are above his head, he nevertheless continues putting his plan into action.  But he does relate to other people – in the practical.  When dealing with a Prince of Disks, one must relate back to him – in the practical for it all to make sense to him.


Thoth Prince of Disks
Thoth Prince of Disks


Freud misunderstands

Freud misunderstands the unconscious mind of the Prince of Disks.  Freud’s understanding of the unconscious was Christian based.  Freud attributed this unconscious mind as representative of the Christian Devil.  Was it really just an assumption by Freud.  Perhaps not really.

The Christian Devil was heavily part of the main culture of his time, just as much as it is here in mainstream America today.  Even in today’s popular culture, we still understand that: “the unconscious is in fact the instinct that expresses, beneath the veil, the inherent point-of-view of each, and, properly understood, is a hint of what seed may blossom and fructify as the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”, Aleister Crowley.

No matter their personal convictions, the parents of both the Denis the menaces and the Kevin McCallisters of this world understand their boys.  This even if we may think this kind of boy is a devil.  Both sets of their parents and us, understand these types of young children should not be bound.  Because they do no evil, they just don’t think along the lines of the Higher Divine Self; their thinking is one that is ‘practical’…



Self-Sacrifice is important to the betterment of civilization as a whole.  It is in our nature to sacrifice ourselves for a good cause, even though some people do not adhere to this notion.  We Self-Sacrifice so we may get even greater blessings in our lives.




Self-Sacrifice is often necessary for the better good of our families and friends, for our communities and countries we live in.  “President Obama was brought to tears during his speech –  when discussing the loss of life in a mass shooting at an elementary school”, posted on January 5, 2016 by Universal Life Church Monastery.  His sadness over the innocent Elementary School children who lost their lives in the pernicious slaughter there, was actually about gun control as a Self-Sacrifice that he thinks we must all necessarily make – for the betterment of the country.

This form of Self-Sacrifice is Spock-ish in nature “The good of the one outweighing the good of the lives of the many”.

The ‘good of the one outweighs the good of the many’ doctrine is about saving – “if only one life”; the rest of the lives must be sacrificed if they will not Self-Sacrifice themselves for the good of the one.  If Mr. Spock was a real alien hearing President Obama’s words, he would have rationally raised one eyebrow so to show his total agreement with the President.  Of course, it would have  flabbergasted both Captain Kirk and Bones to the core of their humanity.

Humans are constituted as such.  Humans, by their very nature, hold sacred each and everyone’s lives during a traumatic event such as a mass shooting at an Elementary School; not just one life.  Just like depicted in Star Trek T.V.  shows and movies, humans hold dear to the notion that “the good of the many outweigh the good of the one”.  This because, it is in man’s nature to be the best he can be, and that no man be left behind (man as in human).

During a violent attack situation, our human self-preservation instincts automatically kick into gear to defend, protect, and save as many as humanly possible, and to leave no one behind.  Courageous and brave men with honor, will go back into combat – even to this means to self-sacrifice their own lives if they have to .  They will go back into Hell so to get the wounded, the weak, the sick, or even the one captured.  This, so no man, woman, or child is left behind.

For a man/woman of honor, it is the ‘honorable’ thing to do.  Brave men and women hold dear, and this to all cost to themselves, to the following spiritual principle: “the good of the many outweighs the good of the one”.  Human life is extremely precious; when push comes to shove and battle ensues, good people leave no one behind…  Not even children in a classroom, nor people celebrating a religious event that is not our own; not even a wife alone at home, nor a sick husband who has no self-defense to speak of anymore.

Gun Control

Gun Control has become a controversial issue dividing us into – two camps.  In one camp, are those in favor of taking guns away from the average person; while in the other camp, are those who want to keep their guns.  Both camps have this in common; both want to Self-Sacrifice themselves so to save lives!  They differ in ‘the what’ the Self-Sacrifice should be, and in ‘the how’ to make it so.


In the camp of those in favor to take away guns from the average person, they believe that the Self-Sacrifice should be ‘to take away guns from the idiots that may or may not cause an accidental shooting’.  In the camp of those who do not want their guns taken away from them, they believe that the Self-Sacrifice should be ‘to keep their guns – so they can immediately defend and protect the victims before a bad person can take them all down’.  Both camps have this in common:  both camps want to Self-Sacrifice themselves so to save lives.

In which camp do we find ourselves?

Self-Sacrifice in our daily lives

Self-Sacrifice in our daily lives is also often necessary.  Actually, the average person performs many acts of Self-Sacrifice – every day.  We do a Self-Sacrifice each morning by getting-up and going to work so to provide for those who depend on us, rather than sleeping-in each morning.  Tired or not, we cook for our family so they may be fed.


We care for a sick or an elderly loved-one, so to encourage them to get better soon.  We drive our children to school or to soccer practice, or to dance lessons – so to be of support to them along the way to their future.  We take out a loan so to send our children to College – so they can go out into the world and make their own luck in life.

Self-Sacrifice for the good of our community

Self-Sacrifice for the good of our community is also necessary.  Perhaps you can volunteer in a Soup Kitchen to feed the poor and the homeless.  You can bring a bowl of soup to someone you know who is elderly or sick.  You can give to a community organization who helps the widow and the orphan.  You can buy a Christmas and a Birthday gift for a child in a wheelchair.  You can volunteer to serve coffee at a cancer clinic.



We cannot solve all the woes in the world, but we can support and encourage those in need in our own communities and churches.


Self-Sacrifice as a Tarot Reader

Self-sacrifice as a Tarot Reader is a good thing too.  Many Readers do free Readings from time to time, to give back to their clients – in secret and in a non-promotional way.




When we read on Facebook someone posting about a heart-wrenching situation in their life, we can privately offer to do a Reading about the situation they find themselves in.  This would give them enlightenment and guidance through it all.  Or even reduce our fee down to the amount that would be feasible for a College student.

Blessings of Self-Sacrifice

Blessings of Self-Sacrifice are uncountable; not only for the other people we help in this way, but also for ourselves.




A Self-Sacrifice is like a flower we plant in our garden; each flower representing another human being than ourselves.  We plant the flower in the sunlight.  We water and nourish it so it will grow in the sunlight.  Then we pick our flowers, and they make us happy by their beauty.

Human beings are like as if flowers.  They warm our hearts with their smiles.  They love us back, making our Self-Sacrifice for their happiness well worth it all in the end!

Thoth Five of Disks

Thoth Five of Disks (Pentacles) is the Card I dread the most in any given Tarot Deck.  In a Spread, when I pull this Card for my Sitter, my heart goes down to my feet.  I begin to worry for my client.


Thoth Five of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks


Thoth Five of Disks:

Thoth Five of Disks represents WORRY!  There is no use trying to sugarcoat worry.  It is impossible to gloss over a feeling of dread over one’s material life.

I wish for my sitter, all the best in the world.  I wish for my sitter a successful pursuit of happiness.   But when the Five of Disks is pulled during a reading for someone, it means that my Sitter is worrying about something in their material life; and with good reason.  Often, they lose sleep over what worries them; this is why it is more compassionate to tell the truth about what the Cards say in their Reading, and to reflect back to them that there is indeed WORRY in their Cards.


Elusive Sleep


I try to sleep, it will not come

Too many worries in my head.

My heart is beating like a drum,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

I feel my mind becoming numb,

But to sweet sleep I can’t succumb

My inner mind is filled with dread,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

Too many worries in my head.

I search to find my inner peace,

But good intentions come to naught.

I wait for this torment to cease,

I search to find my inner peace

I want my tensions to decrease,

I pray my demons all are caught

I search to find my inner peace

But good intentions come to naught.

(By Artyjules)


As a Significator Card:

As a Significator Card, the Five of Disks well represents a person whose nature is to worry a lot.  You cannot change a person’s nature; but you can offer enlightenment and guidance.  As mentioned above, sometimes people worry because there is good reason to worry.

People lose sleep over what concerns them, and there are tears on their pillow at night.  However, a person who is a Five of Disks, generally worries about things other people would not lose sleep over.  They may very well worry even during dream time.

People who are born between the 21st of April and the 30th of April tend to worry about things a lot.  Of course, this is a generalization, but it is usually true about them.  In the astrological or horoscope school of thought, they are like this because of Mercury in Taurus.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Five of Disks’ original title is the Lord of Material Trouble.  The formula proving this is:  5 (Geburah) of Disks (Assiah) + Mercury in Taurus = WORRY.

Aspected in Natal Horoscope:

Aspected in Natal Horoscope as a Taurus 1, 0° – 10° Taurus, Mercury in Taurus, a person born between the 21st – 30th of April is a very patient person.  When it comes down to their material life, they are very practical and conservative.  However, there is a stumbling block placed before them – along their path in life.


Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks


The Prince of Disks (Air of Earth), is as a stumbling block to those people who are a Five of Disks.  The energy of this Prince blows the Five of Disks people in another direction than where they want to go to.  He removes their peace of mind, and places them on Tilt with disturbances and stressful worries.  This, until these people can find hope in their lives again…

The Five Disks on the Card:

The five of Disks on the Card of the  Five of Disks, take us deeper into the meaning of the Five of Disk Card.  Each one of the disks are there to show us that the five Elements are at play in the life of the person.  The five disks symbolically represent the Element of Fire, the Element of Water, the Element of Air, the Element of Earth, and the Element of Spirit.  The disks placed on the Pentagram, points us to the more unpleasant nature of the person – when the Spirit Element is situated at the bottom of the Pentagram.

By nature, we all have a bright and a dark side to ourselves.  A person whose Significator Card is the Five of Disks in Tarot Correspondences, experiences “triumph of matter over spirit”, Lon Milo Duquette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  When material considerations overwhelms us, anyone could become discouraged in life…

Discouragement due to loss:

Discouragement due to loss is something that is hard to get over from.  It takes a special kind of morale so to be able to push forward in life after one has suffered a loss.  It may be that we hold dear to the philosophy of not holding on dearly to our material possessions, but that more often than not – easier said than done.

When one invests time and money so to graduate and land a position in life, and then loses it, it comes as a bad loss.  Not only do we lose a job, we also lose our source of income.  Losing money strikes a bad blow to one’s ego, to one’s wallet, to one’s position in life, and most especially to one’s sense of financial security.  When you do not know where you are going to live and how you are going to eat tomorrow, you risk losing sleep over it.  When you don’t know if your land is going to get expropriated next month, you risk losing sleep over it.

Loss, or anticipating loss in your material life cause you to worry enough so to start being more careful, and a little kinder than most people.  It takes hard work and dedication to regain what you have lost – money wise.  This may lead you to become even obstinate about it all.

Enlightenment and guidance:

Enlightenment and guidance, when you have lost what gains you have made in your life, can help when discouragement ensues.  It can be useful, and make life easier.   It can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enlightenment and guidance can help you endure loss.  It can console you, and help lift your morale up.  It can show you how to change what went wrong.  It can help influence moderation and change in your life.

Everyone, no matter the situation, can find new ways that work better for them.  New ways of doing things can change your luck in life.  Change is a good place to start; it’s a good place to find new hope.  Even us Tarot Readers look for new ways of doing things in our life – so to affect change!  Click on Fortune Teller to listen to the song Fortune Teller by Maroon 5; after all, you never know how the future will go!

My job as a Tarot Reader is to tell the person’s truth as I read it in the Cards.  People who ask for a Tarot Reading most often want the Cards to confirm what they already know intuitively.  What they really want to know, is how to get out of their predicament.  With enlightenment and guidance they get from a Tarot Reading, hopefully they will do and say something that will change their destiny!

For a Tarot Reading with me, click on My website, or on my Facebook Page.



Trump Card Played

Trump Card Played is an article about Mr. Donald Trump and his having showed his card.   In a day in which we hear the sounds of war and rumblings of racism and of religious malcontentment, we cannot help but wonder why Mr. Trump is so popular in the polls and why he draws large crowds when he speaks.  Beyond being entertaining and his charisma, The Donald hits home with a great deal of people.


Trump Card Played
Trump Card Played


Trump Card Played

Trump Card Played – means exactly what it means.  Mr. Trump has played his card.  Like it or not, the world has seen it, and now all are talking about it.  Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims alike are both shocked as well as amazed that he has spoken about them in the first place.  Some fear him, some respect him, some just do not know what to make of him.  Some want him as the next President of the United States, while others are horrified at the mere idea of that happening.

Whether Trump should be elected as the next President of the United states or not, is within the realm of politics and the American voters.  As a minister of The Universal Life Church, I must say – he is rather thought-provoking.  You may agree with him, or you may completely disagree with him.  You may feel he represents your thoughts and feelings; or you may say that he does not speak for you at all.  What is important, is that you respect yourself and your brothers and sisters in the Church.

What is important to our brothers and sisters

What is important to our brothers and sisters, is that we stay informed as far as what is going on in this election process.  Many of our brothers and sisters do not have a platform on which they can be heard just as much as Mr. Trump is.  However, there is a need to stay informed so to make ‘an informed decision’ come voting day.  “…, we do think it is important to stay informed on the issues and to make sure that, as The Matters of State are carried out, our brothers and sisters are given the respect, care, and attention they deserve as fellow humans”, taken from an article posted in The Monastery.

Divisive words

Divisive words are not the answer to the issues concerning our brothers and sisters.  We all need to be united as one; those of us who are in the immigration process need to be integrated into the American way of life.  After all is said and done, we are all children of the Universe.  This said, we did not come to America so to change it.  We came here because we wanted to be part of it; to live among Americans.

No matter our religion, the form of spirituality we practice, our race, the language we speak at home, we are here in America.  What Americans are blessed with; we are blessed with.  What Americans suffer, we suffer along with them.  No matter our personal political views, American politics affects us too!

When a hurricane hits Americans, that same hurricane falls upon us too.  When a flood hits Americans, we suffer from the flood condition too.  Along with Americans, we assess the damages we suffer and we pick up the pieces along with them too.  When Trump says words that are divisive, it divides us too.  We have feelings that can be hurt too; we have tears on our pillows at night – too.

Uniting words

Uniting words need to be heard too, not just the divisive ones!   At first, “The Trump Card” The Donald played, was his plan to send back illegal Mexicans back to Mexico.  So they can come back through the legal immigration process.  Later, The Donald said he would also stop Muslims from entering the United States, until he could figure out what is going on with that too.  Many understand the words of Mr. Trump as discrimination and racism.  While others take him meaning that he is simply trying to figure out how to respect the sovereignty of the United States.

The Trump card is not to be taken solely as divisive.  On one hand, yes it is divisive.  Yet on the other hand, it unites us all.  It unites our brothers and sisters from all walks of life, religions, spirituality, races, languages, countries of origins, and who are here in the United States of America – to become as one with Americans.  It motivates us immigrants – to gather our thoughts and feelings, and to look out for one another and Americans too.

It is by remembering who we live along side with, and to include them also in our caring about people.  We live along-side Americans who are our hosts here in this country.   What threatens them, threatens us too.  What kills the American Jew and the American Christian, kills us too.  What kills the black and the white, kills us too.  Who says that our religion is not a religion, says just as much – that yours is not either.

Think things through

Think things through so to formulate an informed decision.  Listening to the words and thoughts of politicians, helps to make a decision as to who to vote for come voting day.  No matter who is the most charismatic and no matter who puts out the best of philosophies, this election will prove itself as one of the most crucial ones in American History.  So take the time to think, think, think before casting your vote.

We are all children of the Universe, yes.  Within this Universe of ours, there are planets.  We live on a beautiful planet called Earth.  Earth is our reality; it is our world!

Here on Earth, we are one.  However, we also have the reality of the politics of this world; this is unavoidable as man is what man is.  Man (man as the human race), is a social being.  He is unhappy when the society in which he lives is unhappy.  For man’s society to be a happy one, man decided to create sovereign domains (countries).  No matter what we may think about each one of man’s domains, man’s intent was to cast lots (to divide land up).  Land needed to be divided up, so that man’s brethren may have a chance to prosper too.

Our brothers and sisters are part of those lands too.  They created borders because some people wanted it all for themselves, and did not want to share it or let other people live there along with them.  While it may be that we want to share what we have with others, this does not go to say that others want to share it with us.

This is why man realized that he had to defend and protect his borders, no matter where in the world he found himself.  In the reality of things, as things go, we live within boarders and these borders need to be respected in the reality of our lives.  And the people living within such borders need to prosper within them.

People living within borders, need to be happy and safe living their lives through within those.  They need to be born, to develop, to go to school, to go to work, to get married, and to have children within those borders.  They need for their children to be born, to develop, to go to school, to go to work, to get married, and to have children of their own too – when inside the borders man created for the society he lives in.  Our brothers and sisters within the Church happen to live within such borders too.

So before going to vote come voting day, ask yourself the following question.  How will your vote respect, and assure that your brothers and sisters within the Church are respected too.  Will your vote keep them safe?  Will your vote assure that they and their families will get to live a happy life too?

Be counted on voting day

Be counted on voting day! This, no matter if you are voting for Trump or for someone else.  This, no matter your personal political views.  If you are allowed to vote in this election, make sure that you are on the registered voters list.

Be sure to be an informed voter casting an informed decision as to whom you want as the next President of the United States.  Keep at the front of your mind, that any given candidate running for President will say and do things that you may like and that you may not like; your vote will balance the scale so that ‘justice’ may prevail…

Once all the votes are tallied-up, the total of votes for each candidate will be what the people take as a fair decision; a fair decision by which we all live by.  In other words, your vote will be included in the grand scale of things as part of the fair, just and right decision for yourself and your brothers and sisters in the Church – that live here in the United States of America.  The people will have spoken!