Happily Waiting

Happily Waiting!  It does not matter how long it has taken, nor for how much longer I must wait for you.  I am here, and will be here waiting for you to come to me when your time comes.  Because I love you.

Happily Waiting
Happily Waiting
Doreen Virtue
Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

Happily Waiting

Happily Waiting ‘here for you’, I should add.  When a loved one goes on before us through the Veil, amazingly – they are happy there.  They are happy to wait for us there until it is our time to go be with them.  They are happy to be there, because they were greeted there with open, loving arms.

Hello there fellow Mediumship Card Readers.  These days, I could feel the spirit of the man I was to wed – years ago.  His death had been a tragic one, I had buried my heart along with him in his casket as they lowered him into the ground.  The way he died traumatized me to the core of my Being, to say the least; I was only sixteen years old then when he died in a house fire.

As the years went by, I came to realise that I had continued living without him.  But that I could only love again – but with a small ‘l’.  No wonder the relationships entered into – all failed.  It takes Love with a big ‘L’, for a marriage to work and to be successful.

Good news is, I did eventually take my heart from Roger in his casket.  I did eventually fall in Love again with a big ‘L’.  I was able to do so, when in my fifties, with my current husband Jim.  And that is good!

Even in Love again and married, Roger’s spirits is still with me to this day.  He is my spirit guide now, and of great help to me…  We have great little chats together.

These past years, I have felt sad about what had happened to him.  And I have expressed that to him.  These days, I felt he wanted to say something to me, but I did not want to hear this. I just could not accept his death.

So this morning, I got the idea of pulling out the Talking To Heaven Oracle Cards Deck  I courageously pulled three Cards out, so to be able to finally listen to this.  I was ready now…  And then took a picture of my cards.  You can clearly see them in the picture above.

I feel healthy and happy

I feel healthy and happy!  This means that he has a physical body.  And I am soooo glad that Roger is healthy and happy where he is.

He does not suffer physically, nor emotionally from dying in a house fire.  I am real glad about that.  This comes as a comfort to me.

I was met by so many loving people

I was met by so many loving people!  Roger was met with loving arms as he walked through the Veil to the other side.  He was reunited with his family and friends who had gone there before him. 🙂  I am glad he is not alone there; that he is with people that he loves and that love him back 🙂

It was my time to go

It was my time to go!  Roger had been born, he lived his life, and at the moment of his death – it was his time… “It is all good”, adds Roger.

“It may be that you think my death a terrible tragedy”.  “You were highly traumatized by the way I left you”.  “I am sorry to have left you, especially in the way that I did”.

“I am sorry to have put you through such pain, sorrow, and the feeling of abandonment you felt”.  “I am sorry to have made you my widow, before we even got married together”.

“Although this will come as no comfort to you, know that it was all part of a cosmic plan.  I did love you, and still do even more so now that I have gone.  It is true, the heart does so grow fonder when we are apart!”

The three cards read together as one

The three cards together as one – mean “I am waiting here – in love for you”.

“I am healthy and happy here, and so will you when you go through the veil to be with me – when your time comes too!  I will be there to greet you in Love, with open arms.  No one ever dies truly alone, nor will you”.

“There, beyond the Veil, we will be together again, and for a very long time!”


Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Christmas Tree Magickal Power manifests eternal life!  A renewal of life into perpetuity.  “Fir does mark the evergreen tree to represent “immortality seen”…


Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power
7 of Wands
A Christmas Tarot Deck


Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope to us mere mortals.  The Hope for an Eternal Life!  To live on forever!

Consider the evergreen tree.  Some call the evergreen tree – the Christmas Tree.  It is also known as the Yule Tree.  No matter how you may choose to call it, the evergreen tree has magickal powers.  It is used as a magickal tool in imitation magick!

The Christmas tree has ‘faithful leaves unchanging’.  No matter the season, its branches stay green.  The Christmas tree is ‘ever green’.  Now you know where both my magical name and the name of my Tarot Business come from.  The name comes from the ‘evergreen tree’ and from the Rede.

It may be that certain Tarot Readers (who shall remain nameless) scuff or mock my magical name as well as the name of my Tarot Business; whatever!  It doesn’t matter to me at all, if I got scuffed in a video as a good example of the need for rebranding a Tarot Business website – because of the green word on my Tarot Website.  Evergreen it is, and Evergreen it remains – because it is a very powerful magickal name inspired by the evergreen tree 🙂

With an evergreen tree, a Christmas/Yule tree, you can discern the dark spirits both at Samhain and at Christmas.  This tree also represents the “passing of power, fertility and feminine rebirth, magickal power, insight, progression, protection, and change”.  And most especially for us Tarot Readers, it is used for its divination power.  Click on divination to read about the discernment of spirits at Yule!

For Esoterics, the Christmas tree actually began in the 19th century.  For the pagans, however, it began way before that even.  The Yule Tree actually began way back in the time of the Old Kelts.

The old Kelts (the old Druids) migrated into what is now called Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.  As it was back then for them, it is still traditional today for these Keltic-Germanic Peoples to celebrate the Winter Season with an evergreen tree in the house for Yuletide celebrations and magick.  Click on Christmas Magick to read further about this.

Can you identify the magick that the old Keltic-Germanic Peoples made at Yuletide?  They would place white illuminated candles on the branches of their evergreen trees – so to see the movements of the dark shadows about them.  This just as much during the day as during the evening and into the night.  To further their magick along, they also placed in the evergreen tree:  apples, nuts, navel sunshine oranges, and bells.  At the top of the tree,  they placed either a representation of the Angel Gabriel or a star.  They believed the Angel protected them, and that the Star would guide them when upon their spiritual journeys.

At Yuletide, the evergreen tree was an ancient symbol for Spirit.  The leaves pointing upwards represented Ether.  They would make merry and sang to their tree.  Click on Oh Christmas Tree, by Glee to listen to this Christmas song.  And then continue reading this blog article on Christmas Tree Magickal Power.



Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope

Christmas Tree Magickal Power spells hope!  The Seven of Wands Card in “A Christmas Tarot” Deck, is a beautiful Card.  It has a nicely decorated Christmas Tree, and gifts under the tree.  You can also see a grandmother and her grandchildren.  This Tarot Card depicts feminine rebirth.

Looking at this particular Tarot Card, I can see that it is the Seven of Wands.  There are various interpretations given to the Seven of Wands.  However, for the purpose of this blog, I will use the Thoth System/doctrine to interpret this card.

In the Thoth System, the Seven of Wands represents ‘opposition, yet courage’.  I like to say, ‘courage, in the face of opposition.  Most especially at Christmastide/Yuletide, we somehow find courage in the face of opposition.

At this time of the year, people get into the Christmas Spirit.  They spread good cheer all around them.  They share tidings of joy with family and friends.

Sadly, this is not the case for everyone.  Many suffer from depression come Christmas time.  Many live in misery; they are poor and can hardly afford a festive meal, much less Christmas presents.  The can’t afford gas to heat the house with, nor to pay for the extra power Christmas lights use up.  While some others max out their credits cards, having no idea how they are going to pay them off after New Year.

To be honest, even those who live in material abundance are not necessarily that happy at Christmas/Yule.  They most often, also too, face “opposition, obstacles, and difficulties; yet somehow they find the courage to meet them all”.

The average family, no matter its social status and income range, quarrel at Christmas.  They come face to face with “ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threats”, Lon Duquette.  For me, this describes well the demonic, dark influence of the ‘dark spirits’ that haunt both Samhain and Yule.

Depression and the misery it brings can be changed.  Instead, we can manifest the hope and courage of Yuletide/Christmastide Magick.  We can do this type of Magick by putting up an evergreen tree (Christmas/Yuletide Tree).  It also manifests victory over the little things of life.

Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power

Trickle Down Influence at Christmas

Trickle Down Influence at Christmas is not something to laugh at!  It can be either positive or negative because the Seven of Wands is ruled by the Knight of Disks.

Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Christmas Tree Magickal Power
Trickle down effect of the Knight of Disks to the Seven of Wands
A Christmas Tarot

The Knight of Disks is  20° Leo to 20° Virgo.  August 12 to September 11th.  Its original Titles:  “The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land; The King of the Spirits of the Earth; King of the Gnomes”.

Consider the original titles of the Knight of disks. Discern it’s Core Influence.  People born from August 12 to September 11th, have a core influence over your mood at Christmas.  If you have a family member, a friend, or a boss born between August 12 to September 11th, beware of her/his strong sense of the practical.  It may be that they are good providers, but they can put you down come Christmas Time – for wanting ‘abundance’.

Making a Christmas Tree Magickal

Making a Christmas Tree Magickal for you is all about knowing how!  To truly enjoy a Christmas Tree, keep it beautiful to you.  Don’t over spend when you go out to get a tree.  Don’t go overboard when getting tree decorations either.  Stay within budget!

Don’t let the dark spirits of Samhain and Christmas push you off the deep end – credit card wise.  You will be amazed at how beautiful the simplest of Christmas trees could light up your house.  Get your evergreen tree and decorate it with Love!

Christmas Tree Magickal Power is to gain eternal life!  A renewal of life into perpetuity.  “Fir does mark the evergreen tree to represent “immortality seen”…

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Weaving Yuletide Friendships

Weaving Yuletide Friendships is done by interlacing long, lasting magickal threads of mutual understanding and support.   With these magickal Yuletide threads of authentic friendships, you bring out the best in your friends.  This makes you lovable, capable, and incomparable; and most of all, valuable!


Weaving Yuletide Friendships
Weaving Yuletide Friendships
Friendship Card
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Jody Bergsma


Weaving Yuletide Friendships

Weaving Yuletide Friendships is about you being a valuable friend to one another.  Friends who are valuable to one another, are worthy of mutual trust.  Trust is gained, so be opened to having such friends.

Valued Friends

Valued Friends make each other whole!  They make each other shine!  They love and care about each other.  They bring out the best in each other.

True Friends

True Friends “weave magic into your days and bring out the best in you”, Jody Bergsma, Magical Times Empowerment Cards.  In turn, you do the same for them.  Because you are both worthy of this type of friendship!

Friendship Worthy

Friendship Worthy, is one of the most crucial crafting one will ever do; this in your own life as well as in the life of your friend!  This does not happen overnight.  Such friendships takes a lot of work.

During the Yuletide Season, we get busy.  We may have a lot of parties to attend; a lot of shopping to do.  We may even have marathon cooking to do for our own respective families.  This is only natural and quite understandable.

However, Yuletide is also about your friendships.  It is also about Making room and time for our friends, most especially for our close friends.  This is part and parcel of what Yuletide/Christmastide is all about.

This is a Winter Season of making merry and being of good cheer.  After all is said and done, including our family and “friends” in our celebrations is worth the money we spend on it all.  Most especially at this wonderful time of the year, weaving Yuletide Friendships is indeed a fine art!  It is the season of kindness!  So be a kind friend, and remember your friends too.

This is the season to show and tell your friends that they are valuable to you.  That you appreciate their value, by sending them a Christmas/Yuletide Card.  By actually telephoning them (not a text, nor an email), but by actually phoning them to hear their voice.  Or by dropping by at their place, for a drink, or to bring them a small gift as a token of your appreciation for what they have done for your this year.  A little cheer goes along way!

When a friend is closer than the others, invite he or she over for the ‘Reveillon’.  The Reveillon, is a midnight meal on Yuletide Eve that is served at midnight; with the full trimmings.  During the daytime, at Yuletide, stay home with your family, but be sure to have enough booze in the house for when family and friends come over to remind you that you are part of their close circle of friends and family.  And be sure to not forget to invite them to drop by that day 🙂

If you have a friend who prefers to isolate themselves that day, be sure to take an hour out of your busy celebrating to go and be with them for a little while.  You never know, you may save their life that day…

When you have too many friends at Yuletide

When you have too many friends at Yuletide, it gets problematic.  The Yuletide Season stirs-up a lot of emotions.  We are often reminded, at Yuletide, of both the bad and the good in people we may call ‘friends’.

Yuletide makes us want to take a personal inventory of ourselves; of how we have led our life throughout this past year, and with who we hanged-out with.  It is that time of the year, when we revise some of our friendships.  This is most likely, that time of the year when you come to realise you have made some false friends.

False Friends need to go

False Friends need to go because they are as a poison to us.  They do not weave magic in our lives.  They do not make us shine by caring about us that much at all, when you think of it.

Yuletide is the perfect time to see your false friends just as they are.  False friends are those who backstab you; who put you under the bus.  They use you, and want to be used by you.

These are the types of people who place no value upon a true friendship with you.  They do not think you lovable, capable, and incomparable.  As far as you are concerned, they do not think you worthy of being that close a friend to them.

Drop, and let go of such bad friends.  This will permit you to focus on your true friends come Yuletide.  You will then find you have more time for true friends.

When you are with a true friend, you share a mutual understanding of each other.  You are one of a pair.  You know that you will never walk alone!  A true friend gets you!  You can let your hair down around them; you can make mistakes around them.

False friends weave dark, negative threads full of discouragement, and put-downs.  They are those who are too busy to hang with you.  They are those friends who don’t even think, or are too busy to personally send you a picture of their engagement ring, or wedding pictures.  They don’t even introduce you to the people in their personal lives.  i.e. boyfriends, children, mothers, etc…  Hell, you probably don’t even know their home address…

You know what they say!  Keep your friends close, and your enemies at a distance…  False friends are those people who keep you at a distance from their life.

Let go, and drop such friends from your personal, private life, most especially at Yuletide/Christmastide Celebrations.  Instead, invite your true friends over for a drink or to share with you – your festive meal!

At Yuletide, “be with the ones who make you shine.  Who love you and really care.  Keep those and let others go”, Magical Times Empowerment Cards, the Friendship Card.

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Christmas Magick



Christmas Magick is the most wonderful kind of magick ever!  We performe it at the most beautiful time of the year!  All over the world, Christmas Magick warms the hearts of those from 1 to 92!  Once the Magick of Christmas touches your heart, you are contagious.  You spread kindness all around you.


Christmas Magick
Christmas Magick
Kindness Card
Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma


Hello, fellow Tarot Readers.  My magickal name is Evergreen.  I am the owner of Tarot Readings By Evergreen and Ravens Nest Gems.  This blog article on Christmas Magick is part of the 2015 Winter/Yule Tarot Blog Hop.  Each one of the members of this Tarot blogging group of Readers, including myself, offer the Tarot Community a Winter Celebration gift in this grouping of blog articles.

My gift to you, in celebration of Yuletide/Christmastide, is making Christmas Magick.

Christmas Magick


Christmas Magick doesn’t cost anything at all.  It is the perfect kind of magick both for the poor and the rich alike – because it is free!

What the Angel of Kindness stands for, is Christmas Magick.  His place is at the top of the Tree because it is a benevolent Angel proclaiming joy to the world.  This Angel proclaims that peace is here, kindness is restored!

In place of the Angel of Kindness, some people prefer a Star at the top of their tree.  The Christmas Star represents ‘light and guidance’ restored.  Because of this Star, we now can orient ourselves in this physical world.

What is the Magick of Christmas, you may ask.  When your dreams have been shattered, the Magick of Christmas is to make you whole again!  In turn, you make whole again those with broken dreams.  With a simple act of kindness coming from your heart, given with Love, you lift the hearts of those who are truly lonely at Christmastide.

Let the Magick of Yuletide touch your heart.  Make this Season Bright for those around you who are miserable.  When you do this, good cheer then indeed spreads all around you!  Click on The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, to listen to Andy Williams as he sings this cheerful traditional Christmastide magical song.

True origin of Christmastide

True origin of Christmastide looks at where the term ‘Christmas Magick’ came from.  It should come as no surprise that the old Keltic-Germanic Peoples first celebrated Christmas as Yuletide.   Yuletide and its associated Magic felt beautiful to the Christian conquerors.  So, they decided it was a good thing to incorporate this pagan belief and magical practice into the Christian religious rituals, practice, and faith.  Hence, Christianity practices to this day, an esoteric form of magic called ‘Christmastide.’  A Christmas, with a Christmas Tree and magick referred to by Christians as “the Magick of Christmas!”

What is Christmastide


Christmas Magick
Christmas Magick
The Hermit, TDM

What is Christmastide?  Christmastide itself is a great event the old Keltic Peoples celebrated each year during Winter time.  We have kept up this Winter tradition, and people throughout the world have made it their own.  Where there is a Christian Kelt, there is Christmastide!

The old Kelts migrated into what is now called Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.  As it was back then for them, it is still traditional today for them to celebrate the Winter Season.  Yuletide is also known as the ‘celebration of the Lights.’

Used to be, these Peoples would bring Evergreen Trees into their houses at the Winter Celebration of Yuletide.  They would place candles on the branches of their Evergreen trees – so to see the movements in the shadows about them.  They believed that at night, witches would come to their homes during the long nights of the Winter Season.  That those Witches would move about in the darkness casting a dark, sad feeling and emotions upon them.  The result of this action against them would cause gloom, dread, and misery to invade their homes, families, friends, communities, and lands.

Today, of course, modern Christmas Tree lights are put in the tree instead of lit candles.  Some might call that old tradition of the Lights, but an old superstitious belief.   However, old superstitions are often well rooted in reality and truth.

In other words, in imitation magick, the lights represent the lit candles used to ward off the evil magic of the dark Crones. The Peoples believed that Dark Crones would go to their houses at the Witching hour to conjure up demons upon the inhabitants of the houses.  Those evil spirits were the spirits of both physical and spiritual slavery.

However, the Keltic-Germanic Peoples (of which I am a descendant) were magical thinking Peoples.   To ward off the deep state of depression cast upon them by the old Witches, they would place a lit candle in the window.  A lit candle placed in a window was so to throw a spiritual light upon the dark spirits of the Witching Hour.  In esoteric terms, to ‘cast light’ pertains to the ‘discernment of the spirits.’

Even if you can read about candle magic or the discernment of the spirits in books, this is not something I initially learned from a book.  Another way of saying ‘Christian Witches’ is to say ‘esoteric.’  My adoption mother’s cousin was the Mother Superior of the orphanage I was placed in as a newborn.  Before directing that orphanage, she was the Mother Superior of the same Convent/boarding school for girls – that my adoption mother and her sisters went to after the death of their mother.  In other words, Mother Superior was my adoption grandmother’s cousin (by their grandmother).  We are Breton Witches, descendants of the Breton Witches of Bretagne in France.  My adoption mother’s maiden name (may she rest in peace) was “Breton.”

After the death of her cousin, Mother Superior took my grandmother’s daughters under her wing so to personally see to their education.  When I was nine years old, Mother Superior (Sister Therese) told my mother to make sure that I would get the very same esoteric knowledge she had given to her.  After all, said Mother Superior, the acorn never falls far from the tree.

My esoteric knowledge of the Tarot and Oracle Cards was passed down from Sister Therese and my grandmother’s grandmother.  Then from Sister Therese down to my adoption mother.  And then from my adoption mother to me.  Sister Therese taught many others also; even the Mother Superior of the grade school I went attended.  That Mother Superior also taught all of the members of my adoption mother’s coven.

You know what they say!  They say, sometimes you just have to be smarter than the average bear.  The old Keltic-Germanic Peoples decided to place candles on tree branches and windows, so to better see and ward off the spirits of dark moods.  Instead of feeling depressed, they were of good cheer during the Winter Season.  Their being of good cheer, caused them to feel like singing and dancing, and sharing their good fortune as a gesture of kindness towards each other.

Hence, the Yuletide Celebration!  The spirit of merry-making and kindness would enter the house at night! For us Breton’s, it is ‘la joie de vivre’ (the joy of being alive and of being free).  It is the freedom from misery itself!  (Misery is another way of saying slavery).

Kindness Magick


Kindness Magick is the Magick of “Love” found only through acts of kindness.  It replaces dark, gloomy feelings with those of feelings found only in the light (positive energy), and encouragement!  And it is very contagious.

Indeed, through the Act of Kindness, you change the atmosphere around you.  It becomes an environment of good cheer!  As my mother used to say, “it doesn’t take much to make a person feel whole again.”  In magickal terms, the magick of Christmas is the sharing of one’s positive energies so to lift up someone who is feeling down.

Tourtiere du Quebec

Tourtiere du Quebec is my mother’s recipe passed down to me.  It is my all-time, very favorite food at Christmastide.  You can serve me turkey and stuffing all you want; it just doesn’t feel like a Christmastide Celebration, festive meal to me if there is not ‘tourtiere’ on my plate.  In fact forget all the rest, just fill my plate with tourtiere lol…

Mom would serve it along with the Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, pickled beets, and turkey gravy over the turkey and the stuffing, and the mashed potato. Of course, I was always the only one to put Heinz Ketchup on my piece of Mom’s Tourtiere 🙂

Here is her recipe for ‘Tourtiere.’  It is my great pleasure to share it with you!  I hope you will love eating this just as much as I do!  Don’t forget to spot the kitchen magick in this recipe!


Christmas Magick
Christmas Magick


2 pie crusts

1 potato

500g of hamburger meat (lean)

500g of hashed porc meat (lean)

2 garlic cloves

1 large yellow or white onion (not strong taste, keep it light)

1 teaspoon of thyme

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon of table iodized salt

1/4 teaspoon of celery pepper

1/4 teaspoon of ground clove

3/4 cups of boiled hot water (not microwaved)

  • Combine all ingredients (except the pie crust and the potato) in a stove top pot.  And bring to a boil, until all the ingredients are well cooked.
  • In a second stove top pot, boil the potato.  And then mash it with a table fork.  (do not add butter not add anything when mashing the potato).
  • Gently drain excess water from the now well cooked ingredients that boiled in the first stove top pot.  Then place them in a mixing bowl.
  • The incorporate the fork mashed potato into the mixing bowl.  Mix gently, but well.
  • Gently place a pie crust in a pie crust plate.  On top of this pie crust, gently place the mixture from the mixing bowl onto the bottom pie crust.  Spread it out good and proper like.  And then place the top pie crust on top of it.  Be sure to properly seal the bottom and top pie crusts with a clean, wet table fork.
  • Place inside the pre-heated oven at 400° Fahrenheit, for about 30 minutes (until the pie crust is golden).  And enjoy!

It has been my pleasure to share with you this blog article of mine on the Magick of Christmas.  It is my hope that the Magick of Christmas as touched your heart and that you will spread kindness to others around you.  Good Cheer to one and all who have read this Yuletide/Christmastide article.

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Manifesting Dreams

Manifesting Dreams is an art in itself.  Become aware of your wants and desires.  No matter what they may be, they become real.


Manifesting Dreams
Manifesting Dreams
Manifestation Card
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Jody Bergsma


Manifesting Dreams

Manifesting Dreams is quite simple to do really.  “Your dreams have untold energy.  Open the door and let them live.  Desires and beliefs are your power”, Jody Bergsma.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction means to draw to you what you think.  Most especially in our dreams, we become aware of what we truly desire!  What we truly desire, is what we really want manifested in our awake life.  And what we want is what we get in awake life…

When we dream, we draw to ourselves vibrationally.  Anything we focus on during our dreams is what we focus on; period!  This whether we want to or not.  This is why so many people come to me to have their dreams interpreted.  They dream of something, and they want to know what it means; because, they know it will happen to them at one point or another during their awake state.

During your dream, you most usually are a person looking at a scene.  You are never truly emotionally detached from what you see or what is happening to you in your dream.  You experience reactions, feelings, and thoughts.  Either you desire things, or you do not want them in your dream.  But you want to know what it means anyways, because deep down inside – you somehow know that ‘like attracts like’.  That what you stayed focused on, is what you will get in your life.

It is in the ‘manifestation’ itself, that your dream becomes real.  This is the magical key to entering that place and time when your dream becomes real.  In the magical world as well as in the world of dream interpretations, we call this phenomena ‘conscience creating’.  When Conscience Creating, you have the power to manifest your will – as it relates to your dream, into your awake reality.  That is to say, for as long as you ‘understand and know’ how to do this properly.

How to use Magical Power

How to use Magical Power in regards to what you dream about, is quite easy – really.  If you have the necessary knowledge about what you dream, then you have power!

During the dream interpretation of your dream, you are told what your dream means.  You receive direct enlightenment and guidance concerning your dream.  You are told what it means.  This, so to know and better understand your dream.  Because, once you know what your dreams means, you become empowered in such a way that you can affect change in your awake life.

With the correct knowledge and understanding about your dream, you can better manifest what you want and desire.  This in the way that your unconscious tried to tell you to do in the first place.

To have knowledge, is to have power!  Once you ‘awaken from your not knowing what the vision you saw in your dream really means’, you awaken to the knowledge of your true power!

“Cherish your visions, cherish your ideals.

Cherish the music that stirs in your heart,

the beauty that drapes your purest thoughts.

For out of them will grow all delightful conditions,

all heavenly environment – of these, if you remain true to them,

your world will at last be built”.

(By James Allen)

How to manifest your dreams

How to manifest your dreams into your awake reality, now.  You already do this all the time.  You dream at night, and during the day, or at another point in time, you realize that you had actually dreamed about it.  When this happens, you have have been successful at manifesting your dream!

Your dream is the visual manifestation of your uncensored thoughts and beliefs.  It is by your thoughts and beliefs that you create and shape your awake world.  You let your Divine Self take your thoughts and beliefs, to make them happen!

Your Divine Self

Your Divine Self is that spark of life you were made out of while still in your mother’s fallopian tube.  That is the Spark of the Divine you were born with!  It is God made manifest!  Become aware of your Divine Spark, it is truly magical!

Become aware yourself, of who you truly are.

Of how you truly feel, of what you truly think.

Become aware of how you truly react,

of what you truly decide you want.

(By Evergreen)


Energize your thought; believe in your own being and its own thoughts.  Believe that it is already manifested before you even get it.  Then let it go!  And let it materialize into its physical manifestation.

Then be grateful that it is already there, awaiting for you to enjoy it!  And don’t forget to be grateful for what you have already received; its manifestation into your real world.

 About Intention

About Intention explains what it really means when people tell you that “it is all in the intent”.  Down through the years, on Facebook, I have read many posts and comments saying that Magical Manifestation “is all in the intent”  Magical People are of good intention themselves when saying that.  But rarely do they ever actually, truly say what a Magical intent means exactly.  Some Witches and Magi can be cunning that way.

Your “intent” is that Divine Energy mentioned above.  It is that very Divine Manifestation of God in you.  It is that very Divine Spark of the Divine that got manifested within you – at the time of your creation within your mother’s fallopian tube.  In other words, your ‘intent’ is already within you!

‘Your Intent’ is your Divine Self.  Your Divine Energy and power (your intent), is what forms your thought, your intention.  The thought that lays at the back of your mind, come from within your subconscious mind.  Your brain takes it from there, to place it at the back of your mind, within your uncensored unconscious thoughts and dreams.  Those very thoughts are your energy and power!  They form your Chi!

Your energy and power (your Chi), is your intent.  What your intent is, is what you manifest into reality as a physical manifestation of your free will.  In other words, it is pure “Karma”.

Whatever it is  you ‘truly intend’, you truly manifest in your environment as Karma.  This, whether you did this consciously or not; positively or not.  To everything there is a cause and effect, they are always consequences to both your thoughts and actions.  “So as you sow, so shall you reap”.

Most especially at Yule/Christmas, when some Witches come in the shadow of the night to cast a spirit of depression (sadness and gloom and misery) upon you and your household.  Cast out negative intent just as much during the day as during your dreams at night.  Place a lit a candle by the window during the day and evening.

Then bring the lit candle into your bedroom when going to bed at night.  Place the lit candle upon your bedside table right before going asleep (so to ward off negative thoughts and beliefs in the scenes you dream.  In your dreams, avoid focussing upon negative scenes that evoke sadness and misery in your thinking.  Because if you do not do this, your brain will process them, sort them, and then file them away in your unconscious mind for later use.

Instead, focus on dreams of good health, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.  In your Yule/Christmas dreams, stay focused on the positive scenes, so to prosper beyond your wildest dreams.  And then when you wake up in the morning, start your day off by praising and being grateful for the blessings you are about to receive.  For they are already on their way!

They have already been manifested in the spiritual world.  All you need do, is wait for them to be manifested into the material, physical world.  Believe it, it is done!

The Mystic Dream (Avalon – Loreena McKennitt

Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage is about a spiritual journey we make during December and January.  It is a journey full of wonder and amazement!  A journey to meet your very own Magickal-self – your Wonderchild!


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage Oracle Card
Magical Times Empowerment Cards


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage

Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, is “a journey to meet your own greatness.  During the months of December and January, is when all humankind (man and women alike), search for spiritual significance.   We all have this in common with one another.  If you meet me along the way, say hello.  You don’t know, you may even save my life that way 🙂

Typically, a spiritual pilgrimage is a journey people make to a shrine or a religious place.  You remember the old story of the Three Magi making a pilgrimage to find the birthplace of the infant Emanuel…

Your spiritual journey does not have to be as historical as the one the Three Magi embarked upon.  Actually, the Yule Spiritual Journey is about “your own soul longing to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life”, Jody Bergsma, Magical Times Empowerment Cards.  The journey to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life, is to tame your ‘Ego” so to let your Higher-self live!

Tame your Ego

Tame Your Ego so to let your Higher-Self live.  Taming your Ego is to die to yourself, so your Higher-self may live!  Your Higher spiritual self whispers to you great wisdom.  It whispers to you great magickal prowesses.

Thing is though, your Ego likes to take all the place, and lays upon your path all sorts of temptations so to prevent you from doing what your Higher-self tells you to do.  If only you would listen to your Higher-self instead of to your Ego, you would save yourself a lot of years of heart breaks and misery.  You would have far less tears on your pillow at night.

Meet your Higher-self

Meet your Higher-self!  Your Higher-self is your inner-self.  Your inner-self is your spiritual-self.  Your spiritual-self is your Wonder-child!

Your Wonder-child is that part of yourself that is in awe at everything that it sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches.  Both here in the physical realm and in the astral realm.  It is that little 3 or 4 year old child you once were, who marvelled at the magic of seeing a butterfly.  Who believed in Santa Claus bringing it presents under the Christmas Tree come Yuletide.  It is that child you once were , who wanted to remain cleansed and in good spiritual health while conversing in the presence of God or the gods as you interpreted them to be as a toddler.

That very same Wonder-child (spiritual self) still lives within you, in your soul.  It has never died, it is still part of who you are to this day!  It is that part of you who secretly wants to go on the Yule Spiritual Journey in this Yuletide Season!  The journey to find your own Greatness.

Choose your Spiritual Path

Choose your Spiritual Path well.  Take your time, but hurry!  Because it is easier said than done.

Not everyone can easily find their Spiritual Path to go on the Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.  It is a path filled with pros and cons.  Right ways of doing thing, and wrong ways of doings things.

The right ways of doing things is the smooth path.  The wrong way of doing things is the rougher, more hazardous way’ – and it is full of obstacles.  You make both good and bad decisions for your life.  To err is human!  Shit happens in life.  The good news is, you will have great moments of glory along the way there.  And that know you will not be alone on your pilgrimage.

Your spiritual helpers

Your spiritual helpers are volunteers that go with you on your pilgrimage to find your greatness.  Theses are animal helpers from the spirit world.  Their spirits walk amongst us.

Be aware of their presence.  When needed, they will share with you their spiritual gifts; they will go with you, guide and protect you.  Know that you are helped!  There will be no mountain high enough that you cannot surmount; not with the help of your animal helpers it won’t.

Your destiny

Your destiny is your true self!  By following your true Spiritual Path while on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, you will reach and become your true self!  Your true self lives in freedom.

This is your authentic self.  Your authentic self lives in real love of yourself and of others.  It cherishes what it loves.  And it prospers.

Your true self prospers, because it shares its good fortune with those who depend on it, with its community, and with its country.  With those who are widowed or orphaned.  Sharing your true authentic self with others around you, brings good cheer to them.  It makes merry with them at Yuletide…  You know what they say!  They say, what goes around comes around!

At Yuletide, honor your higher self.  Acknowledge its presence within you.  Share it with others by inviting other people over for a drink and some food.  Do this as an offering you make on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams are made of these.  Of a happy family life on Christmas Eve.  A Holy Night during which we offer Merry Meets and well wishes; of sharing plum pudding and children laughing; of tinsel and silver bells.  And of wishing upon a star!


Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams
Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams
Ten of Cups Card
Tarot of Dreams
Ciro Marchetti

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams

Yuletide wishful thinking Dreams, by day, carries over into the night and into your dreams.  In your dream, when you do some wishful thinking and that it is the Yuletide/Christmas Season, your dream is indeed a magickal one!

Wishful thinking in your dream is your unconscious trying to show you that it is good for you to begin wishing again!  Hope is not dead; there is still hope for you.  There are better times ahead!

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams
Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams

Yuletide wishful thinking in your dream is for sure two-fold.  Your unconscious is actually trying to tell you two things.  On one hand, your dream directly concerns you personally.  And on the other hand, your dream is about your family, your community, the people you belong to, and your country.

More specifically, your unconscious is showing you that you are not happy in your waking life.  You wish to be happy in your marital life.  You want a comfortable home in which resides a happy spouse and happy children; and that you all live a happy and abundant family life – together.  And that to have exactly that, you have sufficient enough money.

Living a happy family life in material abundance does not come by easily.  You need a good paying job.  In a good, safe and secure environment conscious life.  To better yourself, no matter your financial situation at this point in time, you require the freedom to improve your situation.

What Yule is

What Yule is?  “It is the ancient name in the Germanic Lunar Calendar for a winter festival corresponding to December and January.”

Back in the days of the old Keltic-Germanic Peoples, before the Christian conquest, the old Keltic-Germans could be found throughout what is now called Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.  The Druids were dominant there, and exercised a great influence over them.  The more significant majority of those Peoples practiced and placed their faith in an older form of Druidry than what we have today.

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams
Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams

Back then, people believed that Witches would come as shadows in the night, to cast feelings of sadness and depression upon them.  These types of Witches would do that throughout the Winter Season.  Thus placing the Keltic-Germanic Peoples into misery.  Misery is the old fashion way of saying ‘slavery.’

To ward-off the evil Witches and the life of sadness they casted upon the Keltic-Germanic Peoples, the Peoples celebrated what they called Yuletide.  During the winter, the people ate well and sang happy songs together.  They spread good cheer to one another.  And they said it worked!

At the time of the Christian conquest of these Peoples, the Christian priests incorporated the Yuletide wishful thinking into the local Christian faith and called it Christmas.  After all, if being of good cheer and partying all night together worked to dispel winter misery, it would work for Christians too!  So the Christians priests kept and encouraged this strange custom of making merry!

The Christmas Star song

The Christmas Star Song is a song about the star that lights up the sky at night, during the Winter Season.  The Star shines up above, taking people out from under the misery of sadness and despair (the loss of hope, and a life of misery and emotional slavery), and into its Light.  The light of the Star brings the hope of being emotionally happy.

Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams
Yuletide Wishful Thinking Dreams

At night, during the Yuletide Season, place a lit candle on your bedside table.  The lit candle represents the Christmas Star and will light up your night during your Yuletide Wishful Thinking.  It will help you find hope when you dream.  During your Yuletide Wishful Thinking dreams, try to listen to the happy songs of the Christmas making merry times!


“Said the night wind to the little lamb
Do you see what I see
Way up in the sky little lamb
Do you see what I see
A star, a star
Dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite”

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Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam?  I’ve read on Facebook many conversations in which people ask if “we are at war with Islam”.  Muslims as well as people of different faiths, fear that Muslims will be treated unfairly with racism and religious bigotry.  There seem to be a lot of religious confusion about that possibility.  As a minister of the Universal Life Church, I thought I would write a blog article about exactly that, and how it relates to Tarot.


Are we at war against Islam
Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam

Are we at war against Islam?  Both the Paris attacks and the shootings in San Bernardino, California by extremist radical Islāmic groups, have augmented the level of fear in the hearts and minds of both the French and the American people.  Politicians in both of these countries have been very outspoken about the need to protect and defend their citizens.  People of good conscience and of reasonable thinking in both countries and throughout the world, are asking if they are safe or not from radical Islam.

In his latest address to the American people, U.S. President Barack Obama attempted to make clear that he was not seeking to wage a war against Islam, and that the leaders of Daesh were not representatives of the Islāmic faith – but “thugs”.  Taken from a post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.  Many persons had already heard of Daesh, while others had not.  So I thought I would explain what Daesh is through the means of this blog article of mine.

What is Daesh

What is Daesh?  This is a fair question to ask and to answer.  “Daesh, no matter what you call it, is a loosely affiliated collection of extremist groups whose stated mission is to set up a worldwide caliphate, a Sunni Islāmic empire dominated by a “Caliph”.  The group is infamous for the violence it employs toward its ends.”

“It advocates extreme conservatism and applauds the use of violence as a global Jihad for good. Wahhabi Islam considers all those who do not adhere to their thinking, including moderate Muslims, as apostates (a crime punishable by execution).  Many military analysts throughout the Free World agree that until that second, more ideological war is won, the Daesh will continue to be a deadly threat to the world.” Taken from the very same post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.

The question on people’s lips, on Facebook, begs to be asked and answerd.  Is Islam responsible?

Is Islam responsible

Is Islam responsible, is the question of this century.  People of good conscience, and who are reasonable thinkers, do not want to be accused of racism, nor of religious bigotry.  They are simply afraid for their own safety, and of the safety of their families.  It is absolutely normal for them to have this question answered honestly, and without fear of attacks against them.  Most especially since that on Monday, Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump called for the travel of all Muslims into the United States to be completely halted “until we can figure out what is going on”.

There seems to be conflicting answers about is Islam responsible or not.  Those of us who have Muslim friends are told that Islam is a peaceful religion, while we keep seeing in the media violent acts of hatred done by extremist activists professing to be Islāmic.  Those violent acts cause religious confusion in the minds of those who seek to know if Islam itself is responsible or not.

“Which is the more accurate assessment? Certainly, the violence actualized by Daesh is derived from their interpretation of Islam – but is Islam truly to blame? Is their religion the source of their war? Or merely a weapon exploited toward world domination? The distinction is a crucial one, and not one that it will be easy to make for anyone”.  Taken from the very same post by the Universal Life Church Monastery, December 7, 2015.

I ask of my readers the very same question. What do my readers think?  Are we at war with Islam?

How does the Tarot answer such a question

How does the Tarot answer such a question?  Let us look at the Hierophant Card itself.  Keep at the front of your mind, that the Hierophant Card in Tarot represents a religious teacher holding a book.  The religious teacher seeks knowledge and wisdom from the book he holds.


Are we at war against Islam
Are we at war against Islam


The teacher in the Hierophant card is obviously not all-knowing.  He depends on what has been written down by earlier Hierophants before him.  And justifiably so.

You see, an Hierophant was not made overnight.  He, like us, was born from a set of parents.  His parents were also born from a set of parents just like we and this Hierophant did.  Just like our parents, this Hierophant learned what he already knows from his parents, and from their parents family.

Then, when he was old enough, he also learned from his teachers at school, and from his fellow students.  His parents also brought him to their religious community, who accepted him amongst them.  There also he learned.  Once all grown-up, he eventually went to work.  In the workplace, he learned news ways of thinking that are different from what he had learned from his parents, academic teachers, and religious teachers.

When the Hierophant himself became a religious teacher in his own right, his mind was already filled with what he had learned in his family, his community, the people in his work place, and from his religious teachers.  As an Hierophant himself, he began teaching his own religious students – all the knowledge contained within his own memory.  And sometimes, he even looks up the teachings of those Hierophants that have long since passed on through the veil before him.

Sometimes, there are two separate and distinct Hierophants who are at odds against each other.  This causes denominations and sects to flinter away from the main group.  This has happened in all the great religions of the world.

One Hierophant saying he possesses the correct interpretation of a doctrine, while the other makes the same claim.  Which of the two is right goes beyond my little mind.  All I know is, that this is why the average Muslim has difficulty answering us – which side is right amongst them.  Remember that all the great religions of the world are known to have split-off into splinter groups at one time or another.  And each time this has happened, fear spreads throughout the world.

To learn more about the Hierophant, click on the Hierophant Card meaning.

The Universal Life Church believes

The Universal Life Church believes that “we truly are all children of the same universe.  If we hope to progress as a society, it is necessary that at some level we are able to coexist with one another”.

This does not go to say that we must not hold different beliefs in our hearts, nor must we not think differently from one another.  Instead, this goes to say that we all share and hold a common thread.  We look for what unites us.  However, the later does not go to say that we are to let violent acts kill us.

Those who know me, know that I can be passionately, highly opinionated.  Sometimes too much.  However, I do love everyone…  Even when I stand up and express myself.

“Where they choose to divide and terrorize, we choose to unite and empower. Where they choose to fear-monger and harass, we choose to inspire and liberate. Where they choose death, we choose life”.

Eating Rubble

Eating Rubble is a term used in Alcoholic Anonymous Self Help Groups.  It is used to describe what happens to the Addict when he(1) hits rock bottom.  When that happens to him, he only has two choices.  Either he will continue to walk down on his rough road, or he will take the smoother, softer road from now on.


Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
Tarot of Dreams
by Ciro Marchetti

Eating Rubble

Eating rubble is not what most of us would like to eat; nor would the Addict/Alcoholic.  Sadly, he does.  When a man comes out of a bar after drinking all afternoon into the late evening, he is too drunk to walk very far.  He stumbles and falls because his road is rough.  When he falls, his mouth is right on the rubble that is spread out upon his route.  Many a drunken man gets back up onto his two feet, his face and mouth covered with rubble.

This is the analogy used in many AA meetings throughout the world, when handing-out a twenty-four-hour sobriety medal.  The person gets up so to take this 24-hour medal, but does not make the promise to never, ever drink again.  But rather, it represents to him and to other Alcoholics that he is asking for help – so to ‘try’ to stay sober during the next 24-hour time period.  It is but a reminder to him and to other Alcoholics that this man needs help to not drink for today, and for today only; he is ‘Eating Rubble’!

Eating Rubble is also another way of saying that your mouth is pasty and dry.  You need a drink to quiet your nerves and your thinking.  Your body may go into shock if you do not have a drink.

If he meets another AA Member along his way to the bar, all he needs to do is to show his 24-hour Sobriety Medal, and his fellow Alcoholic will know what to do and what to say to him – so to help him out, and help keep him sober for today only.

For Today Only

For Today Only, you have two choices given to you.  To go get up and take your 24-hour Sobriety Medal.  It is not a promise to never drink again.  It is simply a reminder to you about what your life is like.  If you need help to stay sober – for today only, all you need to do is show your 24-hour Sobriety Medal to another Member of AA.  He will know what to say and do to help you ‘not drink during this 24-Hour’.

Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
A gravel road

On one side of the Medal, it is rough.  This rough side reminds you that if you take your first drink today, you will continue having a rough life…

On the other side, the medal is smooth.  The smooth side represents what your life could be like if you stay in AA.  Your life will be smoother from now on.  At least you will not eat rubble ‘for today only’.  Take it ‘One Day at a Time’.

One Day At A Time

One Day at a time, is all we ask you to do.  Stay sober One Day at a time.  Don’t look at it as not drinking never again.  Look at it as simply not drinking for today only.

If you look at not drinking too many days in advance, you will fall and eat rubble again.  But if you look at it for ‘just for today’, it won’t seem sooooo bad at all.

Don’t think about you having taken a drink – yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.  Today is all you have.  Tomorrow has not even happened yet!

To think about Yesterday, and Tomorrow is drama!  When you do that, you think too much about the storm you have walked into.  All you are accomplishing then, is to stick to your storm instead of letting go of it!

Letting Go

Letting Go for an Alcoholic/Addict, is another way of saying:  stop the drama!  When a storm passes over your life, you don’t want to grab the lightning that licks you.  It will kill you!

Eating Rubble
Eating Rubble
Let go of your Ego

Best thing you can ever do for yourself then, is to let the storm ravage your life.  Once the storm has done its thing, it will go away.  So in the meantime, put both arms to your sides, and just ride the storm.

Once the storm is gone, there will be time enough to assess the damage caused by the storm in your life.  Once that is done, pick up what’s left of your life, and rebuild your home, family, and your future.  But for today only, simply let go.

Tower Card Meaning in The Tarot of Dreams Deck

Tower Card Meaning in the Tarot of Dreams Deck by Ciro Marchetti – is an interpretation that may be a tad different from the one in most other Tarot Decks.  This particular Tower Card represents, both in Tarot Dream Interpretation and in Tarot Addiction Counselling, that there is drama in the Querent’s life.  That he is ‘eating rubble’.

He is eating rubble, because of the drama he creates about his own life.  He has already hit rock bottom.  Now he whines about it, instead of getting rid of his problem.  His problem is not his boss, nor his wife and kids, nor his bills.  The problem is his ‘ego’.

His Ego is larger than life!  His Ego pushes him to get immediate gratification from his bottle.  He thinks he is right to let his Ego control him and his life, even when he is wrong by doing that.

Light Bulb Moment

Light Bulb Moment means getting a genius of an idea!  Out of nowhere, he gets this bright idea that it is his drinking that is his problem.  This is when he wakes-up and smells the coffee.  And now a change is possible.

In order for a change to take place, he needs to ‘let go’ of his bottle.  He needs to change his old way of thinking.  And look at his life from a new angle!

Seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel, brings hope into his life.  A new life is then possible for him.  The storm has passed, and the Sun rises again in the East.  It is the dawn of a new 24-hours for you the Addict/alcoholic. You are now walking upon a softer road!

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Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self dreams can seem scary.  There is a divergence of opinions as to what the Shadow Self is.  Let us look together at what it means to have Shadow Self Dreams.



Shadow Self Dreams
Shadow Self Dreams
Devil Card
Tarot of Dreams
by Ciro Marchetti


Shadow Self Dreams

Shadow Self Dreams are dreams in which you see the Devil, or an image of the Devil.  This Devil in your dream, is not necessarily the Christian Devil.  Rather, it is your Shadow Self.

Your Shadow Self is that dark side of yourself you would rather not look at during your awake life.  Your unconscious is trying to tell you something that you would rather not admit to  yourself.  It is something you need to be aware of, for your own benefit and that of the people you care about.  Your unconscious is trying to show you that you have an uncontrollable anger towards yourself.

You are so angry at yourself, that you have been retreating from the world and the people you love.  You have been letting go of responsibilities.  You are afraid of yourself and of life in general.  You have become but the shadow of your prior self.  Your life is a train wreck.

Train Wreck

Train Wreck, is your awake life these days.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you have become so angry at yourself, that you have become your own worst enemy in all the domains of your life.  In your anger, you have crossed the line.

Take a serious inventory of yourself.  Have you crossed the line with an addiction?  Because, that is usually what dreaming about, or seeing an image of the Devil in your dream really means.  It means, that in your awake life, you have gone off the deep end.

Look are your life as it is now.  Be honest with yourself.  Because an addiction, or even several of your addictions have become your master.  You no long control them.

What is your master

What is your master?  It is highly important, at this time in your life, to become aware of what is your master.  What addiction of yours has made you sick and has made the people around you just as sick as you?

Have you become distressed about an addiction to alcohol, drugs, of food?  Is there someone in your awake life that has become distressed by your addiction?  Are people telling you you are a wreck?

Is there someone you see in your soup?  Do you have a voracious hunger for sexual gratification in your real life or online?  Whatever your addiction might be, it has taken over your life, and it controls you; not you, it.

An addiction to something occurs when you have crossed the line.  When you first started partaking in it, you liked it.  Then you tried it again because you wanted to get the same pleasure you got from it the first time.  But it was not quite as pleasurable for you as the first time.  So you kept doing that over and over again, trying to find that exact same sensation.

But you have just not quite ever found that exact same buzz; not ever again.  And now, that very same buzz controls you!  You promise yourself to not ever do that again, but you don’t really stop.  You may be able to take a short time-out from doing it; but you eventually come back to it.

That, in a nutshell, is what being addicted to something really is.  You keep promising yourself to not ever do that again, but something takes control of you and brings you right back to doing it.  It’s like your willpower is not strong enough to say no to it.  In the words of the famous comedian Flip Wilson: “The Devil made me do it!”  It’s like as if the Devil himself has power over you.  You can’t truly resist temptation.

When you dream of the Devil, your unconscious is trying to tell you that you need to get help for your addiction.  In your awake life, there is the hand of help reaching out to you.  It is up to you to either grab the helping hand someone is giving you, or say no to it.

Getting help for your addiction

Getting help for your addiction is entirely up to you.  It is your choice to make.  If you do decide to get help, you stand a good chance to recover your old self.

For you to get help, you need to want help in the first place.  If you don’t want to be helped, then no one can do anything for you.  You just can’t fix stupid.

Your unconscious is trying to tell you that your life is a train wreck.  Smart people get help when their lives have become unmanageable.  Crazy people just don’t.

The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Each and every time you go back to doing the thing you are addicted to, you expect a different result.  You hope to get back that very first buzz you got from it the first time.

Know that you are not alone.  Many other people have been there, done that.  However, they have stopped going there, and they have stopped doing that.  They decided to get help for the very same addiction as yours.

You are not alone!  Those same people are willing and able to help you.  But you need to want their help.

For them to be able to help you in turn, you need to be reachable.  So make yourself reachable.  Know that the nightmare that your life is now – shall too pass.  Start seeing the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

“To become reachable” might seem frightening to you right now.  But with the help of others who have walked in your shoes, your will become happy again.

Self-Help Programs

Self-Help Programs are a great place for you to start your recovery.  They are free, and they will give you free coffee.  They are anonymous, you don’t even have to pay nothing at all.

Perhaps you live in shame about your addiction.  Tell yourself that everyone else there is just like you.  They really have been there and done that.  But now, they are proud to feel better again!

Perhaps you don’t want no one there to recognize who you are.  You don’t want them to tell your boss that they have seen your there. Don’t worry about that, they don’t want you to tell their bosses that you saw them their either.  What you see and hear they – must stay there!

Perhaps you are not quite decided to stop doing what you do yet.  Don’t worry about that.  At the Self-Help group, no one there ever promises to stop.  You don’t make any commitments to no one there.

If you must remember one thing about the Self-Help group, remember this.  The minute you put your hand on the handle to the door to go in, tell yourself that someone in there can show how to get rid of your problem.  No one there will judge you, you are not at confession.

The minute you sit in a chair there, tell yourself you are in the right place.  That you have paid for your chair by going through the hell you are going through right now.  There is nothing for you to do when you are there, except to sit down and listen.

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil

Antidote to dreaming about the Devil, is about taming your inner-devil.  Your unconscious wants you to know that you will not always be afraid .  There will come a time, when you will be all better.  You will be made whole again.

Soon, you find the courage to do what it takes to be in control of you awake life again.  You will find serenity.  You will have the wisdom to know the difference between a life of nightmares and of train wrecks, and changing the things in your life that you can.

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