Controversial Management

Controversial Management is another way of saying a lack of ethics.  Without ethics, life becomes unfair all around.  Life is hard, why make it worse on ourselves?


Controversial Management
Controversial Management
Princess of Swords

Controversial Management

Controversial Management shows up once a very talented person successfully climbs up the ladder of success.  They have gone as far as they can.  Nevertheless, power goes to their head.

Perhaps you know of someone like this within your family, in your community, in your State, in your Country, or in your workplace.  They show great learning in what they do best.  However, they just do not understand what they do not know.

Such an individual could easily sell a freezer to an Eskimo living in his igloo during wintertime.  However, he does not care if the customer has food or not to put into his new freezer.  All he cares about is making a sale.

This can be a young mother getting pregnant on purpose, just to get a bigger amount on her welfare check and larger housing space.  She does not care about anything else, except to personally get stuff.  It doesn’t matter to her if she brings her other children into deeper misery.  She just doesn’t get it!

A politician has the gift of the gab.  He can easily convince his voters on spending millions of dollars to get a better and bigger power plant.  Once approved, all the hidden costs for the new plant – triple or quadruple.  He does not care if their new tax bills and power bills will eat the homeowners out of home and house.  After all, they did agree on the new power plant!

Having artificially created a cheap buyer’s market, now people with a higher spending income can readily bargain purchasing their first home.  It is anticipated that these new homeowners will be the ones blamed for the creation of a more profitable seller’s market.  Thus, the taxes on the properties and houses will increase, making the controversial management style golden!

For sure, the controversial manager is smarter than the average bear; he can pull the wool over your eyes.  However, even though he can fool people all the time, he cannot fool all the people all the time.  It may be you cannot stop him from having control over your life.  But you can choose how to react to him…

Thoth Princess of Swords Card

Thoth Princess of Swords Card, in a Reading, represents controversial management.  Her influence is a plague upon the life of us plain folks.  It is not for nothing that one of her titles is ‘The Princess of the Rushing Winds’.  Just when we would expect benevolence from our Royal betters (the Court Cards); this Princess will give us stones instead of meat and vegetables to put into our soup.

She demonstrates “cleverness and dexterity when it comes down to practical affairs”.  She has a way about her.  She is adroit in selling controversies”.

When Upright, she has qualities many aspire to.  She possesses “wisdom, strength, acuteness, subtleness in material things, grace, and dexterity”.  She is seductive in this way.


Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Princess of Swords rules the Cirrus Clouds


When ill dignified, she is just as predictable as the beautiful, white cirrus cloud formation.  Her “frivolous and cunning ways announce a storm” in the immediate environment.  This Taken from The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

Danger Warning

Danger Warning about the Thoth Princess of Swords!

When this card shows up in a reading, stay vigilant.  There is a storm a coming her way…  This card announces a battle arriving in about two days from now!

Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Yin and Yang Earth of Fire

As mentioned, the Thoth Princess of Swords is smart, but she is not always a lady!  Indeed, she has a controversial management style.  This is due to her intellect.  If you must remember one thing about the Princess of Swords, remember this much.  Her intellect is dangerous to us common folks.  She lives only in her intellect; she has no conscious.

She just does not understand the necessity to call upon her higher divine self.  She lacks in spirituality.  The Princess of Swords has no qualms about lashing out cruelties to you – her subject.  The only regret she will have, is when caught red-handed, and gets punished for it!  But men love the Princess of Swords anyways, because she brings stability to them in the most errotic of Elements.

Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords is Earth of Fire!

As such, she is the Princess of the Rushing Winds, the Lotus of the Palace of Air.  The Princess and Empress of the sylphs and of the Sylpides.


Controversial Management
Controversial Management
Le Ballet des Sylphides


She is a swift thinker, and her action is just as swift.  She is a mixture of Minerva and of Diana.  She is the Mantle of Aegis of Minerva.  Her crest represents Medusa.

Those wishing to erect an altar to her, should know that her altar is gray.  Her smoke is gray, not fire!

And the Princess of Swords has a son!  Her son is the Ace of Swords.  Together they are mighty warriors and rulers!  Click on the Ace of Swords to read more about that.

Mighty rulers

Mighty rulers have no qualms about waging battles against those who contradict them .  Together with her son the Ace of Swords, the Princess of Swords is now even more powerful and dangerous.  Together with her son, she possesses the Throne of the Ace of Swords!


Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Throne of the Princess of sword with the Ace of Swords


Together, the Princess of Swords with the Ace of Swords rules Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces.  That is the celestial quadrant above the North Pole, and the area of Americas.

Fickle, her sword is the Sword of Vengeance.  She brandishes it with the left hand.  Her gray altar, is the Altar of Burned Offerings.  Her gray smoke, is the Astral Winds of Yetzirah.  With the Head of the Gorgon, she becomes very deadly.

Put into action

Put into action, the Princess of Swords is the materialization of thoughts.  More specifically, she puts into action, in the material realm, the thoughts of all the other Royal Court Cards.  They tolerate her imperfect perfection, because they love her and they cannot change what’s in her nature.

Her nature, after all they knit!  The Princess of Swords is the daughter of the Queen.  She inherited her temper from her!  She is literally a Tornado!

If ever she should die in childbirth, or if god forbid her son should ever die before her, she will mourn him forever.  She then becomes an old hag after her death.  You can hear her tears and laments in the night.  She will haunt your nights forever!  She will become a Lavandriere (a washerwoman making passerbies pass her means test.  If they should fail her test, then she will maim them.


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Spirit of Samhain

Spirit of Samhain is familiar to many a good Witch.  It is better known as ‘All Souls Day or all Saints Day’.  It is the Highest Sabbath on the Wheel of the Year.  To read more deeply on the subject of Samhain, click on commune, communicate, commemorate our deceased loved ones.



Spirit of Samhain Destiny Portal Oracle Deck
Spirit of Samhain
Destiny Portal Oracle Deck


Spirit of Samhain

Spirit of Samhain!  Three words that touch the Heart of Pagans all over the earth.  It is the night of rituals, of honoring our loved ones who have passed through the Veil before us, and of sharing with the children!  It is a night of High Magick, a night of transformation!  It is a night of performing Tarot and/or Oracle Readings!

Invite deceased loved ones

Invite deceased loved ones for their power and wisdom this New Year!  You don’t have to make a big fancy meal.  You can simply honor them by preparing and serving them a little offering.

When the dearly departed attend the meal you have prepared for them, they are happy to be the guest of honor.  Simply leave it there on the kitchen table, leave an empty chair there for them.  It maybe that they will not actually eat the offering in this physical realm; they will eat it in the spirit realm.

Acquire Wisdom

Acquire Wisdom from your ancestors.  If there is something that the Old Ones love the most, is to pass-on to us their experience, know-how, and power.  They love, love, love, to be useful to us!

Ask for their help.  They will love to help us out in knowledge, and wisdom.  Above all else, ask for their “wisdom”!

Our good old Ancestor Spirits love to impart Wisdom to us!  Sit down in a quiet place.  Light a candle.  Meditate on what you need to learn.  Don’t worry, the wisdom will come to you!


Transformation is a magickal experience!  It comes through the wisdom of the years of our Ancestors.  A little change here, a little change there; and the next thing you know. you are transformed into a new and happier person!

For some people, a transformation is easy peazy, and seemingly overnight.  For others, it takes time.  Time to learn to develop a more proper way to get wath you want from your life.  Take the time you need so to learn news ways of handling situations with hard to convince people.  Take the time you need so to learn to replace your shortcomings with new qualities.

Sharing abundance

Sharing abundance with our own children and grandchildren creates joy in our hearts.  Good memories pop-up in our hearts.  And smiles and laughter break the lonely days of this Fall Season, and carry us through the Winter Season.

We have worked hard all year.  Now is the season of sharing our good fortune.  Perhaps do you know a single mother going through hard times.  Bring her a bag of groceries each week, so to encourage her and contribute to her children’s good health.

Perhaps do you know an elderly gentleman with an aging wife.  Bring them some homemade vegetable soup and cornbread; and some jams and jellies to sweeten their bread with.  A little bit goes a long way at their age!

Divining Truth

Divining Truth with Oracle or Tarot Cards, or with other divining tools gives you your truth so to better become wise for your years! I rather like using oracle or Tarot Cards myself.  The truth never fails to be revealed with divining tools.

One great way of divining your own truth, is by doing a tarot spread for the year ahead.  Ask your ancestors to tell you what you need to know for each one of the coming 12 months.  Ask your ancestors to tell you ‘the secrets’ they have for you.  Those are the secrets you need to know to do – in the months to come.


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Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords cuts through the bullshit.  When your sitter wants a Reading to know the truth about her situation, you can use this card as the Significator Card.  Because, she wants a powerful Reading so to cut through the crap, and find out what is going on around her.


Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords


Thoth Cards Meaning Ace of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords is a very powerful Tarot Card.  Many Readers do not fully understand its full interpretation.  However, most do get it right.

They are right to say that the Ace of Swords is “the seed” of our “expectations”.  However, to understand the Ace of Sword more fully, one may want to say instead, that – “the Ace of Swords is the ‘Primordial Energy of Air’.  It is not the Element of Air per say, but rather the “Root” of the Power of Air”, The Book of Thoth by the Master Therion (Aleister Crowley).  The Root of the Power of Air, is another way of saying the ‘Seed of the Element of Air; not the real manifestation of the Element in its material form.  In other words, it is ‘the energy’.

In Tarot Magick, the Ace of Swords – is a double-edged sword.  Occultists, Magi, and Witches use its energy to invoke either good or evil.  No matter how you may want to use it, you can get a sense of justice by merely looking at this Card.  You can sense it can hang over one’s head like the Sword of Damocles; it splits hairs (so to speak).  It cuts through the bullshit!

Tarot Magick

Tarot Magick is a powerful form of magick.  It is dark, some may rightly refer to it as ‘Tarot Voodoo’ or occultist.  One thing is for sure, it is esoteric.

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords is the same sword seen on the table of the Magician

In this type of magick, the Ace of Swords is not a wimp.  In fact, the Ace of Swords is above, and quite distinct from the other Pip Cards.  It is the Sword on the Magician’s table, in the Majors Card The Magician.  To read further about the Magician’s Card, click Magus of Power Tarot Card.

Upright, the Ace of Swords in the Thoth Deck, invokes the Divine Crown of Spiritual Brightness.  Reversed, it invokes Demonic Forces.  Both Upright and Reversed, it is the Intellect part of the Soul (The mind is the great enemy).  It is the source of conflict, frustration, anxiety, worry, and sorrow; because the Ace of Swords is the Throne of the Princess of Swords.  It is the Sword of the Magus.  Together with the Princess of Swords, it rules the Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces quadrant above the North Pole and the area of the Americas.  Click on the Throne of the Princess of Swords to read more about the Ace of Swords together with the Princess of Swords.


Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Thoth Elemental Pentagram


Invoking the Sword

Invoking the Sword, is not Fluff Magick.  It is a very powerful invocation.  The godname for all Aces, is Eheieh.  However, the very specific godname for the Ace of Swords itself, is Elohim.  Its Archangel is Michael.  And its angel is Ariel.

The Ace of Swords is an Invoked Force, The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, Keys to the Rituals, Symbolism, Magic and Divination – by Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero.  It can be invoked for good or for evil.  Invoking the Ace of Sword’s energy, is not for the Fluffy Bunny who just can not get past defensive magick.  Nor is it for those who enjoy flexing their muscles to them.

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords of the Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords is seriously about the double-edged Sword of the Astral world of Yetzirah.  It has two branches.  The Olive Branch on the right, and the Branch of Peace – on the left.  The Olive Branch is the branch of Mercy (Chesed).  The Palm Branch is the branch of Peace; the branch of Severity; the branch of Suffering.  The double edges are the two possible courses of action when seeking justice.

Making the difference

Making the difference between the Primordial Root of the Element of Air and the Element of Spirit is essential.  After all, if you are going to invoke the Sword, you might as well do it with the right Element lol…

In the Thoth doctrine (Thelema), Spirit is represented by the Major Arcana Cards (see the above picture of the Pentagram).  The Symbol of the Pentagram is the Shield of David.  The Pentagram (the Shield of David), represents Spirit ruling the four Elements.  It symbolizes the Triumph of Man.  The Aces form a link between the Princesses and the small cards.  There is no real manifestation of the Element in its material manifestation.  The Ace of Swords, is brilliant will power.

Representing Justice

Representing Justice, is the Ace of Swords with a double-edge.  It is the type of force and strength likened to a Tornado spinning through the bullshit in a situation.  When there are clouds of confusion lurking about, the Ace of Swords affirms Justice.  It upholds Divine Authority.  The Ace of Swords, also brings wrath to the wrong-doers.  It changes their world into chaos.


If you must remember one thing about the Ace of Swords Tarot Card, remember this much.  That the Ace of Swords has no real manifestation.  You can not really see this “seed” in this physical world.  It is an energy that is still in the Astral World…  It is for good or for evil.


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Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs is to make honorable amends.  Perhaps have you hurt someone’s feelings, or that someone is mudslinging insults your way, or that someone is spreading gossip about you to your friends.  No matter, it is troublesome to you.  You are looking for an acceptable resolution to your situation with someone, and you have dreamed of a winged woman brandishing a sword.


Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs


Righting Wrongs Poem


“When we look up in the sky

you can hear the battle cry

Her wings fly above

the purple majesty of our land

The voice of freedom calls again

history make a few good men

to right the wrongs of mortal men

bring sweet liberty and justice to us all

Freedom swings her mighty sword”

(Poem by Gregory Golden)


Righting wrongs of mortal men

Righting wrongs of mortal men is to bring justice to your world.  In a dream, a winged woman with a sword is a very powerful symbol.  This symbol shows you the need for an honorable amend.  A problem needs to be solved between two people.  Freedom from an oppressive situation is sought.

The winged women represents ‘freedom’.  She brings her mighty Sword of Justice against something that is a source of trouble and worry.  Your unconscious mind is trying to help you find freedom from the shackles of injustice.  It doesn’t matter if you are the victim or the oppressor in this case.  Both parties will find justice.

Sword of Justice

Sword of Justice!  The Sword of Justice is brought into your dream by a winged Minerva.  She is trying to tell you something.  She is trying to show you that there is an issue in your awake life that requires you to do some problem solving.

In our awake life,  we usually think long and hard about how to resolve a problem that seemingly has no solution.  Our awake mind sends a query to the back of our mind, into our unconscious thinking – for further consideration.

The query may be about something that weighs heavy upon our conscious.  We do some soul searching during our awake life, but to no avail.  Or it may very well be that our conscious is light in regards to the matter at hand – but that we need a fight against us to stop.

During dream state

During dream state, our mind keeps on trying to find a solution to the problem we experienced during our awake state.  When we dream of a winged Minerva brandishing her Sword of sweet Justice and Liberty, she brings clear-sightedness and fairness to a ‘dearly needed something that needs to be done’.

During dream state
During dream state

More precisely, it is a something that you need to do, so to ‘right a wrong’.  Even if it is a wrong done to you or perhaps a slight you did to someone, your unconscious is trying to tell you how to resolve it.  You are trying to find a way to freedom from it

Perhaps the image of the Ace of Swords in the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti – comes to you during dreaming because you want to figure-out something.  Something like how to follow the written instructions in a crocheting book; so to make your home look nicer or to make money for the sale of you art.  It may be that someone is pressuring you at work to be more productive; your job is at stake.  On the other hand, you may need to know how to get along with Mother-in-law who loves her son too much.

No matter what the problem is, the image of a winged Minerva bringing you her Sword of Justice – is about your needing a problem resolved.  The solution is now at hand.  An honorable amend is required by one of the parties involved.

Making honorable amends

Making honorable amends brings peace to both parties involved.  The solution exists in your awake like.  You will know how to apply a just fight to finding peace in this matter.  During your awake state, look around in your environment to see what exactly needs your immediate attention.

You will need to fight to get a fair and just solution to what worries you.  Weird isn’t it, my saying that “you need to make honorable amends along with your “need to fight” so to get a fair and just solution!  Weird indeed!  But it does works!

Standing up for justice sake, is to fight against injustice.  When someone gossips or does someone wrong, an olive branch often brings a peaceful resolution.  If there is no peaceful resolution possible, then alliances are made on both sides and the animosity between the two will be never-ending.

Whereas making honorable amends restores peace.  What is an honorable amend that makes peace possible?  And what if the other party does not accept our peaceful words and actions?

As stated earlier, righting wrongs is making honorable amends.  Righting wrongs can be as simple as acknowledging our own shortcomings in the matter.  And admitting that our own faults have caused the other party involved to respond with shortcomings of their own.

In other words, we acknowledge that our own words and actions were provocations escalating bad feelings towards one another.  Then we promise to at least try to not hurt someone like that again in the future.  This is an acknowledgement that you are an imperfect perfectionist – in words and actions.  No more, no less needs tending to.

Oh well if the other party won’t try to change.  At least now, other people know that you took the higher road out of the bad feelings between the two of you.  The other party will now look mean towards you.  An honorable amends, is another way of saying that the Sword of Justice brought freedom to you!

Tarot Dream Interpretations

Tarot Dream Interpretations can be of great help when dreaming of a winged women with a sword.  Not only can the dream interpretation tell you as to the meaning of the symbolisms of your dream, it can also help you know what they mean to you in your awake life.  With a good Tarot Dream Interpretation Reading, you can find enlightenment and guidance so to resolve your problem.


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Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs


Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment

Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment is about the ability to make the difference between the truth and the non-truth of your situation.  It is an empowerment card.  It comes from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards Deck by Jody Bergsma.  This Oracle Card, Discernment, is about manifesting reality when the truth may not be that apparent at first glance!


Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment
Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment


Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment


Discernment is seeing life as it truly is; it is the ability to know the truth even when truth is not that apparent.  Deep down, we know what is real and what is not.  No matter the situation we are in, making the difference magically opens the windows and the doors of our reality; it lets in the fresh air of the wonderful new possibilities!


Ability to know the truth

Ability to know the truth, is wonderful magic in itself!  This ability is innate within the average person.  It makes the mind of the average person a wonderful place indeed!

Within our mind, we have the faculty to perceive our reality.  In other words, we have the ability to reason things out and to judge well what is going on around us.

We can always choose to not use our mind for discerning a person’s character and spirit.  Some people would rather keep their eyes closed to their truth.  Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment is to help empower you out there in the world.  The world is a cruel place at times, we can decide to ignore that part of it.  However, putting on blinders has consequences.

Deep sense of knowing

Deep sense of knowing!  A person’s mind can be fooled into misunderstanding the world around them.  We can trust in the fact that some people do not have a stake in telling us the truth.  This is when our deep sense of knowing (discernment) kicks in.

Lets say that we need to know the correct time of day.  We ask someone what time it is.  We ask this because we expect him or her to tell us the truth about the correct time.  Knowing the correct time could make or break the plans we have made for today.

Fortunately, deep down inside of our brain, we have a fair idea of what time it is anyways.  Within the mind, we have a sense of deep knowing about time…We only ask in the first place, for preciseness sake.  We are not that easily fooled.

When we ask someone for help, we are placing ourselves at his or her mercy – so to speak.  We would expect that person to be fair and honest with us.  We would not expect the person to hand us a snake instead of their good help.

It may be that somebody can fool us about the correct time of day.  However, thinking back on it, we usually realize that we had known all along that they would fool us about it.  We had intuitively known all along, deep inside, that they could not be trusted.

Guided by our sense of knowing

Guided by our sense of knowing?  Yes!  We feel empowered when we let ourselves be guided by our sense  knowing!

Since we were just seven years old (ish), our faculty of discernment was already fully developed.  By then, we had already started to depend on our own ‘inner sense of deep knowing’.  We could already reason things out, and judge people by their character.  We made the difference between right from wrong; between truth from a lie; between trusting certain people but not some others.

Today, at our age, the only difference is that we have more experience with judging people by their stripes.  We understand that they do exist, and so do the situations they bring to our lives.  We can reason things out well enough!  After all, what quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, is a duck!

Magical Times Cards Meaning Discernment, is also about using this card while saying the following Discernment Affirmation.

Discernment Affirmation

“Today I acknowledge my ability to know the truth even when it is hidden.  I will listen to my heart and let my deeper knowing guide me.  I will let go of the pointless dramas that drain me and embrace the things that make me truly happy.  I will not be fooled.  I will be real, I will be right, and I will be glad”.


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Marital Happiness/Hope



Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination

Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination


Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination


In Tarot, it is highly important to read card combinations.  One Card influences another.  In this case, the Knight of Wands pours down into the Seven of Cups.  When doing so, the Knight of Wands influences the Seven of Cups.  Knowing this permits the Tarot Reader to Read the person’s true character.  This goes to Discerning the spirit of the person.


Discerning the spirit

Discerning the spirit behind the Seven of Cups is highly important.  The spirit is spiritual person.  When you get this particular Card, their morals and principles can easily become undone because of their spirit.  Their sense of balance is innately unpredictable.

We know that the Knight of Wands is an ‘unpredictable, lightning fast courtly energy’.  We also know that the Seven of Cups experiences emotions that can very well place him into a ‘life of debauch’.  A result of being combined, this could most likely represent someone who can go unpredictably fast on Tilt.

Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination

This picture of the Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination is one I took with my camera.  I purposely placed the Knight of Wands Card right above the Seven of Cups Card.  I did this, so to better visually represent this card combination.

I want to demonstrate the trickle-down effect of both the qualities and the shortcomings of the Knight of Wands Card that pour down into the Seven of cups Card.  That the green slime pouring out of the cups in the Seven of Cups Card is a direct result of the mixing together of these two cards.  Another way of this trickle-down effect, is to say that the Knight of Wands ‘dominates’ the emotions of the Seven of cups; who feels compelled to be in reaction to the influence of the Knight of Wands.

Who dominates whom and why

Who dominates whom and why in Tarot, is important to know.  It permits the Reader to make the final determination about how to interpret any card combination.  It is known that in the Thoth Doctrine of Tarot, the Knight of Wands dominates the Seven of Cups.

In other words, look at this combination of cards.  The Seven of Cups is a descendant generation of the Knight of Wands.  The Knight of Wands as prominence over the Seven of Cups – because it exercises mastery, it rules, it governs, it controls the Seven of Wands.
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination

As a rule of thumb, Court Cards have influence over the Pip Cards.  They are Courtly personages who expect servitude and obedience from the Common Class at Court.

The Knight of Wands is the Fiery part of Fire.  The original title of the Knight of Wands is the Lord of the Flame and Lightning; the King of the Spirits of Fire; the King of the Salamanders.


Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination

Whereas the Seven of Cups is, by default of is birth, in service to the Knight of Wands.  It has no royal title.  It exercises no influence at Court.  To perpetuity, it remains unsatisfied in its desires; it lives to obey the whims and desires of its Knight of Wands.  It is precisely because of its genetic baggage and birth rank, that the Seven of Cups has inherent qualities and shortcomings; however, the Sev.  It may nevertheless, choose how to react or not to the Knight of Wands.


Qualities and Shortcomings

Qualities and shortcomings are not just something we decide to have.  They are part of our genetic baggage that we are born with and lug around our lives through.  However, we can choose to develop our qualities and shortcomings or not.  We can choose to make them clear or not for other people to see those in us.  Whether they are visible or not, our qualities and shortcomings impact our destiny!

I truly believe that we can say or do something to change our destiny.  Moreover, I am not just saying that because it is something we are taught to say as Tarot Readers.  This is a personal philosophy of mine.  I have lived by this since early childhood.  I have worked hard on myself, my life through, to be a better person that my parents and their parents were.  I still have allot to work on; I guess you can call me an imperfect perfectionist lol…  If you are like me, you have done the same.


Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination


They say that the sins of the father fall upon the children, this down to the fourth generations.  This means that a man and women together will pass down, not only both of their physical attributes, but also their qualities and shortcomings to their children and all the way down to the fourth generation.  If you, who is reading this blog right now, could live long enough, you would observe in their great-grandchildren – the predominance of the qualities and shortcomings of the original couple.

They say, that we do not choose our biological parents.  This being true or not, is neither here nor there in this particular article.  One thing is for sure biologically, from our biological parents come the good and the bad they did pass down to us.  Like them, we manifest out into the world at large – our positive energy as well as our negative.  This determines how other people will react to us…

This much said; let us go back to our onions.  Our onions being, this brief study of the Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination in the Thoth Tarot System.  These two energies combined, result into an awesome emotional Tilt possibility in the Seven of Cups.

Knight of Wands is predominantly a strong-willed person.  He is known as a generous person, he his impulsively so; but that does not last long.  You cannot predict what he will want to do next.  Nor do you ever know on what foot to dance on when around him.

A Knight of Wands can be brutally cruel.  One just cannot foresee at what moment his generosity will fall short, setting us up for a fall.  The worst part is that this person has boxed himself in with no way out.  He needs to learn a newer, more adaptive way to manifest his will in his environment.  In other words, he has “the potential to grow stronger” in either direction.


Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination


Debauch, which is the Seven of Cups, is also known as the Lord of Illusionary Success.  From the Knight of Wands, he has inherited the need to look successful and for his own reasons.  However, just when you would think he has finally found happiness – he sabotages it.  Click on Debauch, to read further about the Thoth Card Seven of Cups.

He does not nourish the Love others have for him – because of his selfishness.  Once he returns to his dignity however, there is hope for improving his behaviors.  Since the Seven of Cups is a Pip Card that is in reaction to its Knight of Wands, his personal dignity will assuredly return; however, that will happen only once it’s Knight figures out how to get out of his own box.


Out of the box

Out of the box is the right way to go.  When one has boxed himself in a box, one would do well to find the way out of the box.

Out of the box means looking at things from different angles, not just one way.  We learned from our parents an old way of thinking and an old way of doing things.  Those are called old family attitudes.

Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination
Knight of Wands and Seven of Cups Combination

Thinking out of the box means to think in new ways, in more modern ways of thinking.  We do not absolutely need to model ourselves after our parents; at least not in every way!  We can keep their good qualities, and throw out their shortcomings from our way of thinking and doing things.

In other words, as adults, we can now choose to ‘let go of what no longer works for us’.  We can choose to keep what does work for us.  We can also learn to improve upon our old ways of doing things by replacing them by more efficient ways that will – for real – make us happy.


I am looking forward to reading and responding to your comments pertaining to this blog article of mine.  I do so enjoy reading you all.  Also, to read more articles on Tarot written by me, click on the Previous and on the Next one.


Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups
Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch



Captain of a sinking ship

The Key Word for the Thoth Card Seven of Cups is debauch.  To live a life of debauchery is sheer folly. It only leads to our ruin… When the Seven of Cups is pulled in a reading, it means that the person is the captain of a sinking ship..

In the Thoth System of interpreting the Cards, the Seven of Cups means that the Sitter in going down a path of self-destruction.  This person needs enlightenment and guidance to find happiness.

However, will the person be helpable so he can eventually pursue happiness – is an entirely different matter.  He/she will need help to do so.  Moreover, to be helpable, the Querent must be reachable.

No matter how much we want to help someone, not everyone is reachable.  In the case of a person whose mind is no longer sober, they simply do not want to be reachable anymore.  In fact, their ego is so big, that they do not even admit to themselves that they are screwing-up their lives and those of the people who love them.  To relate more to what I am talking about here, click on All I want to do is have some fun, by Sheryl Crow.

To be helpable, it takes a rigorous honesty.  Someone who would rather live in debauch telephones himself, tells himself a made-up story, and believes himself.  He tells himself that he is in control of his situation, even though he is ruining his life; and this, in all the domains of his life.

He is sick.  He is making his wife and children sick.  He is worrying his mother to death.  His employer is on the verge of letting him go, if he has not done so already.  If you are the wife or the child of such a person, click on “See the Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

If he has not yet stopped, soon the person who is in debauch – will lead those who love him the most to their ruin also.  He will lose his house, his car, the shirt on his back.  Even then, he may not be able to stop; he will be too far gone to stop…  It is all but illusionary success.

Illusionary Success

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch (the Seven of Cups/Hearts), speaks of the illusion of success.  To live and to keep up an addictive lifestyle, he must be as someone who has money and who can afford it.  Success does not come easy to anyone, most especially to the addict.  He will try to continue looking successful, at all cost to himself and to his close-ones.

A person who is an addict (a Seven of Cups), is someone who is going to his ruin; unless he deliberately chooses reasonable thinking.  However, his success (or the appearance of success) is highly crucial to him.  Since no one can actually keep up with spending that much for very long, he will need to spend on the arm of someone else.

Illusionary Success

To borrow the money he needs for his debauch lifestyle, he will need to promise to pay it all back.  For sure, he will have several creditors knocking at his door – which is why he will sell his own wife and kids if he has to.  That or stop feeding his addiction completely, and for real.  To read further about the women in the life of someone who suffers from debauch, click on the Seven of Hearts on the Lenormand Tree card.


Almost Suicidal

In this age of sexually transmitted diseases and addictions, he/she needs to protect themselves against the perils of promiscuity and over consumption.  It is but “illusionary thinking” (un-sober thinking, unreasonable thinking) to think one could get away with it unscathed.  A debauch lifestyle brings one to the verge of the precipice.  It is almost suicidal, or a slow death wish.

I want to make sure that we are all on the same page about this.  Here, in this blog article, we are not talking about ordinary social drinking, nor of a reasonable consumption of it thereof.  Here in this blog article, we are talking about “the way a person represented by the Seven of Hearts (Cups) is constituted.  The way this individual’s personality or thinking is constituted, it is an “addictive personality”, an “addict’s thinking”.  The way a person thinks with addicted to debauch.

List of addictions involving debauch
List of addictions involving debauch

The definition of ‘debauch’ is, to become disloyal; to lead away from virtue or excellence; to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality.  Synonyms of debauch:  abase, bastardize, canker, cheapen, corrupt, debase, degrade, demean, demoralize, deprave, deteriorate, lessen, pervert, poison, profane, prostitute, subvert, vitiate, and warp.


List of addictions involving debauch


These are but some of the addictions involving debauch:

Alcohol addiction; approval; aspirin and other OTC medications; aerosol sniffing or abusing; actions including any activity that is risky and produces adrenalin i.e. extreme sports, gambling, sex, crime – but to name a few; amphetamines; antidepressants; applause; art; getting high to produce art or magick; arson; attention; auto racing and high risk sports; bulimia; barbiturates; betting; cocaine and crack cocaine; sex addiction; sexting; etc…

Again, it is highly imperative that we do not put everybody in the same boat.  We need to make the difference between taking an aspirin under a normal and acceptable circumstance, and that of actually “abusing” aspirin because of an addiction.  This goes as well for any other type of addiction – by the way.  A further example would be “morphine”.  Morphine is prescribed so to seriously numb very severe pain.  When one is done with this type of pain, one is either dead or entirely abandons taking morphine.  Whereas the addict personality does not wish to let go of his dear morphine.

Many ex-addicts would rather endure excruciating pain than take pain medication at the dentist’s.  Out of fear it will spark a renewed chemical dependence and a renewed debauch lifestyle.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a tooth pulled-out without pain medication lol…  This blog article is may seem without compassion or judgemental against the addictive personality.  Believe me when I say – it is not.  My heart goes out to the addict; but at the same time, the purpose of this blog article is explain what the Seven of Cups represents in the Thoth System of Tarot.

Coming back to our onions, if you must remember one thing about what debauch is, and what the Seven of Cups in Thoth represents, remember this much.  No matter how debauch presents itself in a person, the person is always ‘lethargic’.  He/she does not feel like doing their own personal inventory taking a look at themselves in the mirror.

Thot Cards Meanings Debauch
Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

One of the best ways to understand “lethargy in an addict” is to look at it this way.  The person has a black trans am car.  He gets in the car, puts the key in the ignition.  Looks in the rearview mirror to make sure he can safely back out of his laneway.  Once on the street, he looks through his windshield and steps on the gas pedal.

At one point along the way, his eyes look up into his rearview mirror – again.  He turns his head to look at what is in the backseat.  When suddenly, him and and his black trans am crashed into a wall – head on.  He blames the wall…  And that is the lethargy in the Seven of Cups.  Click on “I feel like a women” by Shania Twain to better understand forgetting what it’s like to blame someone else for the trainrek in one’s life due to a sexual addiction.

He will blame other people for having done something that brought him to his addictive lifestyle.  They will be lying about the promises unfulfilled, wrath, lust, fornication, violence against women and children, and deception in love and friendship.  This of course, all depending at what stage the addiction will present itself.


To read more about Thoth Cards Meanings, click on Previous and on Next.


Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors
Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors

Spiritual Counselling Empowering

Adult Incest Survivors



Essence of who we are

We Tarot Readers do not just divine.  Some of us are also Spiritual Counsellors and Life Coaches.  Many of us can sense interdimensional realities, we can become aware of things the average person cannot.  We can get a deep sense of knowing.  We can channel Love and Light to an Adult Victim of Sexual Abuse by giving them enlightenment and guidance.

It is a sad state within the Tarot Community, that we Tarot Readers are too often told to – either turn away or refer the Adult Survivor of Incest to someone who is better qualified to counsel him or her.  Even on Facebook we can read posts and comments recommending and advising us not to read for this type of client.  These posts and comments often describe this client as if they were “mentally ill”, or “mentally disturbed”, or “needing psychiatric help because an innocent man may go to jail because of a false accusation”.

In other words, these advisers are quick to disbelieve and brush off a victim of incest.  They even go as far as strongly recommending “to not believe them”.  They impute the adult survivor of this crime as “inventors of stories”.  Which in itself is to downright call the victims – liars.

Adjustment Justice
Adjustment Justice

Be careful of such bad advice givers.  Did you know that abusers often work in the helping professions because:  in the helping professions, predators  gain easy access to people who have no other recourse than to trust professional helpers.  If you are a member of a helping profession and are aware of an abuser amongst your rank, I invite you to be a whistleblower!  Years ago, I got an entire social agency shut down, its psychiatrists, psychologists, and its social workers professionally discredited.  This so to protect young boys from several nests of sexual predators that worked and volunteered there.  So can you do what I did for the sake of the children!

For suppressing the truth within an adult victim of incest, is to doubt his or her own sense of ‘the knowing’.  Suppressing the ‘knowing’ drives them to despair; because by doing so, we erase them.  The more we suppress who they are – tires their spirit, the spirit to live, and the flame of life itself.  They become anxious, tired, depressed, and they slowly begin to lose the will to live.  Their will to think and to reason-out for themselves – is crushed!

Suppressing the Spiritual Counsellor’s, the Life coach’s, or the Tarot Reader’s intuition and sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our spiritual death.  We die – without using that part of ourselves that uses all our senses; our senses are essential to us in both the visible and nonvisible worlds.  When we are told not to do such readings, to not help these victims, we are being told to suppress our own inner-child who just wants to reach-out and help another inner-child asking for help!

An adult victim of sexual abuse is by default an adult victim of spiritual abuse.  In order to suppress their sensitivity/intuition, their families and their society and their religious leaders forced them to abandon their will to them.  They succeeded in doing so because the inner-child of the victim was – trusting.

An adult victim of incest
An adult victim of incest
  1. Listen
  2. Believe
  3. Respect their trust
  4. Understand the pressure they face as an adult
  5. Then – encourage them to get access to support

The need to tell the ‘truth’ is part of a person’s sensitive and intuitive energy within them.  It is a ‘positive energy’.  It needs to be released into the world in a positive way.

This positive energy contributes to our world and to the universe.  But, when we are told by our parents, family, early school teachers, religious teachers, and our community of Tarot Readers not to even listen to an adult victim of abuse, it means that we are being told “to suppress” that positive sensitivity and intuition, and to submit our will to theirs.  We are then creating ‘negative energy’.  Click on The Essence of who we are  so to read further about why it is essential to be related to, not suppressed.

Identifying Incest or Pedophilia

A pedophile is a person that damages a child.

In our society of adults, we trust and expect that any other adult will ensure a safe and healthy environment in which a minor child can grow and mature in all of its human developmental stages – into adulthood.   Not only do we as the adults in this society, trust and expect this of other adults, we have made it a rule of law!   This rule of law states that the child has been given this as a right – by the reasonable thinking adults in the society it lives in.  Incest or Pedophilia is a serious crime in our society.

“Any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual damages the child; whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture, needs to be dealt with assertively. These contacts scar almost all facets of the victims’ lives – since we are left with little or no self-esteem”.

“At least one out of five boys and one out of three girls will be abused before they reach the age of eighteen. The child’s emotional growth will be arrested at the age of the first attack, and we have found the surviving victim won’t begin to work on recovery until adulthood, if then”.

“Boys, as well as girls, are victims of child sexual abuse. Abusers come in all shapes and sizes. Many perpetrators were perceived by the child to be an authority, including: father, grandfather, mother, brother, uncle, friend of the family, aunt, teacher — unfortunately the list is endless”.

Temporary dulling memory:

We are not talking about ‘a suppressed memory’ here.  We are talking about ‘a temporary dulling, or putting aside of memories’.  Nothing is forgotten, it is all just conveniently set aside for use at a later time, when it is safe to use the memory again.  In the case of incest or pedophilia, the young victim is not safe to stand up for herself/himself.  So the ‘temporary dulling of the memory’ is a mode of self-defense.

Deadening painful memories of the abuse will only temporarily obscure reality.  It is a misguided yet totally understandable attempt to defend ourselves from further sexual assault. It is more like a child’s ‘make believe, pretending that it is not what it is – so to stay alive’!!!  To live to fight another day!  It is a survival mechanism, because we were forced to become an expert in making believe we disbelieved our own senses – so to stay alive.

The sexual predator has not the vested interest in letting its child victim learn the true meaning of his actions upon the child.  The sexual predator has no vested interest in teaching the truth of what is actually happening to the child.  The sexual predator plays god over the child, telling it that that is how god wills it.

By playing god over the child, the sexual predator confuses the child’s mind with lies and deceits.  The child receives half-truths, and mental games confusing the mind; it receives but the crumbs…  Once the victim grows up and learns differently, the victim then begins to truly understand the predator had no vested interest in telling the truth; and that is why he played god over she/him.

“It is extremely painful to give up the fantasy family we needed but never got. Children see themselves either in reflected glory or disgraced shadows”.  The predator tells the its victim, that the victim is but a disgraced shadow.  Which leads to spiritual and mental confusion of the truth; the truth being clouded over by the predator.

“Therefore, we sometimes make excuses for the abuser.  The very excuses : “He was drunk at the time. She had it rough as a child.” We take responsibility for the assaults: “I was too attractive, too sexy.” The abuser probably reinforced our own nagging guilt and questions we had about our own innocence. Essentially, we defend the perpetrator by minimizing, rationalizing and taking on the blame”.

Truth Facilitators

Tarot Readers are Truth Facilitators.  People come to ask questions of the Tarot.  They pay us good money so to know their truth.  It is our responsibility to tell them their truth as we read it in the cards.

We can read it in the cards, a person’s truth.  A person’s truth is the essence of who they are and the condition they are in.  For some people, we can see their happy times, while for others – we can see their heart-breaks.

Many Tarot Readers feel an awesome responsibility when reading another person’s truth in the Cards.  Often, we do Spiritual Counselling Empowering Adult Incest Survivors.  Doing a Tarot Reading for them is an awesome responsibility.  It can overwhelm both the Reader and their Querent.

You are not aloneWhen your Sitter tells you they are a victim of sexual abuse, and that they want you to help them with that, it is an enormous responsibility.  As a Reader, you have the right to agree or to refuse to do such a reading.  However, always keep at the front of your mind what help you can bring to the life of the person asking for a reading.

Please repost this blog to help better tell other Tarot Readers, Spiritual Counsellors, and Life Coaches on the subject of incest and pedophilia.

Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card

Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card
Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card






Health, longevity, putting down roots to secure one’s future.

Hope to settle down:

The image of the Tree brings hope to your heart!

Consider the Tree.  Where you see a Tree, you see an oxygen maker.  You see an echo system.  It is as a womb nourishing life!

There will be water, earth, and sunlight for the tree itself to survive there.  Insects, birds, and other animals go to it for life-giving sustenance.  This means there is life-giving energy there for you too!

Where you see a Tree, you will see people settling there.  You will see a tribe, a community, a city…  The tree feeds us; it keeps us warm and dry; and light.  It gives us protection from our predators; and a place to call home.  When it bends, it warns us of an impending storm.  Its sap flowing through it, sweetens our food and drink.  Its branches are bed material to lay upon.  Its leafs to make teas and herbal remedies with.  Entire industries grow from the Tree.


Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card
Lenormand Cards Meaning Tree Card

Relate to the Tree!

When a man sees a Tree, he relates to it in a different way than a woman does.  A woman walks towards the Tree, but before getting to close to it, she sits down to contemplate its grander.

When a man walks towards the Tree, he only sees the forest before the Tree, and what use he can put it to.  He enters the forest to cultivate his harvest.  When he walks out of the forest, he sees the woman sitting a little further away, and he wonders why she sits there looking at the Tree?

He does not understand why the woman just sits there looking at the Tree, so he just continues on his way – leaving her behind and alone to meditate upon the meaning of the Tree.

Meanwhile, women still sits there looking at the Tree for a very long time.  She ignores the forest, because for her – the Tree must come first…

In her meditation before the Tree, she considers the Tree for what it represents to her.  Woman thinks the Tree is very much like herself – a giver of life…

In the greater religious books of the world, we read about how men think women ‘impure’.  In those kinds of books, they say that a woman is impure because of her bleeding each month.  Man fears woman’s blood, he believes it will make him sick or remove him from his god.

In Man’s Holy Books, it says to man that he should not even touch a woman when she is ‘impure’.  And that is exactly what a woman thinks about when sitting before a Tree, and when meditating before it.  That is what a Tree represents to woman:  that man thinks she will make him sick or cause him to die with her blood…

The issue of man discriminating against women weighs heavily upon a woman’s mind.  Many times on Facebook, you will read posts and comments by women about the discriminations against her, that she faces .

You see, a woman thinks that the Tree is very much like her.  The Tree has sap flowing through it, that goes up and flows through each branch to feed the leaves with.  In time, its acorns drop to the ground, and new trees will grow.  Comes wintertime, the sap within the Tree stops flowing for several months and the leaves fall to the ground.  In the spring, the sap starts to flow again, and new leaves grow on the tree branches again.

Within the woman, there is also a life-giving sap that flows through her.   Every month, she produces an ovum that waits to be fertilized by man.  If it is not, it will be cleared away when the woman’s monthly menstrual products flows out of her.

If man fertilizes the ovum, it will go and implant itself into the nest woman’s womb has prepared for it.  There, in the womb, the woman keeps her new baby boy warm and safe; her life-giving sap feeds him with love.  She literally shares her own food with man while he grows in her womb.

Once man has sufficiently developed enough to live outside of woman’s womb, she pushes man out so he may live; because if she does not, man will die.  Once outside of her womb, woman continues to love man by feeding him and keeping him safe and warm.  She still shares her food with him.

However, man eventually grows up and leaves woman to go live his life (the Fool Card in Tarot).  He forgets the love woman had for him during all the moons she kept him warm and safe.  He does not remember, nor does he understand what a Tree represents to both him and to woman.  He walks away, shaking his head at her, leaving her alone sitting there looking at the Tree.

Even when man makes his fire, he tries to understand woman; but his memory fails him.  Some men remember woman, and honor her; but the majority of them do not.

Man discriminates against her, and refers to her as impure in his Holy Books.  And that is why woman lets man see her while she meditates on the sap flowing through her beautiful tree!  That very sap that did not make man sick and impure, and that did not remove him from his god – while he lived inside of her womb…  She lets man see her while sitting there silently, to help him try to remember her (as a crone, I speak for her now).

THE Tree of Life, the Rainbow, and the Seven of Hearts:

In the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Tree Card, by Ciro Marchetti, you will find a picture of the Tree of Life, of the Rainbow, and of the Seven of Hearts (Pip).  Some might find that strange, as it is so very occultist of him to place them there within his Tree Card.  I do not speak for him, I speak for myself as a woman.  So for me, myself, (me – Evergreen – as in the Evergreen Tree), it felt they belonged there all of this time!  And that it’s about time a Lenormand card designer thinks of including them in his Tree Card!

How right of Mr. Marchetti to do so!  The Tree of Life represents the different developmental stages of man.  Man going through his developmental states  – before birth, during his life here on earth, and into his after-life. Man is infinitely kept safe and warm by woman.

The Rainbow represents the current condition of man before his god.  For as long as man sees a rainbow up in the sky, he is reminded of the promise his god made to him after the Flood.  The promise man’s god made to him, not to ever again seek to destroy man for having tried to kill his God.  Man’s god will never again seek to destroy man, his women, his children, his cattle, nor his crops.

As a side note, for Christians:

That is why the GLBT Community is represented by a Rainbow.  So to remind Christians who hate them, that God has made a promise to them – to never destroy them!  (At least I think that should be the reason they should use the Rainbow when speaking with you lol…  It is after all, Biblically correct lol)  And this, no matter what man says or does, man will continue to live long and prosper before god.  Man can truly develop a sense of being settled (having layed down roots); both in his physical and in his spiritual life.

Cough! Back to my blog, cough!

A Rainbow represents all the different aspects of man’s spirituality – in all of its colors; and in all domains of his life.  No matter his choices…

The Seven of Hearts, represents man has to take the good and the bad that comes with his life.  The positive, with the negative.  The joys, with the tears.  Just like woman does, when man walks away not understanding women, and forgetting what she has done for him…

There will be times when he harvests blessings, and other times when he will mess up.  He has a Free Will to choose to do good, or to do bad.  There are always consequences to our actions.  We are the masters of our own base-instinct.  It is not all a woman’s fault after all!

I am looking forward to reading your comments, and to responding to them.  Click on ‘Previous’ to read the previous post on the Lenormand Deck, and on ‘Next’ to read my next Lenormand article post.


Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand



Oracle Card Decks Review

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

By Evergreen

Hello there Fellow Oracle and Tarot Readers.  The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Oracle Deck is a joy to read with, this whether you are familiar or not with the Lenormand Oracle System.  You will find this Oracle Deck to be very accurate.

The Gilded Reverie Lenormand is signed by Ciro Marchetti.  As soon as you take this deck out of its box, you immediately see and feel the professionalism that went into making this deck.  The card stock is of top quality.  The images are beautiful!  It comes with its Little White Book, and there is an accompanying PDF file which is extensive!  This particular Lenormand is more than well worth the price of purchase.


Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand


Within the PDF File, not only will you find a full description of each one of the cards,  you will find explanations and diagrams for the Grand Tableau as well as for other Lenormand spreads by the top Stars of the modern day Tarot world.

Above, is a humble picture I took of the Houses.  The Cloth is also by Ciro Marchetti.  The Lenormand Houses are printed on a beautifully designed silk scarf; which is sold separately.

Ciro Marchetti is an experienced Card designer and Artist in his own right.  Perhaps do you already own some of his popular Tarot Decks?  Namely, the Easy Tarot, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck, the Tarot Royal Deck, and the Tarot of Dreams.  Each one of his beautiful decks is accurate.  Each, including the Gilded Reverie Lenormand is endorsed by the Tarot Community at large.

The Lenormand Oracle System itself, used to be popular only with the European Readers.  However, Mr. Marchetti’s beautiful Gilded Reverie Lenormand is one of the main reasons the Lenormand System is now widely accepted here in North America.  I highly recommend this deck to both the new and more experienced Oracle Readers.


Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Oracle Card Decks Review Gilded Reverie Lenormand


For those who do not like to read solely with a Lenormand deck, you do not have to.  This is a picture I took of a Tarot Reading I performed.  In conjunction with the Tarot Deck  I used to do this Reading with, I used the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck by Ciro Marchetti – as clarification cards.  In this instance, the Lenormand Cards were read as “omens” (presages).  Works well for me!