Oracle Cards Deck Review – Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck

Oracle Cards Deck Review - Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck
Oracle Cards Deck Review – Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck

Oracle Cards Deck Review – Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck is by Doreen Virtue is a good quality oracle deck.  The stock cards used to make this deck is more than worth the price it sells for on Amazon.  If you are looking for an oracle deck may help you discover your ‘life mission’, you may want to try this one.

The Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck is a 44 Oracle Cards Deck.  Each card has a title, short description.  Each has a short narrative in the accompanying guidebook that comes with the deck.

As soon as you open the box, you get the sense of holding a good quality oracle deck.  The box and the cards are wrapped for shipping, they are well protected.  Inside the box with the cards, is the accompanying 109-page guidebook.

Oracle Cards Deck Review – Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck, The cards:

The Cards themselves are beautiful and of good quality.  They are 3 1/2” by 5”.  When you first unwrap and try to shuffle the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, you find it impossible to shuffle them; they all stick together.  You have to separate each card from the others.  However, once each one of the cards is unstuck from the others, you will be able to shuffle your new oracle deck – good and proper.  From then on, they will readily be easy to handle and to shuffle.

The Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck is purely an Oracle Deck.  It is not a Tarot Deck.  A Tarot Deck has the traditional Higher and Lower Arcana (Secrets).  However, an Oracle Deck does not contain the traditional Higher and Lower Arcana a Tarot Reader would expect to find in a Rider Waite Tarot Deck, for example.

Oracle Cards Deck Review - Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck
Oracle Cards Deck Review – Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck

I recommend The Life Purpose Oracle Cards Deck to both the Beginner, as well as to the more experienced Intuitive Reader.  The messages on the Cards are clear and concise.  As a knowledgeable Intuitive Reader with fifty years of experience with performing Tarot and Lenormand readings, I purchased the Life Purpose Oracle Cards because I wanted to help people find their higher calling in life.

Before working with this deck, I did a reading with this deck on myself.  The results I got were wonderful!  I found this oracle cards deck accurate, so I went on to include them as clarification cards in my Tarot Readings.  Some Readers read solely with Doreen Virtue cards.

This deck does so help you find your life purpose.  It is true what the Authors have written in their Introduction vis-à-vis reading intuitively with these cards:  “The question you need to answer relates to which form your path of Love will take”.

The guidebook:

What I like most about this guidebook, is that it has a card index in the Table of Contents.  Each Card has a page number assigned to it.  It is easy to find the card you are looking.

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Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card can scare the Reader just as much as it can anyone else. Some Tarot Readers inoculate the Querent against it.  And then again, some Readers much prefer using a Deck that does not have a Devil Card in it.


Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card
Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card


Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card is not an article about inoculating both the client and ourselves.  There is no use denying either the positives and the negatives of life.  Besides, our Tarot clients pay us good money so to know their truth; they do not want for us to hide anything from them.

Hello there, Tarot Readers.  I have read many comments on Facebook about the Devil Card in our Tarot Decks.  This Card is a highly controversial Card with a majority of Tarot Readers.

No matter their reasons, Readers tend to interpret this dreaded Card in such a way as to make it come out each time as if smelling like roses.  I can’t say as I blame them;  when the Devil Card appears in a reading of mine, I temporarily feel uncomfortable too…

However, I push away my uneasiness.  Because I am paid good money to tell the truth as I read it in the Cards (even if I should become unpopular for it.  I say, “the Devil may care” about this disagreement in the Tarot Community!


Knowledge of the Devil Tarot Card

Knowledge of the Devil Tarot Card is crucial in a Reading.   It demystifies it!  Education and experience with the Devil Card play a significant role in our understanding of our clients and their situation.

It has been my experience that just when we think we know Tarot, there is always still much to learn about it.  Many professional Tarot Readers, such as myself, are scholars of the Tarot.  Meaning that we are learners.

Whether you believe or not in a Devil, is not the point. The point is that the Devil is known both in traditional and religious beliefs as an Evil Dude.  No one ever wants to come face to face with the Devil.  Nor do we want the Devil to show up in our Tarot Readings; but it might anyways.

For the average person, when a Tarot Reader pulls out the Devil Card in a Reading, people automatically think it means “evil is in their lives”.  That is why we need to understand how man represents The Devil in his mind.

Man is a religious thinker

Man is a religious thinker; he thinks along the lines of right and wrong.  In a nutshell, from the beginning, man learned how to deal with two very different gods.  A God that was good to him, and a God that punished him.

When something went wrong in man’s world, he blamed his God for that.  When something went right, man accused his God of doing that too.  It soon became apparent to the other people around man, that he, in fact, had two Gods that were different from one another.

One God never got mad at man; while the other one got mad lots of times – at man.  So, man, having to deal with two different gods, did two separate kinds of religious ceremonies.  One to appease his “not so good God”; thinking that, that God would not get mad and punish man.  The other ceremony was so to praise and encourage his other God for not getting mad at him, and for not punishing him.

Fast forwarding to our modern times, mankind basically still has its two different gods; the good and the bad.  No matter if we believe in a malefic God or in a generous one, we still tend to think along those lines anyways.

The Devil Card in any given deck

The Devil Card in any given deck is a “Key”.  We place it in the twenty-sixth Path on the Tree of Life.  The twenty-sixth Path is a line that links the Sphere of Tiphareth to the Sphere of Hod.  More precisely, the Devil Tarot Card is Death on the other side of the Tree of Life.  Both ideas about Devil and Death come from the Sphere of Thiphareth (which implies a meaningful sacrifice).

In other words, the Devil Tarot Card is a Key.  This particular Major Arcana Card speaks to the fact that we are overwhelmed by a need to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of everybody else involved.  However, we would do well to neutralize its effects upon our lives; by finding our balance!

When the Devil Card shows up in your Reading, you need to reclaim your balanced self; you are on tilt.  Your mood is ill-suited the situation you are in.  Somehow, you are removed from being true to yourself.  You look at yourself in the mirror, in the morning. and you see your real self.  But when you walk away from the mirror, you forget who you are.  You need to find balance once more!

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card can make us think that it represents an evil omen.  Instead of making believe that it is not, we would do well to get off tilt!   Using a deck with a Devil card in it can help to bring us back to the reality of our life.  To read another article on the Devil Tarot Card, and how to get real about our lives, click on   Carleigh Blaylock’s article on the Devil Card

Repeat the following Tarot Affirmation:

“I am aware of my inner demons.  I acknowledge my inner demons, and I face them and defeat them”.  James Ricklef, Tarot Affirmations

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Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings

Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings
Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings


Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings gives the meaning of dreaming about money.  Included in this article are a Money Dream poem, and a Money Mantra.  To dream about money is a good omen indeed!

Dreaming about money poem:

I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand-

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep- while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

A Dream Within A Dream

(Source:  Edgar Allan Poe)


The other night, I dreamed about money.  I could see my money.  I remember asking my Spirit guide, in my dream, what I must do with it.  I have so little of it, you see!

Oh, I went on and on telling my Spirit Guide all the wonderful things I could do with that money of mine.  Oh, I could do with so much more of it, said I.  When suddenly, a feeling of dread overtook me.

My Spirit guide told me not to buy all those wonderful things I so dearly wanted.  Instead, he told me that I must pay off bills with it.  He went to show my bills, and to show me how my husband so dearly needed I lessen his load.  He needed my help with paying-off the bills.

When I awoke, I knew I had a decision to make about money.  I seriously needed to take some of the pressure off my husband, this month.  I knew exactly which bill to help with.

Down here on the Coast, power bills get very expensive in the summer time.  It feels like 109F, Humidex Factor.  It is now the Summer Season here; we are now using the A/C around the clock.  The dreaded power company had sent my husband an email indicating that power was going up by forty dollars starting next bill…

My dreaming of money meant I needed to change my way of thinking when it came down to how I would spend my money this summer.  I know how to make some money.  I do make some money.  I needed to match my outer circumstances with my inner circumstance.

Money Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings, we human beings know how to create wealth.  It is our birthright to create wealth, and to live abundantly.  Obviously, not all of us can be multi-billionaires.  However, we tend to go about taking care of ourselves materially, this even if not always in a rich way.

Dreaming of money means “Security”.  Money in a dream symbolizes energy, power, survival, security, and resourcefulness.  “It is how the money is used in the dream that tells you:  what you value, and the specific financial/power that are being worked out”, explain Kelly Sullivan Walden.

Money Mantra:

“I share my abundance with others”.

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Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings

Lottery Dream Meaning - Evergreen Readings
Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings


Lottery Dream Meaning – Evergreen Readings gives the meaning of dreaming about the Lottery.  Included in this article, you will find a Dream Lottery Poem, and a Lottery Mantra.   To dream of the lottery is a good omen indeed!


Dreaming of the Lottery Poem:


“Some days, she got lucky;

but most days ended

with a sense of loss and defeat.

Helplessness, leaving traces

of dejection from the forces

and energies of the universe.

Yet, each morning she awoke restored,

brimming with the hope that today

she’d hit it big.

(Source:  Lottery Poem by © Emmy14)


How exciting indeed, to dream of the Lottery!  Dreaming about the Lottery makes us feel lucky indeed!  Indeed, you are coming into a good fortune, profits, abundance, love, happiness, joy, health, prosperity, and success.

Dreaming of the lottery is your unconscious trying to tell you something.  It is telling you that the seed you planted to your material happiness is finally paying off for you.  Both in your awake life, as well as in your dream life, you have planted, nourished, and watered your seed, and it has developed.  It has flourished into a healthy plant of abundance.  It has grown in the light of day, and now it is time for you to harvest its fruit.

Typically, dreaming of the lottery, involves receiving a large amount of money in your awake life.  On the other hand, it can also mean you are now going to have good fortune.  Moreover, that it is a godsend for you, it is your wish come true!

People who are happy – draw happiness to them.  People who are rich, draw even more money to themselves.  You also can become fortunate by starting to wish, in your awake life, for good fortune to come your way.

Wish, wish, and wish for it!  Plant within both your lives, your awake and you dream life, the seed to your windfall!  You can make this by visualizing an image that represents the clear and exact type of good fortune your heart desires.  You can also repeat a ‘mantra’ to draw good fortune to you.

A mantra is a word, or a sound, or a statement, or a slogan, or a catch phrase you repeat often.  Incorporate your mantra into your meditation, and your dream.  You do this, so to create a map to your happy success.

Lottery Mantra:

The life of my lottery dream is now being realized in my awake life!

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Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books

Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose - Books.
Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books.


Oracle Cards Meaning Life Purpose – Books.  “There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book”, Marcel Proust.  You connect to your life’s purpose through your involvement with books.

Opening a book lets you travel to a world you have never visited before.  Book in hand; you can travel to the African Continent.  There you will see lions, giraffes, gorillas.  You can experience colors, sounds, and smells you could only imagine before.

When reading a book, you can experience romance!  Your dreamboat lives within the pages of a romance novel.  In there, you can fancy yourself in his strong arms.  On those wonderful pages, he will gently carry you to your bed; lay you down upon satin sheets, to deposit a sweet kiss upon your red lips.

My all time, most favorite book was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  Through the eyes of an orphan across the pond, I dared hope to one-day better myself too.  Like him, I would grow-up, get an education, move to a big city, and discover my life purpose.

Carl Sagan and his book “Cosmos” took me on a personal voyage throughout the Universe.  I could imagine myself exploring planets and stars far away in another galaxy.  Going where no women has never gone before!

If you are like me, you can curl-up with just about any book – and find it fascinating and thought-provoking.  You ‘connect’ to books.  When there are books near you – you feel safe and secure.

You feel drawn to writing, you can easily share your innermost ideas and opinions on paper, or electronically.  Deep down inside, you know your life purpose has to do with books.  You can go work in a library, a bookstore, a publishing house, a magazine.  You can sell books (of course, today books are electronic too).

Your Divine Life Purpose is directly related to books.  Start reading books directly related to your past or present job or career.  Let books modernize your ideas and skills!

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Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players


Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players is about discerning The Joker Persona at the poker tables.  The Joker Card in a plain deck of Playing Cards is yet another Core Force, another Major Arcana Card.  Your remove the Joker Cards before playing a card game.  In a Tarot Reading, you keep them to a reading.

To do a reading, you place both Joker Cards in the deck, and shuffle them along with the rest of the cards.  Then you deal out the cards as you would normally in the spread of your choice.  Obviously, the Jokers are removed before dealing cards to the players in a poker game.  However, you still need to keep them in mind even if they are not dealt…

Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook people asking about the Joker Card when using a plain deck of playing cards.  The Joker card is the subject of argument and debate.  I thought I would tell you my professional opinion on this card.

Up until two years ago, I did paid Tarot Readings for people with a plain deck of playing cards.  All and all, I read with a plain deck for a total of 48 years.  I always included the two Joker Cards when shuffling the deck, because it is a Major Arcana.

Now I use a fancier Tarot Deck to do Readings.  However, I feel that I am more than experienced enough to throw in my five cents worth into any discussion about doing Tarot Readings with a plain deck of playing cards.  My slant on the Joker may differ with that of another Reader, but I believe my knowledge of the Joker holds up against any contrary opinion on it.

Of course, you do remove the Jokers when playing a card game, unless it’s a game in which the Jokers are used.  When playing a card game in which the Jokers are not used, you would still read the cards dealt to you and to the other players – just like you would during an ordinary Tarot Reading.  No matter the card game you are playing, consider it a Spread too.  For a Tarot Reader, all card games are Spreads.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players states the obvious. A plain deck of playing cards does not have a Major Arcana per say.  It does have a Pair of Jokers, Court Cards, and Pip Cards.  The Joker Cards are the only Major Arcana Cards in this kind of deck.

Many Tarot Readers who read with a plain deck of playing cards do not include the two Joker Cards.  They remove it from the deck before shuffling the cards.  However, some Readers, such as myself for example, do keep them in the deck.  You then shuffle it along with the rest of the cards.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players says the Jokers do not represent the Fool.  Depending on the Tarot Reader, and on which System he/she adheres to, the Joker Cards do not represent the Fool Card of the Major Arcana found in a traditional Tarot Deck and System.  However to interpret the Jokers as one would a Fool Card, is in my opinion a very big mistake.  If you must remember one thing from this article, remember that the Jokers are not the Fool by no means.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

Historically, the Fool in Tarot stands for a young man on a spiritual Quest.  He leaves home to forge a place for himself amongst the other men out there in the World.  His quest is a spiritual one.  He wants to be successfully independent from the rest of the crowed.  He can only do this by dying to his ego, so to let his Higher Divine-self live.  This he can only truly achieve if he plays his cards right.  Only once accepted as a husband by the World Card, will he truly achieve his Divine Potential.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

We need to make the difference between the Fool on his Quest to progress spiritually, and the Joker who is an evil Hierophant.  It is normal for our Fool, to be a rebel at times.  Sometimes, it is not good for our Fool to let himself get boxed in by traditional conventions.  We all have had to wake-up and smell the coffee. We all have needed to stop to smell the roses, and to get real.

Our Fool sometimes needs to be a little trickster – a cunning fox such has the Two of Pentacles.  We need to smarten up so to overcome obstacles placed before us on our path.  This happens when we need to undergo a major transition – towards the better.  We do not remain forever a Two of Pentacles.  It is temporary.  Once the obstacle is out of our way, we then resume our quest towards our spiritual progression guided by our Higher Divine-self.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading - Joker Players
Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players

However, not the Joker.  The Joker is a Fool that has reached the Hierophant (teacher) level of the Human Developmental Stage – for a permanent worse.  He is the reversed Hierophant, to be precise – permanently.  The Joker is our own Core Force gone astray, or the Querent’s, or somebody in the environment. It is that ego that one can not master; instead of undergoing a positive transformation, it is a negative one.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players are boxed in to their roles.  Whomever it is you discern the Joker to be in your reading, he has boxed himself into that socio-spirituo role of being a god-like figurehead over us.  At first, he will present himself as a savior like personage only to eventually reveal himself as a god himself, even at his own detriment.  The Joker Card may not necessarily be a Pontiff-life figure of the religious class.  He can also be a plumber, a mayor, a police officer, or even a poker player.

When the Joker pops-out of his box to appear on the scene, it is a bad omen indeed.  He will play with our mind until it is too late for the common of the mortals to do much about it.  It is not in his vested interest to tell us he is going to lead us to our own downfall, and destruction.  When at first we love him, in the end we will hate his guts.

Indeed!  It is his vested interest to place many obstacles before us.  His stake in this is for us to prove ourselves worthy of his benevolent help.  He will teach us that only he – is the answer to all our woes.  That without him there would be no salvation from our own shadow.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players says that when the Joker Card appears in a spread, it means he is controlling and influencing us, or our Querent – in a very negative way.  From him, pours down a Core Force downwards to the Courts.  The Courts in turn influence the Pips.  The Pips represent our reactions to the control the Joker has over us.  However, before the Joker is stopped, it is often too late to do much about it.  Good news is, what goes around comes around; Karma will get him for us.

In the Poker World, you can use this knowledge to read the other players.  Spotting the Joker character at the poker table, is not about reading tells.  It is about trusting in your understanding of the player against you.

Phil Hellmuth is a very good example of a good Fool whose Trickster is tamed by his Higher-Self.  Phil is a 14 times World Series of Poker Champion.  He very rarely let’s himself be put on tilt by other players’ Trickster Spirits.  Win or lose, Phil has the respect of the other Sharks at his table.  He is a good friend to many.

Two other Trickster Spirits in the world of Poker, is Danny Negreanu and Mike Matusow.  Danny Negreanu has won six World Series of Poker Championships, and two World Poker Tour Championship Titles.  Mike Matusow is a five times World Series Bracelet Winner, and the winner of the 2005 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions.  Both these players’ egos are far from tamed.

Poker Cards Tarot Reading – Joker Players explains the difference between these Jokers.  Mr. Hellmuth is also known as “The Brat”.  Danny Negreanu is known as “Kid Poker”.  They call Mike Matusow, “The Mouth, Blowup, and Meltdown”.  Not only do all three play poker in life, they also play poker online.  At times, they would go as honored guests to one another’s pokers sites.

Before we all lost our money, back at Ultimate Bet when it was shut down, I had the misfortune of playing against each one of these three Sharks/Tricksters.  Thank god, it was not all at the same time!  “I guess they must have slummed it at the lower table tournaments”, said both Hubby and I to each other.  They were there to promote a specific tournament on that site.  I also have played against Danny on the Full Tilt Poker Site; he also plays tournaments there for promotional reasons.

In any case, each took my chip stack away from me.  They did not even leave me with Taxi Fair.  Nevertheless, I got the chance to get to learn more about them – for the next time!  If ever there is a next time, that is…  I hope that is very doubtful.

The Brat does not play with his emotions.  His Trickster is not malicious.  However, just not when he thinks he’s got your ass.  For Phil, Poker is not personal; it is just a game played by great minds.  Little minds, such as mine, should not call him.  However, once the playing is done, he will teach you the mistakes you made so not to make them again.  His ego will then be put aside to let his Higher Divine-self regain his composure.  He will then go back to leading a normal, everyday life.  His Fool seeks happiness through normalcy.

Danny Negreanu’s Trickster Spirit, is a Joker.  Danny is at the extreme opposite of Mr. Hellmuth.  Danny wants you to think he is the Fool Card, when he is the Joker Card.  He will talk you into a mathematical mind game you have no chance to keep up with.  He will maliciously place you on tilt, while being your best friend.  He will act and talk like a little boy being amusing.  All the while, you are playing against the man.  He will give your mind no space to count the odds against his hand.  He will make himself the center of your world, your best friend while removing you from knowing what your gut feeling is telling you.

That is exactly what a “Joker” does.  He kids and jokes around, while looking down upon you as a total idiot for letting him do that to you.  Once the game is over with, you will ask yourself what the fuck just happened to you…  When Danny walks away from the table, he remains the Joker…

Mike is right dab in the middle of those two extremes, unbelievably.  Mike’s Trickster Spirit is also a Joker.  He is considered ridiculous.  He plays solely from the center of his emotions; he does not care about yours.  He is not reachable; he does not want to reach you.  He is not reachable by you either.

The Mouth wants you to love him and care about him anyways.  He cannot shut up for a minute, because he is totally in reaction to his own ego.  He goes on tilt big time!  He plays tricks on you, making you think you can read his tells.  His roller-coaster emotional outbursts, puts you on tilt too.  After the playing is done, no difference.  He is still looking for his Higher Divine-self on a permanent basis.  This, no matter how Phil tries to help him.

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Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool

Oracle Cards meaning - Stress Fool
Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool


The Stress Fool:  Breath!

Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool.  The Stress Fool is like an important visitor that you welcome into your home, but that you hope will not stay for long.  He has something very important to say to you, and you need to listen to what he has to say.  But you need to get rid of him as soon as you can.

Stress is part of your life.  Stress is comparable to Aunt Rose coming for a visit.  We women know Aunt Rose very well.  We love her dearly, but…

When Aunt Rose comes to visit, she enters the front door without knocking first.  She insists upon carrying her own luggage into the house.  This is when you suddenly realize she plans to stay for some time.

Next thing you know, Aunt Rose is re-arranging the furniture.  Changing your curtains.  Cooking great meals for your husband and kids.  She throws out your shampoo and replaces it with another brand.  She goes through your drawers, and throws out your sexy lingerie, telling you why you will not need them anymore.

Aunt Rose puts you on her fast track weight reduction plan.  She insists upon bringing you to Bingo Night – every night.  She wants to change your husband for a new and improved version of himself.  She wrecks YOUR CAR!  And the next thing you know, you start suffering panic attacks from holding yourself back from kicking her out on her ass onto the pavement, and yelling:  get out of here you – you – you!

When you suddenly realize, Aunt Rose only stays for a week anyways.  She does her thing, and then leaves at the end of the week anyways.

In other words, the Stress Fool is like Aunt Rose.  He has a message for you.  His message is that something is not right in your life.  You need to find your own power, before someone starts organizing you.  You would do well to do something about it yourself – before it makes you suffer from a burnout.

Ask yourself, what is stressing you in your life.  There may be more than one stressor in your life.  Some of those can get overwhelming.

Put all your stress into one basket, and give that basket a name.  I give my Stress Basket the name:  Aunt Rose.  Once your Stress Basket has a name, start sorting through it.

Take out all the pressing, emergency, ‘can’t put off till later’ factors – all to side.  That leaves all the non-emergency factors.  Take those out of your Stress Factor Basket, and put them to another side.  Call that second pile “till another day” pile.

Learning to make the difference between what you cannot put off until another day, helps to reduce today’s stress level.  There is an old saying that goes like this, do not put off what needs to be done now.  Another old saying is:  Each day is worth its own burdens.

Fool’s Wisdom:  Breath!


Oracle Cards meaning - Stress Fool
Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool

Reversed Fool:  Cut out the drama and relax

Oracle Cards meaning – Stress Fool Reversed.  When the Stress Fool is reversed, it means that you have too much drama in your life.  Things are about to blow up in your face.  So you need to cut it out!

Tell yourself, this too shall pass.  Dramatic situations can be deflated into ordinary life issues.  You are easily bored with life and with people who act responsibly.  You like events and people to be a bit more rock-and-roll.  You are the source of the drama in your life.

When situations and people are boring to us, we invest higher emotional reactions to them.  We want to spice things up.  We open wide our energy currents to get a rise out of people.

When we feel the need to spice things up, is when we need to be silent.  By practicing active listening skills, we are more respectful of people; and they in turn, pay the same respect back to us.  This helps to bring down our stress level.

Reversed Fool’s Warning:  Cut out the drama and relax.

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Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship is about Tarot Readers doing spells.  Not only do Tarot Readers read Tarot Cards, many also do spell work with them. Sometimes, the Reader gets a great outcome from her casting a spell, sometimes not.

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  People pay me good money to do a tarot Relationship Reading, a Love Spell, or a Curse.  They also often pay me to find out when another Reader’s predictions, spell, or curse will finally start working for them.  So I thought I would write this blog article about my experience with that.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Just last evening, a women client of mine paid me good money to do a Relationship Reading for her.  Her question was “Will my boyfriend break up with her, and if so – when”?  She refused to elaborate any further than that.  However, it has been my experience, that once I start doing the reading with this type of question, the client then will clarify her question.

As a Tarot Reader with over fifty years of performing Readings, I read within my comfort zone.  My comfort zone as a Reader is reading with both the knowledge of the cards and my Intuition.  I’ve been describing myself as an Intuitive Reader, but I’ve changed that.  To describe myself as a Tarot Reader can get rather sticky.

I am not comfortable describing myself other than to say I am a Tarot Reader, or an Intuitive Reader.  Because, I would have to say that I am a ‘Telepath’.  Being a Telepath, nowadays, is not very popular at all.  So instead, now I have started to say that I am a Psychic.  But that is not quite correct either.

A Telepath just so happens to have psychic, clairvoyant, and Intuitive skills.  She is Clair-visual, Clair-auditory, Clair-olfactif, Clair-gustative, Clair-sensing; it is common to be both outwardly and inwardly.  However, the appellation ‘Psychic’ is starting to grow on me.

Since I was a girl, people called me crazy because they were afraid of what I might tell them.  Not everyone wants to know what I can understand about him or her.  Moreover, I cannot say as I blame them actually.

A person’s privacy is a basic human need.  The average person normally holds dearly to their private thoughts and feelings.  As I am no longer a child anymore; I have since then learned how to shield myself from people’s thoughts and feelings.  I respect and honor people’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, so I never go there – unless the person deliberately asks me to.

Before I begin performing a Tarot Reading, I advise my client I might tune-in to them psychically or intuitively.  I never continue with the reading unless I have their consent first.  Last evening, a client gave me her consent to do so.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship, speaks of the average first time client.  The average Tarot Client kinda sorta already guesses at the fact, that witches also read tarot cards.  My first time client of last evening, was no exception.  At first she wanted a Relationship Reading, asking “will her boyfriend breakup with her, and when”?  She really insisted that I understand that she really wanted him to be a breakup with her.

Mid-way through the reading, she insisted I give her the exact day and the exact time that he will breakup with her.  After all, the Tarot Reader before me – had guaranteed her that he would be the one doing the breaking-up.  She had even told her the day and time of the breakup.  However, in my reading, there was no firm and final breakup.  Nor was there a day, nor a time of day of the breakup.  This is when the Querent revealed to me that the day and the time had gone by, with no breakup.  They were still officially together!

My Querent felt ambivalent about continuing the relationship with him.  On one hand, she wanted to breakup with him.  On the other, she did not really want the relationship to end.  She still loved him, but was disappointed in him.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship relates to you what had happened.  What had happened with her previous Tarot Reader was, that the client had her do a ‘breakup’ spell for her.  A spell that would make him do the breaking-up – at a specific day and time.  But the client kept going to see him anyways – to get him to go back to here.  Which he did…

In other words, the Spell requested of the previous Reader, was not exactly what she would have truly wanted.  She paid her to do a spell, that neither one of them truly wanted.

solitary practitioner Evergreen
solitary practitioner Evergreen

Because the spell was not exactly what the client really want, it went against the clients free will and against he boyfriend’s free will. This cause bad Karma to come back to the Witch/Tarot Reader.  And I’m the Witch/Tarot Reader has a defense against that happening to her after she casts a spell.  So now, spiders afflict both the client and her boyfriend.  The client had to get shots due to multiple spider bites; she now has a spider infestation.  I highly suggested to the client that she phones her previous Tarot Reader, to apologize and to ask her to remove her curse and her banishing spell.  If she can’t, my new client will pay me to fix it all for all parties concerned; the witch, the client and her boyfriend.  Oh and by the way, my new client knows that I am not beyond defending myself too!…  She knows I am Evergreen, a Solitary Practitioner.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship warns Tarot Readers who cast spells for money.  Before agreeing to do a spell for money, a Tarot Reader would be well advised to enter into ‘rapport’ with her client.  If there is no rapport, the reader will not get a ‘deep sense of knowing’ during the performance of the reading.

When a Querent refuses to give us all the facts, prior to a reading, it is because they just want us to convince them – in the first place – that we are for real.  On one hand, they believe in our powers, yet not really believe on the other.  A Querent, or the client of a spell may not fully understand how a spell actually works.  It is our responsibility as a Reader, or as a Witch, or an occultist, to make sure we get the correct info before doing spell work.

Generally speaking, a Hex is a spell or a bewitchment.  It can be a bad or a good Hex.  It can be inflicted or removed.  A jinx is bad luck.  I.e. losing a set of keys, or a wallet, or getting a flat tire.  A curse is a malevolent spell.  It can affect people with bad luck, misfortune, ill-health.

A Love Spell, goes against the person’s will.  It is to place under a Witches control, the sentiments of another person.  A Break-up Spell does the exact same thing as the Love Spell, but in the opposite direction.  It causes the person not to have a positive regard for the client.

No matter what kind of spell you are asked to perform as a Tarot Reader, be responsible.  Beforehand, know your client well enough.  Be sure that her intention is clear to both you and her.

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Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Card Meaning World Card - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings represents a new beginning!  When this card appears in a Spread, it is wise to first look at the accompanying cards. Then, and only then can you accurately interpret The World Card.

As a standalone card, The World Card speaks of “a new beginning”.  However, when it appears in a spread along with other cards, the World Card needs clarification.  It then speaks of ‘a new beginning requiring enlightenment, guidance, and wisdom’.

Tarot Card Meaning World Card - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings is about having realized your full potential.  You have come a long way in your journey.  You have died to your ego, and your Divine Higher-self is now flourishing.

You have gone through difficulties and then through happy times throughout life.  There has been some give and take on your part.  When life was grand, you sang a happy song.  When shit happened, you had to put water in your wine.  However, that was then, this is now.

Now a new beginning is offered you on a silver platter.  You are now ready to bite into life, and to look forward to moving along freedom in hand.  You now have to start fresh, even though you now live in peaceful coexistence with your environment; family and friends are happy for you!

Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings speaks of being in the here and now.  The World Card mirrors you.  You are in your most inner-reality.  You are now fully aware of both the good and the bad sides to you.  You are fully conscious of both your negative and positive currents of energy.

When the World Card appears in a Spread, it adds another dimension to the story.  It brings in the aspects of self-mastery, and of self- deception.  This is when we see laid-out before us two different life paths ahead.  One is a negative one, the other a positive one.  We must choose wisely between the both.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Some may prefer the difficult one.  Some others may prefer the easy one.  No matter the road we choose to travel down, we all want the same thing – to be happy.  However, one road its tough going.  On the other, life is going to be much easier.  It is not exactly true that the road less travelled is the better one.

For example, when The World Card chooses to marry the right man, she finds true happiness.  She does not feel alone.  She feels fulfilled and content with him.  She does not have to struggle just to communicate with him.  They both work together towards a common goal, so he is very interested in hearing her opinion.

If The World Card does not chose the right man for herself, it will be a difficult beginning.  Communicating with the wrong man requires exceptional skill or caution.  She will not feel free to be herself, because he is highly critical of her.

Tarot Card Meaning World Card - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Magick:

Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings describes the Egyptian Isis in Tarot.  She is The Great One of The Night of Time.  She directs two currents of energy, both the negative and the positive energies.  She can travel to both the physical and the astral plane.  She understands the Zodiac, the Planets, and the Elements.

The World Card has the keys to the Wisdom of bringing life or death in her environment.  However, all depending on the cards around her, she may lack the necessary wisdom to battle her own demons.  If not in a happy couple, she will feel alone.  Feeling alone, she will tend to  look towards her past – instead of to her future.  This is why, we as Tarot Readers, need to look at the cards around here.

Tarot Card Meaning World Card - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Card Meaning World Card – Evergreen Readings

Place the World Card on your altar.  Meditate on the future ahead.  Ask yourself; in what direction do you want your life to take?  Ask yourself, whom do you trust to give you wise counsel on this matter?  Repeat the following Tarot Affirmation to help you fully realize your newly found freedom.

Tarot Affirmation:

The World Card represents a new beginning.  You have reached your full potential in life!  It is now time for you to start choosing a new path…

“I am free to go forward in wisdom”!

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Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings


Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings is the first article in my series on The Couples of The Tarot.  These couples are also called Pairings.  However, these parings are of the marital relationship kind.  They are not Lovers – they are husband and wife.  Another way of understanding The Couples in Tarot is to call them “Duets”.  Nevertheless, that can get rather complicated and difficult to differentiate in this type of role.

Hello there Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook people asking for articles on Pairings in Tarot.  Tarot Readers are often asked to do Love Relationship Readings.  So I thought it would be interesting for us to look at The Couples in Tarot, as they are pairings.  Also, I thought to help us make the difference between the couples, and other pairings in Tarot.

As I have sung in Choirs my life long, I thought singing makes a great example to understand the difference between a “Duet” and a “couple”.  Let us begin.

You have heard this old lover’s saying before:  “let’s make sweet music together”.  This comes from the music term, “Duet”.  According to Wikipedia, “A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which – the performers have equal importance to the piece.  ‘Duet’ describes a composition involving two singers.  It differs from a harmony, as the performers take turns performing a solo section – and not performing simultaneously”.

In Tarot, a ‘Duet’ is an energy that forms a mutual dependency.  The cards that are Duets, share a profound bond.  They are an echo of each other.  They come out of our conscious life, and even out of our sub-conscious life.  “They go well together because they pair up together as a result of everyday concerns”, Alexandro Jodorowsky, The Way of the Tarot – The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings, the ‘Metaphysical Tarot Couples’ represent “The Male-Female Relationship”.  Each individual forming the couple brings to each other their individual energy.  Just like at the opera, when a couple stands on stage together, their individual energies affect each other as well as us – the spectators.

Unlike the ‘Duets, we would expect ‘the Couples’ to sing harmoniously together.  Together, the individual energies of the couple could create either a harmonious collaboration, or an all-out World War five-thousand – for center stage.  This will not only affect each other, it will also affect us spectators.

Each one of the individual characters of the Major Arcana can decide to pair up with another Major Arcana Card so to form a Tarot Couple.  In a reading, when we spot one of these couples, we are to interpret it as an injection of two separate and distinct Core Forces coming together as one into the relationship.  This means that either they will work well together on the stage of life, or they will not.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that “The Fool Card and The World Card” represent the ideal Couple in Tarot.  However, “for the Reading to be about them as a Couple, these two cards need to be right next to each other (side by side, and in this order)”, Alexandro Jodorowsky.  The order in which this couple presents itself in the Spread is crucial to the interpretation of these two cards, and of the entire spread.

The Fool Card and The World Card represent a “very powerful metaphysical couple”.  They form the perfect pair.  The people in their environment say about them being together, that they make a perfect match.  They are drawn to each other like drops of water.  They are twin flames.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that in the beginning, The Fool had something in mind.  Along his journey, he kept that thought at the back of his mind.  And he had a one track mind.

When The Fool was first thinking about setting out on his life’s journey, he made up a plan for the course of his life.  His plan was to be happily successful in all domains of his life.  This then makes our Fool’s Journey all about pursuing the fulfillment of his goal to be happy and content with his life.

Our Fool wants to be fulfilled in all domains of his life.  In particular, besides the obvious material area of the Fool’s life, he had an ideal women in mind.  His plan included to make room in his life for this ideal women!

He hoped to go out and get her.  In his mind’s eye, his dream women would be “The One”.  He expected that “The One” would make him feel complete.  Some might call “The One”, his better half.  To feel completed by our other half is a ‘Universal Human Need.  Our happiness results from its fulfillment.

In the areas of his Spirito-sentimento-economico life, The Fool first sets out upon his Journey.  He thinks he could find  find his Soul mate.  Soul mate is another word for Twin flame.  The World Card represents the Fool’s Soul mate.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings agrees with Mr. Jodorowski in saying that, if and when The Fool is lucky enough to spot The World Card (The One), he will run to be with her.  He will go over there, over hill, and everywhere to be with her.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Whereas, The World card will already have her Fool Card in her sights.  She will not go to him.  However, she is indeed receptive to him.  She, in turn, intuitively knows that The Fool is her Twin flame, her soul mate, The One.  This knowledge safely tucked away, she simply has to wait for him.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

In order to attract The Fool like a bear to honey, The World will dance for him.  She wants him to see her receptiveness to him.  She wants him to know beyond any doubt, that she is receptive to him.  She wants him to be brave and courageous enough to run to her with the full knowledge that she will let him in.  And to top it all off, what she wants concerning The Fool goes much deeper than those already mentioned.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings says the question about The World Card’s wants begs to be asked.  What does The World Card really want then?  The World Card really wants The Fool Card to be fully aware of the reason why she will let him in.

In a nutshell, The World Card does not want a chicken-shit who is a scaredy-cat.  She is not receptive to a man who will not give his full commitment to a live-long relationship with her.  She wants her marriage to him to be one that will be made accountable before others.  In other words, The World Card want to be his entire World.  She wants him to jump of the Planet Mars, to come live with her permanently on her planet – Venus!

After everything has been said and done, let us give full credit to The World Card.  She is aware that The Fool Card, with her help, will stop endlessly spinning around his staff.  She offers herself to him, so to get him to finally settle down with her, and to be the father of her babies with him – on the Planet Venus.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that The Fool Card needs to be clearly understood too!  The Fool Card truly loves The World Card, because of her devoted energy she brings to him (in return for his marital commitment to her).  With The World Card’s Core Energy, The Fool Card will realize the accomplishment of his life plan for himself.  With “The One”, he fulfills his goal for happiness…

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