Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen

Want friend, get dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen is my second article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  More specifically, about Intuitive Tarot Reading.  Intuitive Tarot Reading is a gift, not a skill.

Want friend, get dog – tarot reading evergreen says the harsh speaking person. A sensitive person finds such a response to a friend’s request rather difficult to take in. The greater majority of Tarot Readers, Psychics, and Mediums are sensitive people.

To do a Reading, sensitive people are open to the energies of other people. Other people’s energies affect the Reader in many ways. It does not matter if the reading takes place via email, in person, over the phone, or on Skype. The Sensitive Reader picks up the vibes of the person they are reading for, even at a distance. This is when the Reader needs to make the difference between her own feelings from that of the person asking for a Reading.

Want friend, get a dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

If you are like me, you are a ‘Sensitive’. Sensitives tend to isolate themselves, not only from other people, from the world as well. They tend to put on extra layers of fat. The extra layers of fat serve as a shield protecting them from outside energy vibrations coming at them from the world outside of themselves. Overwhelmed by those outside vibrations, Sensitives most often choose to be alone allot, and end-up feeling lonely.

Another reason why Sensitive Tarot Readers end-up alone allot, is other people’s reactions to them. For example purposes only, I will relate to you a situation in which I suddenly found myself isolated from the outside world because I am a Sensitive. I will make this long story – short.

My husband’s brother is a police officer. One day I heard on a local radio station, that there had been a shooting at a local mall. According to the news report, a gunman shot a women and a man who were working together behind the service counter. The gunman  left the mall and drove away.

The next day, my brother-in-law (the cop) came over to show my husband that he was OK. My husband’s brother made the mistake to sit beside me on the sofa to relate to us is part in the police hot pursuit of that gunman.  He was still a tad nervous about it all, but he really wanted to put to rest my concern about his own safety.  After all, he is family.

Brother-in-law (the cop) did too much of a good job putting my fears at rest. While he spoke, I felt comfortable telling him about the images, sounds that were going through my head. I described the bloody scene behind the service counter; about the gunman, etc. A Tarot Card image popped-up into my mind’s eye; the Ace of Swords Tarot Card.

Upon hearing me describe the murder scene, my brave Brother-in-law freaked-out! He jumped off the sofa we were sitting on, and took a beeline for the door. He turned and yelled-out to my husband: “she described everything exactly how it was! She’s crazy!”

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Why did the Ace of Swords show-up in my mind? The Ace of Swords represents ‘inquiry’. After the shooting, began an inquiry on what had taken place at the crime scene that fateful day. My relating what I saw and heard in my mind was not part of that particular inquiry. I could have influenced him. I needed to stay out, and let the witnesses and the police officers do their job.  Not to mention that my brother-in-law represented ‘inquiry’ to me from that moment on.

Because I am a Sensitive, I naturally picked-up on my brother-in-law’s atmosphere that he brought into the house with him that day. An atmosphere is another word for thoughts, feelings, and ideas’ a person emits and that stay around his body. Instead of seeing the color of a person’s aura, a sensitive can ‘sense’ a person’s atmosphere and what’s in it.

Cops really do not like a Sensitive noticing the atmosphere they project around them. Therefore, from that day forward, my brother-in-law (the cop) really did not like me anymore for having been able to see a police crime scene he was working in. He perceived it as a personal threat to his job; an infringement upon his sense of professionalism; and my taking away his control over reassuring me. From that day forward, the harshness with which he dealt with me was just as good as him saying: want a friend, get a dog.

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Turns out, months later, my husband got diagnosed with cancer.  No one on my husband’s side of the family approved of me taking care of my husband.  My bro-in-law used my having described his crime scene – as “crazy”, so from that moment on everyone kept telling me I was mentally ill.  I did take good care of my husband.  His family helped him only when he told him he needed something.  But when I asked them to help him, I got the cold shoulder.

No one helped me take care of him.  I was pretty much on my own to help my husband.  They literally alienated me.

The moral of the story is that many Sensitives become isolated from the outside world.  We become isolated because people are afraid of us invading their own personal square feet – against their will. A person has about one square foot of private space around them. This private space is above, below, in front, and behind the person, and all around. That is the space taken up by their ‘atmosphere’ located right outside of their physical body.

Another way of saying ‘sensitive Tarot Reader’ is to say ‘Intuitive Reader’. Because of the vibes we Intuitive Readers pickup, we get a deep sense of knowing. This is when knowledge of the Tarot comes in handy to verify what our Intuition knows. By combining our “knowledge of the Tarot” with our acute sense of deep knowing (Intuition) we keep our ego in check.  This way, we can help our Querent even more.

Unless a person actually asks a Reader to do a Reading for him, then we have no right to invade intuitively the person’s square feet. If you are a Sensitive like I am, always keep at the front of your mind to let you Sitter know first that you are a Sensitive (Intuitive); that it may happen that you will be able to connect psychically or Intuitively with them. Express this, so not to end-up being told: “want a friend, get a dog’…

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Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Review

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Review by Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  Hello there fellow Mediumship Card Readers.  If you are looking for a Mediumship Oracle Deck so to do a compassionate Reading, you may want to try this one.


Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Review
Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Review

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Review , is a review about the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praach.  This is a top quality oracle deck. It is well worth the price it sells for on Amazon. If you are looking for a Mediumship Oracle Deck, you may want to try this one.

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards is a 44 Oracle Card Deck (not a Tarot Deck). As soon as you open the box, you get the sense you are holding a good quality oracle deck just because of the stock the cards are made of. The box and the cards are wrapped for shipping, they are well protected. Inside the box with the cards, is the accompanying 103-page guidebook.

The Cards themselves

The cards themselves, are beautiful and of good quality. They are 31/2” by 5”. The sides are trimmed with a gold color. The pictures on the cards are great photographs. Each one of the Cards has a very simply written description on it.

When you first unwrap and try to shuffle the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, you find it impossible to do that because they all stick together like crazy glue. You have to separate each card from the others; doing so will let you shuffle them good and proper. From then on though, they will be a joy to shuffle.

The Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards deck, is purely an Oracle Deck. It is not a Tarot Deck. A Tarot Deck has the traditional Higher and Lower Arcana (the Secrets). An Oracle Deck does not contain an Arcana at all.

For whom is this deck for

For whom is this deck for?  I recommend The Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards deck just as much to the beginner as to the more experienced Mediumship Cards Reader because the messages on the Cards are clear and concise.

For the beginner Mediumship Cards Reader, the Authors explain how to Clear the Card Deck; how to Consecrating them; how to Talk to Heaven; how to Shuffle the Deck; how to Choose a Card; and how to do a Three Card Message.

I have performed some Mediumship Cards Readings with this deck. As a knowledgeable Intuitive Tarot Reader, with fifty years of experience communicating with deceased loved ones as well as other types of Readings, I have found The Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards respectful of my grief as well as the grief of others.

It is true what the Authors wrote this Mediumship Oracle Deck vis-à-vis doing Intuitive Readings:  “Your intuition will offer you even more personalized guidance from your departed loved ones (…) Or the words trigger further insights.”

The little  guidebook

The little guidebook is not bad as far as Tarot or Oracle guide books go.  It is 3½” by 5”, it is of top quality. You do not have to strain your eyes to read it. The writing style is down to earth, and is highly sensitive to those who mourn the loss of a loved one.

In the Table of Content, there is a section for how to work with the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards.  A section on The Messages of the Cards. There is also a section about the Authors themselves, and another section on How to Become a Certified Angel Card Reader.

What I like most about this guidebook is that it has a card index in the Table of Contents. Each Card has a page number assigned to it. It is easy to find the card you are looking for.

My recommendation of the Deck

My recommendation of the Deck, are for those Readings when a sitter expresses grief after the death of a loved one, or if you would like to serve as a Medium for someone going through a grieving process.  These cards are highly compassionate and sympathetic for helping someone communicate with a deceased loved one. The Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards is not a deck for communicating with just any spirits in general. They are well worth the $14.35 price they sell for on Amazon.

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Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers Sticky Subject

Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers sticky subject
Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers sticky subject


Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers is a sticky subject.  Hello there Tarot Readers. I have seen many posts and comments about ageism among Tarot Readers.  I thought I would throw my five cents worth into this ongoing controversial topic by writing and posting this first article of my Tarot Professional Development Series.

Ageism has always been and always will be a sticky subject. One needs kid gloves so to not offend those on either sides. The young Reader orders about respect to their years of reading experience. While the older Reader wants to draw attention to their own years of experience. Both sides actually sound the same, yet some remain at odds with one another…

Before going off the deep end because of this blog post on ageism among Tarot Readers, let us understand what “ageism” truly is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ageism is “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly”. This definition is a hot button with some.

While reading this definition from this dictionary’s website, I scrolled down the ageism page, and I found and answered the following question: “What made you want to look up ageism?

This is my answer to this question: “An online discussion I was in about ageism. A discussion in which younger people made it perfectly clear that ageism is not just against older people as myself, but just as much against them the younger people… Ageism goes both ways…” Indeed, most especially in this era of Facebook Tarot Readings.

Why is it most especially in this era of Facebook Tarot Readings? Today’s young Tarot Reader faces a prejudice and discrimination of the likes us older Readers never did when we were their age. Back in the days when my generation of Readers was still young, there wasn’t even a home computer in anybody’s home. While today’s young Tarot Reader grew-up with them. Which exposes them to a larger amount of prejudice and discrimination against them, and at a faster rate than us older ones.

We older Readers never met the type of prejudice nor discrimination today’s young Reader gets. We older Readers need to understand this once and for all, that today’s young Tarot Reader starts performing readings over the Internet at a younger age than Readers of my generation. Odds are, once they get to be my age, they will have read for a greater number of Querents than us. This not because they are any better, but because the world is at their figure tips while still young. Whereas, for us, unless we had a phone and a television set or travelled, our world was limited  to our own geographical area.

There are knowledgeable and experienced Tarot Readers of all ages. Some are better Tarot Readers than others are. Some have a certain New Age way  of speaking, some do not. Some are better educated than others are. Some are more principled, some are not. Some have more advanced skills in online marketing, some not. Some play nice in the sand box, so do not.

Instead of choosing a Tarot Reader strictly from a television commercial or a newspaper, online people rely on what they read about a Reader on Google or on Wikipedia. What they read about a Tarot Reader is what they are lead to think through Neuro Linguistic marketing pages; odds are, it is all they know about that Reader, until they have actually experienced a reading from them. The older Tarot Reader, just as much as the younger one, needs to keep that fact at the front of their minds when employing online marketing strategies

No matter your age group, no matter how many years one has been reading for, your online reputation as a professional Tarot Reader is a far different one from your reputation as an online marketer of your own business. One of the young Tarot Readers who once told me: “act and talk like a professional”. No matter the conversation, anyone online can read what you type out”. It can come back to bite you. Gone are the old days of privacy, especially on Facebook.

Tarot Readers cheaper by the dozen
Tarot Readers cheaper by the dozen

On top of the usual prejudice and discrimination against Tarot Readers, both the old and the young Tarot Reader are on Facebook. The pressure to stand out from the crowd is heavy upon them both. One needs only Google for a Tarot Reader and one will find they are cheaper by the dozen.

To be perfectly honest, no matter how many years you have been reading or not, today – we are all in the same boat. Everything we type out or do on Facebook, or in a blog, are like a Resume for us Tarot Readers. We are like as if an open book. Moreover, the competition among Tarot Readers is cutthroat, no matter our age. Any online Tarot Reader is in a never-ending job interview. We hope what we say and do will draw clients to our Tarot Reading business.

Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Tarot Reading By Evergreen

Younger Tarot Readers get business because they are young, energetic, and full of bright ideas. While the older Reader makes up for it by saying how many years of experience they have, because that is all they have to work with in most cases. It is obfuscating to the young Reader when an older Reader mentions the years of experience they have. After all, a job interview is not behind closed doors.

Coming back to the Merriam-Webster definition on ageism: “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly“. I draw your attention to its use of the word “especially”. Especially, does not mean that one is excluded because of the other. Another way of saying ‘especially’ is to say instead: largely, over others. To apply this to the Merriam-Webster definition, one could safely rephrase its definition of ageism by saying instead: “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group, and largely the elderly over other age groups”.

Let us not throw out the baby with the bath water. This does not go to say that younger readers are not prejudiced, nor discriminated against. Rather, that the elderly tarot Reader does not have the energy, nor the speed, and in most cases the know how to defend themselves online as a younger one might. That is why the Merriam-Webster defines ageism with the inclusion of: ‘especially’ older people. Which is why, an older person is picked on, because they cannot defend themselves as quickly, nor as strongly as the young can.

Well there I said it. This was my five cents worth on ageism among Tarot Readers. Indeed, ageism arouses passionate discussions and actions among Tarot Readers. Moreover, why it is so prevalent online.

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World Tarot Day – Evergreen Readings

Grand Tableau Lenormand
Grand Tableau Lenormand

World Tarot Day – Evergreen Readings. Tarot Readers around the world celebrate world Tarot Day each year on May 25th. The idea originated with Den Elder.  In 2003, Mr. Elder was himself a Tarot Grandmaster and founder of The Church of Tarot. The Tarot Professional Association, of which I am a member in good standing, holds and promotes World Tarot Day on an annual basis.  World Tarot Day – Evergreen Readings is about my supporting World Tarot Day.

World Tarot Day - Evergreen Readings
World Tarot Day – Evergreen Readings.

I wish you a “Happy world Tarot Day all!” I hope you do a tarot reading today… Do not forget to say TAROT ON!!!

Hello, I am Nicole Dauch of Tarot Reading by Evergreen. As a Professional Tarot reader, I support World Tarot Day. To do so, I honor the Tarot Reader who introduced me to Tarot, my adoption mother Clarisse Breton. There probably was not a World Tarot Day – Evergreen Readings in her day, but she would be happy for me.

My adoption mother (may she rest in peace), would be crying now if she would read my calling her my mother by adoption. She wanted a baby more than anything, so she picked me. She would have wanted my never knowing that I was adopted, but some people are very cruel.

Mom had learned Tarot from her father before her. Neither of them had any formal training from an official Tarot School. Therefore, if you were to investigate where my Tarot Reading knowledge comes from, you simply would not find any records of that. All you would find is that I had a grandfather, and that he had a daughter who adopted me.

My adoption Mom told me, her father had learned to read the tarot in the tents of the Ladies who would pitch camp in the nearby woods outside the Logger’s Camps where he worked. During the long Winter Months of Quebec early century, my grandfather and his brother would go spend their evenings there with them in their tents. Mom said, her father did not know how to read nor write, but that he did learn to play cards well, and to read them. After leaving the Logger’s Camps and after his my grandmother passed away, grandfather worked at making furniture. Evenings though, he went to the local tavern in our town where he performed paid readings.

Mom wanted to pass-on her knowledge of the Tarot to her daughter; she elected me as the recipient of that knowledge. Her father approved her doing so, as I used to watch him do tarot spreads at her kitchen table, evenings. Therefore, I learned tarot spreads from him, and the more knowledgeable aspects of the Tarot from her.

Horoscope Spread with Tarot De Marseille Cards
Horoscope Spread with Tarot De Marseille Cards

More specifically, Mom introduced me to the Tarot De Marseille. She taught me about the Forces, Energies, and Influences at play in my life. More specifically, she told me that I could not control them. That I could however, decide how to react to them. She explained to me, that indeed my survival and my spiritual progression depended on my reactions to them. Moreover, that I could read that in Tarot Cards.

Grand Tableau Lenormand
Grand Tableau Lenormand

Mom also introduced me to The Lenormand Oracle. My mother’s way of understanding Lenormand was particularly controversial, as only but a small minority of Lenormand Readers understands this oracle as Omens. For Mom, the pictures on the Lenormand Cards where Omens.

The picture on each card is a represents an Omen, a sign. The Grand Tableau is the grand picture of things how they stand, and what is to come. The Cards are an accurate forecast, a foreshadowing. A foreshadowing in the sense of good and evil spirits we need to discern. We need to understand those spirits, because they cast their shadows upon us and our lives – Mom said.

One very precious lesson my mother taught me, was how to play cards. By inviting specific people to play cards with us, we could read (discern) the Core Forces, Energies, and Influences they bring to the table (upon us). That the cards dealt to me, and in what positions I choose to play them, is my reaction to theirs. At the end of the game, the Reader can see the future outcome of the situation this person is in; the Reader can then decide what to do about it. Some Readers play specific Tarot Card Games, however any card game from Texas Holdem Poker to 52 Pickups is a Tarot Spread with which to interpret someone’s cards.

In the small town as the one I come from, Witches and Occultists had to practice in secret. Tarot Reading was a secret too. There was never a fancy Tarot or Lenormand Deck, or Tarot book in my father’s house. Nevertheless, we did have several plain card playing decks. Therefore, I had to learn the Tarot de Marseille and the Lenormand by using ordinary playing card decks. In addition, I had to remember everything my mother told me about Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Instead of reading all about that from a book, or in a classroom, my mother resorted to taking me along with her on walks through our small town. During those walks, she would point out to flowers, trees, clouds, mountains, gates, doors, houses, a little girl, birds, etc… She would explain to me their meanings in the forbidden Lenormand Deck.

Even telling another soul that we were Witches and Occultists, or Tarot Readers and that we, could have caused the Parish Priest to run her and me out of town. When you read the Tarot, word that you read Tarot gets around anyways. Come to think of it, some people did try to run us out of town – but they failed.

Today of course, things have changed. People no longer shun Tarot Readers. Young Tarot Readers take online courses on the Tarot and Oracle Cards. They now even have Tarot studies certificates, which I do not have. My only claim to fame is that when I read Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz, I found in that book everything Mom had taught me about the Tarot.

Unlike my mother before me, I own several fancy Tarot and Oracle Decks. I do not have to hide my Tarot Books; most of them are on my Kindle app. Nor do I have to hide my Runes, nor my Pendulums, nor my Crystal Ball. Use to be, I would read for the women from my town, at my kitchen table. They would pay me well. I did not have to advertise myself as a Tarot Reader, knowledge about my being a Tarot Reader got around, as everyone knew everyone. Today of course, I do paid Readings for online clients and celebrate World Tarot Day – Evergreen.

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Reading Tarot Cards without ego

How to read the Tarot Cards without your ego
Reading Tarot Cards without  ego


Reading the Tarot Cards without your ego

Reading Tarot Cards without ego is of high interest to many Tarot Readers.  They want to know how to read the cards without the ego interfering with reading. So I thought I would share with you some little tricks you can perform to achieve this.

Admittedly, letting go of one’s ego is easier said than done.  Those who  claim they always perform readings without ego interfering are full of bullshit! They have telephoned themselves to tell themselves a story, and have believed themselves…

To advance the notion that they are professionals that only perform a reading from their Higher-Self or from their greater intellect – is to state that they are totally, 100% dead and buried, and are no longer part of the living. Tarot Readers are not superhuman beings; we are not divisible into separate parts; nor are we robots.

This said, as Tarot Readers we vibrate to other people with 100% of who we are. Tarot Readers are people who have knowledge and who are competent at interpreting the Cards for people. We do this by sharing our knowledge and our competency so to help others; we keep one foot in, one foot out of the situation you are in.  But we still are who we are, whole human beings; not half of one.

No matter how many years we have been performing knowledgeable readings; no matter what gifts we possess; no matter our race; no matter our personal belief system (religion); no matter if we are female, male, or how many Eagles we have or not, we just plain want to help people by means of performing Tarot Readings for them.

Tarot Readers want to help other people, this because of who we are as a human being.  We Tarot Readers are of good intentions. We share our knowledge in hopes that by doing so it could be of help to someone else.

It does not matter how many years of experience we have, we give what we do have. Moreover, we do have knowledge of the Tarot… What we bring to our readings is our entire being.  Our ego is also accountable and present within our entire being.  However, we tell our ego to make room to our hire-self, by asking our own ego to sit-down and be quite during the reading.

We have invested our own personal energy into our Tarot Business. Our time and money, our love and passion for the Cards.  It all went into our becoming good at Tarot Reading: our heart, our mind, our spirit, and our soul. We bring and put all that we are to our performing a Tarot Reading.

One just cannot pluck some of that out of oneself. For it is who we are. We are not divisible parts… Our ego had a great part to play in that by the way.

We cannot carve out our ego from being part of what we are as Tarot Readers… Thinking otherwise is unrealistic. Instead of carving the ego out of ourselves, we need to learn a less drastic way of handling our ego during a Tarot Reading. We need to learn how to ‘tame our ego’ so to strive towards reading Tarot Cards without ego.  Yes, here I said it!  “To strive towards reading Tarot Cards without ego…”

Before going into reading Tarot Cards without ego, let us understand what “Reading cards without ego” actually implies. Reading cards without ego implies ‘dying to your ego’. This can sound scary, doesn’t it! However, your ego will not actually die from not taking center stage for a while.

Actually, dying to your ego means that your ego backs-off from being the shining star on center stage – for a time. It backs-off from taking center stage sufficiently long enough to let your ‘Higher Self’ do what it does best – for a time. What the Higher Self does best is to relate to other people – for a time.

Only for a time though. The ego is not good at relating to other people; in fact, the ego loves to take the entire place on center stage. The ego loves to meet all of its own needs, and detests having to back-off and meeting other people’s needs. It erroneously does so think it will die if it should back-off for a time. The ego needs to be reassured that it will not die…

One great way of reassuring your ego that it will not die for real, is to give it a routine. Such a routine helps you to become aware, and to feel comfortable, safe, and secure about  embarking on a journey through another person’s situation. So take the time beforehand to take care of your own ego before you stop listening to it.

A ritual to perform before a reading:

The goal of this ritual is not to kick out your ego of the Tarot Reading. Rather, it is to motivate it into stepping aside for a time. At least for the duration of the reading. Just so your Higher Self can perform the reading, not your ego.  This is what is meant by reading Tarot Cards without ego:  create a place and a time for the ego to step aside for a while.

Some things you can do to motivate your ego into taking a time-out during the Tarot Reading.

Please feel free to omit some of these, or to add your own things to do:

. Start by cleaning your hands, and wash your face to freshen up a bit

. Take the time to see the beauty around you. I.e. beautiful flowers and trees

. Listen to the birds chirping outside, or listen to some calming music

. Get a glass of cold water, or some appropriate herbal tea to quench your thirst

. Make sure your tarot altar is clear of any clutter. Some readings can cause you to use large spreads.

. Smudge the room you are in, or burn patchouli incense to shew away negativity…

. Light a white candle for enlightenment and guidance.

. Place a quartz crystal and a black obsidian – for enlightenment to capture the negativity.

. Create a sacred reading circle for protection.

. Surround yourself (and your sitter) with white and red light for protection.

Knowing how to read the cards without the ego interfering with a reading is essential to a good reading. Preparing and taking care of yourself before the performance of a Tarot Reading helps to motivate the ego in surrendering center stage to the Higher Self. Making sure that you and your sitter are both safe, assured a secure reading environment.

After performing a pre-Tarot Reading Ritual, the ego should then be ready to let go. The Higher Self has the opportunity to perform the reading. After the Reading, give your ego a “you’ve been a good girl” hug!  Tel it you love her, and that next time you do a reading, you know she can be a good, quiet girl again!

Knowing how to read the cards without the ego interfering with their readings, Tarot Readers can thus offer a more spiritual environment for a professional reading to take place.

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