Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power Success

Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power and Success
Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power Success

Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power Success represents you and the power success you can possibly hope for.  You can now harvest… Moreover, you now teach it well to others.

This said, you might have a sense from Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power and Success –  that the parade might be passing you by…  Is it really though?

To answer that question, let us understand first the true meaning of power and success. We achieve power and success when we have reached our goals and purpose in life. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a man who wrote essays, wrote about the meaning of true success. He wrote: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded”

As we grow in maturity and wisdom, we do not wish to be put out to pasture. We still want to be useful and productive. We feel we still have so very much more to offer the world. Moreover, we do indeed!

When you begin to feel this way, perhaps it is not the time for you to quit on yourself. As Unknown once said, “Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.” You are not a quitter, so keep moving forward with the rest of your life. Look deeper within yourself, and find all that knowledge and wisdom you never dared to manifest yet in your life…

Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power and Success says that the parade is not passing you by. As you send your children and grandchildren out into the world, have a high opinion of them. They are your gift to the world. For it is now self-evident, you have shared your power and success with those who come after you.

As you let them go out into the world at large so to seek their fortunes, be proud of who they have become. After all, they carry a part of you along with them… They will also achieve power and success in their own right.  As it is for you, your children and grandchildren will also have their own Tarot Card Meaning Three of Wands Power and Success – when their turn comes along…

Place the Three of Wands card upon your altar. Meditate upon its picture. Repeat the following affirmation:

“As I grow older now, I send forth my experience and knowledge out into the world…”

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Tarot Card Meanings Two Pentacles Trickster

Tarot Card Meanings Two Pentacles Trickster
Tarot Card Meanings Two Pentacles Trickster


Tarot Card Meanings Two Pentacles Trickster is a fox and a snake.  A man who is cunning, dishonest, and foolish.  He is difficult to control and predict.

Obviously, the Two of Pentacles in a Tarot spread does not represent you. It usually represents a man (sometimes a woman) who is in your environment. He is a crook.

You can only discern this greasy type of person, once it is too late. He slithers his way close to you without suspicious. He is clever in that way.

Tarot Card Meanings Two Pentacles Trickster, speaks of a troublemaker with a plan to sell you a false bill of goods… If that is not bad enough, wait until you meet his fellow companions, the two snakes. Where you see the troublemaker, you see the two snakes. Where you see the two snakes, you see the troublemaker.

A troublemaker almost always hides behind a mask. His mask is how he wants you and people to see him. When alone, he takes-off his mask, so to be himself for a while.

At first glance, the Two of Pentacles might depict this wrongdoer as a man juggling his resources, who had better make ends meet. No matter the flood of emotions that assails him, he does not lose his sure-footing. At all times, he remains focused, levelheaded, and balanced.

However, if you study the details of the Llewellyn’s Two of Pentacles Tarot Card, you will see the juggler’s from a different perspective. His feet appear as if sliding or slipping unsteadily on a loose or slippery surface. At his feet, are his two familiars, the snakes.

Different Tarot Readers interpret this card in different ways than I do. They readily describe it as meaning: resources and organization. Let us give credit where credit is due. If you must remember one thing about this card, remember this much. That your “resources” are getting “organized” – for you! Or should I say, re-organized for you by a ‘trickster’.

Beware of the one organizing your resources for you. Beware because, if you pay closer attention at the image of this Llewellyn’s card, you will see a ‘fox tail’ hanging-out of the juggler’s coat.  I give this card a deeper meaning for you than what first meets the eye.

The tail tells the story. It tells a story about a fox that is now discernible and who needs to be controlled. The character, who is the focus in this card, is now a cunning and sly fox who has transformed himself (Shape-shifted). Part fox, part man, he is now a “trickster” leading you astray…

Tarot Card Meanings Two of Pentacles Trickster represents a criminal in your life whose ship has sailed. Rather than going out into the world to make his fortune, he turns his back to his ship when it sails. He stays there, putting on a good show of good fortune for you.  He teaches you what it looks like to draw prosperity to you. He will volunteer to teach you how to become fortunate, by helping you part with your money.

In some ordinary card playing decks, Tarot card meanings Two Pentacles Trickster is changed into The Joker Card.  This Joker Card has a deeper meaning, one just like the meaning of the Tarot card meanings Two Pentacles Trickster.

A Joker, in an ordinary deck of playing cards,  is a man who empress’ you. He empress you by ‘pretending’ to be a Fool. A Fool who knows enough to play pranks on you. In the Royal Courts of old, people were amused and sometimes irritated by the Court Jester…

(By Nicole Dauch, Evergreen @ )

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Tarot Judgement Card Meaning Alarm Bell

Tarot Judgement Card Meaning Alarm Bell
Tarot Judgement Card Meaning Alarm Bell


Tarot Judgement Card Meaning Alarm Bell


The Trumpet beacons us to pay close attention to a situation or person in our life. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late!

There is no time like now to make some dearly needed changes in our lives. It may be that in the past, another person’s ways were cute. But now, they are not cute anymore.  When you hear an alarm bell warning you about something a person does, you may want to pay close attention to that person.

After everything is said and done, now is the time to discern what is really going on in your life.  Discernment is the ability to judge well. When your inner alarm bell goes off (The Trumpet), it is your subconscious telling you that now is the time to look at what you don’t want to see. Perhaps were you making excuses for someone in your life, or for yourself?

In the new ground breaking Tarot book, Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin describe the Judgement Card – as an “Alarm Bell Card”. When this Alarm Bell Card is pulled during a Tarot reading, it means that the person being read for is now aware of something “beyond the here and now”.

To become aware of something beyond now, means that we have a deep sense of knowing about it.  We not only know it, we understand it.  In his book on Tarot, The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards, Alejandro Jodorowsky also explains the meaning of the Judgement card:  “the deep nature of a person called to consciousness”. “You hear the call of the Trumpet when a force defying death is at work”.

Tarot Judgement Card Meaning Alarm Bell, offers two choices. To either wake up and smell the coffee, or listen to the lies you tell yourself.  Either way, the choice is yours to make. Your destiny is not marked in stone. I truly believe that when the Judgement Card – Alarm Bell –  CALLS YOU TO ACTION, you can do or say something to make a positive change in your life. No matter how difficult the truth is, it is still better than the lie you tell yourself.

Take a chance on yourself.  Answer the call of the Trumpet.  And awaken the truth in your situation, so to be able to move forward without fear!

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Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations
Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations is about having expectations when setting out into the world.  No matter how foolish he  may seem to most, he isn’t.

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations:

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is all about being optimistic when setting out to take your place in the world.  Naïve or foolish, the Fool is not. To the contrary, the Fool sets out on his journey quite capable and prepared to meet the world on his own terms.

Our Fool now says, “I have the necessary ability and skills to go take my place amongst the grown-ups out there in the world!” This sympathetic awareness of the Fool expressing himself in this way – is not new. Two prominent tarot readers of this century, both Anna-Marie Ferguson and Carl Llewellyn Weschche, suggest we be sympathetic towards the Fool. Anna-Marie Ferguson is the author of The Llewellyn Tarot Companion, and Carl Llewellyn Weschche is the Publisher of Llewellyn Worldwide.

In his Forward to the Llewellyn Tarot Companion, Carl Llewellyn Weshche wrote,  “Most tarot decks show the Fool as rather lackadaisically (a big word for laid-back) setting off, smelling the roses and seemingly unconscious of the challenges before us.” Mr. Llewellyn Weshche adds, “He (the Fool), is filled with courage and purpose, and he is in search of adventure; this is by no means a foolish journey then.  It is one of heroism.”

Admittedly, it may very well be that there are foolish and naïve people. These type of laid-back persons stop to smell the roses and never quite leave home.  They never quite make something of themselves.

These are the well-intentioned people that never achieve true independence and happiness. They were not well prepared to meet the world as it is in its full reality.  Somehow, deep down inside, these types individuals know better than to go out and risk failure.

Whereas the more adventuresome, feel well prepared and quite abilitated to tackle life as it is. They are neither naïve, nor frivolous. They do make something of themselves.

When young people go out into the world, right out of the starting gate – folks treat them as if fools. Folks think they could easily outwit our Fool. To keep thinking like that, will be these folk’s downfall. The parents of their adventuresome youths have well prepared them for adulthood.

As children, we learn from our parents. We then go to church, and then to school to test-out if what we learned from our parents was true or not.  Then we go to high school, so to continue testing-out the veracity of what we think we know. It is there, as teenagers, we learn new concepts and ideas. Then, as adults, we go out into the workplace to test out what we have learned so far. It is there, in the workplace, that we learn to modernize our ways of doing things and our thinking.

As we grow older, and wiser, we often remember the lessons learned back when we were under our mother’s apron. Moreover, in turn, we teach those very same lessons to our own children – so to better prepare them for when they will go leave our apron strings to prove themselves to the world… The wheel of time keeps turning…

Indeed, The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is optimistic that you are well prepared to take your place among the men and the women of the world.  Naïve or foolish, you are not. To the contrary, when the Fool represents you in a Tarot Reading, it describes you as capable and prepared to meet the world on your own terms.

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Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card


Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

If the Hermit could speak, he would say, “I need to go forward, but I can’t right now”.  At one point or another in our lives, we are confronted with a seemingly impossible obstacle that brings us to a dead stop. Instinctively, we try to look ahead – so to get our bearings.

At such a time in our lives, we try to get our bearings.  We try to figure out what to do next.  But first, we need to understand the true meaning of what is happening to us.

This is when we tend to isolate ourselves from everyone else.  We lick our wounds, we rest, and think, think, think.  We think allot in hope of finding a solution to our dilemma, we turn to self-help books so to research the subject and to find a better solution to our situation. Only to discover that all the while, the answer was there deep within ourselves; in our past.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

In Tarot, it is customary to interpret a card has relating to the past – when the tarot character is looking towards his left.  In this Wickwillow Hermit card, the Hermit is clearly – entirely turned towards the left side of the cards.  This indicates that the Hermit has stopped, has turned around, and his looking behind him – in the direction from where has come from.

Spending a healthy amount of time by yourself, is highly beneficial to us. It gives us dearly needed time to heal and to grow stronger. This is time spent meditating about where we come from, what path we are on now in our life, and how to go ahead – beyond our fears.  Our fears are the blocks along the way to where we want to get to.  Solitude is vital to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

When I look at the Llewellyn’s Hermit Card, I see a man lifting-up his torch – so to see into the darkness.  What does he hope to see out there in the shadows?  Is he shining his light for someone to find his way back from the shadows?  Or is he the one trying to find his way back?  The answer, my friend, is in the lit flame on the torch.

The lit flame on the torch represents ‘hope’!  Hope to return to safe-harbour, home.  You know the old saying, “let your little light shine!  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”.  When you let your little light shine, it lights the way back home, not just for other people, but for you too!

The Hermit may also represent your higher divine-self shining its light inspire your ‘ego’ with.  Your ego is very proud, it would rather not accept any help – so to be able to do what it wants – all the time.  It often gets you in trouble.  Whenever you hear yourself saying that you feel you are your own worst enemy, you can bet your ego just got you in trouble again.  That is why your divine-self tries to guide it with wisdom; it tries to give your ego a sense of direction in life.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

Tarot Magic:

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card, is the need to go forward in our life.  In the Golden Dawn Tarot System, the Hermit card is the Ninth Key, the 20th Path.  Its magical title is the Magus of the Voice of Life.  Jupiter acting through Virgo upon Sol.  This means that there is a powerful force upon your sexual drive.  If you are getting a sense that your life is on Tilt, perhaps you may do well to meditate upon the sexual domain of your life.  Call upon the Angel of Virgo to impart wisdom upon you in that area of your life.

Tarot Affirmation:

“I look for hope in all domains of my life”.

Just like the man in the Hermit card, after a time you also will begin to feel renewed hope in your life.  You will then need to break your isolation, to share your discoveries with others. When this happens, you will reach-out to them and they will be able to reach you again.

If you can remember but one thing about The Hermit Card, remember this much. You experience the need to go beyond your fears so to reach others and to be reachable in turn. If you feel you are on Tilt right now, think, think, think with  knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection


Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection
Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection

Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection

I have read on Facebook, some Tarot Readers post about connecting with their decks.  Some of them insist upon making their own decks.  The premise behind making your own deck, according to them, is that it is the only true way to connect to the cards.   This is true, yes.  However, it is but a partial truth.

Making your own tarot cards to connect to your cards, is a teaching that some Witches pass-down generation to generation.  This teaching is part of the ancestral Witches beliefs.

How wonderful it must be to make your own Tarot Cards!  Personally, I do not have such an artistic talent or flair.  I wish I could make my deck though, but alas…  So, I am forced to connect with my store-bought ones.

The multi-generational teaching on the necessity to make your own Tarot cards so to connect with them, is a precious teaching indeed! Cherish it! Witches who make their own decks put their own personal energy into them.  Hence, they automatically connect to their cards.  However, you don’t necessarily have to make your own cards so to be able to connect to them.

Think about it!  If the only way to connect to your cards was by drawing each card yourself, and then by making each one of your cards yourself, the Tarot Card industry would go out of business.  If the Tarot Readers who buy their ready-made cards could not connect to store-bought cards, no one would ever buy a deck ever again!  And that is why I wanted to demystify creating a connection to your cards.

I am the 13th generation Breton Witch in my family (on both sides).  The women on both sides of my family arrived in La Nouvelle France, way back in the mid 1600’s.  Both sides arrived here together and at the very same time.   We are the cousins of the Druidesses.  Our practices were forbidden, so we kept them secret.

Some of us stayed in Canada. However, many migrated into the U.S. Breton Witches can be found way down the American East Coast, and into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. No matter where we are now in North America, we are still here nevertheless. Today, I am sure some may even know how to draw their own cards, perhaps. Who knows…?

As for myself, my grandfather Breton, and his eldest daughter (my mother),  taught me the Tarot. Neither one us ever drew our own cards. We each read with our own personal store-bought, ordinary deck of playing cards. This said, I do now read the Tarot with more fancier – store bought decks. I read with those now because the images on them spark my intuition. I would estimate my accuracy to be around 98% or so.

To connect with my cards, I keep them close to me for about a week.  I go through my deck, one card at a time – so to familiarize myself with each one.  Instead of just reading the companion book that comes with it, I write everything down with pen and paper.  Writing everything down with pen and paper, I put my energy into studying the cards.  And then, I apply the keywords to myself.

Is making your own deck the only way to connect with the Tarot? To each their own I guess.  There is no real right or wrong way to connect with the cards – really… To those who would insist on the contrary, if you want to know if I am able or not to connect with my cards even if I don’t make my own Tarot Deck, you are going to have to pay me to find out loll…

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Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card


Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

In any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting around the world, you will always hear The Serenity Prayer. Within this prayer, are the following words: “And wisdom to know the difference”.

When I choose a Significator Card when performing a Tarot Reading for a client who admits to being an alcoholic, I choose The Strength Card to represent that sitter.  If there is one Tarot card that speaks about “the Wisdom to know the Difference”, it is the Strength Card. To be able to know the difference, you need a “rigorous honesty” with yourself – so to be able to do your personal inventory.

This is what the Strength Card is about.  Another name for the Strength Card is Fortitude (inner-fortitude).   To affect change in ourselves, in all the domains of our lives, it takes ‘fortitude’.  It takes inner-fortitude to enable both our positive and our negative energies to work together.  If we do not have inner-fortitude (backbone), then our energies go against each other; they go out of balance.

When you look deep within yourself, with rigorous honesty, you will find both your qualities and your shortcomings.   Our qualities and our shortcomings, are what our passions are made of.  Both can either serve you well, or both can cause your downfall.

Our passions can either be a positive force in our lives, or a negative one.  Both of these forces are there inside of you – pulling at you from opposite directions. This is why we need to differentiate between these two polarities – in all honesty and wisdom.  We need ‘wisdom’ so to know the difference between when we are in our negative polarity, and when we are in our positive polarity.   We need to be aware of the difference between our human side and our spiritual side.

Each human being born on this Earth has two opposing sides. A spiritual one, and an animal side. Our spiritual side is conscious of our Eternity. Our human side is aware of our animal instincts. On a daily basis, life events or issues call upon us to  choose between the both – so not to go on Tilt.

Civilization demands this of us:  that we make the difference between our spiritual, and our animal instincts (knowing right from wrong). It ‘expects of us’ to choose between doing right and doing wrong. By rejecting to look at our shortcomings, and the effect they have upon us and others, our human instincts can create chaos in our lives, and in the lives of 85 other persons around us.

Therefore, to avoid creating chaos in our lives and in the lives of those we love, we must find the inner-strength (the fortitude) to master our own passions. In this way, both your negative and your positive energies become balanced. Moreover, we become successful at true independence! Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card reminds me of the Serenity Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer

 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

(By Anonymous)


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