Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman

Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman speaks of a woman of value!  The card combinations show us when we are reading for a woman who makes her own luck in life.  She has a vision, and goes for it!


Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman
Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman


Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman

Tarot Cards Sets Valued Woman describes the combined imagery of the modern women.  Although it is still a man’s world, we women represent half of the world’s population!  This goes to say, that a woman needs to make her own way through life.

Making her own way in life, she strives to fulfill her goals she sets for herself. Once achieved, a woman shares her happiness with her significant other and their children.  She celebrates her success with her friends and her community.

When she was a young girl

When she was a young girl, she had a dream!  A goal of getting what she wanted out of life.  And she learned how to go about obtaining it.

Young girls need mentoring.  They model themselves after the good example of their mothers and grandmothers.  They learn how to make due with what they’ve got, and how to make it go further.    It is first from their mothers, that young girls learn how to grow their wealth!

Girls and Prince Charming

Girls and Prince Charming, and dreams thereof.  Many young girls fancy themselves growing up, falling in love, getting married, and having children.  We hope to live happily ever after.  Our dreams of one-day meeting Prince Charming can sometimes be shattered.

Sometimes Prince Charming is not always charming.  We grow up to become teenagers.  Teenagers with tears on our pillow at night; Prince Charming looked at another girl in school.  Nevertheless, we hope that the phone will ring again for us too; not just for her.  But when?

Some do get their Prince Charming

Some do get their Prince Charming; we make our own bed and must sleep in it.  We women fall in love with a man that we admire and want.  It is in a woman’s nature to place our Prince Charming up high on a pedestal.  Once up there on his pedestal, it seems as if he towers above all other men and women, and even yourself.

Placing Prince Charming up on a pedestal is setting him up for a fall, a fall from which he may never recover fully.  He risks falling from higher up than all the rest of us can; it is the law of gravity, the higher up man is, the fastest he hits the ground.   Ouch!

In a marital situation

In a marital situation, we are at each other’s mercy.  We have bound and sealed our faiths together.  When one of us crashes – so goes the other.

When a husband falls off his pedestal – he crashes.  That is when the wife had better have kept both her feet firmly planted on the ground – so to better catch him.  This means that a woman’s financial situation needs to stay healthy and reliable; so when the other half of the relationship falters, she can keep securing their material life until he gets back on his feet.

If not, the Six of Pentacles Card will represent her well.  The wife may very well be the women left alone with her child asking for alms so to feed her child and herself.  No woman ever hopes bad luck to fall upon her!

However, once the mother does get back on her feet, she shares her success with her child.  Now that she does not have to beg for their next meal, there is plenty on her own plate as well as on her children’s plates too.  She can then go from there, and secure their future.

By budgeting well, there is enough money to meet their needs in all the domains of her family’s life.  She obtains for her children a bright and sunny area for them to play in.  She provides them with a warm and dry place to sleep at night.  She affords them all the nutrients their growing bodies and minds need for their development.  She is proud to see her children going off to school in the morning with shoes on their feet.  She does not have to worry about their future anymore, as she provides for them and herself.

When a woman earns her own income, she maintains the right flow of material energy.  By doing so, her own material power trickles down to her community.  When she goes out to buy food, clothing, and other products in her neighborhood, her good fortune trickles down and out towards her friends and neighbors.  She is now in a place in which she can give a tenth of her income to those who need alms from her…

A time for the celebration

A time for the celebration, so to show her appreciation with those who stood by her!  When we women are happy, we want to share our happy times with our friends and family. It is our way of saying thank you for being there through it all!

If you can relate to this article, and that you have known hard times and are now in the right circumstances – share your good fortune with others.  Celebrate the good times, by sending out invitations to your close ones as well as to your neighbors.  Decorate the path leading up to your front door so they can find their way to your party!  Let the world around you know, you are a woman of value!

When these three cards appear in a spread, together, and in this order, they represent “a woman of value”.  A woman of value is a woman receptive to maintaining the fair flow of material energy in her own life, and in the life of her family.  She is amenable to maintaining the fair flow of material energy in her community.  She is also susceptible to celebrating her happiness with her family and friends.


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Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection

Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection
Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection


Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection

The Knight of Cups

I ride upon my horse

knowing not to where my mount brings me

on this Autumn Day

(Haiku poem by: Evergreen) ©


Today’s Tarot card is the Knight of Cups.  It represents our inner-life… Our inner-life is all we imagine it to be.  It is fluid, emotional, and sentimental.  We are receptive at that level.

Because we are receptive, we are open to learning at a deeper level.  We learn more about ourselves, and about others around us.  It is with our emotions and our creativity that we reach others; likewise, we want them to reach us.

By looking at the Knight of Cups card, our path is not revealed to us.  Our path is unknown; it is a path of self-discovery.  In this domain of our life, the domain of our emotions and of creativity, we let ourselves be guided down the road less travelled.   No one goes there but our courageous self.

The Knight of Cups card depicts you on a Spiritual Quest.  You do not know where you are ahead to, but you are full of self-confidence and hope.  The Rider represents you.  The Horse represents your ego.  You and your ego must become friends; you must be able to form a team together; you must work as one to fulfill your mission in life.

But for now, your mission is to tame your horse (your beast, your ego).  It is by the taming of your ego, that you will be able to hear your Higher-self when it speaks to you.  But first, a strong action is required of you.

You must die to yourself, so your Higher-self may live.  Since the beginning of this Spiritual Quest, you have danced to the beat of your own drum.  You have walked at your own pace.  You have listened to your own voice.

Today, you are learning to listen to your horse.  Your horse is learning to listen to you.  Each of you discover each other’s feelings, wants, and needs.  You befriend your ego, you tame it, you learn how to lead it.  It will obey you.

Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection
Tarot Card Meaning Knight of Cups Inner-life Reflection

In summary, the Knight of Cups speaks to your overwhelming need to rule over your heart with self-detachment.  Your basic need is to communicate from your heart in a creative way – with others.  While keeping one foot in and one foot out of their situation, you can lead your own life.

You are aware of your own feelings, sentiments, and creative energy.  You accept the limits of your own passions.  You have a sense of “deep knowing” that you are in reaction to the forces and energies that have a profound influence upon your inner-life.  The Knight of Cups reflects all this to you…

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