Tarot Card Meaning Full Moon Celebration Three of Cups


Tarot Card Meaning Full Moon Celebration Three of Cups
Tarot Card Meaning Full Moon Celebration Three of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning Full Moon Celebration Three of Cups

The Three Of Cups

Under the Moon I am,
With sisters, I am helped,
On this Summer’s night!

(Haiku poem by: Evergreen) ©


As I shuffle my Tarot deck this morning, I feel fully energized! This is due to the influence of the Moon. The Moon is going to be full tonight; it’s the August 10th Super Full Moon (the Sturgeon Full Moon). So it is not surprising to me, that I pull out the ‘Three of Cups’. And what a Tarot card!

Indeed, the Three of Cups says to joyfully establish bonds of friendship.  Friends share activities that make them stick together through thick and thin.  The Three of Cups reminds us to seek our friends out, and to show them how we appreciate them.

There is an old saying that sort of goes like this: “those who resemble each other, assemble together”. This means, when you seek out like-minded people as yourself, they will want to be with you.  Like minded people are those who work towards the same goal – along with you.  When people work together so to achieve success, there is  cooperation. When people strive along with you towards building your success, you can’t all help but to be ‘bettered’.

If you are looking for a job, you are highly encouraged to network colleagues and friends. The more people you meet that share and support your dreams for a better, easier life, the more your chances of obtaining success in the pursuit of your happiness. That is why the Three of Cups reminds you to go out into the world, and to be with people who will celebrate along with you – your success.  Those you can safely call friends.

Once you do find this kind of people, take the time to establish yourself well with them; by becoming long-term friends with them. Take the time to build good and strong bonds, by creating a deep ‘rapport’ with them. And also, show these people your deepest appreciation of them.

Show your new-found colleagues and friends, and your old ones, how much you really do honor them. Do this, by throwing a party for them on their birthdays. By remembering them at Christmas and on the New Year. By inviting them over for dinner, on Sundays.

It is by taking the time to be with them, and by making an effort toward making them feel that they really do mean the world to you, that you endear yourself to them.  Make times to prove to them that you consider them as family; when people are made to feel like family, you endear yourself to them. In other words, treat them as people of high value to you, and you will become likewise – of high value to them!

The Three of Cups Tarot Card is the perfect card for you on this August 10th Super Full Moon. There is nothing more beneficial to you, on this full Moon, than to be agreeable to spending it with people for whom you hold on dearly to. So go ahead tonight, and work on ‘binding’ friendships.  (To read about being under the Moon with Sisters, click on ABOUT TAROT MAGICAL CORRESPONDENCES).

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